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Last Updated On: April 20, 2015

Ally Auto Corporate Contact

Business Name: Ally Financial Inc
Corporate Address:
200 Renaissance Center, P.O. Box 200
Detroit, Michigan 48265-2000 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 888-925-ALLY
Company Contact: William F Muir - President
Corp Website:

Ally Auto Customer Ratings and Reports

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.23 out of 5
Based On: 22 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 14

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $37,621.00
Average Reported Losses: $1,710.05

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Is Ally Auto a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Changed Billing Date No Warning

In August 2014, my Buick Regal financed through Ally Financial was totaled. My personal insurance and GAP insurance covered the expenses leaving a $3,300+ balance for me to pay. I call Ally Auto to inquire about the payment terms/dates in late Sept. early Oct. I was informed I would not have to resume payment until 2017 after my original contract date was up. I was excited as that would afford me the funds to purchase another car, keep my job, and stay current on my student loans. Yay me! I asked for the billing statement for my records. Received in the mail shortly after and moved on with life.

Fast Forward:

In late February I pulled my credit report. I noticed that there were two 30 day late payments on behalf of Ally. I was sure that those were erroneous as I entered into a payment arrangement. I called and after being transferred a few times I reached a very helpful gentleman that recognized the error and put in a request to be overturned. As we ended the call he informed me that my next payment was due March 18, 2015. In complete shock, I asked why and informed him of the situation outlined above. He followed up with another department and told me I would receive a call back and if not to call in 2 weeks.

Today, March 24, 2015:

I never received a call and took it upon myself to reach out since then I received a new bill in the mail with the March 18th date. After being transferred a few times I reached Myra badge no. MUB663. At first I was happy, she was going to help right? Wrong! I explained the issue that I was told in writing that my payment wasn’t due until 2017. She explained that there was nothing that she could do except for transfer me to make a payment arrangement for the current due date. I explained that I have since rearranged my life and I don’t have an additional $500 to pay based on information Ally provided.

After trying to convince me that the payments on the account were still pending until February, I went back to my file and pulled documentation stating that both policies were paid out in Sept/Oct 2014. So why would a reassessment of my account take place in February 2015? She then told me that it was policy. Ally requested an extension to find out why GAP did not cover the remaining balance.

Here is my issue. Ally never informed me. I never received a call, letter, or e-mail stating this, and that the billing date once issued could change as a result of this extension. Also, why would this take an upwards of 5 months to complete? After requesting to speak to a supervisor she told me no one would take my call, but I will receive a call within 2 days telling me that nothing could be done.

My question to whomever is reading this is: Can something be done? I want to be responsible, but I would love to be met half way and that the error be acknowledged.

Ally Auto Financial – PO Box 9001951 Louisville Kentucky 40290

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Consumer Comments For Ally Auto

  • Ally commits FRAUD on a regular basis!!! I returned a car 3 months ago that was under the mileage and continue to get bills from ALLY saying i was over mileage by 20000 miles. According to the signed lease that I have that was faxed to ALLY 23 times it states that my allowed mileage was 42524 miles yet Ally says they have on their files that the mileage allowed is 24524. I have spoken to them well over 100 times and submitted copies of the physical lease I signed yet still receive bills and have been reported to the credit agencies. They are nothing but Frauds!!!!!! The Federal Consumer Protection agency should be fining them millions for this fraud!!!!!

  • So I fell onto hard times after going between jobs, and 3 payments default later I had the full payment but my on-line payment option was actually “BLOCKED!” Right after, and without notice, I found a tow truck hooking up my car at about 4:30 in the morning because my dog was barking. SO my car was repossesed and the repo. people gave me 3 days with an additional astronomical fee of $300.00 tagged onto the payment to get my car out of reposession, or my car and only means of transportation to work would be sold at an auction. Very hateful company which even if I’m on my feet again one day, I will severely avoid acquiring a loan from Ally again! “Wow!’ I guess they really taught me a lesson!

    • Please go to my fb page “consumers defrauded by Ally. Some of the practices are not legal. I would like to share more. If you are interested please go to that page and tag your story there

    • yea still fighting somewhat same,how can we stop them

  • They are difficult to talk to. I believe this is so they can’t understand what you are requesting. For example, I requested payment arrangements. After a frustrating hour call, I finally agreed to some silly payment schedule that I knew I wasn’t going to be able to commit to. A half payment now then a full payment + an additional half payment 2 weeks later. Then, the normal payment schedule. That’s like 3 payments in less than a month. I couldn’t get them to understand how that did not help me. If someone is struggling, you don’t force them to make 3 payments in less than a month. When I was with Capital One, they let you post the payment to the back of the loan. This is what I was trying to get Ally to do. Yet, here I was struggling with this woman whose accent I couldn’t decipher. She did not understand what I was asking (for putting the payment on the back of the loan). Or, I guess it was because I don’t speak their language which is known as “cha-ching”. The language of money leaving your bank account. But when it’s not there, i’m sure they have well spoken tow truck drivers who know English like they know the route to my house. The point is, these Ally reps are kind but also kind of dumb. Sorry, Ally. Improve yourself. You are not doing much better than GMAC.

    • Please go to my fb page “consumers defrauded by Ally.

      • i no longer have facebook. :(

  • Ally Financial has the absolute worse customer service. My husband has authorized me too many times to re to obtain information on this account and I get the same runaround. It took them three months to correct an issue with the account and it kept going into collections. I talked to about ten different account representative in a span of 10 months with someone always seeming more than willing to help. I sent the same documents over and over again and one of the documents had an error that they made and wanted me to pay for it. After it was all over with, I had over paid them by one months payments. I absolutely hate dealing with them and this wasn’t even a bad credit loan, just a bad finance company loan.

  • I am writing regarding the three late payments 30 day late, payments in June, August and September, 2012 that Ally Auto has reported to Experian, Equifax and Transunion for my account. Talking to the overseas customer service is pointless and not helpful. The Fair Credit Billing Act requires that you bill correctly, that each statement be sent to the correct address, that you not ignore change of address requests, and that you facilitate disputed charges in a manner prescribed by law. The Act also stipulates that you provide lawfully requested information concerning my account upon request in a timely manner.

  • I called to verify that my Husbands account was paid off and I was told I was not authorized -Okay no problem I got My Husband to give Authorization and the Representative tried to add my name to the account and not just as an authorized person on the account and I immediately asked them not to add my name . When I called initially they stated to stay on line for a survey. When I ended the call they cut the Survey off so I could not add any comment. This company seems to be fishy or at least their Customer Service is the worst in the business.

    • The incident just happened. Their Customer Service does not understand English and words inferred.
      No problem because Word of Mouth goes much further.

  • I asked for a deferrment on my car loan. The customer service woman could barely speak english and then told me I had to pay a partial payment for the next two months. Because I was from South Dakota it required a signature. When i received the paper work, the payment was placed to the end of loan and nothing due. I signed and faxed back. A month later received a late notice with a late fee. I called and after a long wait told I didn’t owe anything and system updated. Supervisor would call in next 24 hours to explain what happened. Over a week later and still no call. Really poor service

  • sent money order 3/2/13 for car payment for march ally claims never received it that one called western union an its never been cashed,never was late with a payment in 6 years fax a copy of money order,havent heard anything yet, called to make sure they got fax never called me back ,said boss was at meeting

  • Tried to get a paper title to car paid off in 2009. Sent me a release of lien letter and told me to take it to DMV for my title. Cost me $87.75 for a duplicate title. DMV said it issued original title to GMAC (now Ally). I called Ally and requeted my money for the title since it was never sent to me. Got the run around. Asked to speak to a higher authority. They said someone would call back in 3-4 days. STILL WAITING!!!!!!!!!


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