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Last Updated On: May 7, 2016

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1251 1st Ave
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin 54729 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 800-704-5480
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Company Contact: Daniel J Hunt - President, CEO
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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.45 out of 5
Based On: 14 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 29

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $227.99
Average Reported Losses: $16.29

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Rip Off Artists/Unethical Business Practices

Last year in January, while visiting my parents in the southeast of the USA I ordered them some couch covers. My plan was to ship them to them when I returned back to the West Coast. Needless to say while I was down there I decided to purchase them all new furniture as a surprise. So when I returned to my home on the West Coast, I went to pick up my mail at the post office. The shipment was there but because I had already bought new furniture for my parents, I no longer had a need for the covers; hence, I refused the shipment there and had the post office return them to sender.

After a few months, I kept getting bills from Stoneberry for the merchandise so I phoned them. After a “nice” discussion with the representative, she finally used common sense and tracked the package back to their warehouse. Reluctantly she confirmed that they did get it and would credit my account for the return. The bills stopped briefly, then restarted. I kept phoning them only to run into deadends and be told that there is no record of the item being returned.

Earlier this year I received a letter from IC Systems, their collection agency. The principle balance that Stoneberry turned over to collections was $17.99! I. C. Systems tacked on a Billing fee of $13.99 and a late fee of $133.00! Now Stoneberry has further proven that I did not owe this because if I had owed them (since February of 2015), it definitely would have been more than $17.99!

Further this fraudulent IC Systems charging $146.00 in addition to the $17.99. Go figure. This is unfair and unlawful business practices. The representative confirmed that they received the package and I’m still getting harrassed for an invalid debt. I wrote them in an effort to give them a last chance to resolve this before I continue with litigation. Businesses like this need to cease to exist. FTC will also be notified.

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  • Cameron Collins

    Yea…I have been with this company for almost two years and owe like 120…they sent me a letter stating they have increased my credit limit to 500 since I have made all my payments on time…..and they told me use my new found credit. So I decided to order 85.00 worth of stuff and they sent me a letter requesting a downpayment…..of 50 percent..I was very dissapointed and also they wanted my bank info and not my visa…..they probably do that because they have to pay for every card transaction and for checking info they don’t so it is cheaper for them. But still….that did take away my new found credit attitude……what a company…then I get on here and see all these complaints……I do not have such a good opinion of them now……..i think it is their bank that is behind all of this anyway and not the company itself…..

  • E.Willisms

    I had been a customer for afew years now and making payments every single month however I find this company to be very disrespectful to good paying customers.
    Even though Ive paid as much as $600.
    Or more in two years ive known this compay and never miss a single payment when I wanted to make a purchase for $27.00 on my account they treated me like crap, demanding over the phone I make a downpayment after I made a purchase week before and telling me I had a credit of over $250 remaining!
    I went to give then my usual Visa -They would not even except it I was told to send check or money order and wound up giving them a Check over the phone!
    I too wish Ide never met this company!

  • Christa

    I ordered a comforter set from stoneberry. When I received it smelled like it had been burnt and the comforter was not like the one that was advertised. I sent it back and had to pay to send it back which was an outrageous amount and now they are still trying to charge me 24.20 for sending it to me. This is ridiculous to pay over 50.00 for a product I didn’t want and didn’t keep! When I called customer service they were Very rude and told me to bad! THIS COMPANY IS A RIP OFF!!!

  • Sylvia

    We got the Kocaso tablet bundle and within the first month it went dead and wouldn’t hold a charge…I talked to the cs and sent it back and they said a lot of the electronics including smartphones batteries are defective! Just wanted to worn everyone…Also we got the champaign comfort set with the pillows and I wanted to send it back because it has metal mesh and some kind of jewels (glass?) in the middle that’s really sharp so you can’t use the pillows ..only to look at.! My mom kept it though because its pretty but now I’m worried about washing it and getting rust? Made in China was $179!!! I also got a blanket that is my favorite but it sheds crimson color strands all over my bed….Idk, you just have to be careful because it looks like this company might not be the best option?! We only like the monthly payments because of fixed income

    • Jeannie Carle

      I HIGHLY recommend Fingerhut! I’ve been with them for YEARS and have NEVER had a problem! Payments are low, too.

  • tina

    I purchased the Wolves Howling at the Moon Bed in the Bag Set cost 79.99 + shipping of course had it less than two months and the Bed skirt ripped called Stoneberry and also sent email their response was sorry trial period is over. Now less than 3 months of owning this set the Comforter is also torn the material is terrible and I will not purchase from them ever again.

  • Vickie Driver

    I haven’t had any problems with Stoneberry.,until now I sent back Elite Platinum 3.5qtGlass Panel deep fryer because it din’t work.They sent me a postage label so I wouldn’t have to pay for it to be sent back.I sent it back because I wanted another one sent back to me thats works .I haven’t heard anything from Stoneberry since.

  • Jerry

    I got a Nikion Camera at Bus Buy for $ 79.00
    But at Stoneberry the same camera it is $ 179.99
    This Co is a Rip off Stay away

  • Mary

    I ordered a bath spa for my daughter they charged me $9.99 extra for fast shipping which I did not want and they refuse to do anything about it they are the rudest company that I have ever had contact with avoid them like the plague.

  • Anne

    I ordered a Shark cordless vacuum from them never opened the box and returned it cause I really thought that I could afford it but with the holidays fast approaching realized that I would rather spend the money on my grandkids.
    I received a bill for a payment of 7.99 after returning the item, I called to find out what was going on and they said I had to pay for shipping, of 15.99 I told them the box was never opened and why should I pay for an item that is not in my possession, the lady I spoke with was rude and very uncaring. I am looking into this further with an attorney that is a friend of mine whether charging for shipping after reetuning a package is legal or not.
    They Can Go Pound Sand!
    VERY, POOR,CUSTOMER, RELATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BEWARE OF OF THIS RIP OFF STONEBERRY RIP OFF COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenny Ayres

    Stay away from this company. It charges very high interest rates and it goes on and on for your balance even though you are making payments. Better to save you money and buy the items out right. They want to make money like a bank and are in business for the exorbitant interest they charge, not off the items offered. Soon your will owe more in interest than the amount of merchandise you bought.

    • Rodana

      I can relate to this, looks like my balance is the same as last year, i make payments every month,on time and sometimes they get my payments early, then they want to double up on my payments, and say i skips payments..not true, i hate I got mixed up with this company..maybe be we should have 20/20 to investigate them.

  • Edna

    I have an account with Stoneberry. I have not had any trouble with their products or shipping, but their monthly payments are too high according to what I owe. Most companies have small monthly payments until they go beyond a certain amount. Not Stoneberry.

  • Bruce

    Place and received two orders which I really liked but when I went to order a big item the wanted me to prepay some of the cost of the item and I had a catalog that stated I could order anything in it and pay the low payments. I really hate being lied to and had star credit with them. This company is miss leading people.

  • W. McCormick

    Purchased a Mixer Hamltion Beach did not work correctly returned item they set on the item and only partial credited my account, These people are the worlds biggest crooks. I have filed a BBB compliant also. Buyer

  • Isaiah

    I tried to order twice from Stoneberry and still have not gotten an answer about their credit except on the first order they wanted payment in full and they said they sent a letter but never got it. Cancelled that order and ordered a second item that was cheaper but still haven’t gotten any word on the order status so cancelled that order. This company sucks and I will not try ordering anything from them again. So much for their credit plan

  • Earnest Smith

    Please refrain from giving my info to other companies or agencies. Of the six topics on that is listed here in your letter the bottom 5 are to be eliminated from giving my personal info to any one. Thanks!

  • Rochelle

    Ok people, it clearly states in their catalogs under their Stoneberry Guarantee, sorry, shipping and processing charges are non-refundable. Duh!!! Regardless of whether you change your mind and no longer the product, someone took the time to take your order, process your order and ship your order. So why should they eat the cost because you changed your mind. It’s a business, those fees are what helps them stay in business. I placed my first order with them not even 24 hours ago and it has already shipped!!!

    • Yvonne

      I do not see the statement on their catalog until I had to return an item. I do not mind paying what I owe, but their customer service reps. have nasty and rude attitudes, this does not make sense for people to be that way and still have a job. The company must practice the same nasty/rude attitude, and tell them its ok to talk to customer that way. DO NOT ORDER from Stoneberry.

  • maine woman

    I have a credit limit of 500.00 with them, have less than 100.00 to pay. I ordered $134.00 worth of merchandise and they want a down payment. WTF??

  • Yvonne Huitron

    I order something from them in dec 2012,,,it wasn’t what I expected,,,so was ask to return items,, for a full refund,,turn out I didn’t get a full refund,,,they charge me for the shipping & handling,, they minus $35..from my refund…and they got there items back!!! I was so freaking ****!!! I got ripped off!!! Don’t like them at all,,,,,

  • ronald

    i have ordered from stoneberry and only have gotten half my order and its now been a month and the other half my order was to be shipped on 2/17/13 and still has not been shipped yet maybe they meant 2/17/2014

  • Vickie

    I just got a call from a collection agency today saying I owe Stoneberry 276.33 have not recieved a payment from me since July 2012 on my account. I thought I had paid them off last AUG! yes I did order again from them in June 2012..I forgot I had! They told me at Stoneberry that I had 2 sepaerate accounts.Not that i knew off! So no e-mails from them to remind me of payment, no calls on my cell phone either. BUT they DID call my disconnected phone in another state from the first time I ordered. They DID send paper notices to old address that were returned to them. Yet they have my e-mail, new address and cell phone to give to collection people. Now I owe 276.33 instead of original 117.95 for Item ordered back in June. 92.00 of this is late charges. Can’t help me now though because "it’s in collection agency hands now-too late"! Never again Stoneberry!

  • noy happy

    I paid off my account and they claim they did not recieve it when i have the cancelled check that has cleared my bank. if i get another bill with late fees charges on it i am going to sue this place

  • Linda

    They did the same thing to me. Some of the people who reply to your thread actually work for Stoneberry they are paid to say they have had no problems.



  • Willette

    Stoneberry will ask for money up front due to your credit history or lack of that request is reasonable. I have a Stoneberry account, I was not ask for money up front,but my room-mate was. I have also had the experience not with stoneberry but with companies that what ever payment you pay for the month due is for that month. payments are made every month you can pay tne minimum or over but you ust pay every month. I had to respond to the comments above, not be cause i want to stand up for Stoneberry but the comments, above is with-out merits, and is the standard for some companies if not all.

  • I called in a double payment before it was due. Then I got a bill for the month. I called and told them I had made a double payment, and they said it didn’t count because I couldn’t pay early. When I complained about it I got this payment must made each month. dah don’t even know how to write.

    • Rodana

      the same exact thing happened to me..


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