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Last Updated On: October 22, 2016

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Business Name: ZOLL medical Corporation
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121 Gamma Dr
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15264 USA

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Zoll Phone Number: 800-543-3267
Corp Email: info@zoll.com
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $712,470.00
Average Reported Losses: $64,770.00

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Alert warning vibration burned me

I was fitted with a LifeVest due to my heart issue with the goal of improving heart functions. The LifeVest warning vibration and alarm went off almost 100 times in 2 weeks. Thinking it was my heart, I informed my cardiologist. By the end of the second week I started feeling terrible pain in my back directly behind the vibration sensor. I went to the ER and I had a massive infection where the vibration unit burned me.

After many attempts to reach a Zoll rep, my cardiologist ended up calling Zoll himself. Zoll finally showed up to the hospital and said it must have been the improper drying of the LifeVest garment or an infected hair. I asked the Zoll rep why did the alarm and vibration go off those hundred plus times and she said the sensors weren’t calibrated properly.

The doctors and nurses were furious. 2 surgeries for infection, 3 weeks in the hospital for IV antibiotics and 6 months of regular wound therapy and all Zoll wants is the vest back.

No compassion. No offer of compensation for the cost, pain and suffering. Nothing. Shameful.

I am looking for individuals who have had malfunctions with the LifeVest. The truth of this defective product must come out. Zoll needs to be reprimanded and compensation paid to all of us who have suffered.

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  • Nancy

    I just got my husbands bill from Zoll. I almost had a heart attack myself. I was billed for 1622.92. We were told that there would be a small co-pay. I have no idea how much money these people, the doctor, makes but 16 hundred dollars is a lot of money to my husband and me. I called Zoll and asked if this was a mistake and they needed to bill our insurance company. No mistake that is the correct amount. I called our insurance carrier and complained and asked how Zoll could charge us for three months when we only had the vest for two months. I also asked how they could charge such an outrageous price. Needless to say I was on the phone all day and was very enlightened with the results. It seems that the insurance company agrees to a set price for the use of the life vest. One day or three months the price is the same. I guess what I most upset about is the fact that I feel that my husbands doctor lied to us telling us that the insurance takes care of most of the cost. I wonder if he gets a percentage back from Zoll for his recommendations. I feel that is wrong for insurance companies to get paid for services that are not used. I am so angry about the cost and what I feel is a sham by Zoll that I can’t even get into how I feel about the usefulness of the lifevest or did I mean uselessness.

  • Ed Broyles

    My daughter has had her Life Vest for 24 hours and they gave her a back up battery that does not work!! So far 6 calls and no replacement battery yet and the batter in the Vest has been on the last bar for almost 6 hours!!! I would not recommend these people!!! What good is it without the BATTERY

  • Gwen Green

    I was prescribed the Zoll Life Vest on 8/18/16, due to having an EF of 30-35%. I’m a 44 year old female. I have a follow up appointment on 9/2/16, when I will be requesting a box to return this hideous contraption. I’m a full busted woman and it’s terrible. It causes me to sweat more, which leads to more irritation. My cardiologist changed my mesds in hopes of improving my EF. On this next appointment it’s either wait and see if meds improve my EF or implant my permanent device. This vest is going straight to USPS.

  • Gary Jackson

    My experience with Zoll was disappointing to say the least. The Zoll Lifevest was prescribed during my hospital stay after a heart attack at the end of October 2015, where a second stent was implanted. We would never have taken it if not covered by insurance. The device never worked properly and would go off at any moment, many times a day, even when doing something as simple as tying my shoes. I am athletic and in good shape, but have hereditary plumbing problems and was back to working out, albeit a bit lighter at the beginning, within a week of the heart attack. The data transfer never worked, even after repeated phone calls to the company, and sitting by my modem for hours to get the best signal in the house. Their suggestion was to go to a public library or local fire station for a better data transfer connection. Talk about ineffectual. The end result was that no data was ever transferred to the company, or my cardiologist. In mid-December, after less than two months I took it off and returned the device to the company. I had concluded that, for me, it was a piece of junk and not meaningfully supported by Zoll. Fast forward to June 2016 when we received a bill for $880 dollars from Zoll. We are fighting this money-grubbing from a company that is not upfront about its product or service, a service it never delivered upon.

  • Zibgnew Opinionski

    I haven’t received the bill yet, but it looks like I’m on the hook for $4900. I was told that the insurance covered it when I was recovering from my ICD infection explant. The insurance refused the whole first month charge supposedly because of “out of network” . Then they paid $2000 towards the second month’s charge saying that is what they pay “in network”. So when I questioned why they paid the $2000 “out of network for the second month, they said there was no referral for the first month. I was lying in a hospital bed with an IV in me when this was happening. Trouble is this. Why are they punishing me for the “in network” doctor not getting a referral? Aren’t emergencies like this (life threatening) not put in the “out of network” category. Upon inquiry, I’ve discovered that Zoll is the only supplier for this device. How can they say that they only allow $2000 towards the $3450 a month rental, because that is what they pay “in network” when Zoll, the only supplier for this type of device, is not in their network?

  • Linda Mullican

    I just received a bill from Zoll for $2500 for their life vest. The vest was prescribed by my doctor in December 2014 before I was able to leave the hospital due to congestive heart failure which was caused by a virus. I wore the vest for two months because I was scared by the Zoll representative that I could die from sudden cardiac arrest. I did not receive a bill from Zoll for 4 months and by that time I had been billed for $2090. I was told that Medicare would pay for this vest but when talking to Zoll’s representative today was told that I had signed a contract that said I would pay for 20% of the costs which came to about $500 a month. Now when you are sick and want to get released from the hospital, which I had to stay in for an extra day because the Zoll representative could not make it on the day I was to be released, you will sign anything just to get out and get home. I feel that this company takes advantage of you when you are sick and they charge too much for their medical device which you send back to them when you are released by your doctor or after you receive their over inflated copay.

    • Deb Weller

      Thank you for this comment. What you have said describes our situation with my husband. My husband is currently being “held hostage” in a hospital because the cardiologists won’t sign off on his discharge unless he agrees to either the LifeVest or a defibrillator implant surgery. We are so disgusted with this hospital, I wouldn’t trust their surgeons to be able to handle a letter opener properly, much less surgery. The electrophysiologist is using the same scare tactics others have mentioned and I’m sure they are not expecting us to do our homework, including essentially saying that they won’t discharge him and if he leaves AMA (Against Medical Advice) that Medicare won’t pay for the 4 days he’s been in the hospital. She is already angry because we refuse to have surgery performed in that filthy rattrap of a hospital and she had scheduled the surgery and cancelled her clinic without clearing it with us first. We were also told that Medicare would pay for the LifeVest. I’m very frustrated and angry at being lied to, but at least we’ve had a little advance warning thanks to your comments and others! THANK YOU!!

  • Sherri

    The vest they show is nothing like vest received at DR office and metal hooks in front AND do not help when you are large breasted. I can relate to your issue A family member had this trouble too. We had NO IDEA of cost or we would have just done surgery 3 months earlier. No info no idea of problems and frankly the care givers just sat up watching patient sleep just so that dang alarm could be turned off before a shock due to sweat slipping leads. Cannot find a busty woman picture anywhere ..they show old man and a lady wearing it off shoulders…like it was that easy. We named ours PITA for PAIN IN THE A*S drags you down. BEFORE ANYONE CHOOSES THIS JUST ASK PAST PATIENTS. GET INFORMED FIRST.

    • Linda Mullican

      The Zoll Corporation takes advantage of you and your medical insurance and sells the doctors on how they need to protect you so they (the doctors) are not sued for malpractice. They never tell you how much you are going to have to pay out of your pocket and if this device is really going to impact the quality of your life.

      • Kristi Milanowski

        So far, the ZOLL experience has been an absolute train wreck!! Their customer service is a complete nightmare and the rep that came to my husband’s hospital room was a total flake!! We haven’t even gotten to the billing part yet of this joke. His doctor is not happy and is filing a complaint. All ZOLL is interested in is “getting in and getting out and selling their product. Then, it’s see ya, bye.” Unfortunately, theirs is the ‘only game in town’ when it comes to these devices.


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