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Last Updated On: September 25, 2015

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Business Name: T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 37380
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87176 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 877-296-1018
Company Contact: John J Legere - CEO
Corp Website: t-mobile.com

T Mobile Customer Ratings and Reports

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.38 out of 5
Based On: 65 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 11

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $14,726.97
Average Reported Losses: $226.57

Latest T Mobile Complaint

Is T Mobile a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Victim of Bill Cramming Scheme

I bought a phone from walmart in 213 which was for $100. Might I add I was told this phone was the most popular and most requested from the walking sales lady. I should have known better, this was the worst phone I had ever had. I actually ended up exchanging it thinking maybe it was just that phone but even with the brand new duplicate phone I had so many problems with it from the ringer turning off automatically every time I used it to the voicemail turning to spanish by itself and having to call them to get it fixed.

The phone would start dialing numbers randomly while it was on the charger and no one was even touching it then when you would hang it up it would automatically redial the same number about 5 times in a row. This phone was a nightmare but I kept it because I really rarely ever used the darn thing and our local walmart is like 20 miles away so I just kept it.

Anyways to make things so much worse is that last month I was short on funds and didn’t pay the bill on time and so they shut it off. Three weeks later I went to pay the bill and see it was doubled within the same month. I called and wanted to know why my bill was doubled and why was I being charged the full amount for the month I only had service for 1 week. They had the most ridiculous explanation which was total B.S. They said the first month I was never billed therefore I owed money for that month. Well duh everyone knows the bill is for the prior month so in other words the bill I received in July would of been for June however that did not explain why they were asking for 2 full bills. The second bill should have been prorated. So at any rate they stuck to their story because that’s what scammers do and so I paid it anyways and told them I no longer wanted their phone and to keep it shut off.

At any rate after all this they turned it back on and told me any money owed would be prorated( that was another big fat lie). What these scammers did was keep my phone on for about 15 days then shut it down, sent me another bill in the mail for $38 and actually had the audacity to charge me $5 for turning the phone back on for 2 weeks. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Wow. So I did some research and found on the FTC Government website that T mobile was just sued for this very thing in the tune of about 90 million dollars and still up to their good old tricks. They added all this junk into a $38 bill, then kept my money for the month of July and on top of that I got stuck with the crappiest phone on the planet.

The biggest kick in the rear is on my receipt for T mobile they say this- “Never any overages or surprise bills.” This is a warning to people looking for cheap deals. T mobile is a scam. Do your research because they have a bad bad reputation and they will try to ruin your credit that is how they force you to pay a bill you never owed. I didn’t research phones because I trusted that walmart wouldn’t sell a scam but they did.

I have sent several emails to CustomerRelations@myfamilymobile.com and they refuse to help me. I had to change my email to get them to even reply then they just kept saying they could not verify my account. SCAM.

T Mobile – Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 140 Bonn 53113 Germany | 877-290-6323

25 Most Recent T Mobile Complaints

Consumer Comments For T Mobile

  • I have received two replacement phones from T Mobile in the last 3 months and both came to me defective. I am totally dissatisfied with T Mobile and with their insurance plan. They are both ripoffs. I do not understand why a customer is not sent a NEW phone when they have purchased an insurance policy and paid the deductible. Rather T Mobile sends them a reconditioned phone that still is not working correctly. And when you call T Mobile Customer Care to complain they do nothing to help you. A total rip off company!

  • today I walked right at ten o’clock this morning and it was really hot outside too. The employee had a clip board he was holding. He didn’t greet me just simply passed me over to another TMobile employee. The female employee who did not have a name tag on her shirt. She wasn’t friendly or social at all.

  • As long as the phone is paid off, they are legally bound to unlock it.


  • The worst service I have ever seen and am lucky to even make a call as there is no connection half the time.

  • T-Mobile crammed us with a bunch of services we did not ask fr when we signed up. They also told us the the insurance we purchased for one line would cover loss and breakage. When the screen broke, they said it only covers manufacturer defects, etc.

    It may be that actual contract says it will not cover breakage, but the sales associates and the manager said it would, so we purchased it because an insurance document was not available. SO, besides cramming extra internet services, they crammed this so called insurance on all our lines when we only wanted it on one line, for my daughter. Then when she needed it, they said it wouldn’t fix the problem.

    I want them to honor their word. This has been extremely frustrating from the beginning when we found they crammed services on our lines, when we only wanted one of the 4 lines to have extra data. They crammed “insurance” on all the lines when we only wanted one line covered. Then, they couldn’t get our phones and lines associated with each other properly. We tried to tell them, but when we log into our web access, they are still wrong after nearly a year. The incompetence is astounding – or just downright lies. I want the x*x.x*x.xxxx line repair paid for. we will get it fixed at the Apple store because T-Mobile requires we send it back and my daughter needs to travel. The cost quoted by T-Moble is more than the Apple Store, too.

  • Had many billing issues with tmobile. Long time customer. But I kept getting billed for calls and text messages from numbers I never new they exist. Talked to customer service (after long periods of wait) just to find out that no matter what I just have to pay for whatever they put on my bill. Big rip off for me, great business model for them. Decided to cut the service.

  • I was with T-Mobile and had bad reception so I asked to cancel the service. I had just bought a IPhone with them and I have been trying to get them to unlock the phone for several months. Each time I called they said it would be 24 hrs and they would send
    me the code.
    Then all of sudden they tell me I have to be on service to get my phone unlocked, which they never said while I was asking them
    to free up my phone so I could use it. I am no longer with T-Mobile and am still trying to get them to unlock my IPhone.

    I am not sure what I have to do to be able to use my own phone with another carrier. T-Mobile isn’t even trying to work with me.

  • I too have been with T-mobile for awhile due to a buy out of another company, I recently leaned they no longer do the 2 year contracts, phones are at regular price. I’ve found the service & customer service to be verrrry lousy, reception for me most places is horrible, I lost a lot of money $$$$ dealing with them due to overcharging everything about them is deceptive and I can’t wait my contact will soon be over and I’m done with them.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.h.lamont

    I have been with T-Mobile for about 6 years now. I have not really had problems with them until this past year. I renewed my contract & got my husband put on my plan. We signed up for the $35 Family Plan, & I was told with the plan & the costs of our phones, my bill wouldn’t be any higher than $80 a month. I have NEVER paid this in the 8 months we have had this plan. I have to call every other month to remind them that my plan is not $59 a line. I was told our phones would cost $20 a month, but they’re charging me $45. I am so tired of $135 a month phone bills for service that is horrible. I can’t get decent reception in my area….I don’t get 4G or quality calls unless I’m 15-20 miles away from home. Everytime I want to cancel my account, I get told that I have to pay both an early termination fee & the complete amount of my phones. I will never renew with T-mobile again!!!


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