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Business Name: The Law Office of Robert J. Semrad & Associates, LLC
Category: Law Firms / Lawyers
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Corporate Address: 321 N Clark St
Chicago, Illinois USA

Phone Number: 800-440-7235
Company Contact: Robert Semrod
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Debtstoppers - Rob Semrad - Bad Service

I was referred to debtstoppers to file a chapter 13. I went in and spoke to a representative (steve). I took all of my bills including some tickets which had my first name spelled wrong on them. Steve said, “dont worry we will take care of that”. The paperwork was filed. The next week my car was booted and towed. I called the debtstoppers office on 111th and western to no avail. No one ever answers the phone. I left many many messages for my atty. Mike miller, but he would not return my calls. Meanwhile i was still without my car and could not go to work. Finally after calling the corporate office, which “could” reach atty miller. I received a call, he called the city and i picked up my car.

The next week my car was booted and towed “again”, evidently deptstoppers still did not have it removed from the boot list. Once debtstoppers get your money, you are of no use to them and they are done even talking to you. You are pushed aside as rubbish to walk on. After a few days (without my car again) and many many phone calls all over the place, mike miller finally “found” time to call me and i was able to go and retrieve my car ” again”. I was told that i would be reimbursed for the loss wages. I was told that the city was sending them a check in few days and that they in turn, would send me a check. That few days has never come and again atty miller is no where to be found. I contacted rob semrad and pat semrad (his brother) about this ordeal, to no avail they obviously dont care either, i mean hey they have my money, on to the next victim. I guess they never heard of “god”, who looks upon us and allows people to reap what they sow.

Missing that money caused my bills to be behind and debtstoppers is still not taking the blame for what happened even though they knew about the misspelled name from the beginning. Beware of debtstoppers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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