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Business Name: Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
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Double charging or lining their pockets with my money

Quest Diagnostics has a common practice of double charging FEMALE patients for pap smears. Sadly when the pap smear comes back abnormal, automatically requiring another individual to read it, QUEST Diagnostics bills the insurance company for TWO pap smears. Now everybody knows that insurance only covers ONE PAP per year. Quest is WELL AWARE of this fact.

SO they use the unfortunate circumstance of the female patients’ abnormal pap to charge insurance twice THEN charge the patient when insurance DENIES the claim. If female patients are not keeping up with all the medical paperwork that comes through their mailbox they may miss the billing. After all, when a young woman gets the news about an abnormal pap smear THEN requires a biopsy to check for cancer the LAST THING on their mind is the bills coming in. I would have missed the billing myself had I not had a family member guiding me through the cancer screening processes.

FOUR months later and 8 phone calls I am STILL DEALING with the INEPT people at Quest. They continue to send bills knowing full well that they are being deceitful. I have called them many times and KEPT THE NAMES of each individual I spoke with. (Yet they only have a record of me calling once????) I have spoken with my insurance company as well as my physicians office.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am NOT THE ONLY PATIENT having these issues with Quest. I am relieved to know that MY PHYSICIAN IS NO LONGER USING QUEST due to these practices. Too many of her patients are having this issue when the once a year pap needs additional reading. Just because another individual has to read the pap does not mean that you charge it as a second pap smear. This company has poor practices that patients and physicians have recognized as less than reputable.

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