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Last Updated On: October 9, 2015

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Business Name: TracFone Wireless, Inc.
Corporate Address:
9700 N.W. 112th Ave
Miami, Florida 33178 USA

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Company Contact: F.J. Pollak - President
Corp Website:

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.01 out of 5
Based On: 8 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 5

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Reported Losses: $204.00
Average Reported Losses: $25.50

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Big run around

I applied for a safelink phone on 6/1/2015. it is now 7/27/2015 and I am still getting the same run around. I have emailed my proof to them 3 times, downloaded to their website 3 times. they keep saying they did not receive it.

5 days ago I faxed new and updated proof to them and they again have not received it even though I have a confirmation verification that it was received. every time I call them they say to wait 24-72 hours to give them time to receive and process. and the connection is frequently terrible and very hard to communicate with them. and when I call back they have somehow never received the proof.

I see from the other complaints that this is apparently standard practice for them. my next attempt will be to send my proof certified mail. but i’m sure they will somehow not receive it.

Safelink wireless – 9700 NW 112th Avenue Miami FL 33178 | 800-723-3546

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  • For anyone who doesn’t know. Safelink is owned by America Movil which also owns Tracfone, NET 10 Wireless, Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, TelCel Ameroca, and PagePlus Cellular. Here’s the kicker though, America Movil is a Mexican owned company. Yep. your government phone is from a Mexican company. Well at least it’s not China. Although the actual phone is probably made in China.

  • proof can be sent with email attachment. take a photo with your laptop camera and send it to also if you have been approved but no minutes you can go to support then technical and click on live chat. give the serial # and the minutes will be added and unregistered SIM working.

  • sounds kind of like me I have sent my info twice once by fax once by mail they got the fax and said they couldn’t read it now by mail they say they never received it this was sent October 21st to milwake or. come on now.They also told me I don’t call anyone that you have to call at least one person a month I call at least three.Now for the third time I’m going to send a fax with my info once again and see what happens next.REDICULOUS

  • EVERY MONTH for the last year or more I have had to call & get my minutes sent to my phone. I verified my service was active with Texas & I am good. I even have the enrollment number.

    January I started to write the "ticket" number down, needless to say, in Feb 2014 I had to call & receive my minutes.
    It is now march 17, 2014, I have NOT received my minutes…AGAIN… so I called & was told I "already received my minutes", no I have not!!

    So when I asked the "Rep Diane"she just sat there & didnt say anything. So I am AGAIN on "hold" to TRY to get someone to fix the problem as I have for the last over a year!

    There has to be someone else we can call to complain abt these idiots that do NOT know what they are doing!

    • go to support then technical. next click on live chat, give the serial # and they will add them


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