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Business Name: MobiLoans, LLC
Category: Loans
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Corporate Address: PO Box 1409
Marksville, Louisiana USA

Phone Number: 877-836-1518
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Had to close my long term bank account!

I made a not so smart decision a while back and got a loan from, i was approved for $750, I was in a financial hardship like most of the world is now days and didn’t have another option….

I paid them in full and wound up having to borrow again, well this time i couldn’t pay the entire thing in full, so i thought i’ll just make the payments in three months… wrong.

They will take a ton of money every pay day you have and the fees are more then the principle balance.

Today i called because I don’t have the money for this coming Fridays payment due to paydates….. the girl proceeded to tell me they will just draft my bank account and they will continue to do it until they get their money.

Well after work I went and closed my bank account (luckily I have another bank I use for all my bills, etc)….. then i did a few hours of research and found out they are not legal or licensed to conduct the type of business they do, at least in my state and most others… SO i followed the steps of my states website.

I suggest no one uses these types of service and does research before they try to “borrow” money from any internet company, period.

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6 thoughts on “MobiLoans

  1. I did call service department for my receive pay in full in 12 112013 but no result give to on line or stamen to my house .if you see this note please give a message with letter by your company or on line to my address this is very appreciate your business thanks you William Chen (2431497110)

  2. Be aware mobiloans is offering a line of credit in PA since p****y loans are prohibited in the commonwealth the max they can charge you is between 6 to 7.5% interest per year moreover they need to be license and register in PA to do business with residents of the commonwealth. PA 8 and 18 Chapter 51 in other words you don't have to honor their contract it is unlawful .

  3. They are a ridiculous scam. They are staffed by ignorant bill collector types. Their fees are in excess of any principal, I borrowed $600, after $450 in repayment they claimed I still owed $610??? How can I owe more than the original amount after paying $450? They are a joke and need to be shut down They claim to lend with $20 on every $100 – that's not the case. They are dishonest, rude and ignorant!!!

  4. They are a scam. I borrowed $600 and my payments are $100 a month. Well out of $100 dollars, $65 of that goes to fees and only $45 goes to paying them back for the $600. Huge scam, run away while you can.

  5. I have a loan with Mobiloans as well and I have had a very pleasant experience. They let me know right up front that the loan has a ridiculously high interest rate and if you understand interest and p****y loans then nothing about the fact that only 25.00 was going to your principal balance should have seemed strange to you. I have had them for almost a year now and they have been nothing but nice, and I have never had my information stolen or weird companies taking money from my account. I personally think you might have applied to many places looking for a loan and thats how your information got stolen, just my opinion. If you have horrible credit like me then you know how difficult it is to get a loan. I reccomend mobiloans to anyone, If you are a responsible consumer now, read the details of what you're getting into and there will be no surprises.

    • I agree with Nicki. I understand what goes to "juice" and what goes to principal and they have always been upfront with me. When I have called customer service the rep has always been professional.