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Last Updated On: February 20, 2017

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Business Name: SLM Corporation
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300 Continental Drive
Newark, Delaware 20190 USA

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Sallie Mae Phone Number: 302-283-8000
Company Contact: Anthony P. Terracciano - Chairman of the Board
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Billing Nightmare - Harassment

Someone claiming to be from Sallie Mae has been calling me 2-3 times a day with an automated message, 2 minutes after Sallie Mae’s customer service closing time, asking for a call back. I answer the phone but I cannot talk to them, because there is no one there, they only send an automated message with their phone number to call. And the phone number does not match the phone numbers given to me in my documentation from Sallie Mae. When I call that number I get more automation asking for my social security number! Last month this happened,so I called Sallie Mae but they had no idea why anyone would be calling me because my account was up to date and in fact paid ahead.

It gets worse – I had a credit check run and the person checking the credit said Sallie Mae was muddying up my credit profile by reporting their loan TWICE, so doubling the amount of outstanding credit reported. The person said Sallie Mae does this to people often.

This month, I found out that their online system doesn’t always tell you how much you really owe. I’ve paid extra over and above the payment amount, almost every month, for 4 years now. But apparently if you pay ahead they just reduce your next payment instead of applying it to principal. They don’t really tell you this unless it comes up, see. But even if they ARE doing that, the balance would HAVE to go down, right? Well I’ve paid over $8000 on a loan that was originally $7000, yet their system says my balance is still almost $3000. This doesn’t add up; at this rate I will wind up paying over $12000 on the loan. Something is wrong and I think their system is cheating me with their “don’t reduce the principal balance” rule.

But it doesn’t end there, unfortunately. This month when they told me this, it was because their system had told me I only owed a tiny amount this month. I decided for a change to pay the smaller amount. Wow was that a mistake, their online system told me wrong and so I was short on the amount I paid.

So they called after I had paid, and I called their customer service back, found out I was $28 short on the payment, and paid it on the spot. That early in the day on Oct 24. The payment showed up in my bank account right away. They told me my payment would credit right away. No problem, right? Except that I am still getting calls from someone claiming to be LISA CLARK from SALLIE MAE. She sent me an AUTOMATED call, two minutes after their offices closed.

Then she continued to call all weekend, several times a day. Again, the number to call back which does NOT match my documentation. And when I call it, it immediately it asks for my social security number… and there is no one I can talk to. I have been getting these calls ALL WEEKEND.

I feel harassed.

Think about it – what is the purpose of blowing up someone’s cell phone repeatedly all weekend if you KNOW you are not going to be there to talk to them? It’s just harassment, that’s all ! I tried logging into the Sallie Mae website, and my payment isn’t showing up. And although their website SAYS you can email them it provides NO LINK or EMAIL address anywhere! And when I call their customer service during office hours, I’ll probably get the old “I don’t know” answer again.

I’m really sick of this. Calling this many times is a violation of my rights as a debtor. My cell phone has recorded all the times of the calls and I have voice mail recordings.

Sallie Mae – Pennsylvania, PA 877-604-8833

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  • Jen

    When I first started paying my student loans it was with Citibank and because of how much I was paying them, at some point they switched me to Sallie Mae. My complaint is in July of 2014 I had a payment due for 54 dollars and something, but I paid two hundred and fifty dollars, and thought my next payment would be in September. So, I check today and my next payment is for August and I’m thinking that isn’t right. I did email about them, and I hope to receive a response. If I don’t I won’t be happy about it.
    When I have paid the rest of my loan office I will be happy that I won’t have to paid them anymore. I would rather be back with Citibank right now, than be with Sallie Mae.

  • jack

    Something they do at SallieMae is make changes on account/status without notifying the borrower. For example I had graduated from college and was set to begin payments in a couple of months. I had asked for a deferment since I was going to take a volunteer job for one year abroad. Little did I know that because of a summer school class I had taken at a community college, they had completely changed everything about me, having me on schedule to graduate all over again from the community college I took one class at. And little did I know that the letter sent to them asking for the deferment went completely ignored. So on the phone when I called and asked about the deferment they verified it and so went abroad only to be back to a tarnished credit record. SallieMae is a joke and contains many flaws, the major one of making major changes to borrower accounts without notification or verification. It was a headache dealing with them. They should do away with this joke and come up with a student loan company that actually works.

  • Car

    Salliemae’s website and letters are confusing and misleading. They call you regarding loans and then do not want to give you information. The attendants on the phone are very rude and often cannot understand you. I would pay a much higher rate in order to not have to deal with this company ever again. This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with by phone or in person.

  • R.

    We too having been receiving similar calls from Salie Mae. They ask for money yet are unable or unable to provide us with supporting documentation. I am attempting to secure information concerning to whom I can file an appropriate complaint. My next recourse in securing legal representation.


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