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Last Updated On: November 26, 2014

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Terminated for FALSE HIPAA Allegations

Hopefully I will get a reply now!! Zoll terminated me NOV,12 on a HIPAA violation. There was no investigation with the hospital. Just the word of my RM that road with me one day. He apparently had no ideal the Director of Purchasing gave me a BAA (business associates agreement) with the hospital Which gives me authority to look at charts without HIPAA violation. In addition I HAVE the physicians consent to identify patients. The Hospital was Pissed because in reality Zoll was accusing the hospitals Charge Nurse and floor Supervisor with the HIPAA violation since they voluntary gave me the charts and patient information.

ZOLL tossed me in the streets with NO insurance, severance or explanation. As a single dad of 4 this is really taking a toll on me mentally, physically and emotionally. You fired me on FALSE allegations!!! Since you don’t give a s**t about me or my family!! I have informed all 4 of my hospitals about the questionable practices of Zoll. First is the “stragitic PSR”. This is a HIPAA violation waiting to happen , I was told. Zoll wants us to find RN that work or have access to “high volume” of potential patients. Then look in there charts and “identify” if they meet the requirements for LV. Hospitals informed me this breaks the “Minimum Necessary Information rule” and “Patient Privacy Rule”. Anybody that knows little about HIPAA will tell you this is a SERIOUS violation because the RN is doing it for personal financial gain by looking at the patients chart to get fit $. This carries the maximum HIPAA criminal penalty of 10 years prison and $250,000 fine, look it up. Both hospitals informed me if that happens the TM and Zoll will go down with them. THEY ALL said if there are any in there hospital’s to deactivate them immediately!!!. In addition we PAY the “stragitic PSR” to do in-services to teach other RN what to look for. Territory managers are playing with fire and Zoll does not give a s**t, they actually encourage this and just want MO’s. Just ask ANY hospital Director of Nursing, don’t take my word.

Why was it so hard for me as the first Territory Manager in the area to get the hospital’s and RN to get Medical Orders? BECAUSE they do not Normally look if the patients cath report or in history to see if they have dilated LV or NICM or indications for LV. These are thing Zoll’s asking RN to look for these things that DO NOT pertain to the patients care which violates the “Minimum Necessary Information rule” If they are PSR then they are looking at patients information for personal financial gain which hold a criminal penalty. DOESN’T matter what Zoll says and how they try to twist it!! Just ask your hospitals and Directors of Nurse’s at your hospital. The Hospitals want to protect there staff and them selves. I was told… They could be held liable for allowing the practice in the hospital if a violation was made.

Also I’ve shown my hospital’s Zoll’s “Patient Flow Chart” and always saying we need to “Identify” patients. How can we do that without a HIPAA violation, the hospital asks. We CAN”T Identify anybody without the Physician consent. Who gives a s**t about the patient flow chart we shouldn’t know about any patients condition. Unless the hospital calls us we shouldn’t even be in the hospitals EXCEPT to educate the RN on how to fill out the Medical Order, NOT to look for criteria. I WAS TOLD. Zoll has skated by on thin ice or that “gray” area and now there about to get called out by hospitals, Office of civil rights, and DOJ.

ALSO why are the PSR not VCS or Reptrac credentialed? Ive spoke with my hospitals about this. They ALL said Zoll knows better since Zoll make all there employees credentialed. Next time you check in your hospital ask the purchasing director about it. They will say yes they have to check in. s**t they wont the florist to check in, that’s why they leave flower at front desk so they don’t have to be VCS. Zoll preach about morals, ethics and do the right thing until it might cost you money or unless it benefits you.

You also fit all 3 patients that you said I obtained patient information ILLEGALLY or with a HIPAA violation. You processed the order charged the patients insurance with the illegally obtained information and fit them.. I’M pretty sure that’s INSURANCE FRAUD. Using patient information that you fired me for… HUMMMM. Don’t worry hospitals doing the investigation.

Can anybody let me know why Zoll did this to me? I will keep pleading my case to every body until I get the answer.. The 50% quota increase is impossible, which makes TM do the questionable actions to them selves and hospital staff. I have been told for months my job was on the line if i don’t bring my number up. I made may quota for 13 months in a row. Then I have been through some hard times past few months with a divorce and loss of family member but Zoll took none of that in consideration. They are selfish a******s. My quota was at 85% when I got fired and I was making ground! My RM was only in my territory 4 days from his hire to my fire, so saying they help there employees reach there quota is BULLSHIT!! Every day me and my kids struggles on where to get money to live I WILL educated every hospital, government agency and anybody that will listen in the USA on the questionable practices. You have ruined my life on a FALSE allegation, Ill do everything I can to return the favor to ZOLL. If anybody can help with information on what to do will be greatly appreciated.¬†Reply With Quote

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