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Business Name: TracFone Wireless Inc
Category: Cell Phone Service Providers
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Corporate Address: 9700 NW 112th Ave
Miami, Florida 33178 USA

Phone Number: 877-430-2355
Company Contact: Frederick J Pollak - President CEO
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Worst Carrier Ever BIG RIP OFF

I purchased one of the top Straight talk phone an Samsung. I was bombarded with e-mails about how great prepaying your minutes was and you would save by doing so. Right after I did, someone breached my bank account and stole all of my money. Of Course my bank was on it. But Straight talk denied and involvement.

I normally never purchase anything on line and this was a first. Needless to say one of my last also. But 4 months in my phone died and would not charge. Straight talk would do nothing they said I had to deal with Samsung.

Samsung said because it was a trak phone they would not back it. and said to talk to Wal Mart who also refused to do anything. They all pointed fingers at each other. So I said OK just reimburse my minutes and guess what THEY REFUSED> they said prepaid minutes were nonrefundable. After pushing me to do so


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TracFone Wireless Inc

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6 thoughts on “Straight Talk Wireless

  1. My experience with Straight Talk customer service was a two month nightmare! Had no working cell phone because of errors their techs made, spent 50-60 hours of my time trying to straighten this out, was lied to over and over again, had to repeat the entire situation every time I called, was promised resolution without any time and time again, and then to top it off, lost my cell number I've had for 20 years because of something (again their mistake) they did or didn't do. Could never get a "straight" (ha ha) answer about anything. This was the worse customer service I've ever had in my life! I guess the old adage, "you get what you pay for" is more than true in this case. I wish I never transferred from AT & T just to try and save a dime. It's cost me way more in headaches and stress!

  2. Just got a Galaxy III, advertised "everywhere" as workable in my area!! After learning it would not, my number was changed to bounce off a tower elsewhere. My old phone worked, once service was transferred to the new one, "no network available" thus NO service!!! Fortunately, they were able to restore my old phone and return my near 20 year cell number!!! Even the tech helper confirmed it is being sold as workable in my area….

  3. I play game and use Facebook on my phone and now I don't have data because they say I use to much this is false advertisement

  4. If you don't mean it don't claim it. I would never again purchase anything from this company. I will be dealing with a reputable company in the future. Stay away from straight talk.

    • I also have had straight talk for over a year. My daughter had it before I did and still doesn't have any problem with it. It doesn't drop as many calls as ATT or Sprint. It all depends what phone you get as well. Talk to your Walmart electronics guru. They'll point out which phones operate off the Att vs Verizon networks. You can even go to to find extra deals on phones. I can also access Googles voice to text and GPS system.