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National Magazine Exchange Strikes Again

While visiting my elderly mother recently I notice she had a copy Martha Stewart’s WEDDINGS. At 87 she isn’t into weddings any more, so I asked about it. She didn’t know where it came from, but the label said it was addressed to her. Upon further exploration, we also discovered ESPN, US Weekly, and Cosmopolitan. None of these titles are ones my mother would normally read, much less order! I tried contacting the various publishers directly and learned these were ordered through the National Magazine Exchange and I would need to contact THEM to cancel or change the subscription. They gave me a number for the company to contact directly. After sitting on hold more than once, for over 30 minutes, I actually made contact with a representative. She was very nice, but said that I could not cancel the subscriptions as they were already paid in full. She suggested that if I didn’t like the magazines I could exchange them for other titles I might prefer. Then she mentioned there were two other titles on the list (of four) which my mom was receiving. She also suggested places where I could send the titles to — like a doctor’s office, youth group at church, etc.. I learned the date of when this transaction was made as well. My only alternative would be to change the mailing address of where the magazines would be sent. I could actually go to their website to “manage” my subscriptions. She also wished me luck on the sweepstakes entry.

It seems my mother responded to a sweepstakes. Since Mom’s memory is quite short, she had no recollection of ordering the magazines or how many there were. She isn’t aware that she even entered a sweepstakes. I also am not sure if it was a phone solicitation or through the mail. This is apparently not uncommon. After a brief bit of research I found the reviews of this company — which, by the way, were NOT favorable.

Our family will try to stop any further “automatic charges” for renewals of these titles through the credit card company and the bank as a billing error notice. It is so frustrating! If anyone reading this has ANY relatives who get a lot of junk mail, make a big sign for them that reads: ALWAYS SAY, “NO THANK YOU! i DO NOT WANT YOUR PRODUCT.” Then, Tell them to hang up their phone or throw away the advertisement.

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  1. I sent a email to cancel the day I called ! Tried calling the # back and all I get is as busy signal !!! Have not herd back from this place and will file a law suit ! It was not me but my child who thought she was doing me a favor and gave them my bank #