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Last Updated On: May 11, 2015

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Davita the place of Dialysis NIGHTMARES!!!!

To begin with as a patient I’m 100% into my care, the technicians are horrible, why, because they get paid less money, racism in the company is common, the rules that davita has are at best insane. I wish, that the health department would come and shut most of the units down. The place at best is adequate, but the technicians are bullies and not efficient. Most talk personal things about there life as well as other clients. They lie to patients explaining that it’s not the fault of davita but the fault of the client.

The technicians are rude, callous and plan mean. The procedure in order to get me proper dialysis is NEVER done properly, these people are to concerned with drinking and partying than to actually have some type of compassion for the client. Request of the patient goes unnoticed, the technicians are constantly trying to hurt patients without any thought of them hurting a client. The work I’ve seen within 6 years at Belcaro has been at best dangerous, and the staff itself is at best HORRIFIC. The technicians are to busy gossiping and joking to actually care or PROPERLY do there jobs.

Davita is one of the WORST companies of dialysis, and what’s sad is this company is the top of the ladder as far as the best dialysis, but from a 1-10 Belcaro dialysis center get’s a 2. I wish, most of the people would be fired and replaced with a crew that is actually good.

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  • my father fell at davita and broke his hip. is he entitled to claim against them?

  • Where is customer service gone.????
    Whatever you do don’t ask the medical facilities like DeVita

  • Moreover, I need to tell you that Da Vita is not your doctor. He or she will always speak the company line. Question everything into you are satisfied with your answers research everything into you were satisfied with your answers the kidneys out there you just need to look for…it…

    For those of you that have had excellent experiences at Da Vita clinic. I offer you congratulations. Not everyone is so fortunate. However .. there are number of things here you choose to overlook. That is because your eyes are wide shut instead of wide open. Your clinic that you enjoy so much will never change unless you all join hands…. Once again everyone tow the company line. You just have to tow it a different way singing is great races when you cannot see anything past the nose on your face…

    Mind you I could be wrong. However this is testable…. Everything that I’ve mentioned on this page test you will see your hours decrease as a tech or you will see the text treat you different as a "code blue patient"….Tested for one month you will see things change in your life for the good the better or the worse you will see the change. You will finally sang that old spiritual song I was blind but now I see all God Ahmadi now I see….

    Why the things I found out and moving to different states and receiving treatment which was the city California I was there for a spell I want a lot of money they offer home dialysis. And they pay for two. From your nurse all the way to your medical supplies.

    concerned citizen

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Last but not least this company has a formal complaint that you can produce…. If nothing is done it is time for you to take it to the federal government do not report to your state government they do nothing they are in their pockets once again do not report to the state government they do nothing they are and their pockets… Furthermore you are your own best advocate. You may be able to sue them in small claims court for wasting your money yes your money you pay $6000 every time you sit in that chair. That it your money that is now being wasted. Your money that is not being used properly. Especially when you don’t use all the medicine they give you a throat away and you are still being charge the $6000…

    Last but not least. You have to understand all the rules. They’re a mantra a rules. Each clinic has a individual roles. Each clinic can alter its individual rules on a dime. You must be insistent insistent that you received a copy of all the rules pertaining to your care. They say they do not have them switch to a new clinic…. And before you sign the contract ask for copies

    On the happen chance, that you switch to a new clinic. Keep a log. Keep a log every time you signed in. Keep a lot every time you sign out. In doing so you will inshore your self a much bigger lawsuit to your purse or your wallet. Also your blood is not being thoroughly cleaned Davida don’t listen to that lie. Have your doctor order tests on your blood. Your personal doctor not deVita doctor.

  • I am doing my part here. I have millions of dollars suing this Da vita clinic because they wanted to treat me like a """colored rat lab thing """instead of a person, and now I’m doing my part by letting everyone know much like the person before me. let me know s**t always floats to the top..

    You must have video it is imperative that you have video. You must remember the only reason Rodney King one so much money is because he had video or else, he thrown in jail We would’ve never heard of him…
    "Do not get caught the video"
    You’re only two people you should show it to one the federal government two a family friend.

    If you do get caught with the video lie. Tell them that you discarded it and it’s no longer in your possession. Take the video place on a flash drive take it out of your computer or out of your iPad or out of your cell phone. They have access to that information by hacking your cell phone every time you step the door and use their Internet.

    Those of you that are not ingenious about video…. Video must have sound. Video can be concealed and your clothes. On your purse. Or and your hat.

  • Donot sign any papers with Da vita…. Asked to have your legal consultation fix it first or look at it first. Post your Marsanne here and I’d be more and happy to reply"

    Your clinic is not like the hospital suing them is much easier than Suing a hospital and you receive much more money. Somewhere in the millions of dollars… For those of you are mathematicians it is three times the amount of your medical bills. Every time you sit in a chair your charts $6000 so 6×3 Times the number of years you’ve done it that is how much money you will receive an in putative damages..

    Remember you’re not doing this to be an a*s, you’re not doing this to get rich, although it helps. You’re doing this for everyone because behind you, so therefore we can ensure being betterment of mankind that comes behind you and Cincinnat chair and says crack, they’re treating me like s**t treating… Don’t let your fellow man or woman down. Let them know by millions of dollars s**t always flows to the top…

  • Things that you can do to irritate the s**t out of your DeVita clinic. Speak with management not just management upper management directly. Asked to have a video or a tape-recorded consultation. You will see their demeanor changes and you’re no longer be a patient that is treated like s**t… Do not let them take the catheter off your chest. Don’t let them scare you and having the catheter comes off your chest the wanting your arm will p***k you up for the rest your life.. I can’t stress enough for you to do your research on dialysis you will find out that they are kidneys out there for you. It does not have to be a exact blood type. It would be nice but that’s not necessary… If you are looking for a kidney the first place you should check is with in San Francisco California…. Question all of the medicine that they gave you…. Question all the records that they have for you….. You will find that the text make numerous mistakes. And doing so you’ll find out that you were a guinea pig for their technical mistakes….. All of the medical records that you have a wrong. Not of them are right there have so many errors in them not even funny. Look at the research up on the Internet you’ll find multiple lawsuits against Da vita…..Follow those lawsuits and you will find yourself in the money buying your own kidney in a foreign country

  • Those of you that feel like you’ve been done some top of this justice a wrongful service… And that have actual proof…. Once again you must have actual proof…. Last time if you do not have actual proof this will not do any good…. Cannot complain to the state, complaint to the Federal Bureau of investigation. As an attorney I cannot give you any advice whatsoever. Only show you the right direction. If it is medical go to medical investigation, if it is a civil rights discrimination go to the civil rights investigation. They take these complaints very seriously…. Hopefully, enough for you complain these medical facilities will be put under federal medical review. Which means that everyone is working there will be Shikane…. Is imperative times places dates names"video"

  • I do not think he pour intentionally races. I think they’re intensely stupid about racism… We are children of our parents , parents are parents parents , parents and parents. We are young country of bigotry and ignorance. That big Ursery and ignorance must be curtailed by the 1965 civil rights amendment of United States America. Which speaks to the heart of National origin and discrimination

  • Things that you’re looking for anything out of the ordinary.

    A. Water on the floor
    B. Blood not cleaned up off the floor
    C. Continuous beeping the machine without proper care of patients
    D. Visual site of text using the wrong needles on patients
    E. Patient’s medical record being discussed on the floor in front of other patients or other people are not patients
    F. Text slandering other patients before they come through the door or after they leave or when they call in sick"this goes to the heart of discrimination"
    G text talking about other patients to a patient and their own native language specifically to Gallo(if you listen close enough you will figure out who they talking about report them)
    H) this one is huge with the federal government is a federal offense…
    You receive Tablets pills or medicine of some kind from your clinic. And you do not use the full prescription bottle. They discarded or throw it away. Or use it on other patients. You are being ripped off. Yes I know your medical insurance pays for they pay $6000. You are being ripped off you pay your insurance is United States citizen so therefore you are being ripped off.. It is imperative that you record this by video and make sure that you reported to the federal government. There is nothing more faster that will get your clinic close down then this. However your visits will be to the hospital no longer to that clinic.

  • I do not see Davita Belcaro as a staff that is great, I’ve known of at least 2 deaths associated with Belcaro, they simple don’t care. The Technicians are not trained, the administrators don’t interact with patients. Also, most technicians blame everyone accept themselves, mistakes at Belcaro are a normal part of Davita. If a accident or mistake is made, it is most definitely BLAMED on the patient, not the technician.

  • As a patient who has been doing my treatment at DaVita Belcaro for more than three years, I strongly disagree with the complaints I have read here. Belcaro has well trained staff and if there is a complaint it is handled with respect and dignity. As far as having your arm "messed" up, are you sure it was something that they did and not yourself or from years of having treatment?

    The main complaint on top, I have never ever seen any staff or tech being "racist" or unproffessional. I will continue to trust my care with a team that does care about my outcome and wellness. It sounds to me like you may be the one that is having the problem there and not the techs.

  • I disagree completely. The staff I have dealt with have been professional and caring towards me. They have many years experience and I have never heard any of them speak of drinking or partying.

  • Technicians are not trained. They have messed up my arm. The tech’s are loud and rude. Administration does not care you seldom see admiistration interact with the patientds.


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