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Last Updated On: February 18, 2015

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Business Name: United Publishers Network
Corporate Address:
1750 Delta Waters Rd #102 PMB 204
Medford, Oregon 97504 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 707-266-6673
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Company Contact: Laura Lovrien - President
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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 17 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 25

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $176.87
Average Reported Losses: $10.40

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Is Publishers Payment Processing a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Avoid Bills from White City Oregon

Regularly, I keep getting bills for magazines I do not want, never subscribed to, and certainly did not order. The amounts are for more than double, or even triple what you could pay directly to the magazines.

PUBLISHERS BILLING ASSOC is a sham and a fraud. anyone foolish enough to pay them is being taken as a sucker.

If you get a bill, write FRAUD in big letters on the return envelope, and deposit it without stamps in the nearest mail box

25 Most Recent Publishers Payment Processing Complaints

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Consumer Comments For Publishers Payment Processing

  • I must return items that I could not use and have been overcharged by the company of the items when I thought i WAS PAYING THE COMPLETE TOTAL TO PCH . I am at the reach of being foreclosed and I will not be here to accept the awards for all my playing games. Nutra and Kollagen and others have caused my account with BofA for 61 years at a closeout for banking. This is the most embarrasing thing in my life with money. I worked to Protect this country under DHS andI signed my name on Multi-millions of dollars and now I can hardly eat and stay in my home. I cannot buy any other items from PCH.
    RETURN TO SENDER IS being accepted by UPS.

  • I initially accepted and paid their renewal fee of $59.95 for a gift subscription I created for HGTV Magazine. I felt it was a little high but I didn’t research it until later. Now, I get an offer from them on the average of every two weeks. Some are for publications I receive and others are for those that I do not. However, the most ludicrous one was for a renewal of the Los Angeles Times which I already pay $40.00 or so a month directly to the Times for home delivery. Publisher’s Payment Processing’s rate?? $780.00 per year!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I hope no one is THAT stupid!!! Those charges are usury and it would seem they could be prosecuted for it but, in today’s greedy world, who knows? Stay clear of these people. They get around it legally because they DO renew your subscription but make no doubt about it, they are plain and simple a fraudulent scam and nothing else.

  • These clowns sent me a renewal notice for my local newspaper. I knew immediately that it was a scam because they misspelled Chronicle.

  • A**holes sent my wife a notice implying our newspaper subscription was up and offered to renew for nearly twice the going rate.

    • Send it back to them and tell them what they can do with their scam.


    Total scam! We were already getting American Girl magazine and they sent a fake renewal form, now we get two copies. American Girl let us out of the subscription and refunded our money and told us they know about this company and they keep slithering away. This is really bad for the human soul. They must be stopped.

  • We all know that what goes around, comes around.
    People like this that prey on others… will themselves become prey.
    take heart, do not be discouraged my friends.

  • I was suspicious of receiving 2 renewals in 2 months from publishers billing association for daily word which I do not subscribe to. Definite scamming here

  • "Subscription Billing Service" sent me a notice for National Geographic for $59.95, when I can renew directly with the magazine for $19.00…con artists…contacting my state attorney general.

  • I got a bill from these people for a magazine and I have 18 months to go until I need to renew. They wanted $69.95 for one year of 6 issues and the Garden Gate Magazine only charged $39 for 2 years. What kind of a fool do you think we are. Save your postage and phone call and toss these types of billings. I’m sending my to the Attorney General’s Office.

  • Their business may not be illegal but it is immoral. I finally woke up and checked what a direct subscription with the magazine itself was. Well it is $13. If I subscribe through MPS it is $49.95. This is a complete rip off.

    • Ups. That is $13 for two years versus $49.95 for one year through MPS.

  • I spoke to them. They are NOT acting on behalf of any magazine. They sell subscriptions at a discount and not any better than you can get from the magazine itself.
    This is a scam. They are in no way related to or working on behalf of any magazine. DO NOT Renew with these people.

    They offered to send me a refund less $20.0. That would mean I get $9.93. They say the refund policy is clearly stated on the back. If you are not aware that they are not working with the publisher, then you are screwed. I am, calling my State attorney and getting them involved.


  • Don’t pay anything to these people. They stole about 90 dollars from me. I paid for a magazine and have not gotten anything but the run around.

  • LPS in White City sent a renewal to the WSJ using my correct address. I sent the payment thinking it was the WSJ ( the address was not White City then but was the same outfit). When the WSJ billed me I contacted them and they said it was a scam. I called LPS and they refused to remit until I told them the name of the contact at the WSJ who said it was a scam. But I’ve received 3 or 4 more envelopes since then and have an unopened one in case an official can use it as evidence.

  • What a big scam this company is! They keep sending me notices of magazine renewals/new order which are totally fake. I have mailed them to stop and tried to go to their web site but to no avail. Never give them your credit care number whatever you do!

  • I was taken for $24.95 for Popular Mechanics and I have written them twice without a response. Oh, maybe this new billing from Publishers Billing Center is their response. No!!!! It is a new bill for Readers Digest which I have never had.


  • wouldn’t it be nice to have a REAL address and a REAL phone number of these scammers?

    • I am contacting the company’s president directly, am going to send her each of the renewal notices we continue to receive. Possibly will join in!

  • 2/1/2013. I got scammed! And it does not feel good. I made a $69.95 payment for Time Magazine renewal. 6 weeks later Time sends me a renewal notice. When I contacted Time they said they were not associated with MPS but were aware that they were scamming people. Why does Time not alert their subscription holders?

  • I just got a letter from this outfit which asked me for $149.90 to renew my Atlantic Monthly subscription. Less than one month before I had sent Atlantic Magazine a check for $10.00 for a one year renewal. Then I noticed that this letter says RENEWAL OFFER – NOT A BILL at the bottom. What a crock! These people make money by preying on people who don’t read very well and think they have been sent a bill.

  • Received a notice in the mail for one of my magazines, what a crock. Need to write to your state’s Attorney General, I certainly will be.

  • Who is Publishers Services Exchange? I got a renewal bill for a magazine that I have never read, never ordered and have never even seen!

  • trying to cancel my is over busy and dont know any other way to stop.


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