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Last Updated On: February 15, 2017

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Business Name: C Spire
Corporate Address:
1018 Highland Colony Pkwy Ste 390
Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157 USA

C Spire Wireless Customer Service

C Spire Wireless Phone Number: 855-277-4735
Company Contact: Hu Meena - President and CEO
Corp Website: cspire.com

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Average Rating: 1.33 out of 5
Based On: 34 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 60

C Spire Wireless Reports

Reported Losses: $57,778.43
Average Reported Losses: $1,699.37

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Overcharged / Robbed by C Spire Wireless

I joined C-Spire Wireless several years ago whenever they were cellular south, thought they were a good service, but have always had different amounts in bills/ongoing bill issues. Definitely for the past (5) years there has been billing errors in my bill/statement each month. Each time I would speak w/account rep it was the same never resolved just taxes, surcharges, payment plan set up. But, finally after several months of dealing with this billing nightmare. I spoke with a rep during the month of October 2016. She proceeded to ask me several different questions that were not the same as all the other reps routine conversations.

Finally after 20/25 minutes, she informed me that I had been overcharged for several months and she apologized for this error and changed what she could, but she did not have authority to change everything. So from the month of October to December 24 (which is the date I switched from Cspire to another provider due to i was out of contract w/cspire at that time). My sons account was the only service contract left which I confirmed with a Cspire rep that I should have no more than maybe $80 to contract out.

I received this collection notice on 06/10/2016, which was for $1329.30. There is no way that I owe this amount and to add to the confusion they still have my name listed wrong on the account. Before I ever received this statement I called several times to no resolution being confirmed. I did sp/w a customer service/main branch rep shortly before I switched my service and informed her regarding the several months of being overcharged from anywhere in the amount $245, 260, 272, 301. There was never a set amount with C Spire Wireless. Paying a phone bill with Cspire was like paying a car note/house note each month. The rep informed me that they had no control over what I was being charged and could not do anything to take care of this issue.

I was robbed each month by this company and refuse to let them rob me any further. I will have to say I don’t mind at all paying for what I owe, but don’t deceive and charge unnecessary amounts to a customer. I did speak with a Sandra Muedo with Frost-arnett company regarding this recent outrageous charged bill I received and they stated I would have to called C-Spire, so I informed them don’t worry that will be taken care of.

Now I can’t get anywhere with C-Spire on the phone so I will have to go into one of their facilities/branches to speak with a rep. I have had it with this company and they are a nightmare, which I have heard from numerous other individuals they have had similar things happen to them regarding this company. I do not recommend this cellular phone service to anyone (beware and do not take out service with this company, they overcharge for their service and their items).

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More About C Spire Wireless

AKA: Cellular South Inc. DBA C Spire Wireless
1001B Highway 82 E Indianola, MS 38751
Phone: (662) 887-2888
Web: CellularSouth.com
Company Officers
Mr. Hu Meena, President and CEO, Mr. Brian Caraway, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing, Mr. Craig Jackson, Vice President, Customer Operations, Mr. Jim Richmond, Vice President of Corporate Commications C Spire Contact Information

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  • Mark edward marchiafava

    corporate receptionist hung up on me, will not answer the phone

  • Charlotte Mckeown

    I called to speak with a Cspire representative on 02-08/17 at 7:58 to be exact! I had seen a new plan that was 25% off for government employees and wanted to know if it would benefit me to change. The lady said she would look up my plan and figure the difference. She quoted my 250.00 bill to drop to as she said, around 210.00. I was so happy that finally we get a break. She told me to take proof of being a government employee into a store and they would have it changed for me. Well I did what I was told expecting the quote the Cspire worker quoted and yes it was recorded by Cspire so they can go back and check for theirselves. When I went in to change my plan I was told it would cost 58.00 more instead of 40.00 less. I think Cspire should have to stand behind what their employees tell their customers over the phone!

    • Mae Conner

      I agree. I had to tell a rep that they need to give “loyal” customers some kind of incentive. I’m so over them and this high bill ughhhhh

  • William Lightsey

    I’ve been a cspire customer since they were cellular south. Have paid them thousands of dollars. I’ve been the general manager of large businesses that had cspire company phone plans. They’ve prospered well from me. I went in to my local store in laurel Mississippi Friday February 3 and asked them if my wife could get a new phone if I signed a new contract. Her screen was broken on hers. My contract is out so I offered to sign a new one. They told me they didn’t do that anymore. As I left the parking lot I saw the message scrolling across their sign saying swap to cspire now and get a galaxy 7 free. Cspire can kiss my business goodbye.

  • Bruce

    Just changed my AT&T account to C-Spire 4 days ago, I thought I was getting a good plan, C-Spire was advertising unlimited data for 65.00 a month, The sales rep in the Quitman Ms. store lied to me and told me I could use the phone for a hot spot for my home computer and I would no longer need my hot spot box, when I tried to get it to work I received a message on the phone saying that there would be a 20.00 fee per gigibite and they called it tathering, I just decided to bite the bullet but when I started trying to use the internet on the phone I discovered I had little to no service, I live about five miles from the C-Spire store and get no service and what I do get is slow slow slow, remember the days of dial up? well guess what C-Spire has brought them back, when I do get a signal if I try to watch something on youtube all I get to watch is that little wheel go round and round and if it does come on it’s just for a few seconds and then it goes back to buffering. I have done several internet speed test and all have been bad bad bad, one time I got a .02 gbps download speed, a time or two late late at night about 2:00 in the morning it got about 1.1 gbps which is still not fast enough to watch anything on youtube, I have figured out that this slow service is what comes with this 65.00 per month unlimited data plan C-Spire is now promoting, it has a very narrow narrow bandwith which lets very little service get to you. I have a hotspot with C-Spire and it has decent speed but they are charging me 10.00 for every gb I use and its real easy to use 10 gbs or more in a month which is a 100.00+, thats why I switched from AT&T to this 65.00 unlimited data plan thinking I could get rid of this 100.00 per month hotspot bill, but the phone won’t work as a hotspot unless you pay 20.00 per gig extra. Bottom Line Is, The C-Spire Rep lied to me, misinformed me and deceived me into thinking this unlimited data plan would do something it won’t, I read in another complaint that they believed C-Spire trains these people to lie and deceive people, I believe it, I am going to try to get out of this contract! Beware of C-Spire

    • Mae Conner

      All the time

  • AmericanBredBro

    I was out of town for the Peach Bowl. I was watching the game in Atlanta when my parents decided to switch my cell service to C Spire after being with AT&T my entire adult life. I had no qualms about it at first, because I got an iPhone 7 Plus (128 GB) at little to no extra cost. It seemed like a good idea. They were running a promotion of “Unlimited Everything” for $65 a month and no money down. Sounds amazing, right? I thought so, too. Afterwards, problems arose that I didn’t previously have at AT&T though. Unfortunately, the regional provider (C Spire) has slower data speeds than my AT&T home internet connection. For those of you that know data speeds, I’m getting a download speed of .33 MB/s and an upload speed of .11 MB/s on this C Spire LTE network. For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, that is slower than 3G and possibly 2G. Well, I was fed up. After having my new iPhone for less than a month, I realized my data speed were utterly disgraceful and my phone calls on a REGIONAL network were dropping as often as with my former network. Go figure. So I made the call to their support center where I waited for a mere 3 minutes before a human being interacted with me.. After this “technical assistant” answered, I provided her my password, name, and credentials and quickly began asking her questions about my plan and their respective network. This assistant answered 3 of my questions in all. She tried to reboot my phone. Afterwards, the network was still slow and I mentioned it to her while on the phone. I began asking her what was wrong with their network considering this is their region…but to no avail. She actually hung up on me. Then, after waiting a substantial amount of time, I contacted technical support a second time. The gentleman that answered my call this time was very polite, but had no idea what he was talking about as far as cellular networks are concerned. He dealt with my earful of questions, but gave incorrect answers. Unfortunately, I, as the consumer, know more about THEIR network than they do. I decided to switch back to AT&T because I was told I had 30 days to make that decision. After I decided to make that decision, my cellular device which I traded-in after I got back home from the Peach Bowl is now GONE forever. They won’t reimburse me for the full price of the phone, only for the next-to-nothing that my parents spent getting the device while I was out of town. I am stuck either buying myself out of my old contract at AT&T with no phone or with C Spire’s (The Garbage-Inspired Network) utterly useless network with my new iPhone that takes 2-3 minutes to load an internet page. I would not recommend anyone ever getting service with this carrier. The drivel they speak is just that. Avoid this network at all costs.

  • chuck

    Note for anyone considering switching to CSpire…..
    I had been with CSpire for 10 years or more dating back to the old Cellular South days. I recently switched to AT&T due to them having an unlimited data plan. When I received my final bill, I was not refunded for 3 weeks of CSpire service that I did not use, but ironically, CSpire arbitrarily assigned me new phone numbers even though I terminated my service. And yes they billed me for these 3 weeks when I was an AT&T customer. When I contacted CSpire, they informed me that even though I paid a month in advance, their termination policy was to continue billing past my termination date and end service at the end of the billing date. This is a big deal to me since I have 4 lines, it equated to $165.
    So in summary, please know for all potential new customers that CSpire WILL required you to pay one month in advance and will also continue to bill you one month after you cancel. So if you do decide to use CSpire and then cancel make sure you cancel at the end of the billing cycle so you are not over charged.
    Glad every other company in the country doesn’t operate like this.

  • Pissed off

    I have been with Cspire for about 3-4 years. I have always had great service until a couple months ago. We have brand new iPhones that were purchase only 9 months ago. The past 2 months have been a nightmare. Dropped calls, no internet, no outgoing or incoming calls can be made, mainly no service. Called Cspire many times they can’t fix the problem. Even had me to drive 2 hours to the nearest Apple Store and get new iPhones did not fix the problems. Now they are willing to void contract and cancel fees on phones. Really that easy after I have paid on these phones for 9 months. The customer service reps just send me to someone else when I call and complain with no solution!!

  • Good BYE C Spire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been with C Spire since 2013. Service used to be great at my house. I have a tower 2.17 miles from my home. over the past year the service has really gotten bad. Unless I am using wifi my messages go out as texts not I messages. They cannot tell me why the coverage has gone down. But were quick to say we will let you out of your contract. My contract is up so that wasn’t anything special.

  • Anton

    Horrible Customer Service! Indianola, MS C-Spire staff and manager are rude and unprofessional. Went in with a simple issue and was told I could be helped if I came back the next day. When I got back to the store the staff & manager were very rude & disrespectful to me for absolutely no reason and acted as though they did not remember me or the issue they were supposed to fix. I’ll never go there again and about to switch to another company.

  • Catrina

    Cspire has the worst customer service available. I have heard negative things in regards to other carriers but the treatment that I have received from this company has been atrocious. Spotty service, lack of professionalism and follow thru, attitudes from the representatives like they are doing me a favor by speaking to me and then insulting me with their idea of a financial resolution. How can you offer a person that has had trouble utilizing their service for 4 months $49 as compensation? The only way that I was able to use my service at home was due to the fact that I was paying an internet bill also. Without it, my phone wouldn’t have been anything more than a paperweight. Cspire did not take into consideration that I was paying two bills for the same service and did not have the ability to utilize one of them (theirs). So….I say to anyone that is looking for a cellphone provider DO NOT CONSIDER CSPIRE! I have 3 lines with them and been a customer for the past 6 years and I am being treated like this. Imagine how you will be treated!!

  • mat

    Wow I am TOTALLY convinced that cSPIRE is one of the most worthless scamming cellphone so called companies I’ve heard off, no wonder there eager to payoff other early termination fees. Then they can stick you with their own… sounds like i wont be taking this foolish plunge into the cSPIRIAL ABYSS.. SIGNED BY NOT A SUCKER

  • Tammy Lee

    I have been having problems with them also. When they were Cellular South I didn’t have any problems, but when CSpire took over, my service declined dramatically. I didn’t get any service at my work location so after several months of back and forth sparring, they decided to let me out of my contract because they couldn’t "fix" the issue. They wouldn’t, however, let me out of my son’s contract. (I wouldn’t have had his there if it weren’t for mine being there.) I turned my iphone in to the branch on Hwy 98 West in Hattiesburg over a month ago and I am still being charged for this phone. I am still waiting for them to call me back. I would definitely like to be included in the Class Action Suit if you start one.

  • Johnny Carsen

    C Spire has lied to me a number of times, now I`m without a phone!

  • Ron

    I guess I can understand the frustration of those who live in Florida, especially if it’s new to C Spire’s network. I don’t really know the situation down there, but I believe you. Until they build out their network, then it just may be a struggle. However, we are in a good section of their regional system. This is my 4th year with them. While I agree that my iPhone 5S doesn’t show LTE often, I’m not concerned with that, as much as getting my unlimited voice, text and data when I need it. So far, it seems to work fine. I’ve traveled around the US and I’ve only ever had a few situations where I couldn’t grab an email. But for the most part, the roaming works like it should. As long as 50% of your time is spent in the regional area each month, you can enjoy USA coverage most anywhere you go for no additional charges.

    With regards to service, name any carrier, phone service, cable company etc, that has perfect service when you call. I can’t think of one. In fact, my recommendation is to head to a local C Spire store and get to know some of the reps. Those people know their stuff and if you can find a good one, you can get well taken care of. This goes for any company. The more good people you can meet, the better you will be.

    Over the years I’ve had T Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. T Mobile has without a doubt terrible coverage. I dropped too many calls when I was with AT&T. I have nothing but great things to say about Verizon. Excellent coverage most anywhere I’ve been. However, even though they offer $40 a month unlimited text and voice, the data plans are high for little data.

    I’m sticking with C Spire. Three reasons why: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited!

  • Cspire Sucks

    I live in Pensacola. Cspire service is terrible. Data coverage is 1x unless you are south of Hwy 98 where it is 3G. Voice coverage is mostly adequate unless you are inside of my house! Calls are unintelligible or get dropped. I emailed customer service and had to get ugly before they would address my concerns. It took several emails before they actually responded appropriately. The answer was that the signal was strong enough that a signal booster would work. I bought one from Amazon and it helps marginally. I can’t wait for my contract to be over–I may not wait and bite the bullet and pay the cancellation fee. It will be cheaper than paying the rest of my contract! Poor service is overpriced no matter how low the rate is!

    • La Gata

      my bf also has the same problem + he a hairsylist + has lost customers due to cspires lousy service. Cspire will do nothing to help him

      • Lanoux

        You should know going in that CSpire is still expanding, so you cannot expect great service. Ask people in Mississippi how the service is compared to others.

        • memphis

          The complaints are coming from Pensacola specifically, so why would they care about Mississippi?! If a customer pays for service, they expect it to be great service. Why would something be sold that didn’t guarantee "great service." ?

  • arlene wiles

    we changed over to a new company after 13 years. always paid our bill on time. closed our account and now being billed for tax to someone numbers, not our.215 5509215 and 251 5509256. please correct this . I do not owe you folks anything, much less a $10 fee.
    Arlene wiles

  • arlene wiles

    I closed out our account on 2 phones and now I owe 36 cents on both account to numbers we I never had. owed amounts are taxes??? on no service to us? also a $10 late to be added if not paid??

  • benny lott

    I am cancelling my service with cspire my phone will not pick up service at my home at all im going to Verizon wireless

  • Felix Johnson

    I’m so sick of this company. This is my last time signing a contract with them and I mean it!!!! I’m sick of their lies and their over priced service for this jacked up, lame service, with rude people to handle your problems over the phone. Me and my husband has been with Cellular South for over ten years and all they can offer us is bad service and 20% off of accessories, and don’t let me for get to mention they advertise 4G in Memphis TN, but 4G is not available in this area yet. What kind of mess is that!!! Thanks for telling me after I notice all I had was 3G!!! The moral of the story is………….If a company or a business has to change there name……Something’s not right about it!!! THIS PLACE IS A JOKE!!!!!

    • Lanoux

      Or maybe they changed their name because the term "cellular" was outdated and they plan on expanding out of the south?

  • alex

    Ported to Spring Today (5/4/13), and was told by cspire I have to pay for the complete month of may. Yeah right. I’m not gonna pay them a cent and they can suck it. I am writing the attorney general, BBB and anyone else. I am going to spam them every single day. If they send me one letter it gets sent back with a bill for littering in my mailbox. I will never use them again. What a joke of a company, they must use the pony express for cancellations…

    • Lanoux

      What are you going to tell your attorney? That you signed a contract saying you were going to pay the bill for a month of service at the beginning of each month?

  • Can we all say together….CLASS ACTION SUIT????????? All of these complaints are so similar in nature
    and has my blood boiling…..I am in the midst of dealing with this horribly misleading, horrible customer service of a company.I have been researching complaints all morning.They have 350 with Better Business Bureau ( that is an extreme amount folks,I own a business I know) They are screwing with all of ours credit, should we leave the contract..they lie, they mislead you into plans, prices and coverage area…….anyone on board????? Contact me. I will get the wheels in motion! I am tired of being a rip offed consumer !

    • Gerard Sims

      I purchased a iphone 4s for my son in septemper of 2012 for. His. 14 th birthday. I wanted to make sure i got a plan that. Was user friendly. I got. $500 minutes with unlimited data or so i was told. Since kids do lot of texting and youtubing i thought this was the right plan. When i got my bill there was nearly $30 more than we agreeded to for. A service paack. The plan only gives you 30 minutes of video streaming. After drilling sells for over n hour about this plan and telling him it was for my teenaage son you would think that subject came up and he would haave told me that. Fastforward to yesterday i got aa new
      Samsung. Galacy SIII. I was told by sales rep that i could keep my old unlimited plan of. $79. That comes with everything unlimited except picture messaging which i payan additional $5.95/month for. Well i was using phone this morning with some video and i get message that my 30 minutes of video or up and i can purchase a service pack. Well i called CROOKSPIRE and the young lady was nice but she told me that when you purchase 4G phone which isnt reaally 4G then you have to go to new plan. What a bunch of crminals. The rep was the one who suggested i keep my current plan so i would not incur any additional charges. He asked me i used video steaming a lot and I said yes due to training we do at work and a lot of social stuff. I have to drive bck to store inthe am to take it up with them. They have my old phone on trade in and it could be gone when i arrive. I am mad and sick of CROOKSPIRE.

    • Lanoux

      Can you show me which wireless provider doesn’t have the same complaints from past customers?

    • Memphis Mama

      I have been dealing with the exact same problem. They have been so rude to me and have NOT disconnected the lines yet!!!! The reason why I am trying to go with Verizon is because 3 weeks before my cintract ended they inform me that my daughter (away at college is out of the "footprint" so her phone maybe disconnected. They would not wave the cancellation fee on the account even though I have to move another kid as well (who is local) because they have a share plan. Verizon has been able to port the numbers (no thanks to cspire) but now we have 2 numbers running to the phone (the one verizone ported and then some random out of town area code) what a mess. I can’t get this resolved and can you imagine the mess the bill will show?

    • Daniel Plonter

      I would definietly join a Class Action suit! I have had nothing but problems with Cspire…

    • Mike

      I am onboard with you.

  • Marilyn Smith

    C Spire shame on you. I relaize your in the business to make money. But the way you train your store employees to confuse existing customers into changing their usage plan is a disgrace. I have been with C Spire since the Vicksburg, MS store opened 13 years ago. Every time that I have up dated my phone I have lost something in my service or have had to pay more for that service. The past two contract renewals I have come to realize that you have trained your staff to mislead your customers. I will never renew my contract again. I will just pay full price for my phone, that is if I remain a customer at all. And I always fearful of used car salesman.

    • Lanoux

      When was the last time you went to the gas station and the price of gas was $1.50? What about when you went to the grocery store and the price of the milk was cheaper than it was 5 years ago? Stuff goes up in price, that is the way the world works. You signed a contract saying you were gonna pay that price for 2 years. Two months ago the price of my rent went up $10, should I go rioting in the streets because of it or understand that the price of things have been going up since day 1 of the United States of America?

  • Cindy62

    I can’t wait for my contract to be up with C-Spire!!!
    I got a new phone had it less than 24 hours they wanted to charge me a restocking fee which i think that blows……….they pretty much told me tough……..there selcetion was bad is why i ended up with a phone i did not like .(i know my fault but u would think being a new customer ..they did not care and still don’t…………….They called me for a survey after all this why would u surevy somebody like me that is going to give them a 0…….u are wasting ur breath and time to get anything resloved with this company………..leaving them as soon as I can.

  • Lucy

    I have been a Cellular South/Cspire costumer for well over 10 years. I DO NOT like all the changes. The must have and things you do not want. I use my phone for the same thing for years. Noone can get a regular phone anymore. Touch screen phones comes with high bills to which a lot of us (people in general) cannot afford. I thought it was great when they came up with an plan to add picture text for a said price. But that price does not work on the touch screen phone, even though any phone should work with said prices. They change my phone plan from 70/39.99 to 70/50 later 70/70 and now 80/70. When I tried for cheaper plan to work with my budget of three kids and I having wireless phones, I couldn’t because we have TOUCH SCREEN!!!! For god sakes people. Where is the plans with unlimited talking and texting. My mother doesn’t know how to text so we tried getting her a regular phone for calling and receiving picture text. She ended up with a touch screen a plan she doesn’t need because of it and an unwanted bill. What happen to all the push button phones????? Everyone doesn’t want a TOUCH SCREEN.

  • Jason

    Fees, lies, over charging and down right rude. Go somewhere else.

  • Kristy

    My phone just erased all my contacts!!! C-spire has some explaining to do!!!

  • Guest

    I cancelled my CSpire service and ported my numbers, but CSpire will not close the account because we had entered a new billing period. They are making me pay for the new billing period and will not issue a statement until the end of the period which is almost a month away. Soooo glad to get away from CSpire after being a customer of CSpire/Cellular South for about 20 years. Customer service is gone now that they have changed names.

    • james

      their billing system is like ours. cannot end until end of billing cycle. in your contract, read it, dont just sign the dotted line

    • Michael

      They did the same thing to my wife and I when we ported our numbers to Verizon 2 days after our 2-yr contract with C-spire expired. I spoke with a manager at the local C-Spire store and was told that my phone was in "deactivation status" for the next month and that I would receive an additional bill for this time period. The even issued my phone a different out of town number. I have yet to speak with corporate, but I honestly don’t expect much to be done. What a sorry, dishonest company.

    • Lanoux

      You signed the contract with those rules listed on it. If you didn’t like that policy why did you sign it? Are you going to say because the rep didn’t tell you everything listed? I don’t think its their job to do that, just like when you agree to sign up for a website and you just click okay without reading it. Its no one’s fault but your own.

  • Nicky

    Terrible Customer Service, they would rather argue with me about some charges, then to wave them and keep receiving my business. I have been with Cellular South/C-spire for over 10 years and they are telling me they have to ask the rep do she remember our conversation from over a month ago really? When i asked them to pulll up the recording oh, it wasnt recorded, well how do you know your still on the phone talking to me, you checked the phone recording system that quick, wow Yolonda some Customer Service Supervisor you are. So if you will lie to me about that, that means you will lie about anything. I see another customer that posted a review before me is going through the same thing. WOW!

  • LILY

    I returned a phone to C Spire because it would not keep a charge, stopped getting a signal and would just stop working and shut off. This phone was under warranty. We received the replacement phone and took both phones to the Brandon, MS location and had the data transferred from the old phone to the new phone. The old phone was then returned. On my next bill, I was charged $587.43 extra. When I called, I was told that that was the charge for repairing the phone. I called back the next day, asked to speak to a supervisor. I told him that I should not have to pay since the phone was under warranty. He told me that the charge was because they never received the phone I returned. I tried to stop the auto pay, but they took the money anyway. I called them today and was now told that the charge was due to a damaged port on the phone, even though one of their employees transferred data on that phone and did not say anyhting about damaged port. THEY LIE EVERY TIME YOU CALL THEM, CHANGING THEIR STORIES TO COVER THEIR BUTTS. I will be calling corporate on Monday. If they don’t do something we will be changing companies after being with C Spire for 28 years.

    • james

      they havent been in business that long

    • guest


  • Donna

    OMG Verizon pay out of contracts… Since C Spire came about they threw all of Cellular south morals and values out the door!!!’ I have been a faithful customer for years. Now the reps won’t text back, customer service reps yell and laughed at me because I was angry! A child order streaming pass on my phone with a password to confirm (iPhone 4S) but for free apps we need a code!!! My monthly bill is almost over. No more C Spire for me. I’ll go pay my bills on time else where.

  • Paula

    Two years ago, I had a $10 charge on my bill for "renumbering" my husband’s phone. It was not renumbered, and we had not requested that it be. I called (then) Cellular South and was told that I could dispute the charge, but that it would not be removed otherwise, even though the customer service representative could see that the number had not been changed. I did dispute it, and the decision made by CS was that it was indeed an erroneous charge, BUT THAT THEY WOULD NOT REMOVE IT FROM MY ACCOUNT. I continued to pursue my dispute (two more tiers), and eventually the charge was removed, but I was astounded at their insistence that I pay for their admitted error up to that point. I told them that I hoped the $10 charge was worth all the bad publicity it was buying them. I am very displeased with both my service and their customer service policies.

  • Christy918

    CSpire is a joke! I’ve met one year of my two year agreement. When it was Cellular South, after one year you could upgrade your phone by paying for whatever phone you chose. CSpire tells me I can upgrade for $190 fee plus the full price of the phone you select. They have lost their **** mind! And whenever attempting to file a claim through the insurance I pay for every month, I’m told I must have done something to the phone so my insurance wont cover it. I can’t wait til my contract is up so I can take my business if 5 phones to anyone else but these crooks!!! Avoid CSpire like the plague!!



  • Ytalia Morgan

    I posted a ****’s honest truth comment on Cspire facebook page.they deleted my comment & I can’t comment anymore…im invisible!!!
    This was my post: folks don’t do it!! Buying the phone for list price of $549.00 is ridiculous!! Buying a phone for $99 & choosing one of those outrageous data plans is more ridiculous!! You will be stuck with overages &/or interrupted services. I am an elite Cspire customer. Thanks!! Since I can’t post on facebook I will be posting any & everywhere else I can!! Loyal Cspire customer…

  • anonymous

    I got my phone a few months back and I paid for unlimmited everything but then found out that I only had 30 minutes every month. Sometimes. I don’t even get to watch them because it says that I’ve already used them!!

    • Jennerjaye

      I have the same problem with streaming . Was told when we signed up 4 phones it was unlimited everything till we tried to use it on you tube got a text telling me to purches streaming time. I have one year left on my contract then my 4 phones willow going elsewhere

    • james

      Cspire did the same thing to me. Do not like the way they conduct business.

    • james

      rep prob didnt expalin it to you. call customer service and request waive fee to disconnect

  • Kameron

    I had a simular problem. I made lots of complaint with my samsung galaxy. The putt me off until my warranty was up. Just 5 days over then I was told I could up grade by posting full price for a new phone. Thats bad business

  • Allen McCullough

    I signed with Cspire’s prepaid package with "unlimited" data last week. They told me that this plan would have unlimited everything. I verified this with sales reps Jessica Stamps and her supervisor Clay three or more times and was assured that it would cover "everything" I could ever want in a data plan. I took them at thier word and trusted that this company had integrity. That was a mistake because after 30 minuites of streaming video… I was issued a message from cspire to my phone stating that in order to have unlimited streaming I had to purchase an additional streaming pass at an extra 30 dollars a month. thats $360 dollars a year. I called the corperate headquarters and was informed that they would not honor the agreement that was given me in store. from reading other customer reviews I now find that this is a common occurance with this company. It is sad to see that they have zero value on intergrity towards thier customer base. As soon as I find another company that will give me what i want I will be removing my business from them.

  • Kelly

    I am so disgusted with Cspire!!! My son is in the Army, so he is out of the "calling area." We have unlimited nationwide coverage….or so they say. They recently disconnected his phone because he has been out of the local area for too long. Now there is a $300 early termination fee on our bill that they will not remove. In addition, they have charged us $116 for additional data even though we have unlimited data. THEY have cancelled the contract, so maybe I should be billing them for an early termination fee!

    • James Pegues

      They did the same thing to us!


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