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Last Updated On: February 3, 2015

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Business Name: Laboratory Corporation of America
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P.O. Box 2230
Burlington, North Carolina 27216 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 800-845-6167
Company Contact: Mark E. Brecher, MD - Chief Medical Officer
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Lab corp issued a new policy that you needed to sign a form when you had your co pay deducted. I was never told that it would allow Lab Corp to deduct money at a later time.

1 month later I received a letter from Lab Corp saying they deducted money from my account that I did not give authorization! I was told at the time they I was asked for a credit card that is was procedure but nothing was going to be charged to my card. I was hesitant and asked again why and were they sure nothing was going to be charged to my account. I should have know better but did not think they would stoop to something this low and unethical. Why wouldn’t they send me a bill? What if I had money in my account and than my account would have been overdrawn.

This is a total scam from Lab Corp. I will contact my insurance company let them know what Lab Corp is doing since they said I have to use Lab Corp. If possible, I will never patronize Lab Corp again and I will let others know what unethical practices they are doing. I am also contacting my bank to let them know this was an unauthorized charge.

Consumer Comments For LabCorp

  • I am appalled by this company. Really terrible billing. I have received four bills now for lab work which I paid for in full, in advance, at the doctor’s office. Hugely, scandalously inflated prices for routine tests. When the doctor’s billing agent contacted them, they still didn’t get it right the first time. The doctor’s billing agent is also exasperated and sees this go on all the time. I can’t imagine what it would be like if you had a person other than the patient paying, who doesn’t actually know that it has already been paid for, or a person overwhelmed with many bills. I can’t believe they are getting away with this. Goodness only knows what goes on when the bills are submitted to Medicare or insurance. This smells like a deliberate scam to me. If you are a customer, request your lab work get done at a different outfit. If you are a doctor, please take care of your patients by going elsewhere.

  • I just want to point out the horrific behavior my children
    received at LabCorp in Clinton MD on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

    I went there to have my children’s blood drawn, aged 6 and
    5. The women at the front desk were pleasant and professional.

    The woman (older, long black braided hair), was absolutely abhorrant
    in her treatment of my children.

    She drew my daughters blood first. She was rude, rough and
    behaved as if this were a huge inconvenience for her.

    My son was crying, he is 5. He was nervous. She said “I am
    not doing his, wait outside.”

    Then a few minutes later she comes into the waiting room and
    says: “get in here and let’s get this over with so I can leave.”
    My son gets in the chair (he is not fighting at all, etc.),
    she yells at him and point her finger at him to “get it together, and don’t you
    dare kick me!”

    She was extremely rough and abrasive with him, and my

    When she is done, she swats at him and tells him to “get out of here.”

    She also swatted, my daughter uses the word slapped, at my
    daughter for her to make a fist.

    I am still trying to process this information and all that

  • I mail my payment in on 3/8/14/ when I call they have not receive because address has change from 2230 to 2240 I think I put the wrong acct number because I was told to mail it before I got my statement .I don.t know what going on put it going to be late with the payment it is not my fault.

  • LabCorp in Van Nuys is horrible! The staff are rude, inconsiderate and poorly trained. Not to mention a total disgusting, UN-hygenic mess which wouldn’t pass as a second grade veterinary clinic, let alone a medical lab.! They wasted 2hours out of my day after i had spent 30 minutes on the phone with an idiot appointment setter. I would highly recommend you take your business elsewhere and not waste your time with this disgraceful, poor excuse for a lab.

  • I have been going to Lab Corp for years and it seems that they have been sending me some parts of bills to the "wrong" address they took down from my doctor. I got an email from a collection agency and when I called to speak with Lab Corp about this, after paying it, I asked why it is my fault if I didn’t know that there was a bill and they were sending them to the wrong address and they said they could not answer that and that it was basically my problem.

  • I an just appalled at their costs. Routine physical blood work costs .received a statement today and it was
    $1,133.00 !!!! I am in the wrong business

  • LabCorp has a totally incompetent billing department. For 6 Months they have screwed up submitting my lab test costs to my insurance company. I have talked to them at least once a month, faxed my bill from LabCorp, along with the Explanation of Benefits from my insurance company, and they still can’t get it right. Initially they billed the wrong insurance company, that was the first month, then once they got the right insurance company, they still can’t get it done right. They are pathetic. I have ongoing laboratory needs and I will never go to LabCorp again.

    • I live in a fairly affluent area of San Diego and was asked by my doc to get a number of tests one at the Rancho Bernardo office. My doc got the tests and I got a subsequent invoice asking for cash inasmuch as Medicare had turned the tests and charges down. Apparently Labcorp does not like to deal with Medicare because Labcorp never submitted to them. Labcorp submitted my Medicare B card and because Labcorp did not submitt my A card to Medicare the charges were turned down. It’s a scam with Labcorp believing they can get away from billing Medicare properly by saying that Medicare had turned the tests and charges down. Next step for me is State Attorney office and complaints to BBB and Medicare.


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