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Last Updated On: August 19, 2014

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Business Name: MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
Corporate Address:
2250 Lakeside
Richardson, Texas 75082 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 214-570-5800
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Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $3,781.70
Average Reported Losses: $472.71

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.20 out of 5
Based On: 8 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 5

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Customer Fraud and Abuse

In August, 2006 I had a one line telephone service with Metro PCS. Later I added another line for my daughter and my oldest son made it a total of 3 lines where I paid from $130 and more. On June, 2008, I went to Metro to inquire about a family plan of 4 lines for $100 I was told that to switch to that plan I have to buy a new phone. In July 19, 2008, I went to Metro and switched to a 4- line family plan, I paid $96.39 for the device. Because the bill for the previous 3 lines had already been paid so the 4-line service had to start the following month that was August, 2008.

On August 2008, I was texted for $93.06 which I mailed to Metro PCS, on September, I was texted for $128.52 instead of $100 when I called Metro PCS for explanation because $100 family plan included everything, on October, I was texted for more than $130, therefore I filed a complaint against Metro PCS with The FCC for fraud. It wasn’t responded until January, 2009, when it did, it had sent a break down of different taxes to show why I paid more than $100. Unfortunately the FCC instead of investigating the matter to see if Metro PCS had told the true, it preferred to close the case so, it was left to me to find out the true.

It wasn’t until November, 2011 while I went to Metro PCS to reinstated my youngest son’s line that was interrupted because his phone couldn’t hold on charge, when we went to Metro PCS to check the battery we were told that he had to buy another phone so I suspended the line until his mother was ready to give him a new phone to a void paying for a phone that wasn’t in service. ON November, 2011 we went to buy and reinstate his service, I again explained to a customer service who was honest and she had asked for my name and passcode, she went in to the system, she found that my $100 plan was switched to another more expensive one, so she restored my plan back to $100.

In December, 2011, I was texted for $99, January, 2012, I was texted for $99, but before the payment my oldest son went to Metro PCS and bought a smart phone after that Metro PCS had charged him $20 and changed the payment from $99 to $118, in March 30, 2012, my two younger children went to Metro and bought 2 smart phones to replace the regular ones they were charged $20 each one so the payment had been increased from $118 to $160 +another $25 I paid a total of $118 from March to $185 in April before the payment went back to $160 that I’ve paid since then. However there were no exclusion of what kind of phones you could or couldn’t use with the plan, it took advantage of the children to continue to abuse me as minority.

However, in January 8 this year I went to an orientation for security job when the account Manager whose named Daniel Perez who conducted the orientation asked me what’s my phone carrier and said Metro PCS and he had told that Metro PCS had merged with T-Moble I said, “I know” And I told him, I have a family plan of 4 lines and he told me that, he has the same 4 lines family plan too, however when I asked him how much does he pay for the plan with 4 smart phones, said he pays $127, I was shocked because a white man pays $127 for a 4 line 4 smart phones while I am a black man pays $160 for the same plan with 3 smart phones which I have considered bias and abusive.

Metro PCS Wireless, INC P.O.Box 601119 DAllas, Texas 75360-1119

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  • BE CAUTIOUS WHEN YOU VISIT RIVERSIDE CA METRO PC store at 112 University Avenue the manager in charge is a thief execute caution word of advise, contact 951-236-5835

  • Be Extremely Careful the store locate 112 university avenue Riverside California 92507 the Manager is a scam artist who has atleast ripped off a total of 20 customers he is in waste deep illicit activity he is currently being or will be investigated by the FBI..

  • Metro PCS allowed an unknown individual to use my credit information and charge my bank account without my authorization on 2/21/14 at noon in the Bronx, NY. I cannot find out the store that permitted this sale but my bank account was used in the amount of $608.57. I do not have any dealings with Metro PCS and their customer service people cannot help me find out at which store this fraud took place. My bank has cancelled my card and will put in a fraud complaint for me.
    I am now out of money thanks for this irresponsible act by some low life and by the employee(s) of the store that allowed it.
    I will never do business with MetroPCS.

    • mot just you it is a matter of time when they will not exist if matters are not handled professionally you should see the ones in the store at Riverside California they cane fromTJ

  • liar liar pants on fire


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