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Last Updated On: March 21, 2017

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Business Name: Ocwen Financial Corporation
Corporate Address:
1661 Worthington Rd #100
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409 USA

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OcwenCompany Contact: Ronald M Faris - President, CEO
Corp Website: ocwen.com

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Average Rating: 1.12 out of 5
Based On: 77 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 135

Ocwen Reports

Reported Losses: $201,876,006.64
Average Reported Losses: $2,621,766.32

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Loan services share my information to scammers

I refinance my loan with Ocwen for a second time, in just 3 months, because of changes in the interest.

Then I received my statement and did my first payment.

Then I got the second statement but came with a different address for sending the payment. Well, I sent payment to new address but they never got it.

Then I received a call because I did not make my payment.

Then I started figuring out what happened – I found in google that the address I sent my payment is for a scammer, and now I don’t know what to do.

Please let me know what should I do, please

Official Responses from Ocwen

By: Chelsea Mendez On: April 21, 2014

There have been several attempts to resolve complaints being left on the customer’s behalf to resolve any/all issues they might have. We are still seeking to offer assistance to resolve any and all unresolved issue with www.DatePlayful.com


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Ocwen is a gimmick, bunch of liers
They will never help you with your needs. I been trying for the past three years and I have never never receive the assistance. Do not fold for this. Please look else were. They

Have had a terrible experience, one of many for the many customers I encounter that have the mortgage servicing company ” Ocwen”. I have called them many times to send a payment to a windstorm policy, they have verified the information four times. And now the policy has been cancelled. It has taken them over 60-days to send a simple payment.

I feel terrible for the customers that have ” Ocwen” as a servicing company. I would try and get rid of them immediately.

I changed my phone number so Ocwen cannot contact me! They are incompetent and should not be in business. They charge fees to pay existing fees, have very little knowledge and zero ability to relate to customer issues. My home loan modification process was a joke-I did not go through with it because the terms were ridiculous and non beneficial to me in the long run. Ocwen also falsely reported to the credit bureaus that I missed a payment! I’ve never missed any payment of any kind- I have excellent credit. My only option to get rid of them is… Read more »

3 years waiting for a modification and they still asking for more papers and papers and papers. They never satisfied with anything you send. I hate them to the moon

Ocwen has been nothing but trouble. My loan was sold to them, so I had a little say in the matter. It seems that every simplistic task they have is fouled up. I have paid my mortgage on time every month for six years. When I call to ask if they received my tax bill, they don’t know. When I switched insurance companies. I paid for the year in full out of pocket and gave them the information to follow up to verify my claim. Whoever I spoke to, never did. So, I then received a certified letter demanding the… Read more »
I’m John Baker name. I live in New York USA, i want to use this medium to alert all loan seekers to be very careful because there are scammers everywhere.Few months ago I was financially strained, and due to my desperation I was scammed by several online lenders. I had almost lost hope until a friend of mine referred me to a very reliable lender called Mrs.Rose Barry who lend me an unsecured loan of $95,000 under 2hours without any stress. If you are in need of any kind of loan just contact him now via: rosebarry1@yahoo.com I‘m using this… Read more »

Shady company with horrible customer service. Filed a federal complaint for not receiving my 1098–now twenty three days late. I was informed I would hear in writing by March 18th. It is taking that long to “research” the issue inside Ocwen. How does this giant mortgage corporation not know how to produce a timely tax form?!! This event is precluding filing my taxes and moving forward on a refi. Lawless. Unethical. Maddening.

ask to speak to someone in the USA. I do every-time I have to deal with this corrupt company. I pay my flood insurance directly to my insurance company and Ocwen took the money out of my escrow and now I have a shortage. I never gave them permission to do that . My insurance company sent me back my check thats how I found out. I am going to try to refi with a different company to get rid of them.

I have the same issue dealing with deceptive practices of mortgage company. Please contact me to discuss our issues I can truly help save your home.

I would never recommend this company to my worst enemy. I loved my GMAC mortgage. You had great customer service and by God they were great to work with when things got tight. As far as Owen? Nothing but a cut throat company. I happened to fall a month behind on my mortgage do to getting injured on the job. Being an honest customer I fully contacted them and explained it would be late and I was perfectly fine to pay the late fee and told me that would be fine and now problem and they said I can also… Read more »

I am going through same thing, please contact me I can help you

I can’t even get anyone from Ocwen on the phone. I keep getting disconnected. And when hey call me, I say hello and no one is on the line.

ocwen helped me save y home..period !!..people who complain here must be losers who just couldnt get a modification and butt hurt..just pay ur mortgage and ocwen will be the best servicer to work with…or keep getting conned by attorneys who are not gonna do anything to help u !!

REALLY!!!! You Ignorant person… How dare you call us a group of losers we are not responsible for the fraudulent activities they commit!!!

I am in the process of refinancing my first mortgage (with another lender) and my home equity line (with OCWEN). I found out yesterday that OCWEN is claiming I have TWO home equity lines that I owe on with them – both, oddly enough, on the same property for exactly the same amount. I have contacted them but no one has gotten back to me. They are holding up my refi because they are insisting that I owe exactly DOUBLE what my real debt is. This is frightening!

I can help you please contact me 360-801-7763


My loan was also sold to Ocwen by GMAC, they have just increased my monthly payment by 120.00 and now they are charging me 938.00 for a suspense payment, it was added onto my monthly payment. I had been paying on the phone, but after this I changed to make my payments online, that is when I found out that they had charged me suspense payment in September, don’t know where to money came from to pay that one, it wasn’t added to my monthly payment. I went online and made my normal payment, then called and asked what a… Read more »

Hi Sherry I can help you please call me 360-801-7763

Hi Sherry, I do not work for Ocwen, but I worked for another a mortgage company that utilized the same system that the do. A suspense payment is money that is held up. The system has a serious of stops that prevent the funds from being applied to your monthly payment. When one of these stops is present, the system will automatically put the funds in “Suspense”. From a legal standpoint, Since the funds do not change your balance on the mortgage, they are not considered a payment. There are rules and regulations that govern suspense payments in every state,… Read more »

Ocwen Financial we will find are up to no good. They bought my mortgage from GMAC in 2013. I have no idea what they are doing and neither do they. My last month on a 6 month modification, they cancel our agreement on the last month and returned my last payment. They say I owe them over $7000. Any one I speak to can’t speak English which makes it even more confusing. Someone needs to stop these people. They are draining us financially and emotionally.

Just wish there could be a class action law suit to shut them down…..I hate them as well as they don’t handle escrow properly and I think if you drop it with them they’ll treat you like dirt….so many complaints and we are being held hostage…not like we picked to work with them or anything….

It doesn’t pay to tell the truth. Only liars get somewhere in life. I ‘ve tried to tell the truth. Now you won’t post it . Everything I said in what I tried to post was true. Now you will not post it. I ask why?

This is a place to tell everyone of what took place with the Government and Owen. I feel as if the truth must had bothered you.

Why was my comment block ? The truth hurts ?

Is there anyone out there honest anymore? What is this world coming to? I am also dealing with Owen. This is a nightmare from hell ! I am entering a foreclosure. I am in my house now for 30 years. I bought my house in 1985 for the price of $55,000 dollars. I now owe $ 57,000.We are locked in a interest rate of 12.50. My husband got hurt on his job.in the year 1987.In the year 1989 I tried to pay off our loan. At that time ,we were told that we had to come up with two mortgages.… Read more »
If getting a legit loan online was that easy as stated in all this frabicated loan testimonies that i have been reading through online , then why were my husband and I turned down for a loan online twice after been scammed of about $16,000 United State Dollars ? We the loan seekers are the common regular victims of this fake loan stories simply because we are in dire needs we believe in their stories out of despiration to get a loan, but at the end of it all we find out that we have gained nothing but rather loosed… Read more »
GMAC sold our mortgage to OCWEN and all was fine for over a year. Our loan agreement provided for only home owners insurance to be held in escrow, not our taxes. We were never behind on our taxes, always paid the early for the discount. Suddenly OCWEN pays our school tax. When I called our local tax collector, she tells me companies can request tax information any time. But why did they go ahead and pay our tax? I had already paid the tax and we are grateful the school district returned my check uncashed. I have gotten no straight… Read more »

It’s called lien theory. The taxes have a lien ahead of the first mortgage. Then the home equity loan is a junior lien compared to the first mortgage and so forth. Therefore, in order to protect their own lien in first position, they are escrowing taxes on your behalf, so that their own lien will always be first, ahead of property taxes. In other words, in the event things go toward foreclosure, they will pay taxes themselves instead of you, to put their own lien in first, not second position.

After a year got satisfaction for pay off overpayment. Sent letter to Attn: Customer Service PO Box 4622 Waterloo, Ia, 50704-4622 And Attn Customer Care PO Box 1330 Waterloo, Ia, 50704-1330 Threatened to contact State of Mi Attorney General– They are pursuing them already. They referred to Ocwen Loan Servicing Research Dept PO Box 24736 West Palm Beach, Fl.33416-4736 I worked 13 years in finance, what kind of company does not put phone numbers on correspondence. I suggest contact your state attorney general or comparable state office. They already have a file on them, guaranteed. I will bet that the… Read more »
I came upon this site by trying to research stuff on Ocwen, I have desperately been looking for any help I can get, I have been seeking others just like me that has had the same nightmare as me. I see all the complaints, and it makes me wonder why nothing can be done about these bloodsuckers.. I would be interested in trying to take legal action against these idiots, I read about a woman in Illinois that was awarded 11 million against Ocwen, I am from Indiana, I know laws are different depending on what state your in but,… Read more »

These thieves foreclosed on us 2 years ago while we were in the middle of a loan modification. Lied about not posting our home for foreclosure and did it anyway. saying it was a mistake turned out to be sorry nothing we can do.
Would like to be part of a class action suit against them.

sue them, don’t give up do your research why, read consumer affair laws, follow the research sue them, because people give up, they get away with murder and in case you don’t know, morgan Stanley own part of ocween, chase, bank of America, city bank and wells frgo, he is loosing money like crazy, because he has cheated people like you and me. follow your dream. good luck.

Stephanie Visocky Kragh

I too have Ocwen, and would like to see them stopped. If you want to contact me, that would be great. allgirhere@yahoo.com

Would like to join a class action suit against those thieves. Foreclosed on us while in the middle of a loan modification. Lied all the while as we lost our home.


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