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Last Updated On: March 25, 2015

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Business Name: Verizon Communications Inc
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1 Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 212-395-1000
Company Contact: Daniel S Mead - CEO
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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.29 out of 5
Based On: 48 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 29

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Reported Losses: $14,531.25
Average Reported Losses: $302.73

Latest Verizon Wireless Complaint

Is Verizon Wireless a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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The Customer is Wrong, Even When Verizon Lies

I signed onto a family plan with Verizon with myself and two other people (my girlfriend and her son). After a year, I took a job in another state and my girlfriend stayed where she was. We decided it might be best to separate our phone plans. We called Verizon and asked if she and her son could separate from my account and have their own account. Verizon said yes. I asked if all of their charges (for their phones and their plan) would go with them and my charges (for my phone and my plan) would remain with me. Verizon said yes. So, I agreed to let my girlfriend and her son create a separate account.

But, when I got the bill, Verizon kept their phones on my account, so that they don’t have to pay for their phones. Verizon claims I have to continue paying for the phones, even though the phones are on a different account. Had the Customer Rep told me that, I would have never agreed to separate the account. The Rep specifically said the bill for their phones would follow them onto their account. Which means, either the rep lied or Verizon dropped the ball and now refuses to rectify the situation.

To add insult to injury, Verizon also charaged me $250 for the 11 days we were on the shared plan. But note: our monthly bill (30 days of service) only came to $247. Which means, I am being charged more for 11 days than I paid for an entire month. Of course, they used all kinds of Mickey Mouse creative financing terms to try and justify the amount, but I’m sorry… 11 days of service will never (under any circumstances) equal more than 30 days of service. But, Verizon insists I have to pay it and refuses to rectify the situation. If we, as consumers, tried to do this to a business, we’d go to prison. But, not untouchable corporate giants.

Verizon is guilty of 1) willfully and knowingly overcharging me and 2) purposely withholding pertinent financial information concerning my plan that I would never have agreed to if I had known the truth. I have canceled my service with Verizon and have sent them a money order for the remaining balance of what I owe (for the services I have used at the price I was contracted to pay). However, I will not pay their “overpricing scam” and I will not pay for two phones attached to another contract.

As far as I am concerned, Verizon is nothing but a big business scam and I will tell everyone I can to avoid doing business with them.

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Consumer Comments For Verizon Wireless

  • I cancelled my service before moving and the IDIOTS didn’t do their job!!! and Held me accountable…WHAT A SURPRISE VERIZON..You got your equiptment back, and it’s over get over it..that was 4 years ago..Take it OFF MY CREDIT RECORD YOU SCAM ARTISTS

  • I cannot get my account cancelled. I’ve tried since August. I thought it was cancelled when I spoke with a rep in August. In September they debited my acct. I called they said it was for Aug time. Okay, So in October the same thing, acct debited. another customer service rep more bs, maybe I have this done. Nope! I get a call from a collection agency in January looking for payment. The October lady took my bank acct off the contract info thank goodness. Another service rep; my acct is cancelled as of Jan 23 she’ll call back Feb 2 for follow up. AAACCKK another call today Jan 29 looking for payment. I’ve had enough FCC complaint is in. All of the phone reps were nice. They just never got the job done. This company has some serious problems in their employees or software on the business end. DO NOT USE VERIZON FOR ANYTHING!

    • I worked on the Verizon Wireless project for 6 months as a Customer Service Rep.from 2014 to 2015. You are all having trouble because the sales people get paid by how many phones they sell so they hide a lot of what they know the customer will not want to hear, like activation fees, line service fees ($40 a month for Smart Phones, $20 a month for Basic phones and tablets). They give away “free” tablets and really low priced phones with a 2 year contract but once you are on the contract and maybe don’t want to remain, you have to pay an early termination fee of up to $350 per phone. So then customers call us with billing issues, because no one fully disclosed to them what their charges will really be and when I tell them, they get angry with me and take the survey, give me a low score, sometimes zero and I get called over by a supervisor and put on first notice, then second notice and then final notice. So I worked there on final notice, still telling customers the truth about their bills, trying to help with issues, being polite and courteous and empathetic, as I was told to be in training. Many customers were wonderful, but they didn’t take the survey. Last Final notice call and I was “separated from the company” as they so nicely put “being fired”. This, my dear people, is why you get no clear information most of the time from the Customer Service department. Everyone is scrambling for the high survey rating an they will tell you almost anything to get that 10 on the survey. Meanwhile, the sales agents are trying to stuff as many phones as they can onto your account to get their sales quota filled.

  • I agree with everyone. Verizon used to have great customer service and worked hard to solve issues. For years they always made sure I was take care of, and their customer service impressed me. I felt they were the best cell phone company around.

    More recently, they now have a general attitude of not caring and their motto seems to be ‘Can’t”. Can’t do anything, Can’t help, there is no escalation to anyone with the ability to make a decision, etc. These days when I try to resolve an issue, customer service often never records my call/complaint so they can say I didn’t bring up the issue before and it’s to late for them to help…must be in their training guide book.

    As changes and issues come from the top down, I’m pretty sure it would be the President of Verizon Wireless (Daniel S. Mead) setting a “Don’t Help The Customer” Policy. Following is a site that provides the names of the regional presidents ( and a link to contact them. Tips on how to write to the regional president ( If you’re not getting satisfaction, you might want to go higher up the chain and around the useless customer service team. I haven’t tried this yet, but will soon. Good luck to everyone.

  • I was sold a new iPhone and it broke in less than one month. I went to the apple store and they tried to fix it and they informed me that according to the serial number it was made in 2011. So Verizon sold me a used phone as a new one and I had to sign a two year contract for a piece of junk that does not work. I went to 3 Verizon stores that said that they could not help. Plus the service center changed my contract twice which just added towards further confusion and expense. Perhaps if Verizon does not respect me as a valued customer; once my contract has ended I will go to another wireless provider.

  • Just an update from a post on 3/27 I had made. It has been more than two weeks since the last go-round, attempting to get Verizon to, 1)either send me a new phone as the first one straight out of the box (verified by an in-store rep several times directly to Verizon Customer Service), did not operate, 2) tell me exactly what I must do to get Verizon activated on ANY phone as my contract with USCellular, would be terminated on April 1. Was in a panic, and running out of time! The day after running from store to store, without any conclusions, I re-charged my existing phone, ready to do battle yet again with Verizon. I anticipated it would take all day, a marathon of wills, as I would not be giving up. Not totally surprised that again, after speaking to yet another 11 people at the company from various depts, and spending yet another 2 1/2 hours , there was AGAIN no conclusion-they refused to send me a new phone, insisted that I either send the defective phone back to them, they would send me a ‘loaner’ that I would have to pay for until the original was ‘repaired’, then I would send the loaner back for a credit. Huh? I refused, said that I would not pay for yet another phone and go in circles attempting to then get credit afterwards-could not imagine how that was going to go considering the experience with Verizon ‘Customer Care’ now. The 12th person I was transferred to, had a grand idea, said I should just go to a corporate outlet to purchase a replacement phone, they would exchange it without issue, then send the defective one back to them. He did mention tho, that I should call the store ahead of time to make sure they had the same model (Gusto2). It sounded like this was my only alternative since my USCell contract was going to be out in three days. The nearest Corp Outlet was over 100 miles ONE WAY, but felt I had no choice. Meanwhile, I emailed the one rep at the third store I visited the day before (another 125+ mile excursion), who had been very helpful (and shocked at Verizons conduct), and told her what I had to do. I called that suggested Corp outlet, and asked about the stock, then mentioned that Verizon said I could just exchange it there, you would activate the new phone while I was there, and would be set to go. The guy was stunned, said he looked at the ‘file’ on his computer, and there was nothing there that indicated there would be an ‘override’, that he could ‘just exchange it’ for me. He could not do any such thing. Figures. I was furious!! Now what do I do?? I went to a Dollar General, purchased the SAME PHONE, for a whole ten bucks, went to my friendly Verizon rep in Trenton to have my contacts and photos transferred to this new phone, and WOW, IT WORKED! When I got home finally, dreaded calling Verizon to activate it, but had no choice. Did so, without a problem. Or so I thought!! They activated it just fine, but I could not call out! I now have NO PHONE that works, as since they ported my existing # from USCell to Verizon, that contract is done, so no service through USCell. But, now, no service with Verizon either!! A nightmare!!. Emailed Sarah at the Trenton store (poor girl!), telling her I am stuck- cannot CALL Verizon to fix this issue, could she help me somehow? She said to try one or both * #’s she had there, that they should go through. One did, but the other did not. Again, passed from place to place- no one knew what to do, no one had heard of such a thing before either. Finally, was worn out and gave up still without a phone. Started up yet again, the following day ready for yet another marathon with Verizon. Called the one star number that went through, and got yet another tech support person that had no clue- of course! Transferred three times, eventually got ‘the head guy that knows how to help you, I promise!’ "Pablo" had never heard of this situation either, but said he could indeed fix this issue. Said to turn off the phone, wait ten minutes, turn it back on… the end of this conversation, it was ‘turn it off, then turn it on, and everything will be working fine…’ Did I believe him? Hell no, but what options did I have here? Pablo is my hero……it worked!! Now, I wait for my bills, or yet another glitch somewhere that no one ‘has ever heard of’, that Verizon cannot remedy. I have no choice. BUT, I DO HAVE A SUGGESTION FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE THAT HAS AN ISSUE WITH THIS COMPANY!!! It was interesting that the only thing Verizon took responsibility for, was what was said in a chat session at the very beginning of this mess. IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, GET ALL OF YOUR CONVERSATIONS RECORDED IN A CHAT SESSION, THEN HAVE THAT CHAT EMAILED TO YOU FOR YOUR RECORDS !!!! That was the one lesson I learned with this horrid company….records mean everything, ‘He says, she says’ mean ZERO to them. Good luck!

  • I tried verizon home phone service for only 4 days of a 14 day free trial period and returned the phone, canceled the service and was returned my money. A month later I got a bill for about $100.00. I tried numberous times over the phone and sending letters explaining to them the situitation but I was always guilty according to them. They then turned it over to a collection agency who began trying to harass me into paying for something I don’t owe. I have reported them all to the BBB. This company is too big and cares about nothing but getting your money and will use what ever gimmick they can come up with to get it!!!

  • I am a new to VERIZON, o get me a about 4 months ago I was looking for a new phone and service I was at best buys in the mall the person that waited on me was able to get me a deal a free SAMSUNG GALAXY 3 and a 4G lte I’m on a fixed income and everthing was UNLIMITED which was a important issue to me I use my computer alot well my bill is over 200.00 a month and they have me up to 12 GB a month I use on my computer mostly just FB my delema is if everything is UNLIMITED why am I paying so much I called to talk to a rep of VERIZON and was told there is no such thing as UNLIMITED since when? Oh its always been that way, this has me very rattled and how in the hell can they predict what my useage is a month in advance I am at a point of dropping them even having a contract with them I truly beleive the are ripping me off, any suggestions thanks

  • Hello; I’ve been trying to get the Military Veterans discount for approx. 2 months now. I sent them: My Honable Discharge papers, a letter form the Governor of Missouri acknowledging my 17yrs 3 mo.s of service, and…. They "LOST THEM!"
    I called again… 15 mins on hold/transfers… another 18 mins… no reply. I hung Up!
    Located a local rep. in Jefferson City, MO. Sent her the information. She stated that she had recieved my documents and would forward them to the office in Texas. I called the Local office again and was told that it would take approx. 1 1/2 to 2 months for Verizon to process my request! Something is Very Wrong with this Company!

    • We had everything needed and have been current customers for years, but then they made us call a certain phone# even from their store. When my husband (veteran) got on line, they advised they him they would have to run a credit check! Unnecessary and fishy! So we refused authorization for that on principle and hung up. The hassle (5 hours online, in person and on phone) is not worth the $5 off! In reality, company is disrespectful and difficult to those who served.

  • There is a Verizon call center near my government office. The Verizon employees are so crude that the rest- rooms now have had coded keyless entry pads installed to prevent the Verizon uncivilized personnel from using them.

  • Well, well and well. So sorry to see so many people the victim of this Company. Yes, they got me also. I had just gotten out of the hospital after brain surgury when i started gettng voicemails sayiing i still owed another 135 dollars from my last bill. I called them to ask what and why. I asked the JERK to look over all my records. He said i have made ll of my payments since i joined Verizon. On time, by the way. so we went through my file from the very begining. H e asked, correct or not, name address and so on. I asked where the billing address is.It’s the other side of town and i don’t live there and never have. They would do nothing but shut off my phone which they did. Well, Verizon, My you know what my &*&* isn’t too long but you are now at the top. Rest in hell.

  • I have a simple request. I want tech support on setting up verison wifi hotspots on my android. I’ve spoken to three people. Each one takes twenty minutes of button presses and waiting on hold to reach them. I’ve been disconnected by one, send to a system of button presses by another that ended up in a dead end, and the third one sent me to sales. I don’t want sales. I want support. It’s been one hour waiting and now I’m still waiting.

  • Verizon is a bunch of bull**** i called back in june of 2013 to find out when my contract ended and they told me August 15 2013 so i ended it the and 3 weeks later i got a bill for $144 so i called them and they told me that my contract didnt end till the 18 th ok so then i called back the following week and they told me it didnt end till july 2014 i was like WHAT you guys change stuff like so asked for them to send me a copy of that they said i had to get a sapina to obtain that so i made a complaint with the BBB hopefully they can fix them. if any one else has had this problem please email me at i think its time to take legal action against them and the more people they have screwed over the more it will help to shut them down.

  • We canceled contract with Verizon due to poor service and their continuous effort to bill us more than what contact calls for. We cancelled 3 phone lines last year and this we had one last line that we canceled and to our surprise, Verizon canceled the Text messaging allowance that came with the contract and decided to bill us for the maximum allowed per text rate causing us to incur over $100 in text charges. This is not the first time Verizon decided to do what is good for them and put all moral and ethical standards aside. I have never seen a US company this hungry for money and putting all resources in maximizing profits by any means or reason. I paid for monthly bills on time and expecting to use the full text allowance given to me but when I canceled service in middle of their billing cycle they decided to take away my allowance and bill me a per text rate. This happened without notice or notification. When I called them after 15 Minutes on wait and Press this number for this and that number for that, their rep advised me that Verizon is well protected by their fine print and that the best they can do is give me a 10% discount!

  • I have been a Verizon customer since 1995. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII which is supposed to be an 4GLTE Smartphone. I live in Woodland, Cal.(don’t get it mixed up with Woodland Hills, different towns). I have only 3G coverage in this town and keep getting the same run around as everyone else. I get a weak signal 1 to 2 bars. They keep telling me I do have 4G coverage BULL…., right now I am looking at my phone I have 3G coverage with just two signal bars. THEY ARE GREEDY AND CARE LESS ABOUT THE PROBLEMS A CUSTOMER FACES.

  • Today I replaced my verizon service with Metro due to the lack of product/service for the cost every month. Metro ported my #’s and I called verizon to see how much i would be pro-rated for the 5 days of this billing cycle I’m in, only to be told i had to pay for the entire service through June 25, 2013. I told them that was theft and all business’s pro-rate services based on time used. I just got my $192.00 bill yesterday (for the next month service). I ask to speak to a manager only to be told it is part of their customer agreement. After 13 years and thousands of $$’s I was upset to say the least. I told him to make a note, I will not pay for services I did not use. There has to be a class action law suit going on for this kind of consumer gouging. On top of it, I’ve been month to month (no contract) for the last two or three years. Very dissapointed.

  • Our recourse is to change carriers which I recently did. I have also been a Verizon customer for many years and have just changed to Sprint. Something has definitely changed in the way Verizon now handles their business and their customer service. Good bye Verizon….RIP.

    • Hope u have good luck with Sprint because they suck, sorry but if u think Verizon is bad u ain’t seen nothing yet. Have had Sprint for 13 yrs and started experiencing trouble around Dec. 2012 when we got the Galaxy s3 best we can figure this phone is just not compatable with Sprints equipment don’t have service most of the time have had 4 new Galaxy s3 phones and its the same with all of them, Sprint will not do anything to help and will not let me out of the contract unless I pay $640.00, still have a year and a half on the contract, in other words I’m screwed unless I want to pay, please re-think about going to Sprint!!!

    • I have had Sprint since 1996, and I’ve seen their service go from **** poor to great… I have gotten reception in areas where Verizon was non-existent. I have never had an issue with their customer service. They’re also one of two companies that have unlimited data plans and that is a plus for me. AT&T and Verizon are the two stodgy companies that still believe on wringing every last dollar we have out of us.

    • don’t go to virgin mobile you will get even worse service.They read from a script and are ignorant as hell

  • Verizon’s customer service rep assured me I could merge my iPad’s account with my cell phone account and I would save money. I asked if I would have to pay an activation fee, and she insisted I would not because my iPad account already was active. So I agreed.

    My first merged bill arrived, and there was a $35 activation fee.

    So I called to correct the error. The new customer service rep refused to reverse the fee, saying it was a legitimate charge.

    I asked for a supervisor, and customer service supervisor "Michael" employee number V0PIM23 also refused to reverse the fee. He said that even if Verizon’s original representative had promised me there would be no activation charge, it didn’t matter. He said that my contract with Verizon, which I apparently signed 15 years ago, disclosed that fee.

    Apparently Verizon thinks it is perfectly OK to lie to customers on the phone, and then charge fees the customer was promised would be not be charged.

    I will never "activate" another thing with Verizon.

    Beware such bait-and-switch tactics by unethical companies. Verizon Wireless apparently does not value me as a customer, despite my 15 years of loyal business.

    Bad business practices like this need to be punished, so I’m spreading the word: Do NOT believe anything any Verizon Wireless representative tells you because they will lie and you will be stuck paying more than you were told you would have to.

  • I’ve been a verizon customer for ~15 years and have noticed a huge increase in their product reliabiity and integrity of the company. I’ve had small issues over the years and usually got so frustrated trying to resolve them that I just gave up and picked bigger battles elsewhere. When trying to sort out the nuances of reactiving my suspended service (in Mexico for 4 months), I discovered that I have been charged for another line which I never used, to the tune of ~$20/month and was way overcharged for what I was quoted for a monthy "service
    fee" on my main line for my entire absence. In April 2012, I took my broken blackberry to Verizon for repair.
    They told me they couldn’t repair it and I needed to buy a new phone. Long story short-I purchased a new
    phone and there was some "deal" that they would throw in another phone and phone line, and the total for the 2 phones would be less than activating a new phone (fuzzy math, but I fell for it). Well, the other phone never worked, so I took it back and told them to cancel it. They told me I had to call Verizon HQ to do so. I tried to do that – was on hold forever, when I finally spoke with a person, got the wrong information; got
    disconnected, etc. I should have paid more attention to my on-line bills, but just did the auto-pay and didn’t discover the problem until recently. The latest from string of emails is that Verizon is claming that it’s my fault because I hung up on them and they will not refund my money. After googling "complaints against Verizon, I know I am not alone in problems with Verizon. Is there any class-action happening? Thanks for your thoughts!

  • I am done with Verizon. After moving, I paid my final bill, then 4 years later without a word from them I receive a collection letter for balance due. I contacted them and found it was THEIR ERROR; however, it went on my credit report and I am screwed. I’m finished with this worthless company.


  • Yup..another bad movie Verizon!

    I was trying to change from US to VZ wireless and in the process Verizon did something to "mismatch" my information which lead to an avalanche of smoke
    & mirrors. Some 3 months later I’m still on the phone trying to clear this error.
    When I found out that the Verizon wireless in my small town was a 3rd party Verizon store I was upset, since they don’t tell you that up front. They pretend they are the Official company.
    For the first time in my 44 years of life I had to call this Transunion (a part of becoming a Verizon customer). Transunion says I have no flags or any bad credits on my reports even sent me a letter of approval,and they even mentioned that the problem is with Verizon. When I called Verizon they couldn’t tell me what the exact reason is and that I have to deal with Transunion to clear a "credit freeze".
    I never put a Freeze on my credit ever and again this all started with Verizon. I then was out of my town in San Francisco thinking this would be a REAL verizon store who could fix this. NOPE same problem. To put salt in the wound, when i get back to my town I called again with all my new information and 2 months of foot work. Verizon said..(after a 95 min phone convo ) We can fix this problem right now with a $400.00 deposit (which I hear you get back AFTER a year of service PLUS a 10 day waiting period WTF). I was stunned! Im not even a customer -closing on 3 months of madness with what I call smoke & mirrors and they told me to pay $400.00… are you Serious? Well that told me one thing for sure. THE PROBLEM WAS ON VERIZON! If I could pay them to fix it…that means that they did cause the problem.
    ——————————admitting is the first step—————————————-

    Its not only annoying and rude from such a huge company, but also should be taken through the court systems and felt the same strain they put on people.

    ———I will continue my efforts to hound,drill,pester,Verizon till I get to the bottom of this problem.

    As other helpful humans have on these sites- have I’d like to leave a number which has got me to converse with HUMANS! (even though its still a wait to get one)

    Credit Verification team: 877-912-6500

    My advice:

    Make sure you have a pen and paper ready:
    Write down every name and number
    Ask NOT to be sent to another department (that just means your screwed)
    It NOT by law you have to give your social number. And we MUST resist giving it out! I gave it to them more then once and that was terrible of me. They keep asking for it!

    I believe they are making more money selling ss# then on phones!

    be dauntless!

  • I’ve been a Verizon loyal customer for 10 years. Recently, I had a complaint about service and was ‘fortunate’ enough to speak with an executive relations customer service rep. After voicing my complaints, this rep’s response, and I am NOT kidding, were to turn the complaints around and make them as if they were my fault. Some of the ‘nice’ things this rep expressed to me were that in his 18 years of working for Verizon he’s never seen an account like mine. Customer service reps cringe when they see my account. I am no longer profitable to the company and therefore should seek other options (cell phone carriers). And I was bleeding Verizon dry. So for any of you who have experienced customer service issues with Verizon, good luck and remember, Verizon is all about Verizon – not customer service. And if for some reasons their stocks go down – it’s all because of me – a customer who has paid Verizon for cell phone service and crappy internet service for ten years.

  • To start off, I’ve been a customer of Verizon for 20 years. My contract expired and I wasn’t sure I was going to renew withe Verizon.
    After a lot of research I finally decided to renew but Verizon wanted to sell me new phones which totaled over $100.00 and charge me a renewal fee of $30 per phone, I needed two. I went on Amazon and got thee phones from them for 1 cent each and free freight.
    I called Verizon and spoke to customer service and told them the story. They were hellbent on charging me a $30 per phone activation fee. I told them if they charged me a fee after 20 years of service I wouldn’t renew my contract. After the rep went to her supervisor they agreed to charge me just one $30 fee. I said NO, I won’t pay a dime or I’m finished withe Verizon. The rep agreed to waive both fees and said she would personally post it on the 20the of the month so it would appear on my next bill. Well the next bill is on the net and they are trying to charge me, . A supervisor reused to come to the phone and this young guy wasn’t worth a handful of Sh–. that I was talking to. Finally he said he would submit the $30 credit and see if it would be approved withein 48 hrs.
    They are supposed to let me know the outcome. Well my outcome is, if I don’t get the credit I’ll pay them the $175 early termination fee and never deal with the sh– company again. Verizon used to be a great company and take care of there customers- NO MORE
    It is a total scam company and if this gets straighten out, the next time I’ll get a pay as you talk phone from Walmart with no contract . Beware, don’t get ripped off !!! Verizon sucks !

  • This company is dangerous to the public welfare. I stiffs people of their hard earned money and refuses to be of any SERVICE what so ever. They should be brought down by the Government. At present they are attempting to Stiff my 91 year old, disabled veteran father of hundreds of dollars for service he could not even use. This is their NORMAL business practice and we as consumers have NO RECOURSE.


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