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Last Updated On: February 10, 2017

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Business Name: Extreme Networks Training LLC
Corporate Address:
4397 Bethany Home Rd #1201
Glendale, Arizona 85301 USA

Extreme Networks Training Customer Service

Extreme Networks Training Phone Number: 877-726-4805
Corp Email: support@ent-llc.com
Corp Website: ent-llc.com

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 21

Extreme Networks Training Reports

Reported Losses: $23,587.00
Average Reported Losses: $3,931.17

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Please do NOT trust this unprofessional scamming company. I saw there ad on a social media blog. After speaking with them and how they guaranteed my money back after 1 year if the program did not work, I mistakenly accepted there offer since the guarantee was that if it did not work I would get my money back. I tried using it but it was just not working for me.

Eventually after several intents I stopped trying it but felt relieved because I eventually ‘would’ get my money back since it did not work. I spoke with them after 1 year and they said they would NOT give me any refunds. I explained to them what was our agreement but STEVE would continue to unsuccessfully throw me sales pitches to get me not to remember that I should be getting my money back.

At the end of our conversation Steve told me that they will not give me my money back although it was guaranteed. I have NEVER in my life experienced such an unprofessional company. This company is not to be trusted. They will tell you anything you want to hear just to get you to buy there product. Complete liars.

Do not make the same mistake that I did. You can call me at (619) 247-6824 if you have any doubts this is not a real person.

Extreme Network Training (Amazon company) – arizona | 855-855-1842

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  • pinksugar

    I’m in almost daily contact with this people because every time They set me up a new ‘A-store’ and a new Amazon Associates (affiliate) account – then they ‘test’ it by making a purchase, then Amazon ‘reviews’ their site they built (myextremedeals) and they shut the Associates account down, so even if sales are generated on the website, it will not credit me anything for the sales.. I was told by an Amazon rep on the phone that they are shutting down these cookie-cutter sites that are being set up ‘by this company in Arizona’ and that they have been told by Amazon’s legal dept to stop telling people that they are some approved vendor to help people make money online as an Amazon Affiliate.. I have now had ALL 4 of my Affiliate accts shut down by Amazon – How am I supposed to make any money if every time a sale comes thru, Amazon shuts it down? I’m tired of being stuck between ‘this company’ and Amazon. ALSO – I cannot seem to find verification that this business is even registered to do business in the State of AZ. I’m still looking into it.

    • TheTruth

      They are not registered. They are a scam! Beware!

  • Truth in numbers

    I got a call while talking to the representative I googled ripoff report on this company, needless to say it say’s it’s a scam. I asked representative why they didn’t rebuttle this report he became offensive. I called him a idiot and hung up. I guess they don’t like the truth scammers usually don’t.

  • Paula Digazzo

    I got started with the program in November of last year. I paid $395 for the program and then an additional $7000 for marketing. At first I was very upset. I hadn’t seen a dime and it was January. They told me to have patience. I was skeptical but I waited it out, and sure enough from this quarter I received a very nice return on my investment. I agree the audio was cheesy, but if you stick with it you will see results. I’m redoing my deck with the money i received. I’m very happy and would suggest anyone interested in making money from home to try the program.

    • Rick

      Have you made the 175% of your investment? If so, how long did it take?

      • TheTruth

        This is someone in the company replying. You don’t make money with this scam!

  • Ed bert

    I got scammed as well. Only 495 for the executive package. I did get paper work saying I could cancel in three days. I spoke to my financial advisor and cancelled and hr after hanging up with te company. Have both the 877-726- 4805 and the 928-277-1324 number and spoke to Sean Worthington Heard the BS a little late. But called my credit card company to stop payment. Hopefully they have reversed the charge other wise I get to give a dispute to my credit card company.

  • Leo

    I got taken for also on this web page that they set up for me. I was to receive a call from a Coach who was to show and train me how to expand my website for the public to have more access to it but up to date, no Coach has called me. In addition, I have emailed this company but no response to either my emails and/or phone calls. I suggest to anyone to be careful and not be taken for your money by this company or any other internet company. Money back guarantee with no written statement to that affect! Ha!!

  • stephen

    I agree with andrea the audio is a bit corny and not very infomative but I started this program thru this company a few months ago and it started out slow but i had a little
    patience and its beginning to be a really amazing business, i am really making the kind of income i was
    looking for. so people just invest the time in it and you WILL see the kind of results your looking for trust me!

  • Ben

    There losers keep on calling. I knew they were scam from the very beginning. Nothing loss. But super annoying losers

  • Seven

    Oh wow.. I just read all the information on here while waiting for a verification call from these people!!
    They just called me to verify and I canceled!!
    I had just gave them my credit card information too. They better not charge me!! Thanks everyone for the information!

  • I just did this today for $195 plus a free package that’s normally $100 for others that wait until the next day. They told me the same story. The First guy said I had to wait until 12months in order for them to tell I had enough time to take full advantage of the program. I actually did search for Google AdSense, but I was told I didn’t have enough text (https://sites.google.com/site/gokarttime/home) on my webpage.

    Here’s how it all started for me: there was a video link in my emails, explaining that two guys developed a software that competed with Google AdSense, and Amazon, by creating a 30 page website (fully tricked out) for every article you wrote. Basically, It used your text to develop the pages on the site. I thought I was smart by asking Google AdSense myself, failed. Then, I asked Amazon.com myself on the website; it explained that someone would contact me about the page. Now, after experiencing a scam before with Cash-members.net aka Online Cash Commissions. First, to expound on OCC, they charge $27 to start (if you attempt to exit the page a few times until they reduce it to the smallest price), and you have access to resources to build your website: eBay techniques, customer service (only tells you how to navigate page) and a webpage company that help from around $100, then a monthly fee. All of that seemed legit. Then, a few minutes or an hour passed and a lady called, speaking fast, I said Okay, wait, but she thought "Okay, you can charge me." I had no clue what she said and off went $77. Back to ExtremeNetworkTraining.com, I can’t find their (Amazon.com Affiliate Program) website, and they (Dillon Near) gave me an 877-726-4805 number.
    I wrote notes:
    To Qualify..
    – Have Basic Computer skills (i.e. Login, type, and check emails)
    – Have 3-5 hours available to be devoted
    – He asked if I was working alone or would have partners help sale, I said Alone
    = I qualified. Congratulations.

    – Place Ads on websites (i.e. Phone for x amount of dollars, etc. – I would receive a coach to help me).
    – Provide no customer service
    – Do not maintain any inventory
    – Be Amazon’s partner

    – Earn at least a $1,000 per week
    – Spend time with family

    More Details…
    – Money back Guarantee, Cost: $195 or $9.95/mo. if I waited the next day
    – The processes only takes 3 steps
    – There’s a free membership to network (I’m thinking, "Duh!, LinkedIn and Facebook, etc.")
    – They’d build a website to attract Amazon customers for me
    – I had options to choose from strategies later, some will not be free
    – He asked which time the coach could help me, I chose the Evenings option
    – He collected my email Address, and Home Address, Debit Card info.
    – Then, He added a package free that he said normally cost others $100, but I get it because I paid upfront instead of waiting
    – He claimed to email me a receipt and he would call back
    = I got the receipt from Support@ent-llc.com, Subject: ENT LLC Transaction Receipt on same day 2/25/2014
    – A guy, Ryan, called me back minutes later to confirm the Billing info, Email, and my name on the card, then reminded me that I "wouldn’t" then said "couldn’t" get money back unless I waited, because it let’s them know I’m not taking advantage of the "opportunity". That, once I started making money, and I still wanted money back, I would only get prorated for the amount that didn’t balance or profit the initial investment.
    – I do realize that I may judged as Foolish. I don’t have an account full of money (less than $1000) and I’m prepared to use my legal tactics to bring justice. So, despite the risk I may suffer, they don’t realize how powerful I am, even if they think I’m "naïve." Nevertheless, I have my ways in using facts to defeat recorded phone calls, unlike Kwame K. I’m not a lawyer but an engineer, not just for technology but for psychology. The day they decide to treat me a way that truly feel scammed, is the same day they’ll realize there’s nowhere to run because they’re surrounded by "you-know-who" and that’s a wrap!
    – Trust me!

    • Leo

      Way to go JP cause they got to me also. i was able to get a refund on my "advertising campaign" cause I cancelled within the 7 day grace period but they stuck it to me on the $295 package which I know I will never make any money in the year they say. They probably will go belly up by the time the year is up and then I will see zip on my $295 investment..

  • T Jones

    it is a scam the guy phoned me to from Arizona number 9292771324, the guy didnt like it when i started questioning him either im getting into internet marketing (real internet marketing) and everything put up red flags when he called and the 4 min recording hyping up the company then this energetic guy comes on all chipper claiming to be an amazon affiliate company and started getting mad when i asked him questions he didnt like and eventually hungup on me once i asked him for a link of their proof of income for their networkers.

  • Andrea

    WELL i just got a call from some man, I knew it was a scam and I LISTENED to it just to see what was going to be said. He had me listen to a 4 min recording and told me if I HAD ANY QUESTIONS i can ask after recording. The stupid recording was only about how AWESOME THEY ARE and HOW RICH DO I WANT TO BE ….. lol When he got back on the line he asked if i had any questions… I said uhh your recording did not tell me anything for me to question… HOW DO I SIGN UP.. He gave me 2 packages one for 295. and the other for 195. How does the standard cost MORE than a DELUXE package???? He also told me they were thru AMAZON…. Stupid ppl i tell you…. The number he called me from was 928-277-1324. I dont understand how the USA can lock up ppl for shoplifting and track down fugitives through I.p. addresses and tape calls and TELEPHONE LINES but can stop and catch these ppl who basically create a NEW SITE ALL THE TIME.!!! America has to play some role in promoting this…. EVERYTHING ABOUT PPL LIKE THIS IS ALWAYS "REPORTED" and "WARNINGS" and US hard working citizens have to do our own research? YEA PLEASE!!!

  • G. Hightower

    Sounded like a scam to me too. The representative, Gregory, got offended when I started to question him.

  • J.D.

    I was introduced the this SCAM by a friend. I was contacted and was impressed with the possibility of making money. A week I joined this company I was told a team trainer was going to set me up with a website and it never happened. I consistently called the customer service and never received a call back.

    Once the scammers receieved my credit card info, unuthorized charges have been placed on my credit card from areas I don’t live in. I am going try to get my money back thru my credit card company and any other way available to deal with this FRADULENT COMPANY.


  • Alana Woods

    I got a call from this company, saying they have an Amazon affiliate program and proceeded to give the details. I
    signed up for it and paid them with my Visa. The man/s name was BillTaylor. He said I would receive two emails
    on this in 10minutesw.


    My mother is involved with this company and I also believe it is a scam. Looking for a way to report this and get her money back.

    • tom

      These guys called me to sell me the Amazon Affiliate program for $295.00, which includes a website they "build" for you(copy/template),but they Lie and say it takes 3 days to build it. When I was ready to give the $295 the next day after speaking to them…I called back and without asking they through in the "extra package" where I can recruit other affiliates and make $100 per paid recruit. Long story short. I had call backs from several different people…and it always seemed to be a time when I wasnt available. I would call back and often got a voice mail. One incident the day after I paid the $295…someone(Dallas or Brian Johnson) left me a message saying a new employee "shredded" my paper work on accident. Anyhow I was finally able to speak with Dave…Clark who paused suspiciously with his last name..He was very unpleasant to speak with. Finally someone helped with setting up the site. I had a sarcastic tone with the girl most of the set up time because I lost hope with this company, but went ahead witht he set up of the site. A few days later a guy called back who said it was his company and wanted to help me out of course saying I would need to pay for advertising if I want to be successful.( I realize this reality). Initially, the sales guy David Panai said I would be assigned a mentor, but i had multiple people calling me, so it was confusing, especially since i could never reach anyone when calling back except the unpleasant arrogant Dave Clark( who may be a great guy outside of answering the phone here). So the guy who said it was his company, extreme networks training, went on to tell me that "I was looking for Conflict"….nerve of this guy…I told the guy keep my fn $295 you scamn Bas***D….Of course he gave a very unprofessional mocking response…This company is a joke unless you want to put up a bunch a money for advertising..It may work if your good with SEO. In Conclusion. This company seems a bit unorganized….And its probably the suckers that give them advertising money..is where they make there money…This company Sucks..Yes Im still mad…

    • john

      They say they preform a service however I have not seen any service, just more lies and put-offs. IF anyone does file any legal action, please e-mail me at JS Global Enterprises LLc @ comcast.net. I live in Tennessee but will travel almost anywhere to get my 10 grand back. these people, so far have not done anything they have said they would do


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