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Last Updated On: May 19, 2016

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Business Name: AWL American Web Loan
Corporate Address:
522 N 14th Street, Box 130
Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 877-636-1353
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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.20 out of 5
Based On: 27 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 36

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $13,668.00
Average Reported Losses: $506.22

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These people are Scams

These people charges interest up the butt for a $500.00 loan, payment never goes down it stays the same and I’m not paying over $2000.00 for a $500.00 loan.

The company is money hungry they will call 3 times a day until they get their money even though you already should of paid it off already.

I already paid $800.00 and I still owe $644.00 like WTF. Lawsuit’s in their hands…

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Consumer Comments For American Web Loan

  • Tracey Baillargeon

    I’ve been borrowing from AWL for 5 years, never have I had a problem with paying them off, or them taking the wrong amount, or being mislead. Before you borrow money, understand exactly what you are doing! AWL terms, you pay back $30.00 on every $100.00 you borrow, when you have borrowed a couple times and paid back in full you get a discount to $27.00 on every $100.00, it’s not hard to understand. If you borrow $300.00 first time, no discount,you owe them $390.00, if your first payment you give them back $290.00 you still owe $130.00 GET IT? They have never done bad business with me customer service by phone is excellent! Thankyou AWL for your years of help!!

  • JimC

    Pretty funny! You people credit sucks that is why you can’t get a real loan! Quit trying to get out of paying your loans and bills, that is why your in the mess your in now!

    • Manolo

      Jim you sound like awl person i talk to earlier.

  • Ben

    I recently took a loan with AWL and it has been the worst financial experience I have ever had and a complete scam. I needed a quick $1,000 to cover a vacation I recently went on so went online and this seemed to be a good deal, I was a little bummed as I was told I would be paying $300 dollars in interest on a $1,000 dollar loan but willing to do this to get the money the next day. As most of the people have stated below, I paid $300 every other week for 8 weeks ($1,200 total), when I went to their website to confirm that I only have $100 dollars left it showed my balance still at $1,000 dollars. I figured it must be a mistake, so I called, only to realize I have done nothing but extend my loan out another two weeks after each payment. The lady told me there was nothing she could do and I should have read the fine print (even though the lady I originally talked to explained that I would pay $300 a month until the loan is paid off including the $300 interest and $1,000 principal…..that adds up to $1,300 to me….WTF). This is a complete scam….I made one more payment, so $1,500 total and after talking to my bank they advised me to close that account and open a new one with them as stopping the payments would only stop the one payment and they could keep trying to withdraw money from the account with different amounts. All the research I have done has proven that this company does not have to abide by any standards and is not an authorized lender, they have no regulations and can do whatever they want. They should be removed from Google or any other search engine as this not helping anyone but actually bringing them farther in debt. If there is ever a class action lawsuit I would like to be involved. I took out the loan on 9/22/2015 and made my first payment on 10/2/2015 and my last payment 11/27/2015. All in all, I paid $500 in interest on a $1,000 dollar loan and repaid in two months. I suppose will be getting some phone calls now and will update with the aftermath.

    • Jim

      Lmao whaaaaa you big baby girl

    • Tracey Baillargeon

      If you were only paying 300 each time you weren’t paying anything off on your original loan! They only take your fee out every 2 weeks you have to call them or go to the website and arrange to pay off more the fee. So if on your first payment you paid 1,000 bucks back 700 of that is the fee you will still owe 300 plus 60

  • Angela

    Ok. I live in the state of Florida and will need to do some research in ref to if it is illegal tto do this type of business here. I was not told as well what the interest rate will be or else i would not have took the money. I will be contacting my state att rep and report this as well. I called to see if they could reduce the amount of funds being deducted or at least change how often the funds will be withdrawn and was told there is nothing that I can do. Well the devil is a liar and there is something I will due. I will pay them what they gave me which was 700 and no more and will report them to my bank. i do believe in pay my depts but i work to hard to be ripped off . I will research any company from here out. and the radio stations need to stop advertising for this #$$%%^&**(!

    • Jim

      Lmao wth you. Will research next time lmao

  • brian lomman

    Ok so i took a loan out for $500 on 12/9/14 i did not realize it till it was all said and done that i would have to pay back $300 a month for 7 1/2 months over $1500 interest i cant afford that what a joke i put i stop payment of anything that’s $150 on my bank account ..the first deduction is suppose to happen friday when i get my paycheck direct deposited ..will they find another way to gain access of my account ? Should i just close the account ?

    • Jason

      What did you end up doing cuz i wanna close my account now. I’m in the same position. Thanks in advance for any advice.

    • Jim


  • Brenda G

    I just paid off my loan and the reality is this : If I had good established credit, I would not have needed AWL. In my case, all was disclosed and they encouraged I pay the loan off immediately to avoid the interest, which I knew I would be tied to. I never had had an issue with customer service and needed this kick in the a*s to work on my credit. I would advise folks to read contract info (it is emailed to you before you sign), ask all questions (before you sign) and make an informed decision. I would use this service again if I needed short money quickly but would pay off entirely on the first payment.

    • Manolo

      Interesting brenda they didnt send me s**t. I applied for it than decided not to sign for it . Boom the next day the money is in my account. I didnt even talk to a representative until i decided to pay some of it off

  • Ann Murphy

    Paid half of my loan off with this rip off of a company and I called them to make sure they were not going to take the full fee, a week in advance. However they still took the full amount which cost me 70.00 dollars in overdraft fees and they refused to refund me that money even though it was completely their fault. This company is a scam and will over talk you to try to confuse you about the fees.

  • debbie

    do i need to close my account or just stop payment its crazy

    • katie

      Contact your State Attorney General office and let them know what is going on. There is going to be a Class action suit soon so make sure you get involved. This company believes that because they do business on an Indian reservation, they are exempt from federal law and they are not. Certain States forbid them from conducting transactions.

      • Tigga2t32

        How do I close my account, my bank is telling me I can not close my account?

    • brian lomman

      What did you end up doing ? I put a stop payment on them did that work for you

  • P

    Do not ever take a loan out from this company unless you have the means to pay the loan off immediately!! They will take a set “payment” from you every two weeks until the loan is paid off. The “payment'” is completely interest, nothing goes towards the loan balance. The represenative that I spoke with while taking out the loan did not explain this to me; so while I was paying the “payment” every two weeks (thinking it was being applied to interest and balance) my loan balance stayed the same. I ended up paying 110% of my loan amount in interest before I realized what was going on.

  • phil a buster

    its crazy how are they allowed to do this in nj???its killin me

    • debbie smith

      what ever happened in your situation

  • wowmami69 .


  • rachel

    I received a loan on 2-4-14 of $500. I was scheduled to pay $150 every pay check until it was paid for which was paychecks ago. Needless to say I called them where I was rudely informed that none of the payments went towards the balance. I need to close my account today because another $150 was taken out after I had the bank stop payment. Its illegal and needs to stop.

  • p. howard

    American web loan are crooks. took out a loan for 800.00,paid them over twice that amount, and they say I still owe 800.00 . don’t really know what to do, besides closing my account. they are criminals . don’t ever get a loan from them.

  • Richard

    American web loan are crooks they are loan sharks actually worst. Even loan sharks don’t charge that much interest. They know what they are doing by giving u a loan that they know you can’t afford to pay back all at once so u make all these payments that can equal over triple the loan. They don’t tell you if you get a loan for say 600 and the interest is 150 thatthe 150 would be charged every two weeks until the loan and interest completely. They explain to you that the interest will 150 thats it. And they so press they didn’t have me sign the agreement they said I would get the email and my loan wasn’t complete until I signed electronically. I never received the email but they put the money in my account anyway. Now they telling me I signed a contract that I never sign. After I found out they was illegally charging interest and wasn’t allowed to give loans in md I called them and told them they no longer have permission to debit my account. Now I’m getting those calls to my job saying I have a claim against me. But they have my address but never came and served me papers. Just asked me to make a full payment.

  • George

    This company is owned by an American Indian tribe. I have been warned about taking loans out with tribes. I had the same happen. I took out a loan and they locked me out of my account so I could not make payments. But then they went away without ever contacting me or answering my calls. Four years later I start getting calls from a collection agency on their behalf also threatening to charge me with fraud, etc. So I called the company themselves. They told me the account number given me by the agency is not even assigned to me. And they told me they do not hire locators and do not go after people who default. They said they only sell the loans to collection agencies to collect within 90 days. The collection agencies are not supposed to bother people after that by law. So, these locators, collections are fraud not us.

  • Erin

    So what would happen if I stopped them from taking out money from my account and called their bluff about the claim and someone coming to my work and being sued for Fraud? Im in MO. Can they legally do this?

  • Tara

    The same thing has happened to me. I borrowed $600 in October, I have since paid back $720. I knew my payments had to soon be coming to an end, (or so I thought) so I called. So glad I did. I was infomed that basically the $720 I had paid, didn’t count and that I still owed $600. I laughed at this. What a joke. This was not explained to me on the intial call and I challenge them to tell me different. If there calls are recorded (as they claim) I would like to hear the convo. Think about it. If I offered you a loan and tell you you will be paying it back plus 300% interest, would you take the bait? Absolutely not. There is no paperwork that was sent to me or anything else binding other than me saying "yes, I understand what you have told me over the phone."

    AGAIN, none of which was explained in it’s entirety. I have put a stop payment on their withdrawals and they have been calling me at work. I will not be harrassed, especially when they were deceptive. If I have to, I will take legal action. This place is bogus and I hope more and more people are aware of this so they don’t get scammed like the rest of us.

  • Willy

    American Web Loan and Nationwide collections are the same company based out of LA. They are also illegal in California They have called and threatened me said that they will have my legs broken and went in and took $800 from a bank account which I closed. Now their locator a Mr. Riley is harassing me an said he show up at my house4 and is charging me $600 locator fee(to which I told him where he can stick that) .

  • Nina

    I never took out a loan with them. I received a call from a debt collection company. I never had a Chase Account or an American Web Loan. The police have been notified but if there are more people out there please escalate your complaints. Signed another victim of identity fraud.

  • Guest

    I found out that American Web Loan is unlicensed in the State of California and therefore, only owed principal back. I have paid them up to $900 and they are just unethical. I closed my bank account and sent them a letter stating that they are unlicensed and, not to mention operating illegally and that only the principal is due back to them. I have filed complaints with the BBB, FTC and Attorney General. Since, they are unlicensed, California Department of Corporations will not take a formal complaint. However, I did call the department and American Web Loan has been added to the list of unlicensed/illegal p****y lenders that will be investigated if they continue their illegal loan activities. California is starting to crackdown on these unlicensed/illegal p****y lenders.

  • Liza

    I took out a loan for 600.00 in early March and I have made 6 payments of 180.00 when I called to find out when they will stop deducting money from my bank account they said Oct 16. The repayment of the loan would be 2340.00 or of course I can pay it off today with 735.00 aside from the over 1000.00 that i already paid. How this is legal is beyond me.

    • Bill

      In most states its not, just close your checking account and they cant do anything to you. They will try ,just hang up on them. The business practices they use are unethical and illegal. How can you expect anyone to pay off the loan when they lock you out of the website a few days before a payment is due, of course it will be late. They will threaten you with court and things like that but they are only bluffing. In fact there are ways to go after them to get money back from them but i’m not sure how to go about it.

      • Jenny Meyer

        Do you just close your bank account where the withdraws are being made? I took out a $600 loan in November, 2014 after losing my job and they are STILL taking $180 out every 3 weeks. I’ve paid well over the $600 so it needs to stop. Please let me know! Thanks!

        • rosa

          I just took out an loan with them for $500.00, that I was going to paid off the end of next month, thank God for your comments, I just call them back and cancelled that loan before it was sent to my banking account. thank you




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