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Last Updated On: January 13, 2015

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Business Name: Hoveround Corporation
Corporate Address:
6010 Cattleridge Dr
Sarasota, Florida 34232 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 800-771-6565
Corp Email: info@hoveround.com
Company Contact: Tom Kruse - Founder and President
Corp Website: hoveround.com

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.25 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 1

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $2,195.00
Average Reported Losses: $548.75

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Parts Scam By Hoveround

My Mother bought my Father a Hoveround chair and the Hover lift for the car to transport it,She has had nothing but problems with both ,but the last time she had a Service Tech come to replace the batteries the Service Tech didn’t have the tools to even preform this menial task.

Now the Lift has quit working my mother called for service and was told they would come out and look at it but it would cost 100.00 hat is just to see what is wrong then they would have to come again to repair.

I took a look at it and it is a simple problem there are three small gears in a gear box that run the Ball screw and 2 of the the teeth of the gears are wiped out.

I called Hoveround to buy these parts and was told that they will not sell me parts to repair it I would have to have their Service Tech come out and repair it.

Why should people be held hostage to these thief’s either we fix it or you can throw it out.Don’t they care that most of their customers are on fixed incomes?

Official Responses from Hoveround

By: Bret Hines On: February 22, 2013

The fact you ran over the ELR tells me you dont really give a crap, there is no suspension on the chair and you must be pushing the chair to perform outside it,s capacity “every nut and bolt came loose”. The batteries are deep cycle and require long slow and low amp charges, no short charges and rough terrain will tear up SLA batteries you will need GELmat batteries but the medicare fee schedule does not allow for them. Most standard powerchairs are built for indoor use The chargers are delicate and should be used with a surge protecter and never used to charge batteries with voltage below 16 v total. Again even if the charge indicator says full charge the charger needs to be plugged in for 4-6 hours. NO SHORT CHARGES. Again it sounds like you are abusive to your equipment. Treat and maintain it like expensive fine tuned equipmnt and not like an old pair of tennis shoes and you will have a much better experience. If you use the chair outside you will have to clean and maintain it. Medicare does NOT pay for cleaning or stickandstem removal, you will have to payfor that, we charge $85 to clean chairs and more if roaches, other insects or vermin are present

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More About Hoveround

Hoveround Personal Mobility Vehicles specializes in manufacturing and distributing "mobility solutions" for those in need of personal transportation solutions. Hoveround Corporation primarily makes electric scooters and power wheelchairs. In addition to motorized mobility solutions, Hoveround offers corresponding ramps, lifts (Hoverlift) and related mobility accessories.

Consumer Comments For Hoveround

  • Ian sorry to hear what their doing to you. I have a scooter that has roared me out a few times and no one will help get better front tip wheels. I was told I have to pay. I told them I live on a small fixed income $600.00
    Can’t afford to buy the wheels so I hope I don’t break my DAM NECK NEXT TIME. THANK YOU.


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