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Last Updated On: February 21, 2017

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Business Name: T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 37380
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87176 USA

T Mobile Customer Service

T Mobile Phone Number: 877-296-1018
Company Contact: John J Legere - CEO
Corp Website: t-mobile.com

T Mobile Ratings

Average Rating: 1.34 out of 5
Based On: 75 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 18

T Mobile Reports

Reported Losses: $62,696.49
Average Reported Losses: $835.95

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Phony Trade In Phone Policy

On November 27 2016 I went to the T-Mobile Store 4036 Morse Crossing W110 to obtain a new I Phone 7. Being a customer of T-Mobile for many years I read on line that if you trade your I Phone 5 which I had to get a new I Phone 7 you would get $200 toward the purchase. This was a limited deal posted on line by T-Mobile and I was there at the store at the required time of this deal.

The salesman new about the special deal and assisted me in the process of implementing the sale. I also purchased a screen saver and case for the new phone. He told me that they had to order the new phone and it would be shipped between December 11 and 19.

When I get the phone I should come back to the store where they would transfer all my information from the I Phone 5 to the I Phone 7 plus put the screen saver and case on my new phone. In addition they would issue a label to return my I Phone 5 to T-Mobile.

When my new phone arrived at my home I went back to the store with my old phone and contract. I was told by another sales person that they had no record that the $200 trade in offer was never put in their computer. The sales person called Customer Care and informed me nothing could be done for me. I asked to speak to the Manager Nelson Brooke who copied my contract and told me he would escalate this to higher authorities and would call me back as soon as it was resolved.

At this time I have not received a phone call back. It has been nearly a week gone by. I called the store yesterday to speak to Mr Brooke. The same salesman who sold me the phone answered and I explained the problem which he agreed was on their part I again asked to speak to Mr Brooke which I never had, I was told the same story that the matter had been escalated to higher authorities.

This is as I see it really poor customer service and it seams T-Mobile is trying to hide their mistake hoping I will go quietly into the night and forget that they reneged on the $200 Trade In. What I expect is they immediately either issue me a $200 check or apply it to my account to lower my payment as promised. A letter of apology would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Rachel Krause

    I had a business plan with two lines about 5 hours ago. That’s when I called T-mobile for the first time using the international hotline ( free of charge ). I was transferred 5 times and cut off twice. I was cut off while I was trying to switch my plans and given misinformation about the plans I was switching to…

    I then was locked out of my old account and cannot manage my bill. I am probably going to have to cancel my credit card because of this … I had to talk to representatives through skype in the US using my fathers number and could barely understand the representatives. We were switched to different specialists 5 times and cut off 3 times. I simply want to be able to manage my two separated lines online but now my phone does not work at all so I cannot any representatives and I have no email verification for any of the transactions that I just made with my credit card when I set up the two new plans. Every time I try to make a new account online it tells me that I am already registered but when I try to log in with my ID and passwords it says I am not registered.

    Another issue was that before I switched out of my business plan I noticed that my data summary and the details for my data usage did not match up. Therefore , I had no accurate assessment of my data usage.

    What I need is to have an account online that lets me manage my bills.
    I would like to be able to renew and cycle my payments but I have no access to the accounts and no proof that I even have them.

    My business account was cancelled today and the billing cycle actually ends at the beginning of february…. I fear that I will be charged for an entire month when I never used it but I have no way of verifying that . So will I have to tell my credit company that I have fraudulently charged? Will I have to cancel my credit card altogether because I have no written documents or receipts about my “new” plans?

    Will it be possible to even talk to a representative to sort out these issues? After 5 hours of run around and frustration , I don’t think it is possible.

    Please let me know what I can do to restore faith in T-mobile , if not I will be forced to take action and cancel all accounts and file more complaints etc etc. representatives should give you a tracking number for your call if you are purchasing a plan and if you get cut off then they should call you back. I am disgusted.

    Thank you,


  • Robyn

    I had a fraudulent purchase on my account for several months. They caught it at the time of transaction. I am still being billed for it. I have had numerous telephone calls to the customer service dept., over and hour each time. Every time someone new gets on the phone I get a different story. No one can tell me why I continue to get billed monthly. I was credited back for 2 months only to get hit with the charges for the following 2 months. When you got to break down the charges, the people do not seem to be able to add correctly. Being I have automatic pay, they do not want to compensate me with anything for the 4 months they have my money. WORST customer service I have ever received. I learned after my first 2 times to get reps. id #’s, only to have them rattle them off with attitude and incoherently that I was not able to write them down. I will go to the local store to straighten out my bill and if I cannot get any compensation I will be switching carriers. I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 10 years and this is how they treat long time customers.


    unfortunately, I have a bad experience with t-mobile I’m a customer probably these3 years I bought many phones and accessories from you. You don’t respect ME AS A CUSTOMER and you sent me twice these bad phones.
    I had bought my bill I want to receive new phone early because some worker told me you can’t receive any order if you still don’t buy the bill
    They told me you don’t need to buy if there’s an order you will receive it does not matter if you buy or not.
    just listen to many things different but that’s not my own problem
    I called 611 a week ago and they told we don’t have iphone6plus now it will coming after two weeks and I called them yesterday they told me same thing two weeks to have this advice from apple but until when I have to wait….. when two weeks will finish???..
    they told me we don’t have I phone 6 plus and if you want to upgrade to another phone you have a new bill to buy it is like if I bought a new phone there’s new bill, not same bill for I phone 6 I have to buy. WHY ..this is not my fault I didn’t damage the phone it comes with this bad issue on the touch screen like the old one I received on 10FEB16 it was same issue 8 months I didn’t use it because the touch screen is not working.
    I think I recevieded same day I was traveling too to my country I set there 8 months and when I came back I did a request to change it and I received bad phone too
    please, I need to know WHEN YOU WILL SEND MY GOOD PHONE???????????

  • Kevin

    I have been experiencing Not being able to to receive phone calls from certain toll free numbers and constant call dropping. This is gone on for a LONG time. I have spoke with several Tmobile representatives and these issues have still been unresolved. I was offtered a one time $60. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  • M. Macke

    My husband and I had two mobile phones with T-mobile for many years. Several years ago my husband lost his sight and a good bit of his hearing so we asked if we could just drop the one phone. We were told that it wouldn’t make any difference and it would still be in his name. I wimped out and just continued paying for the 2 phones until November of this year when I lost my phone. I call to get it deactivated and was told I could not because the account was in my husbands name. At this time I was actually considering just getting a new phone from T-mobile so, asked how I could get this in my name. I had to get my husband on the phone to cancel his account and set up a new account in my name. I said fine and we did that. I then started the pricing process and realized I could get a new phone and MUCH cheaper service with someone else so I called and cancelled the account in total. T-Mobile then billed me for full service for the entire month on BOTH accounts. I vented with the poor underpaid young people in customer service who, of course, can do nothing but read from there script. I quit using my phone in November so I have no problem paying for all of November services. I have now paid $59.20 for services from Dec 8 to Jan 7 on one account and $54.23 for services from Dec 10 to Jan 9 on the other account. I HOPE I am through with them.

  • Claire Gidman

    I have received two replacement phones from T Mobile in the last 3 months and both came to me defective. I am totally dissatisfied with T Mobile and with their insurance plan. They are both ripoffs. I do not understand why a customer is not sent a NEW phone when they have purchased an insurance policy and paid the deductible. Rather T Mobile sends them a reconditioned phone that still is not working correctly. And when you call T Mobile Customer Care to complain they do nothing to help you. A total rip off company!

  • Disappointed customer

    today I walked right at ten o’clock this morning and it was really hot outside too. The employee had a clip board he was holding. He didn’t greet me just simply passed me over to another TMobile employee. The female employee who did not have a name tag on her shirt. She wasn’t friendly or social at all.

  • bronxboi

    As long as the phone is paid off, they are legally bound to unlock it.


  • diamond

    The worst service I have ever seen and am lucky to even make a call as there is no connection half the time.

  • Rachel Garces

    T-MOBILE sold my mother, a senior citizen a used LG Leon H345 cell phone at a brand new price. Did not even bother to factory reset the phone so I found the previous owner’s pictures, videos, and personal information on it. We don’t mind buying a used phone just don’t cheat us into paying full price so we can manage our expectations. Please reduce the handset’s price.

  • leo

    T-Mobile Toll Free Numbers
    T-Mobile Toll Free Numbers

  • dw

    T-Mobile crammed us with a bunch of services we did not ask fr when we signed up. They also told us the the insurance we purchased for one line would cover loss and breakage. When the screen broke, they said it only covers manufacturer defects, etc.

    It may be that actual contract says it will not cover breakage, but the sales associates and the manager said it would, so we purchased it because an insurance document was not available. SO, besides cramming extra internet services, they crammed this so called insurance on all our lines when we only wanted it on one line, for my daughter. Then when she needed it, they said it wouldn’t fix the problem.

    I want them to honor their word. This has been extremely frustrating from the beginning when we found they crammed services on our lines, when we only wanted one of the 4 lines to have extra data. They crammed “insurance” on all the lines when we only wanted one line covered. Then, they couldn’t get our phones and lines associated with each other properly. We tried to tell them, but when we log into our web access, they are still wrong after nearly a year. The incompetence is astounding – or just downright lies. I want the x*x.x*x.xxxx line repair paid for. we will get it fixed at the Apple store because T-Mobile requires we send it back and my daughter needs to travel. The cost quoted by T-Moble is more than the Apple Store, too.

  • FrustratedExCustomer

    Had many billing issues with tmobile. Long time customer. But I kept getting billed for calls and text messages from numbers I never new they exist. Talked to customer service (after long periods of wait) just to find out that no matter what I just have to pay for whatever they put on my bill. Big rip off for me, great business model for them. Decided to cut the service.

  • Troylene White

    I was with T-Mobile and had bad reception so I asked to cancel the service. I had just bought a IPhone with them and I have been trying to get them to unlock the phone for several months. Each time I called they said it would be 24 hrs and they would send
    me the code.
    Then all of sudden they tell me I have to be on service to get my phone unlocked, which they never said while I was asking them
    to free up my phone so I could use it. I am no longer with T-Mobile and am still trying to get them to unlock my IPhone.

    I am not sure what I have to do to be able to use my own phone with another carrier. T-Mobile isn’t even trying to work with me.

  • Christie

    I too have been with T-mobile for awhile due to a buy out of another company, I recently leaned they no longer do the 2 year contracts, phones are at regular price. I’ve found the service & customer service to be verrrry lousy, reception for me most places is horrible, I lost a lot of money $$$$ dealing with them due to overcharging everything about them is deceptive and I can’t wait my contact will soon be over and I’m done with them.

  • I have been with T-Mobile for about 6 years now. I have not really had problems with them until this past year. I renewed my contract & got my husband put on my plan. We signed up for the $35 Family Plan, & I was told with the plan & the costs of our phones, my bill wouldn’t be any higher than $80 a month. I have NEVER paid this in the 8 months we have had this plan. I have to call every other month to remind them that my plan is not $59 a line. I was told our phones would cost $20 a month, but they’re charging me $45. I am so tired of $135 a month phone bills for service that is horrible. I can’t get decent reception in my area….I don’t get 4G or quality calls unless I’m 15-20 miles away from home. Everytime I want to cancel my account, I get told that I have to pay both an early termination fee & the complete amount of my phones. I will never renew with T-mobile again!!!


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