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Last Updated On: June 16, 2014

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Business Name: TracFone Wireless, Inc.
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9700 N.W. 112th Ave
Miami, Florida 33178 USA

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Company Contact: F.J. Pollak - President
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $54.00
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Makes The Wrong Links And Won't Admit Itss Calls Me Liar And Refuses To Help

I have been trying since february 2014 to get my cell phone plan changed. Safelink offers 250 free minutes each month with no roll-overs. Then there is a 125 free minutes with with roll-over minutes each month plan. I have contacted the bbb at least three times concerning this same problem. I am wanting the 125 free minutes plan. I am disabled, in bed and depend on my phone. I get worried when my minutes get low so i purchase extra minutes. Tracfone offers if you buy 60 minutes you get 140 free. So i get a total of 200 with each purchase. I might buy 60 minutes two or three times a month.

Well, at the beginning of each month i find out that they did not update my plan and i still had the 250 minutes. And they took all of my minutes that i had on the phone. One month i had 750 minutes that i had purchased. They took all 750 yet they gave me just 250 in the plan. I would try to contact the company and get the run a round! One dept would say that it shows that you have the 125 plan but they could not give me back my minutes because the could not prove them. Then if i spoke to someone on the same day they would tell me that my plan was the 250 free plan.

This has been happening since February – i have a document from the bbb stating that my complaint was resolved on 4/14/14. And it is signed by tracfone. It has the 125 free minute plan confirmed and guaranteed that way with roll over minutes. The very next month, the problem again. Every month, they take my minutes saying my plan is the 250 plan. Yet i keep applying and verifying that i have the 125 free plan.

Yesterday, June 12, 2014 i purchased 60 minutes giving me 200 minutes and i added it to my card. Something told me to verify my plan – i got the morbid answer: Your plan is the 250 free minutes. So now when July 1st comes, they will take my 339 minutes that i have on my phone now. At that time i wanted to scream! I wanted to throw the phone at my window or wall and i wanted to curse and call the person every name but a person. In stead, i just cried and hung up.

What can a person do? How long do you continue to fight until you fight no more?

Consumer Comments For SafeLink Wireless

  • EVERY MONTH for the last year or more I have had to call & get my minutes sent to my phone. I verified my service was active with Texas & I am good. I even have the enrollment number.

    January I started to write the "ticket" number down, needless to say, in Feb 2014 I had to call & receive my minutes.
    It is now march 17, 2014, I have NOT received my minutes…AGAIN… so I called & was told I "already received my minutes", no I have not!!

    So when I asked the "Rep Diane"she just sat there & didnt say anything. So I am AGAIN on "hold" to TRY to get someone to fix the problem as I have for the last over a year!

    There has to be someone else we can call to complain abt these idiots that do NOT know what they are doing!


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