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Last Updated On: September 2, 2015

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Business Name: TracFone Wireless Inc
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9700 NW 112th Ave
Medley, Florida 33178 USA

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Company Contact: FJ Pollak - President and CEO
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 11 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 5

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Reported Losses: $1,345.63
Average Reported Losses: $122.33

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Sad excuse for customer service

I began using Net10 Wireless about a year ago. Initially I purchased a 25.00 card for 1000 minutes of talk text and data. The next month I decided to go with unlimited time monthly, and set up auto pay using my debit card. In July I had some unexpected and large expenses, so when the time came to renew my minutes the money was not there and my phone was deactivated. Okay, no problem I will just buy a 25.00 card to get me through until I can get unlimited time again.

I called the number on the card and after following the prompts and entering the PIN number the recording stated that my airtime card was invalid. I was then connected to a non English speaking CSR, who proceeded to tell me that I could not use this card, that I could only purchase unlimited minutes. I told him that I had initially used limited time cards and could not understand the issue. He replied that I should be familiar with the terms and agreement. I told him the reason for needing to use this card until I had enough money to purchase unlimited and was told again that I could not use this card. He said that I should return the card to the store where it had been purchased and trade it for an unlimited card. I asked him what part of I DON”T HAVE THE MONEY did he not understand.

Furthermore, the store will not take the card back as the PIN number has already been scratched off. He continued to repeat the same phrase from his script, and I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor. He told me that he was a supervisor, and I told him that I wished to speak to HIS supervisor. After pretending that he was going to connect me with his supervisor for about 10 minutes, he hung up on me.

I promptly called back, went through the same routine with the automated prompts, and was again connected to the same CSR, who told me “it’s not our problem if you bought the wrong card”. I then told him that I wanted to be connected with someone within the United States, and was told that he could not do that but he would connect me with a Manager. I was put on hold several different times and again was disconnected.

How are they allowed to do this? How can a pay as you go company NOT allow me to purchase whatever amount of time I need or can afford? This is the worst wireless company that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

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Consumer Comments For NET10 Wireless

  • I called net 10 and ask if they could change my I wireless phone to net 10.they took the id number and said they could but since it doesnt use a sim card I would have to purchase an access code for $16.04.Once she ran my visa through she stated the phone would be activated within about 2 hours.After 6 hours the phone was still not working so I went onto their web site and entered my phone id and was told that my phone was not compatible and could not be used with net 10. Service. I called net 10 and they confirmed my phone was not compatible. I then ask them to refund my $16.04 because I was told by their employee the phone was compatible and all I needed to do was give them the money for the access code. I spoke with a rep a supervisor and the manager and was told it was a non refundable purchase. What the hell!!.So I was scammed into making a purchase for nothing…DO NOT MAKE ANY PURCHASES FROM NET 10 THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF.

  • well take your time as I’m tire of waiting starting tomorrow morning with my rampage

  • furthermore if they don’t give me an answer I will go on space and any
    other site seeking help for non complying personnel,it’s not called for a major company that let’s personnel do this

  • I started over 3wks ago to buy a sim card and got it,then was told after the phone was activated,I would a download for internet service and international calling,then they said I would get a download for video,called back threedays later no download for international calling but the other things would downloaded,it’s 2 weeeks later and nothing has happened to fix my internet problem and we still don’t auto pay setup for international calling and no download for video,I purchased my own phone which is a brand new sansumg galaxy S2 with 4g capablities,so my time almost up and I have no help from net10 yet and they want me to signup for auto refill now I wonder if any action can help me

  • First. Three months ago, they reduced the internet speed on Net10 wireless 30 day unlimited data plan. suppose to be for use to much. So ””what is the unlimited data plan?”

    I call to customers services for this one. Fifteen minutes later when I’m pass the a answer machine, talk with a man explain all the problems can”t help me end transfer may call to other extension. ”The machine answer ” end hang may call. I’m repeat this three times and every time is the same thing.

    Second. They change the Net10 wireless unlimited data plan for only 1.5 Gb a month. event the cards I’m buy, said 30 days unlimited data plan

    Third. Last mount I’m used the 1.5 Gb. in 20 day and they cut the internet service. 10 days later they cut may phone calls. So I’m buy the new 50 dls. net10 unlimited phone/text/data card. but still no internet service. again call customer service, transfer my call and ooooh surprise they can’t re-stables the internet service.because I’m used all last mount. So what happen for the new net10 unlimited call/text/dara card I buy?

    So. Please some on can help me?


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