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Business Name: Biz2Capital Business Funding
Category: Loans
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Corporate Address: 3381 Mayflower Way #225
Lehi, Utah 84043 USA

Phone Number: 801-610-1900
Company Contact: Cody Rich - VP
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Do not use this Company

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I went to them for financing, they charged me $99 on the first day, than $2,000 on the second day after smooth talking me into paying to set up some business credit accounts.

That was nearly a month ago. Since then, they haven’t answered or returned my calls. A woman claiming to represent Snow Bill, Law firm sent me a copy of three generic letters (no letterhead) to three credit bureaus after I sent her a email for some results.

It’s been nearly a month and I haven’t received any offers from them concerning financing and they won’t answer my calls.

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One thought on “Biz2Capital

  1. Be aware about this fraudulent telemarketer company current called Go2Capital, they also use Biz2Capital as DBA!!!!!!

    Around August, 2012, I looked to secure a SBA loan for a business I was going to buy. While researching different possibilities, I found Biz2Capital online. I leave my information online, then Ben Greenwood from Biz2Capital called me and asked for a service fee $99 for business plan and business loan package preparation. In stead of helping me with the business loan package, he set up a appointment with "In house Underwriter" Cody Rich. Cody Rich is actually a telemarketer, who engaged me in a deceptive telephone sale of his business loan program which led to this complaint.
    As a result of this fraudulent telemarketer phone sell. I was charged $2000 + two years interests fee, losing the opportunity of buying a good business, and this fraud keeps damaging my personal credit. I tried to report to local police, get the charge dispute by credit card company, complain to consumer report department in Utah state, contact merchant to request a refund. Unfortunately, all actions failed because this is professional criminal plan, these criminals have good connections with banks, they have no integrity at all. During the past two years, Biz2Capital change their DBA to Go2Capital and continued scam people who in need of a business loan. According to consumer report department in Utah state, they received other complain about this company in different DBA before they use Biz2Capital. Even though I am a individual seeking service in business loan, consumer report department in Utah state have no jurisdiction, because its a business to business case. I called Chase Card Service around 8-9pm the day while the $2000 charge amount still on pending to cancel it. Because I believe I am a victim of this fraudulent telemarketer, who charge my credit card for worthless service that never been delivered. Chase Credit Card company Dispute department never care about my consumer right. In stead of pushing the merchant to refund the charge, Chase Credit Card company has been push me to pay this charge plus 1 years interest ( I paid 1 year interest while waiting for the result of the dispute). I am extremely disappointed with U.S legal system and the fact of lacking social justice among our society. Please share my experience and story with people you know, so we can stop another victim fall into this trap set up by Go2Capital.