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Last Updated On: October 23, 2014

T Mobile Corporate Contact

Business Name: T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 37380
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87176 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 877-296-1018
Company Contact: John J Legere - CEO
Corp Website: t-mobile.com

T Mobile Customer Ratings and Reports

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.47 out of 5
Based On: 47 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 4

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $10,246.81
Average Reported Losses: $218.02

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Horrible Customer Service Rude And Trashy

Me and my husband and mother and son and brother went up to Mobile in lawrencevile hwy. We wanted more information about switching over from Metro Pcs to Tmobile. We wanted to know the famiily plan and how much were the phones or just how it worked. The one who attented us was very very disrespectful she didnt want to answer any of our questions acting like we have service with them.

My mother barly knows English and was asking for the cheapest phone and the rude lady showed her the phone that is $79 dollars…FIRST PROBLEM. I had explained to her that my sister in law just got T mobile and the cheapest phone is $50. She got very rude and starting contradicting what we had said. My mother than asked her to see the box that the phone came in. She got so trashy an pointed to the box.. My mother said whitch one is it?! and the lady said dont you see my finger pointing. My mother explain to her you are very rude and this is your job to help your customers! And she started yelling I asked to speak to the manager she smiled and said I AM THE MANAGER!

Ok so I told her I will report her and she took her glasses off and got in me and my mothers face. They should be cameras there and I want to report this “MAGANGER” she doesnt deserve her postion as a manager she was very disrespectful and have really bad customer service skills! My mother asked for her name and she gave it yelling I told her write it down and she didn very very sloppy so I wouldnt be able to read her name. When she got in our faces thats when I said oh no.

This was my worst teriblle exprience I have ever encountged with a manager of a store out of my 23 years of living! WHAT MANAGER GETS IN YOUR FACE TRYING TO FIGHT?!

T Mobile – Beaver Ruin & Hwy 29 4155 Lawrenceville Hwy 100 Lilburn GA 30047

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Consumer Comments For T Mobile

  • Had many billing issues with tmobile. Long time customer. But I kept getting billed for calls and text messages from numbers I never new they exist. Talked to customer service (after long periods of wait) just to find out that no matter what I just have to pay for whatever they put on my bill. Big rip off for me, great business model for them. Decided to cut the service.

  • I was with T-Mobile and had bad reception so I asked to cancel the service. I had just bought a IPhone with them and I have been trying to get them to unlock the phone for several months. Each time I called they said it would be 24 hrs and they would send
    me the code.
    Then all of sudden they tell me I have to be on service to get my phone unlocked, which they never said while I was asking them
    to free up my phone so I could use it. I am no longer with T-Mobile and am still trying to get them to unlock my IPhone.

    I am not sure what I have to do to be able to use my own phone with another carrier. T-Mobile isn’t even trying to work with me.

  • I too have been with T-mobile for awhile due to a buy out of another company, I recently leaned they no longer do the 2 year contracts, phones are at regular price. I’ve found the service & customer service to be verrrry lousy, reception for me most places is horrible, I lost a lot of money $$$$ dealing with them due to overcharging everything about them is deceptive and I can’t wait my contact will soon be over and I’m done with them.

  • I have been with T-Mobile for about 6 years now. I have not really had problems with them until this past year. I renewed my contract & got my husband put on my plan. We signed up for the $35 Family Plan, & I was told with the plan & the costs of our phones, my bill wouldn’t be any higher than $80 a month. I have NEVER paid this in the 8 months we have had this plan. I have to call every other month to remind them that my plan is not $59 a line. I was told our phones would cost $20 a month, but they’re charging me $45. I am so tired of $135 a month phone bills for service that is horrible. I can’t get decent reception in my area….I don’t get 4G or quality calls unless I’m 15-20 miles away from home. Everytime I want to cancel my account, I get told that I have to pay both an early termination fee & the complete amount of my phones. I will never renew with T-mobile again!!!


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