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Last Updated On: January 9, 2017

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Business Name: Great Plains Lending LLC
Corporate Address:
1050 East 2nd St Box 500
Edmond, Oklahoma 73034 USA

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Great Plains Lending Phone Number: 877-836-1506
Corp Email:
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.50 out of 5
Based On: 18 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 64

Great Plains Lending Reports

Reported Losses: $9,330.00
Average Reported Losses: $518.33

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I applied for a 600.00 loan from Great Plains Lending and I have now paid back $2,268.00.

I just called today and they are telling me I still owe $231.00 because I had a NSF last October.

I advised the Rep that the funds are being drafted right out of my account on my exact p****y, so how is it you could not obtain the funds on the 15th but you were able to get it on the 18th.

This is a lie and they are rip offs!!!!

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  • Tim

    I would never use this company again. I was aware of the high interest but took the loan anyway. Paid it off early and had a zero balance. A month and a half later they illegally debited my account for a payment! It’s supposed to be returned and it’s only been one day but this is illegal!

  • David Ammerman

    I needed a very short term loan and I received, by e-mail- a note from Great Plains Lending that I had paid off a previous loan and inviting me to apply again. I did. Great Plains took up more than an hour and a half of my time for an exceptionally lengthy form and then repeatedly told me that I needed to wait for them to review the application. When they finally responded, more than 36 hours later, they asked me to fax them additional information….my driver’s license, utility bills, etc. I called and explained that I did not have a fax machine, and that I had to carry an oxygen tank whenever i traveled. The woman on the phone pretended to care, but clearly did not. The response, in effect, was “too bad, so sad.” I will never try to deal with these people again. Frankly, I had expected more. As a Native American tribal organization, I would think they might be more sensitive to the problems of others.

  • BMoss

    We used this as a solution to a problem we needed fixed quickly. We pay our account on time, every time. It appears they will just draft anytime they want (when payment is not due) say sorry it was a glitch and lie saying it will be 24 hours when they really mean a week and then the next payment is due. Shady at best.

  • dustin rettinger

    Hey MAD, go take your prolixin and pay your bills. GPL would reduce the total amount if you pay off early on the schedule.

  • Ingrid Schlichtmann

    Diesel you prey on folks that come across a tough situation or really need the money and desperately look for a company to help them with a reasonable pay back plan. There is a special place in hell people like you..and you don’t have to worry about hopefully having friends forever there…have fun!

  • Julie

    Look at the FINE PRINT PEOPLE !!!!!! They give loans @ 249.30% !!!!!!!!! This should be illegal. I got this junk mail in US postal mail. I am not even looking for a loan but opened and read this crap. I am pre-selected for a loan of $1200.00 …. after repayment I would of paid $7377 !!!!!
    How in the world does anyone fall for this crap !!!!!


    MY spouse did a loan with them but then got hurt. I tried over & over to pay the account & as told several times there was no account. then other times I was told they could not allow me to pay anything on this account since its not mine. I even explained everytime my spouse got hurt very badly & was unable to handle this & all I wanted to do was pay the payment but they would not allow me to. in the mean time they harassed his employer to the point his job is on the line & then once my spouse was able to tell them to deal with me they had reported to the credit buraus he was 60 days late when he was 35 days late & only due to them not letting me pay. also they do not tell you anywhere that they run your credit for this which is a hard hit on your credit report. they say they are cheaper than a p****y loan & that is a lie. the best loan is though your bank but if your credit is not that good & you need like 200-300 for 30days than the best way Is a p****y loan. GREAT PLAINS IS A CHEATING COMPANY, LAIRS & HAVE NO MORAL VALUES AT ALL. THEIR STATEMENT IS THEY ARE A TRIBAL COMPANY SO I THINK THEY THINK SINCE THEY ARE TRIBAL THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW & CAN DO WHAT EVER THEY WANT. STAY WAY!!!!!

  • Deb

    “cHRISTY” obviously works for Great Plains. I took out an $800 loan and paid it back within a week. But it didn’t show up in my bank. Now Great Plains claims my payment was returned. Twice. The payment was never even SENT TO THE BANK! If it was returned, why didn’t the bank charge me an overdraft fee? Why doesn’t it show anywhere on my statement? There was MORE than enough in there to pay this off. These people are scam artists and liars, pure and simple.

  • Buddy

    I got a short term loan from them in the state of Maryland, I paid the amount on the plan back 5 TIMES OVER with their charges and interest.. They are a Terrible company, STAY AWAY

  • merle

    are they licen in the state of nj?

  • Michelle

    I need to know if they are licensed in the state of Ohio.

    • Kris

      Go to your state government web page and search pay day loans. That is how i found this company was not authorized to issue pay day loans in my state.. My state compiled a list of companies they issued cease activity orders to and this company was one of them.. I had to contact my state government and then go to my local bank for help….

  • Bitten

    I received a loan from Great Plains and when I tried working with a debt management company to help me pay them off they ceased to talk to me….still haven’t gotten anything resolved. My suggestion is to STEAR CLEAR OF THEM TOTALLY, NOTHING BUT BAD NEWS AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED!!!

  • michaelsazner

    What state are these guys approving applications

  • Ruth

    Great Plains Lending is the worse! Knew there was HIGH intrest rates but didn’t know that the way they figure their "Loans" are you pay nothing but intrest the first 6 months. Which adds up to over $1600, then $40 comes off the principal for about another 3 months. By then you’ve paid $2300 in interest and less than $200 has been paid on $1000. The other topper is, if your late you pay that month’s payment and $30 AND if you pull up your loan it shows they extented your loan to a longer time.So your paying longer. Found they are NOT licensed in Minnesota and trying to get this merry-go-round to stop.

  • t miller

    close your checking account..go to your bank..and they will close it..make sure your balance is another accoutn it will charge off…you’ll get phone calls..they are a joke..t miller

    • c haywood


  • robinhood

    They are not licensed in all 50 states to conduct business, if you have a loan with them, and they are not licensed with the state you preside , depending on the state statues you do not have to pay them back . First, a contract entered into between two parties under misrepresentation fis no and void and not legally responsible for the debt period. If you are in Washington state they can not pursue you ro harass

    • Diesel Sky

      ‘Preside’ means to govern or rule like a king. So if he is the King of Ohio, I do not think he would have to pay them back.

  • Paul Gill

    Great Plains Lending is a very serious joke .I borrowed 800 dollars and made 4 payments back to them of 237.00 and thought it should be close to being paid off. So I went on line to check it and it showed I still had 6 more payments. I thought there is no way so I called them and the gentleman I spoke too said yes .I said they told me 5 easy payments. He said they are charging 400.18 percent interest. I said this is joke .He said you can pay your loan off today for 603.03 dollars So Im telling anyone not too get involved with this Company they are a scam and should be put in jail.

    • Diesel Sky

      Did you read the terms of the loan before you signed? Do you know what the word terms means? I’m sorry, my mistake. You obviously dont know how to read. Poor thing,

      • Queenie

        you must be the owner and i just got something in the mail from you htf did you get my info perturbs me but I guarantee, I will not be dealing with this company smh

        • Diesel Sky

          I would say you would be missed but we will just keep on sending you a bill every month, for the next 19 years, so that we can keep in touch and hopefully be friends forever.

  • mad trucker

    wow im glad I saw these comments now I have changed my mind about getting money from them. thanks for the heads up

  • Tim

    And people thought towing companies charged alot for rescuing you, stranded on the side of some road…

  • Mike

    Loan Amount $200.00
    Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 448.76%
    Weekly Payment Amount $48.94

    Just an FYI and it said next day direct deposit….I’m on day 4, thanks a-holes!!

    • Lola


      So they took the money from your account on day 4 not on your p****y???

  • Ella

    I recognized the fraud at once, briefly read the beautiful part about the loan they could give, immediately jumped to the small letters, read 300% APR… that’s all I need to know about them. I don’t care how much I may need money, i will not be feeding these scammers.

  • tony

    I seriously thought this was a joke, as in I really thought it was a joke. Even with having not the best credit, I consider 18-22% APR high. But to try and come in at 349.05% as a starting APR?! Really? Clearly I am in the wrong business.

    • CAM10301

      Of course the APR’s are high. The loans they offer are meant for a very short term (until your next paycheck). If you need a personal loan, Great Plains is not for you.


  • danny

    yes thank you all very much. you all helped me stay out of a horrible mistake and the dog house.

  • stephanie

    This company is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!! They have the worst customer service, fail to provide any and all information as they are asked. Never ever return an email. When you are told you will receive an email instructing you on what is needed. You never get it, the website doesn’t work. They state someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours at the most they didn’t contact me for weeks. so with all of this poor customer service, don’t do it!!!!! If you have to work this hard to borry money they you have to pay back triple on, then it ain’t worth it. SCAMMERS! CANNOT WAIT FOR THEM ALL TO BE SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD!

  • Luci

    Yea, I pretty much knew that Great Plains Lending was a scam when I looked at my name on the letter that they sent me in the mail. My name appears in upper and lower-case letters as a proper noun. All "legit" businesses address people with their name spelled in all capital letters. Plus, they don’t have a register mark by their company name, not to mention the outrageous interest rates in fine print! Too many red flags. I wouldn’t even waste my time.

  • Kay T

    How about applying for a loan with them and get declined (which was cool), but what about before you proceeded to submit your important information you call to speak to someone from Great Plains just to be sure it was not a scam right? So I spoke with a Frank T, and he surely assured to me that my info would not be shared. Then he sent me a application link to apply online. Well my reason for this report is that it is so bold and wrong that the moment I got declined the loan, dozens of calls are flooding my phone about applying for a loan, I mean these people that are calling have poor English for one, My main thing is How in the HELL did these people get my number when I only applied with G. P. direct lending??? So after a few days of harassing calls, I try and go to the G.P. website to Opt out to erase my info (account), which there was no option for that on their Site, then I tried contacting Frank T to discuss this matter and ask him why am I getting all these calls about loans all of a sudden after applying by the link he Emailed me, when he claimed they don’t share peoples information. When I did contact that number (877)836-1506, this guy said Frank was not in but he could help me, so he listened to my complaint, then he tried to down talk me by say that I was upset because I was declined the loan, and or maybe I applied for loan with others… B.S. I told him I have been denied many times and I will never apply for a loan with more than 1 Company at a time, which you are the only place I attempted this year Period.. getting declined is not the the point I express right now, I told him I’m not to be played with and I am not a slow brain. Now with all that…I am so worried of what could happen to me with all my information out there like that? Is it because my app got declined they just threw me out there as scrap for the Scammers!



    • heidi

      make a payment asap and as many as you can asap- its 350% interest – you will owen them the rest of your life!

    • Steph

      I think they are a good loan company. The good thing is that u can pay back anytime/ any day you want. the quicker the better. Justb dont make it a habit.

      • Gail

        We are on our 3rd loan with them. They are not a scam. All info is provided up front, so if you know how to read then it is your own decision if you want to do it or not. We always have paid on time and paid the loan off quickly to avoid all the interest. You can pay ahead with no penalty. Last loan we got $1000. Well my husband just got laid off and we still owed $500 so we paid that in full so we could get another loan of $1800 to help get caught up on some bills. They have a page on their website that tells you what your monthly payment will be depending on what loan amount you get. Everyone that is complaining needs to learn how to do research before going into it. If you can’t afford the payments, don’t do it. Plain and simple.

    • Dwayne

      I have used them several times and had no problem. However, be aware that each time you make a loan with them they do "hard" pulls of your credit report from the bureaus. It can lower your credit score.

    • Melissa

      There will be no problems as long as your payment are made. What you should do is pay more than the minimum they are asking for. The extra goes to the principle and not those high interest rates. I have taken a loan with them and never had any problems. Of course I always made my payments on time so…

  • Jay

    I could go to NY and get a loan shark loan for less. Usery at its finest.

  • rebecca

    I am so glad i read these comments,the computer is a wonderful thing,because you can get on any website and find out,the good,the bad and the ugly. This is exactly what i was lookin for and thank the lord good people post their experieces with good companys and bad companys,im just sorry that some of you had to be the one to find out the hard way,FYI,you can contact the better businesss buro and report them i have reported several so called companys and all legitamite businesses are on the better business buros website,so next time check them out on the better business buro to check if they are legite…Thanks for your comments cause it has saved me time and money

  • Robert

    Go to:,
    they are eithical and it is a small cheaper managable loan.

    This big loan will be over 3.00 a day interest and stress you out everyday you owe greatplains money.

    Try not not to borrow and wean off as best you can.

    • tina

      saw complaints for also

    • Rob

      Robert I went to that website and I didn’t see anything about how much interest it was going to be for a loan.. where do you to fine all that info?

  • Mary Marlin

    Thanks for your comments and saving me from a hasty decision due to needing money.

  • Mike

    Great Plain Lending is rip off big time! I do loan and high interesting payment almost 300.0 for 12 months. Rep said there will continue $9 interest every day till pay in full. That bullshit! It DIRTY BUSINESS!

  • Mel

    I got a letter in the mail from them, thought about applying until I read the reviews, they seem like a bunch of scam artist. The interest is herendous,Huge and does not even look legal. I was told I am preapproved for 1300 and looked at the fine print. I would end up paying 3990 dollars for it, So I would have to pay 2690 in payments over time to borrow only 1300 dollars. Would have to make 30 payments of 133.19 thats triple 1300 plus an extra 90 dollars,really nice. seems like they are out to exploit people in difficult times and emergencies. BAD, BAD, Company don’t use them.

  • Jose otero

    I to tried this place, at first they said I was approved and had all my payments lined up.
    Then when it came down to depositing the funds they wanted proof of bank, income, ssn number, driver’s license they wanted copies off all. Why didn’t state this in the initial online form and why did they say I was approved and give me payment plans. When I sounds to good to true, well; you know. Any way don’t be scammed just cause you are are hard up for cash, we are already screwed looking into this web sites like this these, why get more screwed. Oh, bye the way can you say scam, hello!!!!!!!

    • Jerry Logan

      Jose I am a customer of great plains and have been satisfied with them. First they should and may be required by law to request paper copies of personal information. You would not walk in bank and fill out application and expect money without any documentation. Also you are giving a complete payment agreement that has to be signed before you are deposited money. So you should know all the interest and payment information before then. So i am not sure how you feel like you got screwed. I dont know what state you are from so it may make a little difference but not by much. Interested to hear your response

      • NO NO NO!!! NEVER send copies of your personal information… When you fill out ANY application for credit or loans or credit card, the only information that needed is the last 4 numbers of your social security number. Using the last four number will provide ALL your credit report information. This was established to avoid identity theft…. You were wise Jose to not provide them with you identity information.

    • Robert

      They deserve to be stiffed, they are not legal

    • Melissa

      Hmmm…Sorry to see that people think they are a scam. I have never had a single problem with them. They just required the credit application to be filled out and they tell you EXACTLY what your minimum payments are and the interest rate! Yeah, yeah I know it’s loan shark rates but I knew that going in. They will work with you if something comes up and you have to miss a payment. Of course, I had perfect payment history with them at the time so…Anyway, sorry for those that feel that they didn’t get what they thought they’d get. My question would be is "Did they give you the money you asked for and did it at least help you out at the time you got the cash?"

  • Sharon Brown

    Yes, great plains lending is ridiculous, due to an emergency, I fell behind and they are coming after me. My 1,000 loan that I paid $400 on is not due and the payoff is $1,200 and going up and up, Help! They are threatening me and I’m scared. Any attorneys out their?

    • alice

      Yes! I am in the same boat had an loan in the amount of 600.00 and now it is 1549.00. They have called my place of busness and I am now seeking legal advise. Call this number lember Associates 888-631-8163

  • Gina

    I have just cancelled an application process midstream due to the reviews I read and the very high interest rate payback schedule for a 500.00 loan. I had six payments of over 210.00 a month for six months, with the first payment due on 2/3/2013.

    • Nikkdawg

      Yeah, it’s pretty much a p****y loan in disguise. At first glance, it looks like it would have been a great way to get some quick cash to help out with a temporary issue… I was about to apply for a loan, but when I read the fine print, I saw that for an $800 would cost me nearly $1400 to repay, with an interest rate of nearly 400%!!! It pays to read the fine print before getting yourself into yet MORE debt. I’m glad I read it before committing myself to something so ridiculous.

  • Dung Tran

    hahaha. You guys are a bunch of noobs. What kinf of interest rate over 100% is a joke. report it to FBI website . They will take care of them..

  • crystal


  • meme

    Guess! Dont fsll for then hype. Read the fine line. They just sent me an offer for anloan with an apr of like 489.91%! This is a great way to have your credit ruined for life! Stay away. Far far away!

    • Junee

      Wow absolutly right!!! If it sounds too good to be true….probably is!! I also got an offer for a loan that states Great Plains Interest can be 27% lower than p****y loans. Then I continued to small print and saw the 389.05% annual percentage rate. Are you kidding. How can this be legal? Our state has even outlawed the p****y loans for just this reason.

  • Jacqueline Donnell

    Sounds to me like this is due to your error and you are blaming them because you entered your account number incorrectly.

  • Michelle

    Exact same complaint from the first person on this page. I applied online and initially told I qualified for $800 loan with extrememly high intrest but being in need of money quickly I agreed. Then I never recieved the money they said I didnt enter the correct account# for my electronic deposit. So now they asked me to faxed them a voided check which I did and it will take 3 days to reverse it. Never recieved it, I was just told to go online to see why I was declined afterall. Now im scared they will tell me I owe them the money or that they will deduct from my account . They now have all personal info.

  • William Cooper

    I have a complaint about Great Plains Lending i apply for a loan and was told i was not approved, that i had to repay my loan before i can apply for another loan. One problem i have never had a loan with them, when i email them a told them that they said to call them, so i did but could not talk to anyone, everytime i call the phone goes dead. So i will report them to the BBB maybe that will get them to answer there phone.


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