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Last Updated On: November 15, 2016

Straight Talk Wireless Contact Information

Business Name: TracFone Wireless Inc
Corporate Address:
9700 NW 112th Ave
Miami, Florida 33178 USA

Straight Talk Wireless Customer Service

Straight Talk Wireless Phone Number: 877-430-2355
Company Contact: Frederick J Pollak - President CEO
Corp Website:

Straight Talk Wireless Ratings

Average Rating: 1.42 out of 5
Based On: 25 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 8

Straight Talk Wireless Reports

Reported Losses: $3,404.90
Average Reported Losses: $136.20

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Overcharged on line when renewing service Can't get a refund

This company overcharged me twice (once on 8/28, and once on 10/29) both times I was supposed to be charged $45 and they charged me $47.70. I did not notice it on my August bank statement, but I noticed it right away on my October statement because I did not have any money left after they overcharged me. I did an on line chat immediately and the rep told me they overcharged me before, and that I had to call 866-806-1840 for a refund.

I called and was on the phone for a really long time. I was told that someone would call me back within 24 hours. Nobody did, so I called again on 11/12 and had to speak to a supervisor who told me that I had to e-mail a tax exempt certificate to I live in NH and we don’t have sales tax so my state does not issue tax exempt certificates per my government’s web site (

The rep I spoke with on 11/12 told me I would have a refund in 3-5 business days. I sent the e-mail with the link showing I cannot get a tax exempt certificate because everyone in NH is exempt from sales tax on 11/13. I called again tonight and spoke with someone named Graceland claiming to be a manager. She could not confirm if my refund has been processed. According to my bank it has not. She told me I have to wait 30 days to see if it has been.

They only owe me $5.40 total, but I am not the only person in NH with a straight talk phone, and NH is not the only state in the US that does not have a sales tax. If I buy the phone cards in the store they are $45 not $47.70. They should not be allowed to skim $2.70 from people who pay on line just because we pay on line.

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The most terrible customer satisfaction service other than US cellular. I am not waiting over a week for a shipment of right sim card and then on the 2nd shipment they put the wrong address even after asking you several times to confirm your address. They have no refund policy or overnight shippping to satisfy customers. I would never use them again and will discouarage anyone I see from using or buying anything offered by them.

My experience with Straight Talk customer service was a two month nightmare! Had no working cell phone because of errors their techs made, spent 50-60 hours of my time trying to straighten this out, was lied to over and over again, had to repeat the entire situation every time I called, was promised resolution without any time and time again, and then to top it off, lost my cell number I’ve had for 20 years because of something (again their mistake) they did or didn’t do. Could never get a "straight" (ha ha) answer about anything. This was the worse… Read more »
I am going thru the same problem with now. Every time I ask them “why is it that the now replacement card is not working again” they take me for a fool and do not provide any answer, they just say something in hope that whatever they say works for me. I am composing my letter to the CEO these days, I would like to get an answer from him, as well as 2 other top people in the company. So, tell me please Cindy, how did your saga ended? Because I was so waiting for the iPhone 6 to… Read more »

Just got a Galaxy III, advertised "everywhere" as workable in my area!! After learning it would not, my number was changed to bounce off a tower elsewhere. My old phone worked, once service was transferred to the new one, "no network available" thus NO service!!! Fortunately, they were able to restore my old phone and return my near 20 year cell number!!! Even the tech helper confirmed it is being sold as workable in my area….

I play game and use Facebook on my phone and now I don’t have data because they say I use to much this is false advertisement

If you don’t mean it don’t claim it. I would never again purchase anything from this company. I will be dealing with a reputable company in the future. Stay away from straight talk.

quit looking at ****. I have straight talk and never have i run out of data and i use facebook on my phone quite a bit.

I also have had straight talk for over a year. My daughter had it before I did and still doesn’t have any problem with it. It doesn’t drop as many calls as ATT or Sprint. It all depends what phone you get as well. Talk to your Walmart electronics guru. They’ll point out which phones operate off the Att vs Verizon networks. You can even go to to find extra deals on phones. I can also access Googles voice to text and GPS system.


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