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Business Name: TracFone Wireless, Inc.
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Safelink Wireless Calls Me Liar And Refuses To Help

Safelink Wireless Calls Me Liar And Refuses To Help Me With My Problem

On the day of june 29, 2013 i bought a game through the phones apps which cost me 54 and some odd minutes leaving me with 90 to 100 (i think 98). I sent 7 texts that day and made 3 calls. My phones died, i did not charge it on june 30, on july 1 around 1pm i charge and turn on phone, not really paying attention, i received 3 texts from over the last couple days, 2 from my daughter and one from my husband that he said he sent on the 1st around noon. by the way, my aunt told me she sent me a text i never got at all.

Anyway, i go to text my husband and it say “you do not have the available airtime”. Ok, so i call safelink customer support, was talking with a gentleman he goes through some code entries verified they were all right, and starts to put me on hold to get this fixed.. My landline dies…

This is the evening of the 1st, i call back on the second and talk to a lady agent (i will faithfully write down all names and ids now) she goes through the same crap, tells me ive already received my minutes, i tell her i realize they are seeing this and she says well apparently you used them..

I get her manager, and then her manager all 3 saying oh well more or less ive received my minutes. the same lines, more or less calls me a liar, refuses to help me, wont give me a corporate number. i told her to cancel my account, got her name and id as to which i think she lied about cause she started giving me number and changed them..

Tenisha Employee ID #20915…

They should be able to see i have not used my minutes my phone hasnt even been on and they have the gall to tell me i have. This is no support, i asked her if she went home and her cable was out, she calls her cable company and they say “oh well we see your receiving it” yeah right.

So it ends with me cancelling or so i hope i got mad and hung up before i started getting my blood pressure up.

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One thought on “SafeLink Wireless

  1. EVERY MONTH for the last year or more I have had to call & get my minutes sent to my phone. I verified my service was active with Texas & I am good. I even have the enrollment number.

    January I started to write the "ticket" number down, needless to say, in Feb 2014 I had to call & receive my minutes.
    It is now march 17, 2014, I have NOT received my minutes…AGAIN… so I called & was told I "already received my minutes", no I have not!!

    So when I asked the "Rep Diane"she just sat there & didnt say anything. So I am AGAIN on "hold" to TRY to get someone to fix the problem as I have for the last over a year!

    There has to be someone else we can call to complain abt these idiots that do NOT know what they are doing!