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Last Updated On: October 2, 2015

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P.O. Box 1639
Belize City, Belize Belize

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Corp Phone Number: 866-568-2209
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Reported Losses: $560.00
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"Cash Jar" They take all your money and put it in their Jar

I recently fell on hard times and needed a little extra cash until p****y. I was really skeptical about borrowing money from a loan shark Cash Jar) but i did anyway. The people are really friendly and make you feel as though they are concerned about your situation. Me like a dummy borrowed 400dollars from them with the impression that I would be paying back 450. I was told that if I couldn’t make the first initial payment when my p****y came around I would pay a pro rated amount of 60.00 dollars because I was in the middle of a pay week and I get paid every two weeks.

I made the first payment of 60.00 and I told them that on my next pay period I would pay the my p whole loan. When the next pay period came around I tried to pay it and was told by Cash Jar that It would be an additional 120 dollars which put me at 520. I was told that if i didn’t want to make the payment I could pay the 120 and pay the rest the following week. I paid the 120 and then called the following week to pay the rest and was charged 450.

I borrowed 400 dollars to end up paying almost double the amount back. Cash Jar say that there conversations with you are recorded but when they said that they had to listen to recording because I was disputing the charges I asked if I could listen also. I was then told that they aren’t allowed to do play back audio over the phone.

I then requested a transcript of what was said and was told that I couldn’t have that either. People, times are hard and it just breaks my heart to know that there are companies that prey on innocent hard working people. I would never recommend Cash Jar for a cash loan at all. Learn how to manage your money with this economy and let this be your last, last, resort. I learned the hard way because it hit my pocket HARD. Cash is definitely not a jar that I will ever put my money in AGAIN.

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  • Jenniffer

    I ran into some medical bills and in hospital so took a $500 loan out…I’ve paid them almost $1000 and they just sent me a request for $500 still due on loan. How can they legally charge that type of interest?? Are there any class actions against them?

  • John

    close your accounts and tell them to take a hike. They are illegal.

  • Jamie

    Got a $500 loan, already paid back $550 and they told me I owe $450 MORE!!!! They have been talking $150 out of my check every two weeks!!! They never explained it like this!!! Don’t EVER use them!!!! Not reliable!

  • jane doe

    Got a $350.00 lone paid about $2000.00 back

    • John doe

      Can’t be true!


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