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Last Updated On: February 21, 2014

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Dangerous medical device

It started when I moved up to north GA, for a few years I have been having heart problems when I moved to North GA in may 2011, I changed Doctors, the new doctor put me through a lot of test he wanted me to try a new device or test the device for him & the company who made it, that company is called Zoll, it makes a external defibrillator, I informed my doctor that I could not afford to pay for any thing or any more test because I am on a very limited income,

At that time I was informed that it would be at no cost to me or my Insurance, this was told to me by Doctor Sean Delaney & his staff, so with that said with my mother as a witness whom was there with me & heard the same things, I said I would try the device, they fitted it on me showed me how to work it, two days later it started messing up I called my doctor they called zoll an electroad belt had stopped working, they had a nurse bring another out to me,

three days later more problems the device was not working zoll sent a nurse out & replaced the device, a few days later another electroad belt went out I called the district manager John Brown I told him the device kept messing up he had a nurse come out & replace everything,

two days later it started messing up again they said I was the cause that I was to over weight for the device to work properly then zoll sent me a bill I called the district manager John Brown he said they were not supposed to bill me at all it was a test I was testing the device for them & that he would take care of all the cost & it was at no cost to me or my insurance, he got another device sent to me I have shipping receipts where I sent the equipment back to zoll, this kept going,

all together they sent me three devices eight electroad belts & two batterys & the device was steal messing up,Then my family doctor had me go see a heart doctor in his doctors group, this doctor told me that the zoll device was no good & did not work the way it was supposed to & told me to stop using it, it was causing me more harm, & he told me to send it back to zoll,

I did & I called district manager John Brown & told him what my new heart doctor had said, John Brown told me he would send me shipping sticker & package to send it back to zoll, again John Brown told me it would not be at any cost to me or my insurance, but zoll keeps sending me bill’s & stating I tore up there device & did not send any of it back but I have the shipping receipts were I sent it all back through UPS and when it had arrived at zoll,

I have contacted over 90 people who have been ask to try the zoll device & they all said it was a peace of juke it was very dangerous & should be taken off the market this device could kill a person because it does not work , it always messes up or starts to shock you when you don’t need it because it doe’s not work, it always messes up & zoll telling people they will not have to pay anything then they send you a bill if anything they should pay the people who have tested this dangerous device that doe’s not work for them

I have sent a copy of this statement to the board of health & I never agreed or never signed any thing stating I would pay anything I was told from the start I or my insurance would not be charged at all for any of this I think this company should be put out of business for endangering human lifes Thank you .

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