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Business Name: VGH Solutions Inc.
Category: Medical Services
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Corporate Address: 145 Anderson Ave
Markham, Ontario L6E 1A4 Canada

Phone Number: 877-374-6669
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Dr. HO -Too Good to be TRUE!!!

I can’t make a complaint about whether or not the product is as good as all of these comments and blogs posted on their website are but I can assure you that their customer service is AWFUL. I purchased a belt on the 7th of February this year and called on th 9th to find out why I had never received confirmation of the order and was told that the order was never placed.

So I placed another order for the belt only to later find out that the order had been duplicated. I had to call and request a refund for the second order to only find out then that they were not able to offer the expedited shipping like they offered. I had to then request a refund for the shipping. Judy and Edwin are the two of the 3-4 people that always answers the phone to only advise you that because the belt is sooooo popular they are not able to provide the shipping services that they offer on their site but I am not sure why it is still listed as a service they provide.

I have always been an advocate of great customer service and this is something that this company cannot provide by any means, please do know that I will keep the world posted on how the product actually works if I receive it within the actual time that they company states I will.

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