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Business Name: United States Postal Service
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475 L'Enfant Plaza SW
Washington, District of Columbia 20260 USA

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USPS Phone Number: 202-268-2500
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Average Rating: 1.36 out of 5
Based On: 109 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 51

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Reported Losses: $79,829.41
Average Reported Losses: $732.38

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Lost in Texas

The US Postal service is a BIG JOKE and their customer service is a name only, no service!! I sent a package to my brother in in Richmond, Texas on 8/23/16. I sent it by Priority Mail thru the US Postal Service and received a Tracking Number.

My brother had just moved into a new housing development and I had the first number of his house address wrong so they said it was not deliverable as addressed and would be returned to me. The tracking number shows it is still in Richmond and no one can find the package.

I have given the Postmaster at my facility the correct information and I have called the 800 number for USPS and given the correct information .twice to two different agents. The Postmaster at my Sunnyvale facility has talked to the Richmond facility and has not been given any answers. I tried to call them myself for 3 hours and they would not answer the phone.

I also filed a complaint with the Postmaster General’s office. My brother has not received the package nor has it been returned to me. I felt Priority Mail with Tracking Number was the safest way to mail this as most of the items are not replaceable. The contents were old family papers, some were over 100 years old, some family personal items and a few coins. The old papers were going to be given to our Church Museum, a Marriage Certificate and a Baptismal Certificate.

These items had very little monetary value but the true value can not be given due to the nature of the items, they are priceless!! Obviously the Tracking Number means nothing since they can not find this package.

US Postal Service Facility – 5560 FM 1640 Rd Richmond Texas 77469 | 281-633-0386 

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  • Spider

    Call the Postal Inspection Service. Posting here won’t get an investigation started

  • Aleph Knull

    The USPS in Michigan City, Indiana has to be the worst postal system in the U.S. Maybe even the world. I got a package delivered to my doorstep… but, according to the address on the box, the person the package was intended for someone three blocks away! So I took the box to that person. When I get back, my neighbor, from across the street, hands me a package that was addressed to me, but was delivered to him! So this happened on the same day.

    It is fairly common for me to get other people’s mail in my mailbox. So I can assume, every now and then, somebody else is getting my mail.

    We have these millenials as postal carriers, walking around with iPod earphones on. Too busy rocking to music to pay attention to what they are supposed to be doing.

    • Spider

      Call the office and complain. Keep track of the missed deliveries. Call 1-800-275-8777, and file a complaint

  • Tony

    The US postal tracking system is the worst ever period!! As I am attempting to track important medical equipment. The tracking site says”USPS is undergoing updates to the system and tracking isn’t available for 48 hours. Are you F’ing kidding me!!!!!!

    • Spider

      Call your office and they can track it

  • Reba

    USPS is the worst. I paid $42.00 for priority express, I was told it would be delivered the next day. Nope hasn’t even left the local sorting facility by 6:00 am the next morning & the website says it’s now 2day priority express. What 2 day ?? I paid for overnight, it’s not my problem it was delivered to their sorting facility @652 in the evening. I want my money back. I need suggestions ?? I’m not paying premium for standard. Help ??

    • Spider

      If it’s guaranteed, get a refund

  • OldBae

    In tears of frustration from dealing with customer service at the USPS 11237. I had several packages that were marked as delivered in the tracking and never received them. I talked to several people in my building who were also missing packages. When I called the post office, she just said sometimes that happens and to come to the post and maybe it is there. I asked if she could check so I don’t waste a trip waiting in a long line she said no. It is common knowledge the USPS is UNRELIABLE and UNTRUSTWORTHY but why must this go on like this. This is HORRIBLE.

  • 4truth4evr

    It’s the federal government what do you expect!!!

  • Nurse

    It has come to the point that I want to stop buying online because the postal service takes so long to deliever the packages. Lately it has been all the time. Why can’t they deliever when they tell you they are going to be here.

  • quita

    Had envelope mailed to me from Jamaica New York on Jan 16 and still have not received, it a shame you cant even trust them to deliver your mail.

  • Chriss Ross

    9 days for a first class package to travel 3 states away. Checking the tracking history it traveled 7 states and stayed overnight in 3 including 2 days not moving. What a bunch of incompetent losers work for the USPS.

  • cab

    I just found out if u pay for priority mail it is NOT guaranteed to b there in 2 days. WHAT! They can charge u for it but not provide the service paid for. Go figure

  • Truthteller

    They are stealing my mail too if they are not ripping it open. The other day we had a ripped open package on the porch. Called the toll-free number and they emailed the postmaster but she was of no help because she covers up for their lies. We’ve had bad delivery for years now. Complain numerous times with no results. I think they should privatize the postal “service.” They’re rude and they steal and mis-deliver the mail.

  • Linda Peterson

    This is the 4th time this year that the sorting area of USPS coded my mail back to my zip code instead of the zip code the letter was addressed to. I have taken the mail back to the post office, they concur that is the problem, cross it off with black marker and I get the mail back again with my return address zip code on the bottom of the envelope. I have concluded the standards for hiring postal workers have been reduced and we have people handling our mail that can’t read. This is also evident in the 5 official complaints I have made about Hold Mail-Do Not Deliver. The mail carrier delivers it even with the Hold Mail letter rubber banded to it. Every complaint I have made is that the supervisor always says they are incorporating new policies. HAH! The only time my mail is held as stated is if I extend the Hold date by 2 additional days so I can pick it up myself. I have told supervisors they are making our home a target for theft with this practice.
    They also have made our delivery route one that is handled only by temp workers, this is what we get for paying the same postage rates as everyone else.
    The post office management seems to have no control over the employees if they worked for the private sector they would be fired. There is no accountability for the continued poor service.
    Up to 2 years ago I could depend on my mail carrier delivering promptly at noon, now if they show up by 5 pm it’s a miracle. Mail delivery is slower, a metro detroit letter was always received within 1 day of mailing now it’s 3-5 days. It really sucks! This primarily involves the Rochester Hills and Troy MI postal services

  • Bobs shipping

    The USA post office is a reflection on BOTH the Democrats and Republican politicians in Washington because NEITHER party could care less about going after the disaster that the post office is .
    ZERO accountability = USA post office
    I deal with Australia and Germany and on their worse day, their postal service is 100x better than the USA .
    Heck even China has a better system .


    My mailmen and woman just steal my packages and don’t deliver them at all, or pretend they do. I demand an investigation, I have had to deal with it for a year now and no one does anything, even after filing complaints and re-delivery notices. USPS SOUNDVIEW BRONX STATION. I want my packages.

  • Dorna Nicholas

    Their service sucks they. A package was sent to me and i know they did not try to delivery the package saying the address was faulty. There was nothing wrong with the address and the ppl at the post office was not very nice i called early i always used the post office in the past this is my last time. They returned my package and did not even try to delivery it sad

  • h murray

    If usps is going to provide tracking why in the hell don’t they update it? Several times I have received item and tracking shows it is still n transit. I know postal workers are lazy but hell how much trouble is it to do your job and scan a package. ever who is in charge of usps do your d**n job or get out .

    • Bob

      Problem is that it is close to impossible to get fired in the USA postal dept and thus carriers could not care less and managers are NEVER held accountable .
      Just a massive run around on their useless site and phone number .
      Businesses in the USA who use this disaster suffer financially .
      I have tracked packages in China and amazed at the specific location, accountability and efficiency of their system while here in Florida it is a cancer of inefficiency with not a SINGLE politician caring at all .


    Been on the phone with USPS complaint’s department about the sort facility, was on a ringing phone for 31 minutes and no one answered it there and also another 15 minutes letting it ring also this morning. Have left messages on all the answering machines that would answer and he said he is sending a couple of headhunters there way.
    If they find what they think they will today a new crew will be replacing the whole dam lot of them, According to him my mail should of processed Thursday night or at least been scanned in for yesterdays sorting. It should of arrived by today at the least, why pay for 1 daypriority if you are not going to get it there in one day. I would say that is a fraud on the U>S postal service and the people of the U>S>A should stand up and put them in there place.

  • David

    My story is way to long. The long journey of no return my package is on has been written over and over again in these postings. I think undelivered packages become employee perks somewhere along the line. One month ago I posted a package with USPS. After leaving California and arriving in Chicago it stopped over in Chicago for about 6 days and then it turned around and came back to California. No amount of pleading with them to please fix the problem and deliver the package worked. Last known stop is Santa Ana but that was on January 22 eight days ago. It is still there although one postal worker informed me that they had lost it

  • David

    My story is way to long. The long journey of no return my package is on has been written over and over again in these postings. I think undelivered packages become employee perks somewhere along the line. One month ago I posted a package with USPS. After leaving California and arriving in Chicago it stopped over in Chicago for about 6 days and then it turned around and came back to California. No amount of pleading with them to please fix the problem and deliver the package worked. Last known stop is Santa Ana but that was on January 22 eight days ago. It is still there although one postal worker informed me that they had lost it, while another supervisor informed that since I did not send it priority, why then it just had to sit there and wait until they were good and ready to send it on while letting other packages go ahead of mine. Oh yes when or if it should arrive at it original post office, they will let me know so that I can come on over, pay the same amount it cost to non deliver, and pick it up. umph I didn’t know that. Oh yes also look carefully at your insurance receipt, if you say, I’ll insure it for $200.00… and you pay the price for $200.00 when you file your claim you will receive less than $200.00. Don’t know for sure how much less because I have not filed my insurance claim yet. Have a feeling I will be disappointed in the amount. I am already very disappointed and frustrated because I really wanted my son in Chicago to receive all the warm stuff I TRIED to send him. My rating 1-10 I’ll give 0

  • Leigh

    I sell items through Ebay and have had more than 5 items with tracking numbers lost in the mail in the past 2 months – now another is "missing". I have had to issue refunds to my customers, taken the loss of my items, and PAID USPS for the service!

  • Cindy

    I was suppose to have 2 pkgs delivered on Wednesday. I checked the tracking numbers after 5:00 pm due to the pkgs not being delivered, and it said that it was undeliverable due to business was closed. I was home all day,! I called post office and was told our regular delivery guy. Was sick and replacement person brought most of pkgs back. There was not any notice in my mail box. They assured me they had put 2 people in truck and all would be delivered today, Thurs. I saw the mail truck go right past my house. Went to mail box and there was a notice that I wasn’t home. I called post master Kevin Taylor. He said maybe the pkg need a signature. I asked him if it needed a signature, which it doesn’t, why didn’t they get out of the truck and knock on my door. He then said maybe she didn’t know which house because I didn’t have the house numbers posted. I then told him they were posted by the front door and also on my fence right by road. I gave him tracking numbers and it said they were invalid.i printed out the tracking information and drove to post office. He said he had to wait until the driver got back and see what the issue was. Don’t know how or when they will deliver. During the summer I had a pkg sit at the post office for almost 2 weeks. I kept emailing the sending company and they said it had been shipped and delivered. I called the post office they found it on shelf and didn’t have a reason as to why it sat there. Everytime I call post office they are absolutely no help. Always have an excuse for not doing their jobs. They are a bunch of overpaid lazy people and don’t have to answer for their mistakes. They should have to reimburse shipping charges when not delivered on time.



  • Craig Ridley

    Bought item on Ebay. Seller provided tracking number. Due to this package not being scanned at various locations or mishandling (USPS never does this they tell me), the item may have sat in some obscure corner for a few days, or was lost in a freight truck.
    Here’s my real complaint.
    Once the package arrives in the NEW sort area (Santa Clarita) for my city (Bakersfield, which is 90mi away), it is scanned and put on a truck to my city. Once it arrived it was misdirected to a different zip code.
    You would think once they noticed this, the postal service would just drive the 5 miles to where this package was and I would get it the next day.
    NO! That would be too easy.
    Instead they ship the package BACK the 90 miles to Santa Clarita where it sits (I think) in limbo. A package that should of taken maybe 3 days to arrive has been "in transit" for over 2 weeks. Still nothing can be done, other than submit a claim. The seller didn’t insure item since it was only 20 dollars. Still I am out the money. Way to go USPS!…. You had people making fun of postal workers since the television show Cheers. Making fun of postal workers "going postal"…..Soon it will just be making fun of what was a part of the government that was shut down due to lazy behavior.

    • Reggie

      I sent a package via E bay through the usps as well and it never got there either. I had to refund the customer his $190.00 and my package is still lost. I am so through with the post office. I will never use them again. I sent the postmaster general a letter in D.C all the way down to the postmaster at the local p.o. They can KISS MY $%&*#$% No one responds. I called the local p.o and Ms.Lucky said she would call me back and she never did. They do not care, they just want there check after two weeks.
      By the way this was mailed 10/30/2013

    • Chuck

      Craig im going through this right now.Im facing the same thing and went to the post office to-day and although
      they took my phone # noting has changed yet.The item has a tracking # and was checked out in Pittsburgh
      4 days ago and the package has not been scanned again in the last 5 days starting tomorrow.It’s 10:pm here and I just checked and so lets go for the 5 days somewere in limbo.I for one hate the USPS for there uncaring
      about peoples items.Was really upset when the Feds baled them out again lazy behavior says it all ! Chuck

    • thunderbolt1959

      Here is southern Florida mail delivery is subpar as well. But it seems so when I send to Connecticut as well. Smashed contents, misdirected and floating about the system and lack of competence when I go to a post office. I dare not just leave a prepaid, pre-addressed package at the counter. Don’t know what will happen and neither does the clerk behind it!!

      Sadly, today’s USPS is far cry from the past. Like the rest of the Federal government, it seems in an inexorable decline. But where do you go?

  • Laurie Messerich

    Had a confidential letter that was mailed to me from the Catholic Church dioceses and had my home address on it not my po box and our post office in Glidden Iowa sent it back because it did not have my po box on it we live in a town of 1100 people and the church main office would not have anyway of knowing my po box . I put the po box on everything I mail but there are some cases that I get something with ought it on . This paper was personal and needed to be filed out now have to get ahold of the main office and see if they will send it again our postmaster is not very helpfully in a small town never had it with the old one addresses in the phone book has the physical address not the po box number so if someone just looks it up in phonebook means we don’t get the mail just hope it wasn’t to important since they send everything back

  • Cliff Schroeder

    It takes two days to recieve my newspaper from the publisher that is 45 miles from my postoffice. For 48 years my paper has arrived @ my postoffice box in Hecla, SD the same day it was published. At that time I believe stamps were .04 cents each. Now they are .44 cents I believe and I get my paper a day late. Not much news about day old news. If other sectors of our business world made such strides in efficiencies we would be writting on stone tablets and riding horses. SHAME ON USPS. I suggest you look up the definition of the word PROGRESS. Cliff Schroeder, Hecla , SD.

  • Jackson

    Every time somebody sends me standard mail, I do Not receive it. This has gone on for awhile, and this is not the first time I submitted information on this issue. I have yet to receive feedback on this and currently, there is a letter that is a week late. The sender was told to wait the last time, but I never received it and they didn’t have it returned. Has happened with things mailed from different people. People should not have to get confirmations or PO Boxes to receive mail.

  • Annoyed!

    On April 5th, mailed registered letter, from Wesley Chapel, FL, containing $100 pounds cash to my brother, for his birthday. To date NO delivery. Last week called USPS, spoke to a woman in customer service, first she lied to me!! telling me that it was in London, then I told her, NO! I’m looking at the on line delivery status and it just got to New York on April 11th!!!, she promptly said well I can transfer you to international, didn’t give me the chance to answer her, and promptly transferred me to a number which came back with the message that it was a wrong number!!! AARRRGGH!

    I call back…AGAIN! and I’m told that mailing registered slows delivery time time. WHAT??! Idiots!! I told her I could have drove to New York in LESS TIME!! Mailing registered cost me an additional $15.00!! A first class stamp would have reached its destination in FIVE DAYS!! These people suck and I’m filing a formal complaint. . First they screw YOU! then they screw UP!! They need to SHUT UP!! and stop stealing from their customers by taking funds for services they cannot deliver!! PUN INTENDED!

  • A…

    Bought an item on ebay that was shipped 4/4/13. Usps tracking says item was delivered 4/8/13. Was home the entire day. Usps did not update this information til after 5pm. No one came to my door with a package. checked leasing office, did not receive anything. That was Monday today is Friday still no package. Contacted usps three times. No help but wanted me to complete a survey.its has been 5 days. Going to Patrick R. Donahoe the ceo and sees what he has to say about it.

    • A…

      Update: Sunday 4/14/13 Still no sign of a package. No call or email from usps. Approximately a week.

  • San

    I have started a petition on, asking the USPS to take responsibility for lost or damaged mail that is uninsured. Interested? Have you had problems with "regular" mail that disappeared, leaving you no course of action? Visit and sign!

  • Chris Bailey

    Sent for a toy from a US company advertising on ebay. After i paid using PayPal they sent it by USPS. Still waiting a month later for it to arrive. Have tried to complain or at least get a reply to where the package is but the system will not allow it outside the US – Chris – Coventry – England.

  • walt

    Six weeks ago a box sent to me was completely lost—gone–never to appear. Three boxes were sent from the same address to me , at the same time. Two arrived on March 8, tracking showed the 3 rd would be here on the 11 th. Mail has gone on the 14 th and NO box !!!! This morning my asked how she should ship 2 boxes to Florida??? My suggestion was NOT USPS. Told her to send UPS—they will get there!!!. Sad state of affairs

  • Tired

    My sister sent me a birthday card the week of January first. Today is Feb. 14, and I have not received the card yet.

  • Tired

    Mailed a package to my parents from the post office. The next day the postman was knocking on my door with the package I had sent to my parents. Someone at the post office misread the label and sent the package to me instead of my parents.

  • Mike Gross

    Soon enough all those bastards will be unemployed because the internet will put them out of business then they can join the rest of the nation complaining to the government who doesn’t respond well to fixing problems asking for a job.

    • Chuck

      your right Mike USPS is the most over rated org in the business I will never buy from another co that send’s
      item’s through the USPS.I hope the internet,ups,fed-x exc puts them under.Don’t like to see anyone loose a job
      but if you can’t do the job you shouldn’t have it. Chuck R

  • Sheryl

    1-800 ASK USPS. Terrible customer service. I was hung up on by one of their agents. I was trying to report mail that was stolen out of my mailbox. Very rude. I am going to use UPS for all of my mail from now on.

  • fred

    BEWARE of USPS premium forward service (PFS). On the back of the sign up form #5 says after you pay your money the USPS may or may not deliver your mail

  • Yuriy

    Mailed package express delivery from Miami 33139 to 00911. It never arrived on time. Next day I found out that the package went to a wrong zip code 00918 and was posted as undeliverable. I ended up Picking up a package at the post office at 00918. (the package was scanned as delivered when i picket it up) When asked for Guarantee if not delivered by next day 3 pm, post office in Miami said that there was no mistake and because it was a undeliverable address and not eligible for refund unless post at 00918 posts as missent on the record and then will be eligible for refund. Post office at 00918 accepted the mistake and entered in the system as missent by USPS. After returning to 33139 post office for follow up, Post master still refused a refund even after post office at 00918 corrected error in the system. Stating the address it was sent to to does not exist. How its possible that miami post office make this statement when in the system showed that package was delivered to that address 2nd business day? Discrimination, false advertising and ignorance from post master in Miami. Since I never signed for the package and it was "delivered"to the address that does not exist, should i have the right to claim 2.000 insurance policy on it?

  • Betty Carter

    I went to the Pike Road P.O. in Alabama and paid ($ 18.95) for an next day delivery (signature requested) to my granddaughter in Lake Charles, La. 70615 and the mail carrier NEVER delivered the item. My grandchild baby was a week old, her husband used the only car and was at work,also her front door opens into the living room. Receipt/file#ca108632065. She had to go to the P.O. to pick the item up. P.O. will not refund my fee, I paid for a service I did not receive. I had problems with other deliverys to her address three times prior.

    • Carmelo de melo

      Me & all orther people should sue in ceviel court cause the false advertise they very unprofessional &they very rude have no respect or pryde in they job of line dont respect orther people rights or dignigty . If they dont respect u or many orthers lime me&u who’s to say they respect any one includeding they sibling who put them here . U know they give consideration receive it give respect recieve it have a heart get a heart . Like they say people like that are undesireable

      • Anon

        Use spell check. Your spelling, grammar and punctuation are all horrible. Better yet, get someone who knows English to post for you.

        • McKenzie

          Stop been so racist you in the wrong website buddy.

  • ritul bhandula

    from virginia a post was send to india last year on 11 august and till now i have not recieved it and if i dont get that then i am going into consumer forum against usps and will claim for my stuff worth usd 100000 material


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