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Business Name: Hoveround Corporation
Category: Medical Services
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Corporate Address: 6010 Cattleridge Dr
Sarasota, Florida 34232 USA

Phone Number: 800-771-6565
Email: info@hoveround.com
Company Contact: Tom Kruse - Founder and President
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This complaint stems from a eleven month relationship with a company called “hoveround” who appear to be in the business to fleece disabled people and their insurance company from many dollars.

Beginning in February 2013 after a complete summary being presented by my doctor, hoveround delivered a power chair without the proper leg support and the wrong cushion.

After considerable effort by placing many phone calls and being place on hold by various departments which were more than 4 i was `told that the problems would be corrected.

After waiting several week their service tech showed up with the correct leg support. Needless to say they billed me for the parts, which took another 3 weeks to correct

Several months later the control head failed while i was leaving a hospital, i called hoveround and was told even though i was stranded 26 miles from my home with a chair that would not move the bus driver with the public transit pushed me aboard the bus.

After several days a tech show`ed up at my home with the correct repair part, later i find out hoveround billed my insurance company for something that should have been under warranty.

Now just 1 month before the supposed warranty is to expire the batteries no longer hold a charge, i have placed the charger on my chair each and every night fully understanding the importance of daily charging so i called hoveround.

I was informed by hoveround that my deductible payment would be 169.00. I check the original order for the chair, hoveround bill the batteries at 120.00 total and the insurance company paid 83.00 (which represented payment in full).

Between the complain blogs i have read and the various complaints of others i plan on publishing this statement of fact to warn other disabled folks to stay away from hoveround, i have been invited by the local news show to be a item on there “fraud exposed” segment.

Additional Information:

Hoveround Personal Mobility Vehicles specializes in manufacturing and distributing "mobility solutions" for those in need of personal transportation solutions. Hoveround Corporation primarily makes electric scooters and power wheelchairs. In addition to motorized mobility solutions, Hoveround offers corresponding ramps, lifts (Hoverlift) and related mobility accessories.

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Official Responses from Hoveround

By: Bret Hines On: February 22, 2013

The fact you ran over the ELR tells me you dont really give a crap, there is no suspension on the chair and you must be pushing the chair to perform outside it,s capacity “every nut and bolt came loose”. The batteries are deep cycle and require long slow and low amp charges, no short charges and rough terrain will tear up SLA batteries you will need GELmat batteries but the medicare fee schedule does not allow for them. Most standard powerchairs are built for indoor use The chargers are delicate and should be used with a surge protecter and never used to charge batteries with voltage below 16 v total. Again even if the charge indicator says full charge the charger needs to be plugged in for 4-6 hours. NO SHORT CHARGES. Again it sounds like you are abusive to your equipment. Treat and maintain it like expensive fine tuned equipmnt and not like an old pair of tennis shoes and you will have a much better experience. If you use the chair outside you will have to clean and maintain it. Medicare does NOT pay for cleaning or stickandstem removal, you will have to payfor that, we charge $85 to clean chairs and more if roaches, other insects or vermin are present

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  1. Ian sorry to hear what their doing to you. I have a scooter that has roared me out a few times and no one will help get better front tip wheels. I was told I have to pay. I told them I live on a small fixed income $600.00
    Can't afford to buy the wheels so I hope I don't break my DAM NECK NEXT TIME. THANK YOU.