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Last Updated On: November 17, 2016

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Business Name: Ocwen Financial Corporation
Corporate Address:
1661 Worthington Rd #100
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409 USA

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Ocwen FinancialCompany Contact: Ronald M. Faris - President and CEO
Corp Website: ocwen.com

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Average Rating: 1.12 out of 5
Based On: 75 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 131

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Reported Losses: $201,873,406.64
Average Reported Losses: $2,691,645.42

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Ocwen Mortgage Thieves

For the last 4 years Ocwen has sent us letters our escrow is short. It is never 50 or 100 dollars it is thousands. They never can give us a clear definition of why. Nobody there seems to understand or speak proper ENGLISH. especially if you have a question. This year when they sent us a letter telling us our escrow was short six thousand dollars I called to ask why and they proceeded to tell me my taxes went up. Yes they did. 110 dollars. Not thousands.

Again no further explanation. I told them right then we are done with you. We refinanced our home at the end of July to get the hell away from them. After we closed they paid my second installment of taxes. We were already with a new company who had also paid the taxes. Then they started calling demanding three thousand dollars. Mind you the second installment of taxes was twenty four hundred.

The new mortgage company agreed to pay them for the tax bill and get their money back from the state. The 24,000 but there was still 590.00 unaccounted for. Well low and behold they were charging us interest for August. They weren’t our mortgage company anymore. We closed and paid them off in July. They demanded payment or were going to put a lean on our property. So the 590.00 got paid.


Official Responses from Ocwen Financial

By: Chelsea Mendez On: April 21, 2014

There have been several attempts to resolve complaints being left on the customer’s behalf to resolve any/all issues they might have. We are still seeking to offer assistance to resolve any and all unresolved issue with www.DatePlayful.com


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  • Amber

    Ocwen has been nothing but trouble. My loan was sold to them, so I had a little say in the matter. It seems that every simplistic task they have is fouled up. I have paid my mortgage on time every month for six years. When I call to ask if they received my tax bill, they don’t know. When I switched insurance companies. I paid for the year in full out of pocket and gave them the information to follow up to verify my claim. Whoever I spoke to, never did. So, I then received a certified letter demanding the insurance information and their intent to buy insurance on my behalf at possibly a higher rate, even though I already have insurance. After I called, explain the situation and had it rectified. I received another letter similar to the first postmarked after the issue was resolved. It seems that there is no communication between departments. When I finally had enough and decided to refinance with a company that wasn’t in bed with Ocwen I was met with more challenges. They refused to net my escrow ( slide the money I already paid to the new mortgage company), which is a standard practice that I’m told about 85% of mortgage companies will do. I fully intend that they will again screw things up.

  • Murat ozata

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  • Melissa

    Shady company with horrible customer service. Filed a federal complaint for not receiving my 1098–now twenty three days late. I was informed I would hear in writing by March 18th. It is taking that long to “research” the issue inside Ocwen. How does this giant mortgage corporation not know how to produce a timely tax form?!! This event is precluding filing my taxes and moving forward on a refi. Lawless. Unethical. Maddening.

  • theresa bialostok

    ask to speak to someone in the USA. I do every-time I have to deal with this corrupt company. I pay my flood insurance directly to my insurance company and Ocwen took the money out of my escrow and now I have a shortage. I never gave them permission to do that . My insurance company sent me back my check thats how I found out. I am going to try to refi with a different company to get rid of them.

  • Julianna

    I have the same issue dealing with deceptive practices of mortgage company. Please contact me to discuss our issues I can truly help save your home.

  • C.W.

    I would never recommend this company to my worst enemy. I loved my GMAC mortgage. You had great customer service and by God they were great to work with when things got tight. As far as Owen? Nothing but a cut throat company. I happened to fall a month behind on my mortgage do to getting injured on the job. Being an honest customer I fully contacted them and explained it would be late and I was perfectly fine to pay the late fee and told me that would be fine and now problem and they said I can also play catchup when I start getting paid. Well low and behold it’s now been a month later. They disabled me to be able to pay online like I have been doing for years with no problems. So I mailed the payment plus extra in as agreed. Now it’s a couple days later and the repeatedly called me at my job demanding immediate payment ( told them it was sent). They were also told not to call my work place (they never had the phone number ) but they called again the next day. Of course I was pretty upset about this. Then today I come home with a tag on my front door with their phone number saying to call immediately. So I called and they started right back on demanding immediate payment. Now this is all in less than 30 days. They got worse not better people. And they probably got their check from me too.

    • Julianna

      I am going through same thing, please contact me I can help you

  • unicorn

    I can’t even get anyone from Ocwen on the phone. I keep getting disconnected. And when hey call me, I say hello and no one is on the line.

  • Chelsea

    ocwen helped me save y home..period !!..people who complain here must be losers who just couldnt get a modification and butt hurt..just pay ur mortgage and ocwen will be the best servicer to work with…or keep getting conned by attorneys who are not gonna do anything to help u !!

    • Julianna

      REALLY!!!! You Ignorant person… How dare you call us a group of losers we are not responsible for the fraudulent activities they commit!!!

  • Pechenan

    I am in the process of refinancing my first mortgage (with another lender) and my home equity line (with OCWEN). I found out yesterday that OCWEN is claiming I have TWO home equity lines that I owe on with them – both, oddly enough, on the same property for exactly the same amount. I have contacted them but no one has gotten back to me. They are holding up my refi because they are insisting that I owe exactly DOUBLE what my real debt is. This is frightening!

    • Julianna

      I can help you please contact me 360-801-7763



  • Sherry H

    My loan was also sold to Ocwen by GMAC, they have just increased my monthly payment by 120.00 and now they are charging me 938.00 for a suspense payment, it was added onto my monthly payment. I had been paying on the phone, but after this I changed to make my payments online, that is when I found out that they had charged me suspense payment in September, don’t know where to money came from to pay that one, it wasn’t added to my monthly payment. I went online and made my normal payment, then called and asked what a suspense payment was, of course, she could not tell me. She said that someone would contact me by email and it could take up to 30 days. I am a disabled widow and these crooks are robbing me blind. Anyone know what the hell a suspense payment?

    • Thomas

      Hi Sherry,

      I do not work for Ocwen, but I worked for another a mortgage company that utilized the same system that the do.

      A suspense payment is money that is held up. The system has a serious of stops that prevent the funds from being applied to your monthly payment. When one of these stops is present, the system will automatically put the funds in “Suspense”. From a legal standpoint, Since the funds do not change your balance on the mortgage, they are not considered a payment. There are rules and regulations that govern suspense payments in every state, and all of them of vary differently.

    • Julianna

      Hi Sherry I can help you please call me 360-801-7763

  • Beverly Badore

    Ocwen Financial we will find are up to no good. They bought my mortgage from GMAC in 2013. I have no idea what they are doing and neither do they. My last month on a 6 month modification, they cancel our agreement on the last month and returned my last payment. They say I owe them over $7000. Any one I speak to can’t speak English which makes it even more confusing. Someone needs to stop these people. They are draining us financially and emotionally.

  • L B

    Just wish there could be a class action law suit to shut them down…..I hate them as well as they don’t handle escrow properly and I think if you drop it with them they’ll treat you like dirt….so many complaints and we are being held hostage…not like we picked to work with them or anything….

  • Agnes Arwood

    It doesn’t pay to tell the truth. Only liars get somewhere in life. I ‘ve tried to tell the truth. Now you won’t post it . Everything I said in what I tried to post was true. Now you will not post it. I ask why?

  • Agnes Arwood

    This is a place to tell everyone of what took place with the Government and Owen. I feel as if the truth must had bothered you.

  • Agnes Arwood

    Why was my comment block ? The truth hurts ?

  • Agnes Arwood

    Is there anyone out there honest anymore? What is this world coming to? I am also dealing with Owen. This is a nightmare from hell ! I am entering a foreclosure. I am in my house now for 30 years. I bought my house in 1985 for the price of $55,000 dollars. I now owe $ 57,000.We are locked in a interest rate of 12.50. My husband got hurt on his job.in the year 1987.In the year 1989 I tried to pay off our loan. At that time ,we were told that we had to come up with two mortgages. One that ( HUD ) made for $ 46.000. Plus our original loan in the amount of $ 53.000.. So in the year of 1989 is when our nightmare begun.. Our loan has been sold many of times. See what happened. Was in the year 1987 when my husband was almost killed by a steel ball. It fell from a crane and hitting Curtis in the chest. Causing a lot of problems for him. He couldn’t work. He was in the hospital for a long time. So this put us behind in our mortgage. Was told by ( HUD ) that everything was going to be alright. Big time lairs ! Do not trust the Government ! It is because of the Government I now have this problem. Our loan was sold to Owen twice by the Government .Now Owen is stealing our money. Saying that we owe $57.000 dollars. Remember that we bought the house for $55.000 How can$ 55.000 turn into $57.000.Plus we pay $600 a month and pay interest of 12.50. Owen can steal our money and we can not do anything about it. If I was to steal would go to jail . Nothings being about this., Please if there is anything anyone could help us with. We would appreciate any help. Looking for someone that could help with this problem .I don’t have much to offer. This problem is killing me . Sometimes I just feel like given up on life.

  • bert fromarketin
  • Ahana Enaney

    If getting a legit loan online was that easy as stated in all this frabicated loan testimonies that i have been reading through online , then why were my husband and I turned down for a loan online twice after been scammed of about $16,000 United State Dollars ? We the loan seekers are the common regular victims of this fake loan stories simply because we are in dire needs we believe in their stories out of despiration to get a loan, but at the end of it all we find out that we have gained nothing but rather loosed the little we have into the hands of this online scammers who claim to be real lenders .the lenders told us to pay some few amount for insurance because they said that we were high risk!! How is that? I still don’t understand how!! how can a lender be requesting several fees from a borrower ? if that borrower was having money would he or she have come along to ask for a loan ?? those lenders decieved my husband and i of getting a loan and we thought it was all real because we never believed that there was anytime as an online loan scam and they had all pay all we had to them and due to the way things were moving we had to close out our buisness over here in ireland as we could not meet up with the customers needs any longer because we sold all most every single goods we had and we could not replace them as we thought that we could do so if we get our requested loan amount … yes !! we were scammed by two different lenders online ! a customer who was also a closed friend to the family saw the way things were so bad and decided to introduce us to a loan company but we refused any further loan offer because we had conluded that all of them were scams but he insisted as he opened up of getting a loan from them but we believed him at a spot after he opened up because we knew himfrom the onset to be a man of unquestionable character who was always known for his words and we applied with this company that he called THE WINONA MILLARAY LOAN FOUNDATION but prior to our application with this email address : winonamillarayloanfoundation@linuxmail.org , that he provided to us we quickly lookup this loan company in google so that we could be sure that they were legit .. yes !! it was to my own satisfaction and i applied but God was so kind that he lead us through and we got our loan .. Oh well, I’m just glad that we got our loan without been scammed or any stress .
    Ahana Enaney from ireland .

  • Cindy

    GMAC sold our mortgage to OCWEN and all was fine for over a year. Our loan agreement provided for only home owners insurance to be held in escrow, not our taxes. We were never behind on our taxes, always paid the early for the discount. Suddenly OCWEN pays our school tax. When I called our local tax collector, she tells me companies can request tax information any time. But why did they go ahead and pay our tax? I had already paid the tax and we are grateful the school district returned my check uncashed. I have gotten no straight answers from any one. Faxed a letter, made several calls. My question is, can they legally pay this tax despite our mortgage contract stating we will pay our own taxes? How can we get them to not do this in the future? The call center is a joke-they read off a form and have no clue!

    • Alexander Gonta

      It’s called lien theory. The taxes have a lien ahead of the first mortgage. Then the home equity loan is a junior lien compared to the first mortgage and so forth. Therefore, in order to protect their own lien in first position, they are escrowing taxes on your behalf, so that their own lien will always be first, ahead of property taxes. In other words, in the event things go toward foreclosure, they will pay taxes themselves instead of you, to put their own lien in first, not second position.

  • dsg

    After a year got satisfaction for pay off overpayment. Sent letter to
    Attn: Customer Service
    PO Box 4622
    Waterloo, Ia, 50704-4622


    Attn Customer Care
    PO Box 1330
    Waterloo, Ia, 50704-1330

    Threatened to contact State of Mi Attorney General– They are pursuing them already.

    They referred to
    Ocwen Loan Servicing
    Research Dept
    PO Box 24736
    West Palm Beach, Fl.33416-4736

    I worked 13 years in finance, what kind of company does not put phone numbers on correspondence. I suggest contact your state attorney general or comparable state office. They already have a file on them, guaranteed. I will bet that the feds may be investigating also.

    Good luck they are nothing more than thieves.

    Good luck, these people are nothing but thieves.

  • Melissa

    I came upon this site by trying to research stuff on Ocwen, I have desperately been looking for any help I can get, I have been seeking others just like me that has had the same nightmare as me. I see all the complaints, and it makes me wonder why nothing can be done about these bloodsuckers.. I would be interested in trying to take legal action against these idiots, I read about a woman in Illinois that was awarded 11 million against Ocwen, I am from Indiana, I know laws are different depending on what state your in but, come on with all these complaints it seems something could be done !..and I am sure there are many more out there. If anyone would like to help, has any info or would like to pursue any legal action please feel free to contact me at (missy_cool_one@yahoo.com (strength in numbers as they say)

    • Stephanie Visocky Kragh

      I too have Ocwen, and would like to see them stopped. If you want to contact me, that would be great. allgirhere@yahoo.com

      • Ron

        Would like to join a class action suit against those thieves. Foreclosed on us while in the middle of a loan modification. Lied all the while as we lost our home.

    • Ron

      These thieves foreclosed on us 2 years ago while we were in the middle of a loan modification. Lied about not posting our home for foreclosure and did it anyway. saying it was a mistake turned out to be sorry nothing we can do.
      Would like to be part of a class action suit against them.

      • dolores juarez

        sue them, don’t give up do your research why, read consumer affair laws, follow the research sue them, because people give up, they get away with murder and in case you don’t know, morgan Stanley own part of ocween, chase, bank of America, city bank and wells frgo, he is loosing money like crazy, because he has cheated people like you and me. follow your dream. good luck.

  • Lou Ann Hanrahan

    I helped an elderly gentleman with these people until we had enough evidence for him to obtain and attorney. After lawful issues were somewhat resolved, I am receiving loan payment notifications from them and my computer is notifying me that malware is attached. I am not the elderly gentleman’s contact and these people must notify him through snail mail but there is no one to call.

    • ihateppl

      have you found any further information re: the malware attached to correspondence from ocwen? I believe ive had the same thing happen, but id like to be able to prove it… h_gearhart@hotmail.com

  • JLVA


  • foggy54

    When ever I had an issue, I would just mention the CEO and fax my complaint to him and included the name of the supervisor. It took a while, but I got my problem resolve.
    Ronald M. Faris
    Chief Executive Officer, President, Director, Member of Executive Committee and Member of Compliance Committee, Ocwen Financial Corp.
    Corporate Headquarters

    1661 Worthington Road
    West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
    United States
    Phone: 561-682-8860
    Fax: 561-682-8154

  • tommyboy011

    Ocwen purchased my mtg when GMAC failed a few years back. In Nov 2013, I responded to the Homeward Residential (Ocwen’s subsidiary) inserts in my mtg statement to refinance my mortgage under HARP. My expressed expectation–that I wanted to ROLL the mortgage to a lower rate/payment with no funds paid out of my pocket OR TO me in the process–was regarded by my Homeward loan agent. When the REFI dust settled, OCWEN/Homeward failed to PAYOFF my prior mortgage account and it is still billing 4 months out. OCWEN says I owe $5500 on that and my credit has been duly blighted–again all because of THEIR ERROR. Repeated outreach to OCWEN (India and stateside) has resulted in no meaningful resolution thus far.

    Please relay if there is a legal recourse for the above and how to proceed as such. I cannot afford (in all definitions of that term) to pay for OCWEN’s gross negligence.


    • Rick Thompson

      Call the CFPB[consumer financial protection bureau] and file a complaint. I am a licensed mortgage loan officer and they must comply with RESPA laws etc. I unfortunately have this same POS company as my loan servicer after AHMSI sold the servicing rights to Ocwen. If you call them and the call gets routed to India immediately tell them what I do—I do not have a loan in India and I do not want to talk to some idiot that I cannot understand so transfer me to the USA immediately. They will probably give you a bit of a hard time trying to get your loan number and/or SS number but just tell them NO and insist they transfer the call to the US. My calls now get routed to the office in Florida or Illinois and never go to India any longer. They must have finally gotten the point through their thick skulls apparently.

      • dolores Juarez

        I sent my complaint to CFBP, and they sent it to Tiffany Hampton part of Ombudsman, she never review or at least not to my questions and complaints, instead she sent me all the letters that I had received by Ocwen, exactly not missing one and told me what already knew, she works for ocwen to my believe, she acted as they do, I’am sending Kamala Harris the complaint I sent to CFPB and complaining about consumer affairs had violated my right by sending to ocwen without my permission if I had wanted to sent it to them I would have done it, but they all work together, I wanted to share this with someone, I could not believe what they did, I called my new lawyer and now, I have the support of the law on my side.

      • sorely Gonzalez

        i dont agree with u .The agents in India were much more helpful than the US counterparts. I had a US relationship manager who was absolutely disinterested to help me. He never used to call me or respond to my emails. Now i have a Indian Relationship manager and he is doing an amazing job. I got a loan modification in 20 days !! I guess we should stop being racists and appreciate their good work. People in India understand the meaning of hardship much better than an American because they work really hard .

    • Carl Rion

      fed. gov. consumer financial protection bureau

  • Leslie Rose

    I too have had nothing but problems with them. First of all, they are all in India, hiding out. They are not trained and should not be working for a mortgage company. I sent them a payment and because it was late they won’t apply it and said they’d wire the funds back, but have not. So, they are holding my $3300 and will not apply the funds.

  • Mike

    OCWEN Is all lies and BS. They drag everything out so long and lie to you and also refuse payments from us. This is a scam and cant be legal. Companys are chicken Sh*% in the states because they know that we would show up at their offices and they wouldnt talk to us like that at all. OCWEN has no authority to give you a loan modification. The mortgage Im dealing with is my 2nd mortgage. If they was to try to forclose on me I will drive a bachoe through the home and then file bankruptcy.

  • sam


  • Mike

    My GMAC Mortgage was Transferred to Ocwen. Home has a Sale date with the court. Ocwen tells me they are not foreclosing on the house. However, there is a Fianal Judgement and a sale date already. I asked for a Document from Ocwen stating that there is no sale date and stating exactly what the person told me. They put me on hold and came back and said sorry we can’t do that.

  • Jim

    I don’t know where OCWEN got started but they trying to take people homes that never had problems before with their payments. I just wonder why out Govt is allowing this to happen. Bunch of crooks

    • Randall

      You are correct with this statement. Though I paid TWO CENTS for a ONE penny balance they threatened me with an ACT91.

      They habitually have the wrong data on the documents they send me! They are clearly way over their heads – grossly incompetent!

      • Carl Rion

        they do that on purpose.their point is to get you so frustrated that you give up . read the complaints&lawsuits

    • sara

      may be u stopped making payments..nobody will foreclose ur home if u make payments..it takes a 4 -5 month default for a property to go to foreclosure..so u mean to say u were hatching eggs for those 4 months ??..get a life

  • J Smiley

    My GMAC mortgage loan was sold to OCWEN in March of 2013 I originally had a bi-weekly payment plan. It has been a total nightmare with OCWEN my payments are not being applied correctly and the months that have 3 payments the third payment never gets applied. I also send an extra $80.00 per month and that is a total disaster. I can never get customer service and when I do I cannot understand the person that represents OCWEN. I only have 3 yrs. left on my mortgage. I’m going to stop the extra $80.00 of which no one can explain where the extra is being applied and the monthly statement is a disaster. I have brought several properties and have never had a mortgage holder that I could not communicate with. OCWEN is the WORST business that I have ever, ever, ever in my life had to do business with. If you can avoid this company please RUN and don’t look back.

    • Jim

      I having the same problem they cancel payment saying it was due to transferring to Fl. branch, I had IndyMac too until they Ocwen started brought my mortage. and they have been playing games ever since. Added some extra charge for nothing.

    • Ronald

      I realize my advice will not help most but…..I had the ability to, at the very first sign of trouble, pay off my loan! When it was GMAC – I did not mind the interest it cost me as it was a low rate and benefitted with it as a tax deduction.

      For forty five years – I always paid my bills on time AND paid (4 times) minimum payment! The piece of garbage at OCWEN had the nerve to call me and berate me – in affect – telling me I was a b*m and do not pay my bills! Had this person been in front of me – She would have been SPANKED!!!!!

    • carl

      notify consumer financial protection bureau . get all your documents in order and file a complaint against them save acopy and send it to your u.s. senator in your state

  • Andrea

    Yes my loan was transferred from IndyMac to Ocwen and have had problems ever since call you are send you a reminder notice on the 3rd of each saying your payment is due on the 1st which Iam wear of, will not wave any fee they are no help. They even send me a application out saying I ask for assistance on my loan which I never did.This loan company is very wrong. I am going to get some legally helis loan company treat people wrong and they don’t care.

  • Thoms

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  • Dana Shafman

    Completely ridiculous behavior from Ocwen but all too common unfortunately. As a client and consumer you have rights and Ocwen has laws/regulations that they must abide by but they choose not to do so voluntarily. We have listed FREE HELP on our website so that you can get assistance but we have also found that you get what you pay for and free help is not always the solution.

    I have been extremely successful in challenging Ocwen with regards to laws and regulations since they are unwilling to cooperate unless they are reported and/or challenged. We also list all of the regulatory agencies and major Investors on our website so please feel free to obtain that information on our site as well to further the cause. Once the loan is sold to Ocwen, Ocwen must comply with the FDCPA laws as well as RESPA laws because they are considered debt collectors now with tighter regulations that they constantly violate. Filing a lawsuit is a great idea but expensive and lengthy with no guaranteed results…so challenging the validity of the debt is really the way to go with Ocwen along with their the FDCPA violations. I beat Ocwen A LOT using this strategy!!!

    Last year, I had a client that qualified for a loan modification and signed the paperwork to accept it but was told that Ocwen’s representative did not have the authority to offer the modification??? Ocwen took no responsibility for their mistake or the representative’s actions. We filed complaint after complaint and needless to say, the client is still in his home now and the modification is forthcoming as a result of the complaints sent to the regulatory agencies, attorneys general, investors, etc.

    If you’d like to chat more about your situation please contact me via email (Dana at ConsultingEND dot com) or via our website (ConsultingEND dot com) with absolutely no cost to you to discuss your situation. In the past 12 months I have personally helped to modify 50 loans, settle 12 mortgages, and completed 6 short sales so I look forward to hearing from you. I can tell you that it took many letters to many agencies and constant beatings to get results from Ocwen but it is possible so please don’t give up…

    Good luck!!!

    Dana Shafman
    END Consulting
    (888) 234-7006

    • Tezell

      hi Dana, would like to talk to you about what I’m dealing with Ocwen maybe you can give me some suggestions.

    • jack

      i have been dealing with ocwen on hamp take payments then reverse or never sumit made 4 payments required and stilll saying nothing righ please help its crazy already

  • Loretta Gore

    OCWEN Loans is the most horrifying and aggravating mortagage company and should be investigated by government!!!! My Mortagages was sold once again #5 times. THese loans agency are not considered "collections agencys" for high risk mortgages. I have never been late on my mortgage and never had any problems until Bank of America sold my loan to Ocwen. I have 2 properties

  • Yvonne

    OCWEN is not a functioning Mortgage Server. There is no Customer Service since no one is authorized to remedy mistakes on principle, payments, draft or auto-pays, escrow or tax payments. If data is incorrectly entered by third world staff, that is how is stays. Very Scary! I have perfect credit and payment history…they still screwed me!

    • melissa

      How super sad!!!! We lost our house due to this company! We put our full trust in this company and continued to pay our payments in full. However on a HORRIBLE Monday we came home to find that all of our belonglonging’s were in our front yard! No warning, no notice. "They" were taking care of us. RIGHT……. We took great pride in our home and this is what they did to us!!! They are liars. They are snakes. They don’t care. BUT they will!!! We have lost alot and they will pay!! My husband and I will get the help emotional help that we need. Although I’m not sure these wounds will heal…….. I just want to go home….

  • Mrs Joyce Smith

    HERE IS MY SUCCESSFUL STORY, I was in a critical search of a genuine loan lending company were i can obtain a loan of $100,000.00USD, some lender’s that Came to me sheep clothing i never knew they where fraud until i was given the terms of their loan and i agreed eventually i was scammed, they scammed me of my hard earn money up to three lender’s that scammed me the sum of $21,000.00USD and i thought that all was over that there can never be any other genuine lender until my Husband Friend Mr.Juge Philip the general manager of world wide loan company told me that there is a genuine lender that he obtained a loan of 1.4Million Dollars At 2% interest rate From that makes him own a private business and a house of his own he Referred me to a company world wide Loan Company email: worldwideloanfundsplc@live.com Where he obtained the loan of ($1.4million Dollars) i told them who referred me to them,and i applied for a loan of $75,000.00USD after my application and i sent to them the useful information for them to process my loan after 8hours i received a notification From their company that my loan has been approved and processed in the next 8hours my loan of $75,000.00 Dollars was transferred into my account. And i promise them for coming to my rescue i am going to spreed the good news to the entire world ABOUT WORLD WIDE LOAN COMPANY IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD. And tell them, i Mrs Joyce Smith referred you to them and your wish will be fulfilled…

  • Rebecca Fredricks

    Well, my experience and everything that has happened to me since Ocwen Loan Servicing took over my mortgage is far to much to even begin to tell everyone in this Post Page, however, just know that all the stories and complaints that I have read are the same ones that I have and then some….so, I was going to put it out here on the internet to see if anyone would like help and join me in filing a Class Action Suit against Ocwen? Some of you may not have the time, will, or energy to join me, and some that think it is a waste of time, but this happens to people all the time, hard working, honest individuals that pay their bills and taxes and nobody ever does anything about it…..its time that we all got together and made a difference, boldly tell the world what Ocwen is all about…So if anyone out there has been wronged by this company and would like to join me on this Class Action to attempt to right the wrongs that they have done to us, and are serious about it, PLEASE, e-mail me at (Fredricks54@yahoo.com)
    Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and I truelly feel for all of you that Ocwen has taken advantage of….

    • Vicki

      I will be more than happy to file against them !!!!

    • Mary

      I sold my home 3 years ago and even though my attorney provided all documentation 3 times, they harass me for payment and refuse to close the account……count me in!

    • Yamileth

      I am 3 months behind with my payments, however I am making my effort to pay them. I am almost reaching my 89 days past due, and if i don’t make a payment by the 89 days past due, I will be facing foreclosure or at least make $6,000 payment on 90 days past due after. I am also, in the process of modification and they do not understand that. I’ve had my house for about 11 years now and recently my bank transfered my account to OCWEN.

      • Carl Rion

        cfpb of the fed. gov

    • pburkett

      I would be happy to file against them! pburkett2141@gmail.com, I have the same nightmares and I intend to stand up to them!

    • Betsy Krumbholz

      I, for one, would gladly spearhead the class action suit! I am currently 26 months delinquent on my mortgage, that Ocwen purchased April 6, 2012. When they purchased my loan from Saxon Mortgage, I had just received a HAMP approval. However, due to the fact that the loan was being sold within the next 10 days, Saxon held off on issuing the temporary coupons or doing the final documentation, for fear the payments would get lost in the transfer of Servicers. Ocwen has done everything & anything you could possibly imagine to prevent me from obtaining the original approval documents. They have changed my name in their system back to a prior married name (that required 6 months to get that straightened out), broken several federal laws and guidelines (I was a mortgage underwriter until 2009, going out on permanent disability). I sent them documentation out of HAMP guidelines, and was told "we don’t do that here". I was overlooked for the HAMP, offered a Shared Appreciation Modification that I couldn’t sign in 8/12, (wrong name). Name corrected in 12/12, but they refused to update the dates, and I refused to back date. Highly illegal! In1/13, I received a letter from Ocwen to contact 1st Alliance Mortgage to see if I qualified for a refinance. According to 1st Alliance, Ocwen was willing to sell them my loan for $68,000.00 (I owe $87k, they say I owe $120k with all their fees they keep charging me). I qualified for the mortgage subject to an acceptable appraisal. My heart sank when the appraiser showed up at my doorstep. He was banned by the company I formerly worked for because he creates fraudulent appraisals by over inflating the values and overlooking defects. Mind you, the company I used to work for was the world’s largest mortgage insurance company, so we knew what we were doing! When I purchased my home in 2000, I did 100% financing @ 99k. However, he appraised my home @ $130k! I had it on the market 2 years ago for $110k for an entire year, and never got a bite. That killed the deal. Please note, I am really giving you the shortened version of all of this! I went back to Ocwen for another Loan Modification – got screwed around. I reported Ocwen to the National Consumer Protection Bureau, about their practices, and Ocwen had the audacity to submit fraudulent documentation to a government agency in an attempt to cover their butt. I am again in a middle of a loan modification. Fighting to get a loan amount of $68k, which they say they can’t offer to me (the price they were willing to sell off my loan), and now they are denying all access for me to contact anyone at Ocwen. You are assigned a Relationship Manger, but allegedly my RM doesn’t exist. I have been locked out of the website, and the phone numbers I have been given to call someone, aren’t Ocwen phone numbers. Now, if I wrote about everything, I would have an entire novel..but, YES, DEFINITELY, I AM ON BOARD, AND CAN BRING WITH ME SEVERAL YEARS OF MORTGAGE UNDERWRITING KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE WITH ME. I KNOW THE LAWS, AND WHAT THEY AREN’T DOING! So sorry for the length of this rant!

      • Liz H.

        Ocwen’s New Scam. I applied for refi Mod in Oct, 2011. Mortgage was current – husband died suddenly. 4 file drawers full of resubmissions of docs not received or expired. Mod appls expired repeatedly. Now escalating collection, want another appl filed. My opinion..OCWEN (Wells Fargo) “sat” on applications until property values climbed, escalated collection, ignored applications, so much interest now due – no one could qualify for modification. Done to keep long time owners in valuable properties as “caretakers” until sucn time OCWEN could move to foreclose or urge deed in lieu to sell property at much more than loan. No one can convince me that high value properties were not targeted, when the downturn started, for future profits when the upswing started – like now in California.

      • Stephanie Visocky Kragh

        I’ll help with it. Would love to see them out of business!!

    • nancy

      hell yes they screwed me bad all different stories please call me 727 484 5579 dont have internet at home thank you

    • MJIII

      Have you retained an attorney yet?

    • Jim

      Sound Like what I might need

    • rickie

      I would absolutely be interested! I cant even begin to tell you about the nightmare I’m dealing with.

    • Ron

      Those liars took our home 2 years ago. Would like to join class action suit, but can’t find any out there.

    • William D’berg

      William D’berg – billysclub2@att.net – Here is another completely dissatisfied with OCWEN and what (I believe is a scam) they are trying to do. OCWEN has our mortgage from Delmar Financial (St. Louis). For 10 years, our relationship with Delmar was solid. Since the transfer to OCWEN there have been numerous errors made by OCWEN. Fortunately, I have discovered them and reduced the fallout completely … until now. In April 2015 I received a notice from the culprit that my monthly payment would be increased from $517/mo. to $740+/mo. The reason was the increase in escrow (home insurance). I previously had received an amount of over $900+ from OCWEN with a statement the money was returned because of too large amount in escrow! The answer received was that OCWEN made a mistake. The bank loan officer stated that OCWEN wanted me to pay for their mistake. The Exect stated: “Yes!” I am 83 years young, a veteran of Korean action and of Viet Nam war. My wife retired recently as public school instructors and moved to Missouri. Unfortunately she died in 2010. l am now here with my three children – Minnie, Gret’l, and Alvin – three loving Dachshunds. I believe most knowledgeable individuals know the retire income from public school is near the poverty level in many states (MO is one). When I received from OCWEN the monthly increase, I immediately contacted an insurance agent and lowered the rate of monthly house insurance payment. I notified OCWEN of this action and stopped all bank withdraw to them. In response, they were notified that I would be personally paying for Principal and Interest to them and personally paying for home insurance and property taxes. This action was in the office of the Executive Loan Officer of out local bank who telephoned OCWEN and spoke with someone who stated he was an company executive. He stated that there was NO contractual agreement with OCWEN regarding the payment of home insurance and property tax; therefore, there would be no escrow. I have continued to pay the principal and interest, all to date. However, OCWEN sent a payment to the new insurance company without my knowledge and keeps insisting the collection for escrow. This company sent me a volume of paper to “fill in the blanks” so that they could take the property. I immediately sent this back, notified OCWEN in the two offices (West Palm Beach, FL. and Carol Stream, IL. as well as the “parent company” Delmar. OCWEN has stated via telephone (which I called because of another problem discovered). There response was that the company would review all information and get back to me. Since the April date, OCWEN has been sent regular monthly payments (some in advance of the monthly payment end date and sent notices of their receipt. Yet I am still getting payment notices (the last one dated March 2015, for large payments because of escrow. I refuse to submit! I hope there are enough people who have been scammed by OCWEN to become part of a class-action suit. This company MUST be taken to task for their crimes. Please get in touch.

      • Beverly Badore

        I’m interested too.

      • Bernadette Wiltz

        contact me Bernadette 5613733557

      • Vivian Fry

        add me to the class action law suit

  • sandra

    OCWEN ARE THIEVES AND ILLEGALLY FORECLOSED ON MY MORTGAGE WITHOUT ANY NOTIFICATION. In Aug 2013 I received a letter from Ocwen informing me I needed to pay them $4,000 within 10 days or they`d foreclose on my home of 27yrs. I wired the money to them so I`d have a date & time stamp proving they`d received it by the date ordered.
    October 1st 2013 A man shows up at my home telling me he works for the NEW OWNER and gives me a letter from some one claiming he bought my house when it was auctioned and I am occupying the property illegally and have 5 days to vacate or I will be forcibly evicted. I have been bullied trying to get me to take a cash for keys option, with the best option to vacate within 20 days & they`ll give me a ridiculous amount of only $1050. As of today, I have yet to receive ANY documents from a court or any official documentation that my house was foreclosed. Where is my 90 day notification, the 60 or even 30 day notification? I

    • Carl Rion


  • Mike

    My GMAC /Fannie Mae loan was sold to Ocwen in February. I have never been late with my mortgage payment in 35 years. I made my first payment with less than a weeks notice to set up a new bill pay. They claim my payment was one day late and hit me with a service charge plus reported me late to the credit bureaus. They call me weekly asking for my payment even though its not due. I cannot understand the caller as her English is difficult to understand. I am totally amazed so many people are having the same issues. I only hope they are being thoroughly investigated for their fraudulent, inept business practices! Where are our congressmen and women when you really need them??? HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • Ron donald

      I have been victim of this kind of the service and daily basis i have been receiving a call from the these guy , same one i have received a call form the Oasis Credit Services and they have really help me out with my Ocwen and the best part is they don’t have any upfront fees, they will only charge what they do.

  • amy

    OCWEN IS THE WORST COMPANY!!!! we have been dealing with this dum-**** lame people for two years when are mortgage company sold are loan to them! we just found out they have not paid our taxes in two years which we have escrowed every month in the sum of 137 dollars!!! now are county is going to seeze are home if we don’t come up with the taxes!!!!!!!! any advice???

    • Carl Rion


  • Art Bahr

    Does Ocwen even service the properties that they assume. We have a house here in Gresham Wisconsin that is a slum and in bad condition. It is in need of being repaired or tore down. Ocwen does not respond to any phone calls or emails. There are rodents, down trees, broken windows, and bad smells coming from the property. The house in violation of every nuisance code we have. The original lender, Bank of America REO is no better than Ocwen, they do not respond to any complaints either. As the Village Administrator I am ashamed to drive by this property as I am sure everyone else is. If it does not get maintained it will be tore down.

  • Tammy

    Our property taxes are paid by the mortgage company, and they made the payment late, then charged our account for the late fee!! They couldn’t even understand or explain their own statements. They also made mistakes on our end of year tax information. I would watch every statment, and be very cautious with the escrow accounting.

  • kenneth kinser

    i have been going thru the same horrific ordel since freddie mac changed servicing from tb&w to fraudcwen forced ins. i do not have an escrow account. changed my mortgage payment from 687.48 to 1,198.00 my credit is ruined. my credit rating is a solid red line.i filled complaints with the fl. gov. office and the fl. attorny generals office. a wast of time they say it is a sivel problem.i have spent over 11,000 on attorneys fees.i am at my witts end.they have enough money to drag you through court untill give them your house or run out of money

  • Mario

    They have another affiliate mortgage company called green light that they transfered me to I ve tried to refinace my existing adjustable loan to a fixed loan and green light told me that becouse Ocwen had my loan the interest rate and points would be higher this is a total ripoff between this companies . This is how it all started when the housing meltdown the government needs to atep up and stop this abusive lending practices

  • Murial Nesmith

    I made a mistake in my recent post. I wrote homestead when it should have been Homeward Residential.

  • Murial Nesmith

    I just called Ocwen and I have been on hold for 11 minutes. My mortgage was sold to them by Homestead Mortgage. Once a person purchases a home, that person has no control over who his or her mortgage is sold to. I’m reading comments from customers to steer clear of Ocwen. How is that possible? I’ve made 3 payments to them and, now, I can’t get in touch with them.

    • Tony Ward

      Sorry, apparently you have no control over whom your mortgage is sold to. Had major issues with Ocwen back in the early 90’s, moved a few times; our closing mantra was always "Any one but Ocwen!" Now, 20 years and 3 states later, GMAC goes belly-up, and guess who now owns MY house? Nothing but trouble since they got it, and still fighting them. God bless you, and GOOD LUCK!! You’ll need it!

  • joanna

    I had a loan modification with Homeward and have paperwork stating that all fees were include in my principal, but ocwen is trying to make me pay the fees again. I have paperwork proving that the additional 10,000 that they are trying to charge was added once but they can’t find anyone in their entire organization capable of actually reading and interpreting legal documents. I plan to file a complaint with the Office of Thrift Supervision who is in charge of their supervision. I also plan to file with the attorney general’s office.

  • Totally disappointing to me! But truly there are lots of company like this that they are doing this sort of fraud business but not all because still few companies have those are doing good and reliable business. So I think government should take step against them and also people have the responsibility to find out the right company as well. Thanks

  • Frank

    I must agree with all that has been said about Ocwen. It is certainly a cut throat lender that does not service anyone. They simply take your money and hurt homeowners. They refuse to assist. And to top it off, you are dealing with reps that cannot answer your questions. They are robots reading from a script from another country. The Government should look into this lender. Something is not right here. Something needs to be done. Obama where are you now!!!!!

    • molly

      Obama doesn’t give a D…….; Do all your payments by check and send it certified mail return receipt. Don’t call them, you are speaking to someone in India. Leave a paper trail. I have an attorney that is dealing with my issue. Company misappriated my mortgage payments and caused me to be behind in my mortgage. I have never been late with a payment. Also, when I make my payments I have my mortgage payment separate from my Escrow. They get 2 checks together indicating the month and what the check represents. You need to cover yourself.

    • 831

      Ocwen is not a lender. They cannot be lenders. I heard they were at one point but stopped because they were been investigated. It is also my understanding that they are just debt collectors. The may not even have the right to service loans.

  • Steven J. Costa

    These people are all liars ,we had an insurance claim due to a freeze up at our home. Ocwen required us to mail the insurance check to them. Since then we have overnighted them info multiple times. Faxed them 5 times & now have had the repairs completed & they have not released any funds yet. Every time they have another excuse for not releasing the funds. The check was cashed & put into our mortgage payment. I am also disabled & hard of hearing, most of there people barely speak english clearly.

    • Dan

      Hi, my name is Dan Jones and we just had a house fire and the adjuster said a claim over 5,000 has to have ocwen on the check. To start with country company insurance says they will only release half the amount until the work is completed to satisfaction. Trying to figure out what to do. Do I make a deal with my agent for only 5,000 so I will at least have something ?
      Only a drop in the bucket but could at least patch my roof doing the work myself. I will soon end my relationship with both companys. Never thought this sort of thing could happen.

    • Appraiser

      You need to file a complaint with the (new) Federal Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). CFPB was created by the Obama Administration to provide one spot complaint filing, rather than having to file complaints with OCS, OCC, etc..

      ALL insurance companies make the lienholder of record the loss payee. It was likely a condition of your mortgage or deed of trust. On the other hand, they are not supposed to credit it to mortgage payment. It is supposed to be used to pay for required repairs. Even if they had an efficient processing system, this would be hard to overcome. Getting ANY lender to back out a payment and recalculate interest accruals, etc.. is a daunting task. You really SHOULD file a complaint so that others wont go through he same thing. Alternately write directly to their CEO.

    • melissa

      We asked at least 10 times to have a representative that spoke clear English. Not one time were we connected to someone that we could understand. SAD!!!! I hate this company so much!!! I feel ruined…. but I’m not…. I will prevail over this b*****d company!!! They will lose in the end!!!!! i had a 7 beddy now the mother fuckrs sent me to a one beddy apt!!!!!


    Fidelity Mortgage is whom I signed closing papers with however before the first payment i was told Ocwen would be servicing my loan it had been sold to them by Fidelity Even at the beginning they were charging me lO% instead of the six and a quarter they had down on the Good Faith Estimate at closing is where I got this good news and was double charged the application fee had already paid the forty cash and it was on the closing papers too I ended up paying fifteen sixty for three years then like half of us ended up jobless now the real fun begins credit cards putting liens on the house disqualifing me from the HAMP program and then of course couldn"t pay mortgage for three months then Ocwen wanted it all or nothing so now after over a year of them "WORKING WITH ME" they have filed foreclosure I am tired of faxing overnight mailing the same paperwork over and over and quite the cost when like I you do not have a fax scanner IF THIS WASN"T SO !@#&%! UP IT WOULD BE COMICAL what I do not understand is how all of us manage to fall through the cracks while the ones who really allowed all this to happen are still collecting large paychecks pensions and retirements after being bailed out or doing the bailing All I know is I still have my oars but the ship is sinking fast AT THIS AGE I DID NOT EXPECT TO BE IN THIS SPOT Ocwen now wants an extra TWENTY THREE THOUSAND IN EXTRA FEES OKEEDOKEE I AM WATCHING FOR THE SHERIFF EVERYDAY

    • laura Downing

      Are you kidding me ? I was in active bankrupt when home eq sold me to ocwen. Home eq refused to even speak to me, and would not take a payment either. so now ocwen demanded me to pay $ 148,000.00

    • Molly

      Get an lawyer! I did.

      • Tammy

        Hi Molly, I am at my wits end with this co. I was approved for an UP ( unemployment program) with Homeward,then Ocwen got my mortg. and cant find that info,wont approve me for a mod after 6X’S!! I cant lose our home,so my question is, Can a lawyer help me?? Thanks Tammy

  • laraine

    Do you folks realize that you’re calling Manilla,Phillipines when you call Ocwen?Do not make any deals with them,do not send them any money whatsoever,do not bow to they’re bill collection strong arm tactics-illegal.All modifications are illegal as the original loans.Ocwen has their call centers on dirt poor islands to evade U.S. taxes and get away with paying their phone reps pennies.

    • Yolanda

      Yes, that or India. Ocwen only supplies 800 numbers, of which no physical body answers the phone. The people in India (I asked) cannot answer or rectify any of the concerns mortgagees may have. They do not even understand what you are saying to them. This company is a joke. They sold my friend’s house out from under him without notice. He was never served with the Complaint in the first place. The attorneys that represent Ocwen do not return calls, and do not show up at the Court, only paralegals. Ocwen needs to be throughly investigated, as well as the law firms that represent them. Supposedly there was an investigation being done in Florida; but don’t hold your breath. Ditto to Rah – you may faint.

  • ts33

    Add me to the Ocwen list of run arounds. I actually refi’ed and closed 10 days before my loan was supposedly transferred from Homeward to Ocwen. Now Ocwen is holding my escrow balance of almost $7,000 on the old loan and says they have no info on it. Just call back. Homeward no longer answers phones. They are illegally holding my money.

    • selztoad

      I have the exact same issue on my end and have been getting the run around no one wants to take ownership

    • 888

      YOU BETCHA!!! I’m am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General. They are saying my payments are higher than the last statement I have from Homeward Residential. Yet they won’t accept MY copy of the statement. They say they have to get it from Homeward. BULL…Sh*T. They are nothing but frauds just like the rest of them! It should be against the law to transfer loans! DISHONEST THEIVES!

      • 831

        Ocwen already has an F grade with the BBB. Non one is doing anything about this dirt bags actions. Every settlement the gov. has with these dirt bags is to benefit the gov. not the people. It is simply a slap on their finger nail dirt….

    • molly

      Get a lawyer. I tried dealing with American Home Mortgage/Homeward Residential since 2010 for about 1-1/2 yrs. All with written correspondence, I finally did some research and found a list of lawyers that deal with this type of garbage. Found a lawyer and he’s dealing with it. Doesn’t cost anything, the mortgage co. will be footing the lawyers fees.

      • robin

        can u post info of where u found lawyers please?

  • rah

    I called Ocwen 10 times to 2012 1098 which was never mailed. Ocwen said I needed to call Homeward. When I tried to call Homeward I only got a recording to call Ocwen. Ocwen says they do not have info because they did not have loan last year. Maybe IRS will take notice when all homeward/ocwen customers don’t have 1098 info?
    Most recent rep said it will take 5-10 days to get info. I’m not holding my breathe…

  • Marshall

    I am having the same issues you are. I got a letter from Homeward residential on March 14th with an Ocwen account number. I am now trying to make my April payment and when I contact them April 15th they have no account number or any information on my mortgage.. I dont know what to do at this point. I called Homeward residential and they say the loan is transferred and they are going out of business. This has to be illegal .

  • Joe

    This collection agency isn’t even legally approved to service my loan, so I’m gonna sue them monday.for fraud. They won’t cash my $1999 check for a school tax I paid outside instead of escrow so they initiated one after they said they would NOT. Then they sent me a remodification contract to sign. I didn’t even ask for that. I can’t even begin to explain the problems I have with these a*s holes, but I’m going to win, and they will pay.

    • Laura Downing

      let me know what happens next okay :} – my issues are far longer and deeper than any ocwen – oops I mean ocean– with these guys.

    • Melissa

      hate these mo fos!!!!! They have ruined my life!!!! And now I have NO house!!! I have a one beddy and instead of my beautiful 7 bedroom home that we made payment to this screwed up company for 6months!!! Suck it ocwwen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • denise bowar


  • Whistleblower

    Ocwen Current executives have no clue how to service all the loans they now have nor do they have the staff -homeward management was either laid off or they knew how shady ocwen is and bailed out-now there are either temps and virtually no one to train new staff!!! Get ready for round two of wrongfully foreclosed homes because their "systems" do not communicate to each other resulting in missing documents. Contact the New York finance superintendent via email –there is an assigned monitor that needs to take action immediately or we all pay again like the last meltdown! Contact your congressman or congresswomen

  • Letty

    Ocwen gave a loan modification for " Hamp"program for Obama, however this year they change the monthly mortgage from 1434. To 1868.79. We can’t afford that amount on on reduced income. I’m still unemployed and can find work. Truly I say ocwen practices deficient mortgage lending. I wonder why Saxon mortgage company had to pay millions to independent foreclosure review due to wrongful practices of mortgage lending.

    • Pjj

      Look into it further they can’t do that HAMP is gov contract

  • Deborah

    Our loan was previously with Homeward another ripoff company. Our loan servicing was just turned over to Ocwen . We are in bankruptcy reorganization and the trustee is responsible for making the payments We received a notice that we were three months behind. and we were charged late fees. How do these companies operate? I have read so many complaints about this company

  • james717

    what kind of help do you need specifically??

    are you in need of a modification??

  • smit

    You should call the customer care or the supervisor too look in to this. I feel your problem would be solved once you talk to the supervisor.

    • margaret trzak

      i need to talk to supervioser

    • Jim

      I have talked to the supervisor and the supervisor’s supervisor and they keep telling me it is getting escalated. Unfortunately nothing happens. I have been trying to resolve an issue with them since May of 2013. We are coming up on a year and I am still trying to get someone to help. They are truly unprofessional and the people they put on the phone seem to have no idea as to what they are talking about. That is IF you can understand them at all.

    • Jerry


      Either You work for OCWEN or you are a real JERK!!!

      I have app. SEVEN phone numbers – a couple provided by the Credit Agencies…you will always get a person outsourced in other Countries AND they do not have ANY AUTHORITY to act on the information at hand.

      Called to inquire why my account had not been closed as per my written instructions:
      The rep. declared I must send a letter to that effect. I explained I have an acknowledgment of the letter in my hands. He insisted I must send the request to close the account in writing – He then was reading excerpts – word for word – from the letter I had written – NOW is this incredible or what?!

  • Peter

    The higher ups are to busy trying to get laid with their mistresses to worry about ya loans

  • nikki

    i to tried to get a lowe mrtg with ocwen when the roof was ripped right off of my home and it was not even livable i took there advise as to not pay for three months which i had never done before always paid a week ahead of time.. they then sent me certified letters to vacate my home as they were going to do what they called a deed in lue meaning if i got out of my home they would consider my mrtg satisfied so where was i suppose to live i paid my three months that i owed and now i just continue to get ripped off by this loan company i feel your pain


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