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Last Updated On: September 19, 2014

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Business Name: Hearthware, Inc.
Corporate Address:
1795 Butterfield Rd. Ste A
Libertyville, Illinois 60048-1227 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 855-742-2665
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Company Contact: Jay S. Moon - Owner
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Nuwave PIC is one of the highest spending companies on Infomercials. The Nuwave PIC Infomercial runs multiple times per week making up a huge portion of it's sales. Other Names:, Nuwave PIC 2 - Precision Induction Cooktop, Nuwave PIC, Nuwave PIC2, Nuwave PIC 2,, picontv, More Info: The NuWave PIC (Precision Induction Cooktop) is a portable burner that is designed to be more efficient and convenient than a full size stove-top burner.
Contacts: Janet Delaney (Sales) - John Stewart (Sales)

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Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $27,606.70
Average Reported Losses: $135.33

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Average Rating: 1.40 out of 5
Based On: 204 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 316

Latest NuWave Oven Complaint

Ridiculous Shipping and Handling charges

On 12 Aug.2014 we ordered the “PIC+BOGO offer+ultcookware+free upgrade to next day shipping. The total came to 99.99. The shipping was $29.99, we both specifically asked the sales rep.what our total charge would be.We were assured the total charge to our credit card would be $129.99.

When the carton arrived we open it and upon review of the invoice we were shocked to have been charged 89.95 for shipping and handling. We contacted the company and voiced our displeasure about this excessive S/H charge. After a lengthy conversation with the customer service rep. we were assured that a supervisor would review the sales tape and we would be contacted within 2 business days.

As of today (29 Aug.2014) no further contact with their company has occurred.It appears that we have been ripped off for 59.95 as part of their “super-deal”. I guess my only recourse is to try to pass this inequity on to the Better Business people.

Apparently the bottom line is not to trust anyone on-line anymore.In retrospect, we should have paid through “Pay-Pal” and maybe we could have had a chance of stop payment.Sadly, another lesson learned!

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Official Responses from NuWave Oven

By: Alice Pace On: May 31, 2013

My name is Alice and I am the Social Media Coordinator at Hearthware, makers of the NuWave PIC. I have read your complaint and it seems as though there were several touch points where things could have been handled better. I genuinely apologize for your frustration. I would like to see if we can resolve this issue for you.

Please contact me at with your original order information and I will assist you.

Thank you.

By: Alice Pace On: May 21, 2013

I apologize for the confusion with processing your order. If you did not cancel your order, the system will automatically continue to process the order. We have implemented an email confirmation system to avoid these types of occurrences going forward.

We will continue our efforts to improve the customer ordering experience.

If you need assistance with your returns, please email me at I’ll be happy to help.

Consumer Comments For NuWave Oven

  • My comment would be this….I too have had the run-around all of you describe. I have had numerous issues to talk over with customer “service” dept. Have been told can’t get “free” cookware because I did not order it initially….but I can pay $60 and get it plus the $29.00 S&H.. Will SOMEBODY please tell me…WHY/HOW ARE THESE PEOPLE STILL IN BUSINESS ON THE NET, TV AND PHONE IN FULL VIEW OF THE FTC and everybody???? OIY!!

  • I’ve had the NuWave PICs (2 PICs) and a set of their cookware for about 18 months now. Both my husband & I love our PICs! The cookware is really nice, although it’s not necessary; you can use any magnetic cookware. (use a magnet to test – if the magnet sticks to the cookware, it’ll work with the PIC; I keep one in my pocketbook for when I’m in dollar stores – you’d be amazed at what you can sometimes find inexpensively) We decided to go for the smaller and the larger oven, a few months later, and we love the bigger oven, also. We never even bothered to unpack the smaller oven from it’s box, and we are giving it to friends who love the PICs and uses them in their RV when they travel, as well as in their kitchen at home.

    I admit that Customer Service sucked when I bought my PICs (Dec 2012), and I had a hard time convincing them that the laws against charging my credit card twice (once at time of shipping and a second time before the shipped boxes arrived) was going to bring them some very nasty legal trouble from me, but I’m not a lawyer’s daughter-in-law and a cousin to half a dozen more lawyers for nothing. ;-) If you quote the pertinent laws, by number & clause, to a high-enough supervisor, you will get action – no matter whom you are speaking to or what company you’re dealing with. You just need to know what to say, and what not to say. State facts, not emotion. Don’t argue what doesn’t need to be argued. Choose your battles carefully. I won, in the end, and my credit card was refunded the second charge entirely AND 10% of the original proper charge as well, as an apology. I also got a free set of utensils, although I suspect those are worth every penny I paid for them (zero), as they are no better nor worse than any of the similar utensils that I already owned.

    I also found out that a large bamboo cutting board was of sufficient thickness to shield against the stainless steel countertops that line my never-updated original 1941 kitchen. That is, you can put a wooden or bamboo cutting board down on the stainless steel countertop, set the PIC on that, and it’ll work just fine. Stainless steel everywhere – in both the kitchen and the butler’s kitchen. I had no option other than to try this OR tear out 12-foot-long stainless steel counters. One of these days, I’ll get so sick and tired of polishing those darn stainless counters and rip ‘em out anyhow. lol It’s RUSTless steel, not STAINless steel; the stuff stains if you even just think about going into the kitchen!

    The key to enjoying all of the benefits of this method of cooking that caught your eye in the first place can be yours, if you understand how induction cooking actually works. Don’t order it until after you’ve watched the videos and read all of the information on the website. The company is very upfront about how induction cookery works, how their products work, and now (after I bought) they’re even upfront about what it’s cost is, if you understand numbers and how BOGOs (Buy One Get One Free) work, and what “shipping AND HANDLING” means. S&H doesn’t just mean the raw cost of shipping; it also means packing (and sometimes, even fetching from the warehouse). You pay more than just the shipping cost, by definition. BOGOs are actually items that, under normal conditions, are equivalent to store “teasers” in weekly circulars. For example, Grocery Store A will drop the price on, say, cans of cranberry sauce so low, just before Thanksgiving, that they actually lose money on the sale of cans of cranberry sauce, BUT they make money on the stuffing, the produce, and desserts – often even the turkeys (if you are buying more than your’e possible freebie bird) – that you buy while you’re in that particular grocery store. That’s because you aren’t likely to go to Grocery Store A for the low-cost cranberry sauce only, and to Grocery Store B for the similarly low-cost dried stuffing mix and breads, and to Grocery Store C for their similarly low-cost teaser canned veggies, and to your local Bakery for your sale desserts, and to your Produce Store for the cheapest produce sales. ALmost no one will bother to do that… and even if you do, you’ve wasted so much money on gasoline to drive all around town that you probably haven’t saved a penny. Never mind what your time is worth. Yes, they earn something on the “free” PICs they send out to you for “just the shipping & handling”; that’s called good business sense and it’s standard business practice. If a pot or fry pan or Dutch oven doesn’t work on your PIC, then it’s because the cookware isn’t conductive; you need conductive cookware to work on a PIC. It works by magnetic force, not by some kind of magic.

    Bottom Line: The PICs work very well. The oven works quite well. It is, however, a very different method of cooking, and you must learn how to best use it before it will work best for you. And there is still no such thing as a free lunch.

  • I just read the complaints about their wonderful product. I ordered one and as soon as it arrives, I will return it. thanks for the heads up. I only wish I had read this prior to ordering.

  • I have been told that the actual cost of their product is the shipping charge of $29.99 and the rest is profit to them. I don’t know if this is true, but I can’t believe it cost that much for shipping. Glad to hear the complaints as it will save me some money too. Thanks everyone.

  • Well here’s the GM of Marketing and Sales Facebook – let him have it folks


  • No matter what you want to say – this is still a terrible way to do business. First off you should NEVER have to give all your personal information including your credit card number BEFORE getting to the point to see how much you are going to end up being charged. A reputable company would also do a combined shipping deal instead of making people pay full shipping and handling on each item. In addition to that it does not cost $29 bucks for them to ship this item to you. They are making money off the shipping. To make it worse they charge an additional $29 bucks to ship the second item to you without the cookware. Again, making money off shipping charges. Again, a reputable company would offer combined shipping for everything. I have no problem if they want to charge a decent handling fee but it is a rip off plain and simple to charge someone $60 dollars to ship this all to the same address. Plus the fact that I have read people have gotten no working or defective products and have been forced to pay return shipping fees is ludicrous. Bottom line is this – If you have a good product that works you should not make people jump through hoops, read small print, click ‘no’ through 10 different offers for other products just to check out.

    • No, it’s “shipping and PROCESSING”. Sure, the shipping cost is much less than $30 each and $60 total. The rest is “processing” profit. Yes, they are hiding profit in the S&P charges. Just like all other infomercial products.

  • Just got my order of two NuWave ovens from TV ad. They told me 19.95 for shipping the two units with three payments. They charged 189.50 shipping! What a rip off and I plan to dispute the charges with AMX! Beware folks.

  • I will be returning the buy one get one free PICs tomorrow. This company clearly leads it’s customers to believe the cookware comes with the cooktop. Why would I buy the cooktop without the cookware? It can not be used without the special cookware. I will also be filing a complaint with the BBB in Chicago. This company is a complete rip off and uses deceptive advertising and sales practices. I order things over the phone all the time and have never run into such out right lies to secure a sale. Their customer service is horrible as well. DON”T DEAL WITH NUWAVE!!

  • I have a 10andhalf pan that went bad on me ,it as a burned stain on the right side that wont go away less I use steel wool or sand paper

    • Marcel, try putting your pan in the sink, pour a little dish soap and fill it with boiling water. Let it sit a few hours or overnight, and then the burnt-on food should just wipe away with a sponge. If not, gently use one of those MMM green scrubbies (soft enough not to scratch your pan if used very gently) to remove the rest of the burnt-on food. If all else fails, go to the less appetizing method of using a little Goo Gone with a paper towel, and then wash the pan well with soap and plenty of very hot water. To keep the sticky mess from happening in the first place, I’ve found that the following works. (1) DON’T use cooking spray; it has too low of a scorching temp and scorches even when your food doesn’t. Use a little higher scorching temp cooking oil (corn oil has the highest, I think that the next-highest may be either corn-oil-based mixed vegetable oil or canola oil) instead of the spray, and wipe it around the inside of the pan with a paper towel. (2) DON’T let the pan sit. Instead, let it soak in very hot water or very hot water with a little tiny bit of dish soap. This way, by the time you’re done eating and ready to clean up, the stuff hasn’t stuck on the pan, and is easy to wipe off with a sponge and some more hot water and dish soap. (3) DON’T let any scratching happen to the insides of your pans. Even the little tiny scratches interfere with the non-stick ability of your pan. I use those rubber separators between my pans when I nest them on top of each other in the cupboard, to prevent scratching. Those silly rubber thingies are well worth every penny – and more – because they keep my non-stick pans in like brand-new condition. HTH

  • No on/off button but has a start button, to turn mine off I need to unplug it.

    • To turn it off, use pause then clear.

    • click on pause twice to turn it off.

  • U SUCK fox speed

  • Wow. Saw part of the infomercial this morning and was ready to order. Two Nuwaves for the price of one–one for me and the other for my daughter. Couldn’t believe how great the deal sounded. Just kidding. What’s the come-on that each and every info, such as this, has, "But wait, if you are one of the next 200 callers, we’ll double your order and you pay only the S/H charges." Can’t believe that anyone falls for these scammers.

  • Do not order from this company. Trying to checkout you get bombarded with about a dozen offers which are worded to sound like you only pay shipping, or only $10 for a frying pan upgrade, etc., and your final bill can easily get to over $500 quickly.

    There are many reputable companies selling induction cooktops who don’t use deceitful and underhanded practices, just check Google or even Amazon for better safer options. My husband wanted one, said we get 2 for the price of 1 by paying S&H per the TV commercials so I ordered on that basis. You get only 1 and you pay the shipping for it, but their ordering process is that convoluted that it’s not even clear.

    Save yourself a headache and your money and order elsewhere and never from this company. Spent $140 for just one cooktop that won’t even work with our existing pots and pans. Yes, we’re returning it, but we’re still out $50 for the shipping and handling and shipping it back, and nothing to show for that $50.

    It’s a shame as it sounds like it could be a good product. They really need to clean up their advertising and ordering process though.

    • And after talking to them to get an RMA I just found out they don’t refund all of the sales tax charged. At first I was told only $99.99 would be refund until I asked about taxes. Then I was told they’ll refund only part of the taxes, so at this point I’m thinking it’s very possible I won’t get any refund on the sales tax. How on earth can any company justify that move?

      I repeat, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

    • It only works with pans that will attract a magnet. If a magnet won’t stick to the bottom of the pan, it’s not “Induction” ready

  • THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to report on the NEW WAVE PIC. I was thinking about ordering one, too but after reading all of your comments and bad experiences, I have been saved from the hassle. I have also run into companies that sell you the "Buy one, get one free" and charge a ridiculous S/H charges. If you attempt to decline this offer and forget the "FREE" one, they say they can’t do that! Thank goodness for people such as yourselves that take the time to enlighten the rest of us potential buyers. I’m very grateful to all of you. Patt, in WA

  • Does the item work, and how well?

    • what does it take to do so. I just want to know how well the item works.

    • I hear all of the complaints about the new wave oven. I have been dealing with theis company for 6 years. I have had one mix up and the company called to make it right. My husband and I love this prouduct. I use it for everything and I hardly use my electric stove for cooking food get done quicker and I love my electric bill. All the little stuff out way the benefits just have patients and talk to manger at customer service if you can’t get your problem solve the product is well worth it. Also, the food is great!

  • I love the Nuwave pic. I ordered it with all the cookware and shipping was free, I also ordered the pressure cooker which is simply amazing. I then ordered another set of two for my son and daughter for Christmas to include the pressure cookers. They both absolutely love them. My daughter hasn’t hardly used the stovetop since receiving the pic and has really become the creative cook with the pressure cooker. I’m thinking of getting the Nuwave oven now

  • I ordered the nuwave package after viewing all the comments & complains, I made the 3 payments system for a reason, after receiving the box some of the advertise merchandise was missing, so to save all the calls & arguments the following morning I called the bank &cancelled my card, the bank sent me a new one within days & newwave never saw another payment from me, the whole package cost me $55.98.

    • that’s theft–not savings !!. i had a missing part and they replaced it right away! if you are nice to them-they will be nice to you!!

  • i was about to order from the TV commercial, but after reading the comments, decided against it. The best advice was to get it at BB&B with a coupon, and that’s what I’ll do.

  • I am so glad that people posted their experiences here. I was interested in the NuWave PIC to use in my RV. However, after reading these comments, I believe that I have been saved from being ripped off. I definitely will not order anything from this company.

    • I too was getting to order it after seeing the infomercial. The issues people had with how it works or doesn’t work and the ordering process deterred me. Thanks for sharing your experiences cause it saved other people headaches.

  • Thank you America for speaking out. I would’ve been conned if I did not read your comments. Shout away con people and con business. I’m rather checking out or Bed&Bath. Thanks America!

  • DON’T BUY FROM THE TV !!!! If you want it go to the store you can find most of the tv products at local stores. If you do purchase this item from the tv and are not satisfied file a complaint with the BBB you can also contact the Attorney General of your state. If more people file complaints than it is possible for an investigation to be conducted for fraudulent claims of "Free cookware" You wouldn’t buy a car with out knowing the total price for it, including taxes and tags. Never Never Never buy anything with out knowing the total price including shipping and handling also always ask if there is a restocking free if the product is returned. TV commercials that claim the product is not sold in store is false advertising. Companies want to sell their products so they do put them in stores, they just hope people are too busy and will order it from the TV. If you buy it from the store you don’t pay shipping and handling and it is much easier to return it.

  • I was going to order for my husband, as a gift, he is a chef and has a catering business. I thought this would be ideal. I am so glad I took the time to look to see if there were complaints before I ordered. Thank you everyone who posted their complaints

    • Paula We have the NuWave pic and got it from the informercial and we just love it. At the time they did not offer it in the stores but now they do. I know they offer it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart and maybe some others. And you can use a coupon for it. If you get it through one of the local stores or even Amazon and don’t like it you can always return it hassle free. Just keep your receipt. I think with your husband being a chef there is a good chance that he might absolutely love it.

  • Don’t order from the company, order from Amazon or go to a local store that sells the item. I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond for the 99 price and got a 20 percent discount. So far its working great and I don’t even use my electric stove anymore.

  • Thank you for this service ! I just stopped my wife in time to save us over $100.00 by purchasing a NUWAVE COOKER !! There are several alternate companies which manufacture similar cookers so we will investigate them before we buy !!! THANK YOU AGAIN !

  • Saw the commercial on TV tonight but after reading several reviews and complaints and all the scam was revealed I will go to Bed Bath & Beyond and purchase a similar cooktop in person. Outrageous shipping charges!!! How do they get a way with that??? I hope some of you who did purchase and were ripped off file a class action lawsuit against this company. Call your State Attorney Generals Office and file a complaint if enough in your state do, they will take action. Good luck all of you. ~ And thank you for your honest reviews and sharing of your stories and protecting the rest of us from this scam. Shame on you NuWave for taking advantage of consumers. You will never get my business that is for sure!

  • My wife is recovering from a stroke suffered 2 years ago, and now at age 71, suffers from onset of dimentia. She informed me that she had ordered the nuwave cooker from the TV ad. I got suspicious and got on the computer to see her credit card charges. Sure
    enough there was the charge. I have seen the infomercial my self and remembered the deal about dropping one of the payments and making it a $99.99 price. With this in mind I expected the charge to be about $120 tp $130, depending on the shipping. Instead I saw a charge for $428. Several days later UPS delivers 1 small, 1 medium, and 1large carton from this outfit. It was supper time so I just set the boxes aside, to deal with them the next day. The next morning we had a neuroligist appointment which occupied most of my time. Upon return from the appointment, I got her settled in and then took the boxes, uopened, to UPS for return. When I got home I called PIC to tell them the stuff was going back, explained my wife’s health issues, and asked to return the charges on her card. I was told that I messed up returning everything because all the "free" stuff did no need to be sent back, they did not want it. But, since I did send it back shipping and handling charges would be assessed on the "free" stuff. When I asked what the total shipping and handling charges would amount be, she told me $168, which I cannot believe.
    In summary, these people can still make a profit just sending out boxes and inflating the shipping and handling. My greatest wish now is that many people will read this comment before ordering anything from TV infomercials.

    • Contact the Federal Trade Commission online & register a formal compliant. Contact your credit card company & explain what’s occurred they maybe able to offer some kind of help. Best of luck.

    • Thanks for saving me money and a hassle I don’t need in my life. It’s simply not good business to do business like they obviously do–I can’t understand why they persist in their deceitful ways. I am a great customer if you treat me right but
      not one to take on if you cheat me!

  • Ohhhhhhhh, thought this might be a nice surprise for my wife. Looks good on the TV ad. Boy oh boy am I glad I read the reviews the kind ladies and gentlemen who took time out of their day to write. I thank you. I won’t be taking a chance by buying this product. I did like the review that advised to look at Bed Bath and Beyond for this or other manufacturers like it. Dealing with a reptuable company that will take product back if anything wrong makes much more sense to me.

  • i brought nu-wave pic in dec 2013
    found out after i recvd it -if you have health issues you should not use it
    i tried to call c.s @ nuwave to inquire about it-they were very rude to me on the phone-ask to s/w supervisor they told me it would take 24-72 hrs till they call me bk i still waiting…. i made the call in jan 2014
    i need the GAUSS measurements on nuwave pic
    cause mt husband has 2 stents in his heart
    does anybody know how to find this info out-cause nuwave co doesnot know….

    • Thank you for your extremely valuable information.

    • ChrisOlson
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      Re: Questions about induction cooktops.
      Our range top adjusts the temperature by varying the voltage to the Litz Coils and they pull less power on lower temp settings. The lower voltage weakens the magnetic field, and higher voltage makes the field stronger. The magnetic field is VERY strong – my gauss meter shows up to .46 Tesla on the higher settings – equivalent to the magnetic field strength of neo magnets at 1" air gap.

      Ralph – our range top has a Power Boost setting for boiling water really fast – the Power Boost setting will go for up to 8 minutes and then it automatically reduces to the normal "HI" power setting. The cooking vessel and coil hum on the Power Boost setting. You are creating an intense magnetic field around the cooking vessel that builds and collapses with the current frequency (120 times per second with 60 Hz AC current). That magnetic field causes eddy currents to flow in the ferromagnetic cooking vessel and the eddy currents heat it. It is pretty much the same way that eddy brakes work on trains and roller coasters and such.

      The hum is only noticeable on the Power Boost setting. One the "burner" power is lowered to normal "HI" power, the hum goes away. But on the Power Boost setting I have tested the magnetic field and it is VERY powerful – approaching the air gap strength of the most powerful permanent magnets known to man.

      P.S. Not sure if this applies to your Nuwave product.

  • I purchased the package deal of buy 1 get 1 free and i received everything as shown on TV. Yes you have to pay shipping but nothing for unit or Pans. I have used it now for a few weeks and we LOVE it all. The griddle, grill and pans work great and we were amazed how the steaks looked and tasted. Incredible…LOVE…LOVE….LOVE…

  • i brought nu-wave pic in dec 2013
    never told about health issues you may have-cannot have pic in your home till after i recvd it
    i tried calling cust. service @ nuwave , i got run around- needed gauss measurements that nuwave pic puts out- cause my husband has 2 stents in his heart-maker of stents needs that info in order for them to tell me its safe to use.
    nuwave cust. service could not give me this info . they were rude… ask to speak w/supervisor and told me they would call me 24/72 hrs that was in Jan 2014 still waiting….
    i cannot believe they couldnot give me info i need for health reasons-told me to sent it bk-but i wanted my s/h chrgs bk -because they didinot disclosure any health issues etc…
    they will not give me all my money bk so i still have it…
    does anybody know how i can find out the Gauss measurements on nuwave pic?

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates them as an F.

  • Nu Wave is a new modality of cooking and works by magnetic induction of heat in the food being prepared. This enables it to be controlled precisely. The magnetic induction cannot occur thru copper, alum., ceramic, or glass. Anything like iron or stainless steel, coated or in coated can be used in induction cooking. It’s a great way to save money on energy.

  • FYI: My Wolf Gang Puck 18/10 stainless steel cookware doesn’t work on the PIC. What a disappointment…. :^(
    So I tried some of the old pots in the back of the cabinet and I found some that work! I am now happily cooking up a storm with my PIC. I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the non-stick skillet, so I may just go ahead & get a set of the NuWave cookware & fry pans. The PIC cooktop is great in our RV as well as at home. (I hate to use the stove in the RV. It takes forever to just boil water.) Thanks NuWave!

  • I read the reviews on the PIC, and was not sure about getting it, so I waited until the NuWave PIC was available in stores. I bought one at Kmart yesterday and am very happy with it! As a rule, I don’t buy any of these AS SEEN ON TV items until they are available in stores for 2 reasons: # 1: No Shipping & Handling Charges and # 2: I can return it immediately and get my money back if it doesn’t work. I paid $99.99 plus sales tax total. If I decide to get a 2nd unit, I’ll just buy one. The "shipping & handling" fee includes the shipping cost to send the package, PLUS whatever they want to charge for the box, the packing materials and the "handling" to pack it up for shipping. In the long run, it saves me time, money and headaches to NOT order from TV, and just to wait and buy locally. Just my 2 cents…,,..,

  • Ive used my nuwave for about a year now the heating unit works great but the fry pans will not come clean on the inside food will not stick to the bottum put it sure sticks to the sides I can not get them clean.all types of food sticks and burns to the side from eggs to sauces.

    • I work for a company that sells kitchen cookware. We do not sell nuwave items but we sell name brands like all clad, kitchenaid, cuisinart etc. All of our vendors tell us do not use cooking spray in your fry pans as it will eventually make them stick. Never put your fry pans in the dishwasher even if they are dishwasher safe. If your pans do start to stick use barkeepers helper, you can find this in the grocery store aisle with the dish detergents and cleaning products. This should help to make your pans not stick anymore.

  • Looks like Alice needs an assistant!!

  • Well I was about to order! Thanks for the info!

  • I bought the pic on buy one get one, I know nothing is free and if a half price discount still makes them profit, it aint that much of a discount. However, even though the shipping and handling were high, the products all arrived and function perfect. I am not stupid enough to buy special pans and understand fully that for the burner to work you need ferrous pans hence my favorite pans work fine. Stainless steel and cast iron, the two best non stick products made. My electric bill even reflected the fact that I have been using the pic burners exclusively. To date, they have almost saved the cost of the burners in electricity. Thank you for a great product.

  • I bought buy one get one free pic pros, I got one pic, ordered pots and pans 2 grills, 2 griddles, got one grill and griddle, it came to $605.00, got in 3 boxes shipped 2 were pot and pan sets, one was a free, one pic, 2 fry pans, one grill and one griddle, called and lady on phone was very rude, said did I take everything out of shipping boxes, like da!!!! I would not be calling missing stuff if I did not take out of boxes, emailed 2 times and still no response, the lady I talked to said I will get a response in 3 days it has been a month, gave me a discount on shipping but still cost me $605.will never order from this company again they are crooks to take your money and run

    • William, if your grammar is anything like your reply to this feed then how could anyone take you seriously?

    • Thanks for this post!!! There is a resident in my building, (a sr. living facility), who had the same thing happen to her!!!. She is still trying to get her money back. DON’T GET FOOLED BY THESE CROOKS!!!

    • you need to dispute with your credit card company, because they will give you the money back. That’s why a credit card purchase is your safety net. I’ve always do that when companies false advertise their products. Main thing to remember is NEVER purchase anything from an infomercial. Wait and it will show up at Walgreen’s and Walmart eventually.

  • ordered bogo,did not receive my free items.order # 806358a,cust.# 858102. I will pay s&h charges just want my free items. thanx, randall

  • I bought two PIC package deals (about a month apart,Oct and Nov 2013) and I got everything that was advertised. I had a set of pots from Tupperware that worked perfect. I did order pots for my daughter since it was a Christmas gift for her and she didn’t have Induction Pots already. Any pot that has the Induction symbol works. So far I have been happy with my purchase. The sparks that happen when you plug or unplug the PIC also happens with my coffee pot, toaster, and microwave so that’s a normal thing to me. Very happy customer!! Also love my NUWAVE OVEN!

  • I saw the PIC2 on line offer that stated "buy one, get one free". I went through the ordering process and when it got to the question about upgrading my second PIC to a PIC Pro for an additional $34.96 I readily agreed. Thinking I would get the PIC 2 for the advertised price of $99.96 and a PIC Pro for additional $34.96 I readily agreed to it. Well, when my ordered cooktop(s) arrived I was surprised to find only one cooktop, the PICPro. I have placed multiple calls to customer service about my missing PIC2 but they insist I only ordered the PICPro. DO NOT believe the advertised special "buy one, get one free" because the company does NOT honor the offer. So I ended up with one cooktop at a higher price than I would have paid for it at a store.

  • I ordered the pic with a buy one get one free and was supposed to get the cookware with it. I paid $159.89 they sent the two pic2 but not the cookware. I just called them and they said I didn’t pay the shipping for the cookware and I would have to pay $59.95 plus shipping of $29.95. I had no choice but to buy it, because if I sent the two pic2 back I would have to pay at least $40.00 for shipping and would only get $99.00 back. I don’t know how it works until I get the cookware, ours won’t work with. This is not a good company. Very displeased

    • You are lucky you actually got two PIC2 units. I only received one and they said that was all I paid for. Some company!

  • The shipping cost doubled the cost of the product. Where can you get the cookware without having to purchase through this outfit? I have yet to use this woder of our time, glad I have a bonus coming so I can pay for this wise choice. Buyer beware!

    • Don’t hold yjur breath waiting for your "bonus" because the company probably will not honor it

  • I have purchased three of them. I love them. My only problem with them is the time limit. After they have been cooking, and I don’t know what the time limit is, they beep and automatically cut off. This is a problem when slow cooking soups and stews.
    Another problem is how to re-season the teflon pans. After a while they loose their seasoning. They were terrific at first. I also purchased the gridle and grill which is the most difficult things to clean that I have ever found. I am so very unhappy with them.

  • I bought the new PIC2.My problem is the ad on tv .It shows the pan being lifted, but the temp is not being reset. If you lift the pan off the error pops up and you have to restart . Why can.t you get a larger cook book on how to cook more then the things in the little book you send

  • I purchased the NU WAVE pic and the frying pans the pressure cooker and the fondue set.
    I think this was the best investment of the year for me.The pressure cooker and grill and griddle came with a DVD.
    I have had no problems with any of the products. I am not use to cooking with out oil but when I cooked turkey beacon without oil I was amazed at the oil that cooked off of it. I think I will purchase another pic and the L ovenware.

  • I bought the New Wave oven 2 years ago and have nearly stopped using my electric stove. I have cooked a turkey, chicken, roasts, veggie, baked bread and pies and have not had one problem.
    The only negative is that the oven does not brown meat like I would but the meat is very flavorful and juicy and it cooks everything in at least half the time.
    I love my New Wave oven!!

  • False advertising to say the least. You need special pans with this odd symbol on them to use them on this
    item. No ones that you cannot get a magnet to stick to will not work, trust me I tried. They do not tell you that when advertising it on TV. yes, i am sending mine back, yes shipping and handling is very expensive, I have now lost $90. and it will be more once I mail them back. Now what do I do with a fondue pot, etc? eeks I wish I would have read these items before I called them.

    • Any pan that a magnet sticks to will work.

  • Like I figured… All these "as seen on TV" companies use shipping and handling to offset the true cost of products. TV prices look so cheap, have most people sitting on the fence at this deal…. but wait, there’s more. They reduced a payment. People jump off the fence and blindly place orders. Now the scam starts rolling.

  • I bought it. Didn’t tell you it was $60.00 shipping and handling. Supposed to get free cookware. I got 2 stove tops and no cookware thought maybe they were shipped separate. Didn’t Come. I called and they said i declined the cookware. Right, I declined free cookware. They said they said they could sell it to me for $59.00. Probably another $60.00 S&H. I sent it back. Cost another $30.00. So i’m out $90.00. Don’t buy it!!!

    • same thing happened to me, a real rip off

    • I had similar luck by buying 2 cooktops and only receiving one. I was told I did not order two. A company based on FRAUD!

    • Thanks to these online complaints due to their crooked business practices, I changed my mind about buying this product. Just another example of greedy people destroying a perfectly good product or idea! We need to get some laws in place to prevent these thieves from operating! They need to see some jail time!

    • I ordered online and I thought everything was pretty clear. Everything sold on TV has seemingly high S&H charges for the ‘free’ item, but they can’t make products for nothing. The cookware is extremely high quality. 29.95 is very reasonable for 2 greenwear pans,as is for the stainless steel set. I thought it was a great deal. I’ve seen the green type of pans in local stores and they weren’t nearly as heavy duty and were expensive.

  • Sorry to read about your bad comments but let me tell you I bought the pic found it was more savings of electric power then my stove. I love it so I bought the oven even better I also had it shipped to all know shipping is not cheap like most people say if you don’t like the shipping charges then don’t buy it but like I said if it go’s bad on me I’ll just buy another one cause I just love the savings of electricity. You should try to compare the two from stove to the pic you’ll see the differents.

  • Thanks to all who let me know about this defective product and excessive S & H charges. This way of cooking seems like the wave of the future but as of today its in too early stages of development. I wont buy one right now.

  • My husband purchased one of the PIC and NuWave ovens about a month ago. He uses them daily and loves both of them. Since he is retired he has taken over most of the cooking in our house. He makes very delicious meals with both products and I couldn’t be happier! We have not had any of the problems that people are noticing. So far these two products have surpassed our expectations. If anyone is concerned about shipping costs, buy from WalMart and get site-to-store free shipping. You won’t get any free products or 2-for-1 deals, but you also won’t get any surprise charges either.

  • I just received my NuWave PIC Pro. I was impressed by all the ads on TV where the cooktop was supposedly safe to touch. Why, then, does both my cooktops bear the printed wording "COOKING SURFACE CAN REMAIN HOT EVEN AFTER COOKING"?

    • Because as the pot is heated it heats the surface. The surface stays hot for only a short period of time after you remove it (minutes). It is not like a regular electric stove in that the stove top gets hot and that heats the pot. Without a pot on it, it will not warm up at all, so if you have children and they turn it on it won’t get hot without a pot on it.

  • My nuwave was a Christmas present from my husband. I have used it everyday since without any problems. I have boiled, steamed, simmered and fried different foods- everything cooking perfectly. At first it is a little hard to figure the correct cooking temps but after a few tries no problems. I am completely delighted with my Nuwave and recommend it to any one considering purchasing one, Yes shipping was a little high perhaps this is something the company should consider lowering. I also received all the pieces that were susposed to be included in the order. NUWAVE YOU HAVE A HAPPY CUSTOMER HERE!

    • I have had a PIC for over a year and I love this for cooking…no problems,, great for sauces and stews… I didn’t bite for the "free" second one or the extra pans so i just paid the $100 and Im happy too.. It is important that one use quality induction ready cookware… the best as recommended is clad aluminum for transferring fellow used a cast iron pan… it will heat but doesnt transfer the heat… some ppl are just stupid and dont bother to read… Too bad this company chooses to scam their customers with those exorbitant shipping charges,

  • We ordered the nuwave 3 weeks ago, we were supposed to get 2 units plus cookware.and we ordered the optional gril. with shipping the 99.99 cost plus grill, and shipping came to 170.00 . we received one cook top. and the grill no cookware no second cooktop . we emailed the company asking them to send us the remaining unit and cookware and they said that unfortunately that deal was over and they cannot help us, BUT the website still offers the deal we bought online. So we called them and they offered to send us a second unit for an extra 30.00 but they could not help us on the cookware. we asked to talk to a manager and she said the same thing, BUT on the website it offers the unit plus cookware for 99.99 and 29.95 shipping on the second unit. Were totally upset a their inability to be good on their word. The unit is going back at our cost. We do not recommend buying anything from this company, its a total scam!

    • I have had the same experience, getting half what I ordered and paid for. Wish I had done some reading before I got involved with this company that is apparently based on fraudulent advertisement.

  • We have had our Nuwave2 for 6 months now and have had no problems with it at all. No strange popping or other sounds, no cracking, no difficulty cooking. As a matter of fact, we also have a Burton induction cooker that does not control the temperature very well and we have to watch it like a hawk. The Nuwave2 has been easy to use, the temperature controls are wonderful and our food comes out great and quick. I think one of the problems is that there is a learning curve in the use of induction cookers in learning the use of the temperature controls. My only complaint about the cooker is that, while it is a good safety feature and unless you program the time, it will shut off after about an hour, however, I could have programmed it. Also the duralon cookware that comes with it seems to be pretty darn good so far and we use it every day.

  • its sad to hear all this bad customer servives shipping rip off i dont see how they are still getting away with it ripped off by deceptivead

  • try as I can I cannot cook potatos or other veggys, after 5o minutes they still come out not cooked

  • I have purchased the Newwave2 (unfortunately before finding and reading this site).
    Here we go.
    I tried to boil 4 quarts of water (their adv says 90 seconds)….well….it took 24 minutes for the water to boil (and yes I have tried 3 different pots, from different manufacturers and all "induction" rated…but no luck….same results….24 minutes…..just a lousy gimmick.
    BTW….if you really want to waste your $$$…Walmart is "dumping" the NewWave2 (with a free pan) for $ 29.99.

    • Which Walmart? I would like to get one?

  • DON’T WAIST YOUR MONEY! In my (humble) opinion, this product should be called P.O.C. instead of PIC! If I would have known that the ‘heat’ source is smaller than half of the diameter of the device, I never would have bought it. I trIed to cook bacon in a cast Iron pan on this P.O.C. and after 10 minutes, the center part of the bacon was cooked crispy and both ends (outside of the heating element) were barely done. The bacon on the outer edges of the pan got warm, at best. I was pretty frustrated with this P.O.C, shut if off, and took the pan to my stove where I finished cooking the bacon. The embarrassing thing about all of this is that I kept one of them and gave the other one to my mother in law for Christmas before I found out what a P.O.C it is.

    • Thank You! I hate when the stuff off TV steal people’s money.

    • Wish I would’ve bought one for my mother-in-law!

  • We bought the cooktop with pots and pans. The second time we used the round griddle it cracked. Now we can not get in touch with any one with the company, they will not return calls or answer phones. customer service sucks. The next step is the better business bureau.

  • I bought my pic about a year ago and have been using almost every day without the dome cracking or any high pitch sounds being noticed while it was being used but then I don’t use it on sear mode either it’s just me and my wife and I love the control of heat everything does come out perfectly browned and cooked through and through I also ordered the second one and only paid 29.99 but I live in Texas maybe the shipping cost varies from state to state I love that the whole house does not get heated up while I’m trying to cook something and as far as I’m concerned this is a wonderful product.

  • When reading the posts on this forum or any product forum in general:

    The vast majority of posts are from unhappy customers, paid bashers, competitors, and groups that oppose the product. Since happy customers do not generally post on these kind of forums, a good percentage of the positive posts you see are put there by individuals paid by the manufacturer–whether it be a direct or contract employee. And don’t forget that you may be getting the opinion of just a few people, as multiple I.D.’s are commonly used. It is not uncommon for one individual to create 100 I.D.’s or more.

    Aside from that, and this is my opinion from personal experiences, buying TV ad items is a rip-off. The product may be just fine, but the gimmicks and added costs (shipping for each free item, etc.) are just not worth it. With sites like Amazon and Ebay, you can get the specific item(s) that you desire and pay little to no shipping costs. And if the product sucks, you are covered.

  • It seems that the company knows that the dome cracks and good customer service would say it would benefit the company to replace them at their cost not ours. But after talking to NuWave customer service it is a no. It’s a yes if we can charge you more money even though the product is faulty. It surly must be a matter for the Better Business. To bad, it could be a great product. Just shows junk from China will never match the U S A.

  • Thank you everyone. At this point not only is New Wave seemingly partly responsible but so is the cable channel. I would like to see fines imposed.

  • Has anyone else had any complaints from their children when you set this thing to "SEAR"? They both cover their ears and yell to turn it off because of the ringing and screeching noise it makes. I can barely hear it…but they are actually yelling that it hurts their ears. Do I have a defective machine?

    • Sounds like the particular frequency that is very painful for children until about they are about 19 or so. Adults can’t hear it. Some stores such as Swarovski Crystals use it for security

  • January 2014…I could not believe the shipping charges charged to my credit card ($99.80). I understood that shipping/handling would be a one time charge of $29.99. The U.S. postal service says the ONE box probably cost NuWave $27.00 to ship…this is outrageous! The shipping cost more than the product…there should be a law against this. I was so angry that I haven’t even used the cooker…it’s sitting in the cabinet collecting dust. I could see an extra charge for shipping IF there was more than one carton shipped,..they crammed everything into one box. The only extra item I ordered was the grill and thank God for that or the shipping/handling would be $150.00!!! After reading all of the complaints people have taken time to write, I am very leary of the NuWave cook top…I will try it, but if it starts cracking or a problem with the electrical NuWave will definately get their money maker back! I was going to order the cookware package, but I’m very disapointed. If NuWave dosen’t refund these two shipping charges in the amount of $68.81 I will go farther than this…RIPPED OFF or should I say P.OFF!

    • And you thought you were smart enough to "rip-off" the "snook" who advertised 2 fer 1, heh? not so … my fine feathered friend. You have been the victim of your own greed. What the NuWave folks said was the you would have to pay shopping on each item.. One cook top…. one cook top …. one set of free pans. So Your go about $300 worth of stuff and only paid $200 for it! You still got quite a deal, chump. Next time don’t try to out fox the fox. DW

      • i am guessing you work for them ?

    • Good luck getting any money back. This company appears to make their money by fraudulent advertisement. I also was "took" by their claims and have lost money by paying for items I did not receive.

  • Terrible company as far as I am concerned. I placed an order on 12/5/2013 and received a confirmation email immediately saying, "Thank you for your order! It is being processed and will be shipped promptly!". When I still had not received my order on 12/18/2013, I sent them an email asking when my order would ship and never received a reply. I checked their website and it states that, "your order will be processed in 2-3 business days". I called today 12/30/2013 after still not having received my order to cancel and the company claims to have contacted me regarding my order which apparently was not sent out until 12/24/2013 (at least that is when my card was charged), but I received no phone call or email. When I told them I wanted to cancel my order and would refuse it at the post office and wanted a full refund INCLUDING the (ridiculous) $89.85 shipping charges (which to be perfectly honest I hadn’t noticed were so high and should have tipped me off in the first place), they started to hem and haw and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, they told me they were all in a meeting. I called back a few minutes later and after telling my story and requesting a complete refund INCLUDING shipping, I was transferred to supervisor (I thought they were all in a meeting?) and had to tell my story again and asked her to do the right thing and issue me a refund and she wanted to give me another number to call to speak to someone. I told her that I was done dealing with her company and would deal with my credit card issuer to handle the matter. I feel lucky that I avoided being taken by them and feel that I have a reasonable chance of getting my money back from my credit card issuer as I have documentation of their failure to keep me informed of my order despite 2 requests. My advice is to steer clear of this at the very least shady company.

    • I admit shipping and handling is high. However, the PIC is a wonderful product. And also it is being sold in Walmarts at the as seen on TV section. That is a tremendous relieve on shipping and handling.

  • Has anyone had a problem with the cook top melting a hole in it’s side?

    • no

  • Where is the Pro’s and Con’s on the Preasure Cooker???

    And how do I keep from burning food stuffs in the Cooker, when going by the Cookbook they send with Cooker,
    (Bob Warden’ s Cookbook)???

  • none of these problems surpise me about the cook top. i bought a new wave oven, within 6 months the main top dome starting cracking 5 places from top to bottom, under warenty, they offered to sell me another dome for $52. they did say they had had thousands of tops crack, and were not standing behind the warenty on them. therefore i have no use for nuwwave or their products and the bbb will be hearing from me.

    • BBB? Hell, if what you say is true, go to the Attorney General in your state.

  • i always decline next day shipping as I have had an item, on several occasions be delivered less that 24 hours, fed ex or ups usually coming from a state that is relatively close One of these items was a rug cleaning machine. Not that I am ordering something that the shipping cost twice as much than the unit, appears, to be. Just sharing my experiences with normal delivery vs next day shipping.

  • I have read the comments and am still unsure if the unit actually works, it seems to preform some of the advertised operations. As for the S&H, I found the product being sold in local stores for $85 and then no S&H is involved. Wondered if that would make this worth purchasing.


  • Buy from HSN. $79 @4-5 payments
    Free S&H

  • the control panel on mine has cracked and feel water may get in when cleaning, is there a replacement for the front panel

  • Read most of the comments but not too surprised. For me a senior citizen I did buy my PIC. The only part(s) of it meaning, the special things, fry pan, pots, pans that can only be used with it. And yes they sure do seem like NU Wave has all buyers, future purchasers by the purse string is the S&H. Well what the heck those fry pans, pressure cooker and so forth are HEAVY. To bad our or my old pots and pans, aluminum won’t work. I did buy on line. Hadn’t had it but a week or so when something scary happened. The temp I had it set at (one egg not two) was correct for one egg however with in SECONDS the temp short up to about 400 deg, I heard and noticed things such as the underside of the fry pan was ‘scorched’ and the surface of the PIC didn’t look very good. I took digital pictures of everything attaching to an e-mail to them. Got quick response saying they would need to see the PIC (not the fry pan as it was not under warranty) and they would send me a box to put the bad one in AND furnished the paid return sticker costing me nothing. In return in fast order in the meantime they sent me a new PIC. I’ve had this one for about 6 months and I love it. Don’t use it daily but enough. Yes I was a bit skittish thinking in the same lines as those who aren’t happy in those replies. Overall so far and yes I did order the pressure cooker. That is nice. Next I will get the grill but as everyone has said the cost AND the S&H to get their set of 5 larger pots with lids can’t afford it. Since I do by in bulk, I like to ‘cook’ extra then use my Food Saver to freeze the stuff making it into my ‘protein’ part of my meals. To bad we can’t get everything, pressure cookers those 5 pots and lids at Walmart for example save S&H. As to those wondering about showing only the part of the PIC that is hot is where the pot, pan is and if and no I’ve not tried, never gave it much thought, to slide my fry pan with the one egg in it to see if in fact touching the surface where the fry pan is not sitting would I get my finger(s) burned or feel heat? Don’t really f care. As to the demo putting the ice cube on the one part of the demo. It was left there long enough to melt if that were the case, using the funny money to demonstrate, that shoulda have showed some smoke if it wasn’t as they say safe..

    To each their own but for me I like it, I use it and the fact they paid the ‘freight’ to get the bad one back AND they said taking pictures to attach to the e-mail was a good inclination. PS Never did hear back what went wrong with the first unit. I don’t care. I’m happy, so far so good. But again because those items are so blasted heavy, not in stores, I won’t be getting the set of 5 pot and lids darn it all anyway. Very neat recipes I could cook up and free in meal sizes. Oh well.

    • If you need pots and pans, just get stainless steel or cast iron. (Most the pans have the induction symbol on the bottom of the pan) If you’re not sure, take a magnet with you to the store and if it sticks to the bottom of the pan, then it will work on the cooktop. By the way, I picked up my cooktop at my local Goodwill for $30.00 and it works great.

    • any stainless steel ( ferris ) pans should work. Google induction cooking etc

  • When you plug it in it makes a snapping sound from the plug, the reason for this is the off switch does not turn off all the circuits in the unit causing an arc of electricity from the outlet to the plug of the unit, this damages both the plug and the outlet. The will replace the cord, but you are left with an outlet that in the future could cause prioblems like starting a fire in the wall outlet. The repair for this is to install an actual off switch or purchasiing a seperate off switch the matches the electical rating of the nuwave to plug into you wall. If any lawyers are looking for a class action suit, count me in.

    • another vulture circling, huh

    • stay tuned, with as many complaints as are being registered about their false advertising. in my case they sent the two burners and did not send the free cookware as advertised. when i received the partial order I contacted pic they said I refused the cook ware, but they could send it for another 59.00 now I ask you why would anyone order the advertised order and say oh by the way I do not want the free items. it looks like a con game on their part.

  • I am on my second nuwave and have enjoyed . I cook for 2 people and it is perfect. I wore the first out after a year or two of use. So we ordered another one. only had it about a month. so far , so good. the only thing I would add to it would be a light where you put the time so you can read it. Make it light up . I have to use a flashlight to see what I key in.


  • In the TV ad, they claim the surface doesn’t get hot. But, you can tell they didn’t test it for long, just long enough to start to melt an ice cube or fry an egg or melt cheese. If they left it on long enough to do any serious cooking, then the pot would heat up the surface. So it’s not as safe as they would have you believe. Also, any appliance with a cord can be pulled down by a pet or toddler, and if it’s full of hot oil, they could be seriously injured or killed.

    • Thank you captain obvious. It’s people like you that made sure we had warning labels telling us not to blow dry our hair while taking a shower.

      • Adults using electrical appliances are supposed to have some common sense. I guess that counts you out

    • Read the warning label clearly printed on the cooktop. Also, think; any surface that is in contact with a hot pan for a long time is going to get hot.

  • I’d like to comment on the advertised claim that the surface never gets hot. That’s a lie. It doesn’t get hot right away, which is what the demo showed. However, if you have a hot pan on top of it for any length of time, the unit itself will also get hot, just like your lap would get hot with a hot pan on it. This can cause the unit to fail, as apparently the glass can crack, and the electronics burn out eventually. To make it last longer, use it only on low temperature settings and for short durations. Of course, this make it far less useful for cooking, so you might want to buy a more professional induction cooktop, instead.

    • Warning labels

  • I was just getting ready to place two orders (gifts for Christmas) when I stumbled across this website. This was the best 10 minutes I’ve spent today as it has saved me tons of money. Thank you for the warnings about all of the hidden charges. Maybe someone in Corporate at Nuwave will spend time on this website to see all of the sales they are losing because of their deceptive business practices. One can hope!


    • so true, i got one but it was a gift. I would not have bought it myself as i don’t believe anything is free. But I am leery of using it as it sparks when I plug or unplug it from the wall. Nu Wave would be smart to install a power switch to these units.

    • You are 100% correct, especially when it involved the NuWave company

  • Glad I read all the sale for me. Crooks….

  • Also Got mine at Bed Bath and beyond with a coupon. ==== only $85.00 with tax
    Bought set of pots [ 12 piece set ] at Amazon $104.86

    • Got mine also at Bed Bath and Beyond with the 20% off coupon. BBB also has the best return policy as long as you keep the bill. The second pan as seen on TV is not free. You pay for it by way of the S&H.

  • To #13, MADKAUAIAN I truly feel your pain, but did laugh a bit at your review (thanks for the humor )..what I truly want to know (humor back) Just how did cooking the freaking partridge go???

  • Beware of the slick fast talking sales people. They first ask if you want it shipped express free. So, ok. Then they ask if you want every single item that can be purchased with it. Arguing when you say no. The shipping charges were exorbant. I had only called about the cook top at 3 easy payments of 33.33. At the end he told me that the entire charge had been run through, and that express shipping prohibited any cancellation. They give you a 1 – 4 year warrenty, but it you have to ship it back, and pay for it. And they do not give you the total including shipping until you ask a few times. Then there are the add ons they try to add on. Travel ro shopping at 4.95, but if you forget to cancel, each one of them go to 19.99 per month. It is so fast and furious that you don’t get hidden warnings they try to slip in. And, that folks, is why I use my American Express on any order with a company I have not done business with.

    This may very well be a wonderful product that I would love to use for several yours. But those are the sales people that prey on the elderly.

  • I was ordering and determined that the site was not clear at all regarding what you get and what the total charges would be. hence i called, having tried the chat section( worthless) and the gal seemed to hold back information . i had to piush her for details. If they prefer to be somewhat coy about S/H and fast track the order, then I will pass. They offer quick shipping at no charge and i asked why not offered on all sales, well, you can NOT cancel your order if you opt for quick shipping which just meas the order is processed that day vs in a few days. delivery time appears to be the same or close to it. they just want to clear your credit card before they ship out. I will go to BBB or Ebay because my friends do like their cook top for sure. If these folkds do not wise up, these messages will kill their sales, so , i hope they are paying attention. We know the S/H is most profit for them, so do not be so back handed, just tell the buyers what the cost will be in total.

  • Just about ordered, but the list of charges showed $29.95 for shipping the pan set, but in the far right column the number was $69.95, which was added in to the total.

  • BEWARE!!! WATCH this outfit!!! They set you up for their 3 payment plan yet they take it out of your billing card in one payment. This jerk outfit needs to explain their payment systembetter, and than carry thru with said plan. If you chose 3 payment plan than do three payments not one big payment. I would never recommend thisoutfit to anyone in the future, NIT EVEN MY WORST ENEMY. If I had known how they operate I would never have made my purchase. BAD, BAD expeirence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I bought the BOGO offer from TV–I received exactly what I ordered, I fully understand what "immediate shipping" is. It is NOT next day delivery. The PIC PRO I purchased works great. The cookware I got by paying extra shipping is a much better value than the shipping. The water boils in 85 seconds. I have not bought the oven, it is a separate product.

  • I haven’t bought the cook top yet… been reading this post for information, but what I’ve read moves me to make this warning comment concerning most TV purchases. "Shipping and Handling" is the way several of these advertisers make their profit, often times selling the item as a loss leader. I rarely call in an order because of this and also the lack of security regarding my credit card. Just how legit is the person asking for my personal information? EBay, Amazon, and other online sources will often carry the same item(s) for close to or at the same price offered on TV, and at a lower shipping cost. I check them out to find the item(s) if I wish to make a purchase. I also find this a more secure way of buying because my credit card is better protected. As a reminder… always beware of the footnotes "Shipping AND HANDLING". That is where they will get you.

  • I love my PIC and use them every day since July…… I have bought the BOGO deal plus received all my free items as well….. yes there is S&H but still alright…. because 2 good induction skillets cost more than the S&H and the same goes for the free stainless steel pot…….. I also bought the Pressure Cooker and the 10 piece Pot Set and I am very happy with them…. actually the cook set is even with the S&H not a bad price, if you compare what an induction set cost at a store (I did my research) and I got 5 different size pots in the set ( store sets mostly only 3 pots plus 2 skillets like in the store for more $$$$… ) I also have a NuWave oven since 3 or 4 years and never had any problems with it…

    • What about their statement that after using it for not 30,60, but 90 days and not satisfied, return the item for a full refund?

  • I was going to order this product. The key word is ‘was’. After seeing how badly customers are treated and the product is not as advertised I’ll save my money.
    Thanks for the honest complaints, saved me some money :)

  • request new cooktop 2nd time to replace OR# 163078 will not turn on get E1 Barbara Nichols 909-827-2974 09/30/2013 Spoke with customer service

  • Why some many people seem surprised about their shipping and handling charges I do not know. It says right up front when you confirm you order what s&h will be. Read people, your lack of common sense is no ones fault but you own. While s&h may be on the high side you knew that before you ordered.

    • CAN’T FIX STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • they don’t tell you how much until you confirm order but you cant cancel the order if you don’t agree with the prices

    • I don’t believe it happens to be a matter of reading or understanding, the problem is when they advertise the nu wave pic they offer you two for the price of one and you do not know what the shipping is until you have placed the order. There is nowhere on their website that discloses the shipping charge until you order. I called the company and after 10 minutes of go around they finally told me the shipping for the buy one get one free would be 90.00 dollars. Now lets get real about this whole thing about shipping, it is their way of charging you for both units, as someone said these could be boxed together sent out USPS priority mail for about 20.00 dollars. I would not object to paying 89.00 dollars for the pic2 but do not try to hide the cost in shipping. If I had ordered these two units they would have cost me 191.00 dollars that is a far reach from 33.95×3. by the way to those who would call someone an idiot for complaining remember it is the complaint process that brings changes either through the company or by way of the attorney Generals office.
      Nu wave if you need to charge 89.95 per unit do it upfront and quite trying to deceive people with bogus shipping charges.

      James Brown

      • Sorry, James. You are just WRONG. The complete order is displayed on the page just BEFORE you ‘hit’ the order button. It clearly states the cost of s&h on the form. I agree with ‘DUDEMAN’… can’t fix stupid.

    • their ability to think and be a self sufficient human being has been atrophied by the nanny state. They were ripped off alright, by the government and scam artist politicians


    • if go to the store and take a magnate with you, any cookware that it will stick on will work on the cook top.

    • You can find reasonably priced stainless steel cookware that will work on induction cooktop at Marshall’s, Ross, etc. Also, Macy’s has good housewares sales now and then.

  • I have two cooktops and both of them have had the base cracked. was wondering if anyone else has had this happened?

    • Dorothy I have also purchase two and both top have crack is there any way the top can be replace.

    • My Nuwave Pic glass top split in two within 30 days of purchase, until then I enjoyed using it, but now feel somewhat a fool. I have searched the web to see if this is repairable, but have only found complaints from others who have experienced the same.

  • I agree if you buy from their website, you can get sucked into spending a LOT of money for shipping and handling for all the "FREE" extras. However, the unit works very well. I use mine every day. I haven’t used my regular stove in months. Beware that you MUST USE COOKWARE which is compatible with induction cooking. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your cookware, it will work on the NuWave PIC. I carried a magnet with me to stores and found the couple of pans I needed.

  • Mine does not after using it for a month!! by the way it NEVER boiled water in 90 secs. I bet I will NEVER get any satisfaction from this company. I will post this on FB if they do not stand by their product………………..

  • Bought mine at Bed Bath and beyond with a coupon…only $85.00 with tax.

  • Hello there

  • BEWARE!!! I ordered an advertised NuWave cooktop "set" which "included" a few pots and pans for FREE. I placed the order in the wee hours of a Friday Morning and, according to their ads if the order was placed early enough on a given day, the order would be shipped express, the same day. My wife’s birthday was the following Monday so I felt satisfied that I would receive the order either on Saturday or, at the latest, the following Monday. Monday came and went and I called NuWave and was told that the "immediate" shipping only means that they would send the order on to their shipper the same day. Long story short, the package arrived on the following Thursday. THEN, my invoice shows an S&H fee of $59.90 NOT THE PUBLICIZED $29.95 THEY PROMINENTLY ADVERTISE! When I called in for an explanation, the rep. said the shipping charge was doubled because I had upgraded the model of the appliance I bought (which I did) but that answer did not make sense to me so I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor directed me to the NuWave home page where it inconspicuously states for the FREE extra items (i.e. pots and pans) you only have to pay an S&H fee. Had I known of the double S&H fees I probably would not have placed an order.

    So far the product seems to work well but I sure hate being scammed by a company that does business in this fashion AND NO MATTER HOW GOOD THEIR PRODUCT MIGHT BE i WILL NEVER ORDER ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS FROM THEM.

  • I ordered the system but because I didn’t order all the extra stuff (grills, etc) my salesman got upset. I don’t have time to fool with fools. I told him to place my $189 order and shut up. Three weeks later I read all these nightmares and call and cancel my order. Seems my little order taker never placed my order. I had to cancel my credit card because they still had the info, but I can’t tell you how good I feel walking away "even". Sometimes life gives you a break………………

  • Purchased my nuwave pic at target for 90 dollars & tax, got a free pan include, no high pressured sales pitch, can return it to target if dissatisfied, paid cash, no credit card hassle and let target worry about the return shipping. lesson: nothing is free in life.

  • for you idiots who complain about next day shipping and having to wait a week or so, next day shipping is not next day delivery. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! It probably was shipped the next day, it took longer to deliver though. For those of you complaining about the new wave oven, that is a different product.

    • You’re the idiot! If they shipped it pony express it still shouldn’t take a week to get there.

      • No, you’re the idiot. Look at UPS’s time frame for UPS Ground shipping. They say it is delivered 5 business days. That could easily turn out to be a week or more if holidays and weekends are in those 5 business days.


    • Obviously most of you simply have too much time on your hands. An order placed on Friday-Sunday….well next day can mean many things. And just who’s doing the shipping does make a difference..this name calling..well I’m glad I don’t know any of you. I Attempt to make my standards reasonable, but this back and forth of idiot calling..PULEASE….at least use a better description. Personally, I tend to not believe any of the infomercial ads, and i’m thrilled that it worked for Iris!

  • shipped mynuwave back and wating for my refund of 63.00 i payed for shipping and insurance if i dont get a responce soon i will file a lae suit……….

  • I’m trying to find just the pic carrying case….to no avail . where can I purchase just the carrying case . I love my nuwave pic .I want to take it camping etc . If could help me please e-mail me . I’d be so grateful . Thank You Linda McNeil .I also have the nuwave oven pro that I love…..

    • I saw the carry case on ebay.

  • If you notice, the shipping and handling is approx. the value of the product. It is true in everything I see on tv. The cost is just the profit if you don’t end up returning it.

  • I am SOOO disappointed in my purchase of the NUWAVE oven. First of all I bought it because it was supoosed to be healthier cooking. My hubby has heart issues and I have to cook heart healthy – thought this would help. Almost every recipe in the book is NOT heart healthy. Second – it states you can cut cooking time. Taking an hour for a baked potato is not cutting anything. I went to return and received my number and an apology with no problems. When it came down to it and after MUCH research, I found that you do not return the EXTREME shipping charge of $140.00 and I have to pay to return. So I get to spend $280.00 and end up with nothing. And you think this is not a scam????? REALLY and you can sleep at night????

  • can someone give me a valid answer to this Question.Why, When buy one get one free they always say JUST PAY FOR seperate processing.Why you cant put 2 in the same box and put 2 for the amount ordered on the form at the same time.Am I missing some thing I,d really like to know the answer !!!!

    • Because ALL the tv sales ads are scam artists.
      They take advantage that most people don’t read the ad thoroughly or research it online.
      Then they charge the cost of the item for their shipping charges, won’t let you order just one,and usually give you the runaround trying to get your money back, which you will never get ALL of it back.

      My suggestion is if you want anything you see on TV. Get it either from someone selling on Amazon, someone with a reputable rating on eBay or a local retail store.

      The local retailer is best since these scam artists don’t have the same power to screw people when dealing with the large corporate retailers. The retailers in that instance are the big guys and they call the shots if the scammers want the sales.

    • Always pay with a credit card so you can dispute the charges as false advertising. The card company can debit their account if the order is not right.

    • 2 reasons. First, adding another one to the same box would add to the weight and make the cost of shipping go up. Secondly, there are cost associated with handling and shipping the 2nd one. Think as if you owned the company. 1st, packing materials are not free. They aren’t even cheap. I sell things on eBay, I know. And then you have to pay for someone to do the actual work and then my guess is that it cost approximately $12 to ship one of these.

      • Right, it costs maybe $12 to ship one, and they charge $30 for it. The $18 is the scam part. It’s not "free", they just bury the price in the shipping and handling. Of course, when you consider the price of both, it looks like you will end up spending around $160 for two units, or $130 for one unit. I’m not sure what the shipping is for the pans, etc., but I imagine you are up around $200 for 2 units plus the pans. So, it’s about double the price they advertise, when all is said and done.

    • Dear Bobby,
      Did you go to school ? Questions usually have a question mark ( ? ) after it.
      We start sentences with capital letters and commas are used just to f___k you up.
      Go and read a book !!

    • They do put them both in one box but why shipping is so much is beyond me. I have them and I like them but the frying pan sticks like hell. I am pissed off about that. They want $109.00 for the frying pan alone. Not from me. I am going to go to the complaint department

    • Profit!!!! Nothing else.

  • Bed Bath and Beyond has a NuWave with same price (buy 1 get one free but only 1 frying pan free). If you sign up thru BBB email they’ll give you 20% off. It will come out $80 and no shipping and handling. You can buy an induction compatible pots anywhere. Bring a magnet with you and if it stick to the bottom it will work with the Nuwave. Target has one…….good luck everyone.

    • helpful. wish i read this before i bought it, but i am happy with the product to i don’t feel too bad!

  • I am not understanding how to bake things like regular cakes etc in my Nuwave oven–my info is not telling me what settings to use-otherwise all that we have purchased has been great!

  • I ordered my nu-wave off the tv. sorry,I worried about the price and shipping. way overboard! the frying pans are great,I am disappointed that they don’t send a big pot instead of fondue set..I am handicap and got this for being able to sit at the table.. I should have known better than to order on line.

  • We were thinking about getting this unwavering product we are grateful to all the customers that shared their horrible experience with these people because we definitely aren’t going to purchase anything from such shady people! I think it’s about time they get sued for their ripping people off like this. I know for a fact that the post office doesn’t charge that much to ship such small items. It sounds like this pot not only doesn’t work but they charge outrageous shipping charges and rip people off. Time to call the lawyers. We are shocked the TV channels are still supporting such a rip off company.

    • Yeah, the United States Postal Services is so cheap shipping and is so reliable. That;s why companies like FedEx and UPS loose Billions of dollars each year because they can’t compete.

      Oh, wait, it’s the other way around. And you are going to not buy a product from a company because lunatics don’t understand the difference between delivery and shipping? Do you think your car just miraculously appeared immediately at the dealership after manufacture?

      Seriously, I would love to have people who make such idiotic complaints about DELIVERY rather than the actual product themselves should open a manufacturing plant where they have to ship products direct to consumers.

      I really love the idiot who is upset because the PIC is not ‘healthy. HEY, MORON, your INGREDIENTS AND MENU are what can be healthy, not any appliance. And, because of the better temp management, you can use less fatty foods and oils, thus you COOK healthier meals. It is up to what you PUT into it. As an example, with proper temperature control, I can make melted chocolate that will be lower in calories and sat fat because I can use less butter trying to keep the chocolate consistent.

      I bought 4 of these and 2 nuWave ovens and dumped my $1800 range/oven setup because I was SICK of not being able to have stable temperature settings. I especially hate electric "glasstop" stoves where temperature is controlled by the elements being on or off, so at points in time, even at medium or low temp, the burners are FULL ON. These are SO much better, and anyone serious about cooking would tell you how important temperature management is. My old and very expensive stove wasted the quality of thousands of dollars worth of meat by poor cooking which reduced the quality of taste. I used to pay premium price for meat only to have it taste like bargain basement meat: now, my premium meats TASTE like premium meats. Think how much better the cheap meats would taste!

  • I ordered my Precision Induction Cooktop on 5/17/2013 and upgraded to free next day shipping and received my package on 5/24/2013. I got everything that I ordered which was (1) one precision induction cooktop (PIC), and the second PIC also as advertised and the charge was 3 payments of 33.33 each. I also ordered with my PIC’s the cast iron BBQ GRILL for 3 payments at 9.95 each,and the Cast Iron Griddle for 3 payments of 6.65 each, and then for free gifts I also got the 9" & 10.5" frying pans and theUltimate Cookware consisting of (1) one Stainless Steel Pot, (1) one Stainless Steel Steamer, (1) Glass Lid, (8) eight Fondue Forks, and (1) Fondue Insert , the total of all cookware was $ 150.00 and the shipping was $ 105.00 for a total of $ 255.75. I like the rest of you didn’t like the shipping cost but the box weighed 50 pounds and if you check with Fed Ex you will find that this is correct for that weight on the above mentioned date. I am still learning to use my cookware but I am completely satisfied with my Nuwave products and am looking on line for more and even though you have to buy special INDUCTION COOKING UTENSILS it’s a whole new experience in cooking. Thank you Nuwave. Ted Allen delivery driver for Weller Truck Parts L L C. Jacksonville,Fl.

  • OMG Jeremy, hurry up dude! Work what you are paid for. These are legitimate complains of your customers and you are only answering them with your lips service. Your marketing ploy is not honest and you owe your customers a straight forward answer and deliver what they have paid for DUDE! I would like to buy this, but these series of unresolved customer complaints have changed my mind, no,no,no, you changed my mind Jeremy. You lost another customer

  • I read the reviews because I don’t want to be one of those "dumb people".
    I don’t’ go to the movies and seldom go out to eat.
    Thanks for the info.
    I have decided NOT to buy this through the nu wave company.
    I like the post about, buy it from Bed Bath and Beyond. I will need to research and consider that.

  • My wife loves her cook top.I got everything we ordered.There was no hidden charges.I was told what the charges were going to be.Yes it took a week to get here.I was not going anywhere anyway.I also thought shipping was a little high but I didn’t have to go to Illinois to get it.Free pans offset the shipping.

  • I ordered the buy one get one with my cousin. We were told that it would cost us 69 dollars to ship the 2 units and the cookware. We never got the cookware. When the units got here the cookware did not. We then called the company to ask where our cookware was, we were then told it would cost us an additional 69 dollars for it. I’ve had furniture shipped for less! This is a scam!!!!! Don’t buy a thing from them!!!!!

  • Thank you all that posted I was going to order this product but what good is risk free if you can’t even get your product to begin with and it seems to me anything that cost that much to ship is crazy too… Ty all!

  • My wife and I bought the Nuwave PIC. We did order the 2nd one knowing that “Nothing is ever Free”. They tell you right up front that you will need to pay separate shipping & handling and how much. As far as “Will my pots and pans work?” or you go wow and cool induction cooktop and you order them (Did you even know what induction meant before you order arrived). Then you say “I got ripped off my pans don’t work”. No you did not get ripped off! You are just embarrassed that you found out that you are stupid and bought cheap grocery store pans and you expected them to work on quality cooktops.
    I was a chef for many years. I have worked with a wide variety of stovetops and this is what I have found.
    Electric – there is very little control and you will need a thermometer to watch your temperature. You will usually have patterns burnt in to your pots and pans and yes your food will start to stick to these areas. Again we are talking about the average person and grocery store pots and pans as they do not want to spend the money to get quality that will last longer.
    Gas – there is more control as you learn to adjust the flame. You still have need to invest in quality pots and pans. You still have to deal with pot and pan handles getting very hot and with the grocery store cookware warping.
    Induction – I was a personal chef on a large yacht for a year. It had better equipped galley than most kitchens I have worked in. They had a commercial grade induction cook top. I was hooked on induction cooking. The only parts of the pots that get hot are the bottom and the parts that what you are heating touches the handles are always cool.
    I started with Nuwave with their oven and when they came out with the PIC I bought 2 of them and the mini Nuwave oven and will be buying 2 PICs. They work great and are a very good investment. I also like the feature that will turn it off automatically. As my wife now has forgotten to turn our old stovetop off in the past.
    I recommend all three the Nuwave Oven, The mini Nuwave Oven and The Nuwave PIC.
    And no I do not work for the company that sells these products.
    Thank You
    Gary Edwards
    If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Put “Nuwave Questions” in the subject line.
    Ps: please stay away from their green pans they are crap. Please invest in a good set of stainless steel that has the induction symbol on the bottom. You will be much happier.

  • I want to chime in here on the NuWave Pic. I ordered it while looking at prices on Amazon. This is what I ordered:
    2 NuWave Pic (The BOGO) offer.
    Their "Ultimate" cookware + 9" & 11.5" pans. So really this was a steamer pot and 2 pans. I’ll probably never use the fondue set so I don’t really count that.
    Cast Iron BBQ Grill
    Cast Iron BBQ Griddle
    Total $285 shipped.

    Yes, their "shipping" is outrageous, but it’s "shipping & processing". But let’s break it down to what you would pay for it on Amazon:

    Amazon has the NuWave Pic for $98 shipped (no prime offering available currently). So two is almost $200 bucks. Have you priced induction cookware? It is EXPENSIVE. The steamer/stock pot would probably cost you at least $60. So I’m at $260 but let’s be generous and call it $250. So for $35 bucks I got 4 induction ready pans. Fair in my mind.

    With that said, let’s give the negatives to this whole aspect:

    Shipment Notification said this:

    Nope, took a week. I emailed customer support and they said "Oh, that means next day processing, not shipment." "So, why does it say "shipment" instead of "processing"? No answer.

    Received two boxes. One of the boxes the handle of my 11.5" pan was sticking out the side, small scuff on the handle, couple of scratches on the top of the pan. Emailed them complaining about that. No answer.

    Two strikes against NuWave pic customer support. What happens next is in my opinion flat out unethical and illegal:

    Less than a week after I received my NuWave, I get a phone call from a company trying to sell magazines. I asked where they got my number. "Oh, you bought something online recently and we got it from that company." Asked to be removed. Said it would be done.

    A month passes. Lady asks if my magazines have arrived. Told her "No magazine because I didn’t order. Please remove me from your list" Said it would be done.

    Another week passes, guy from Coast to Coast Renewal Services calls, said he heard complaints from people in my area getting damaged magazines. I told him yet again that I never ordered any magazines and I asked to be removed from the list. He said Sure, by the way, we have you set up for automatic renewal of this magazines for 5 years. I’m like "I never ordered any magazines, how could you possibly set me up for a renewal?" Guy says "We have your credit card information and it was set to renew." Me: "Take me off the **** list, I want to talk to a supervisor." Supervisor listens to me and finally says "We’ll get you off. If you receive any communication from us, please call us back at this number"

    Uh, NuWave gave my CREDIT CARD and BILLING/SHIPPING information to a third party without permission? This is why I said unethical and illegal.

    I will be contacting my credit card company, the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General’s office both in my state and in Illinois.

    The NuWave Pic is still a great item. The company, not so much. I’d advise not dealing with this company. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some lawsuits against this company in the near future.

  • I was planning to buy one, but after I found out about shipping charges, I decided to wait and do more research. To those who say it is a big scam because of shipping charges (yes the dumb people) and I say it because no-one has put a gun to your head to order things. you don’t like those charges, then don’t buy.
    you guys pay crazy fees for things you don’t need anyway, You go to a movie and pay $5 for movie ticket, and pay $12 for a popcorn and a drink, why don’t you complain about that? why not complain about a glass of wine at a restaurant where they make 400% profit.
    Don’t bring the company down just because you don’t like the way they charge for shipping.
    By the way, I don’t work for the company, I am in medical field, but I see alot of stupid people in that field too. You argue with the Dr, about something you read online, all of a sudden you think with that little knowledge you can teach a doctor that has had gone to school for many years and has continued to learn from other doctors, but your research comes from another stupid person just like yourself who sits in their underwear and type some **** and wants everyone to believe them. and many people do.
    You are the same ignorant people that have made America weak.

    • you are an ***

      • dumb

    • Don’t have much to do while living with mommy? Try going outside and enjoying nature. AND, you are a liar if you WISH to work in the medical field. Only caring people do this work, of which you are NOT. Now turn off your game console and get your 40ish **** out and find a J.O.B., and leave mommies basement!

      • you prove his point

    • Whew…gosh, sounds like you’re having a bad week. I understand what you’re saying about people complaining or not being more vigilant about what they are doing. I also realize some people just like to complain. There are people that like to criticize others or use foul language. For the most part, I think we are all just tired of being taken advantage of financially and every other way. We have gotten to the point of not trusting others because of this. I would never tell a doctor how to practice medicine or anyone else how to conduct their business. It’s my job to be cautious in the first place of anything. I appreciate the comments on this site, which has made me leery of purchasing this product. If it’s a good enough product it will probably be sold in stores, somewhere down the line. I’ll wait until then, that way I can return it. It would really be nice though, if people could have a little more patience with others and realize as long as their not harming someone, there are often underlying reasons they do what they do.

    • hear hear

    • Ron, that was just plain rude. Some people do expect to get what they pay for. They are not stupid for believing what they see on tv. It’s a shame that you feel you must judge someone for being honest.

    • Search it out at Walmarts. No Shipping and Handling. Just sales tax.

    • if you don’t like what ppl here are finding out about this product then YOU dont need to read them. the handling fees charges i have read about seem to be a surprise to ppl AFTER they got the bill!

  • I acually love the product, but do yourself a favor and buy it from a retailer like Bed, Bath & Beyond. No shipping or handling charges and you can return it for any reason.

  • People interested in an induction cooker can get one from a reputable company, Max Burton. They have two 1800 watt models (600 & 6200) that are both under $90. They also have an adapter disk that allows you to use your existing pots and pans for $38. They also sell a professional grade unit for $200. Buy them online from Amazon and you will EXACTLY what the S&H is (as a prime member, mine was free).

  • How the hell DO I read the DVD ? It’s got only VOB files….where is .doc and such…. .pdf? Nuts,I love the thing but bad eyesights wants Me to see the DVD! I have win 8-dual core and 1 Tb of disk and 4 gb of ram and CAN’T read the d**n thing (DVD) doesn’t even read with adobe reader!!!!!!!! Plz advice!! Thank You

    P.S. I bought it today at Walmart with free pan…I love it but nuts!!!!!!!

    • Double nuts!!!!!!!! Where is honesty???!!!???

    • idiot. VOB files mean it’s meant to be played in a dvd player

      • Why do you feel the need to call Frank an idiot, when he is just asking a question?

        • Cuz he made himself look like an idiot, and if he isn’t bright enough to know that you put a DVD in a DVD player, maybe someone calling him an idiot will be a great public service to him in the long run.

      • you don’t need to call anyone "idiot" no one knows everything! Please be kind to others.

    • VLC player

    • you can open it up with Windows media player


  • I had finally talked myself into getting the BOGO free NuWave cook top deal and was looking for a source online when I happened to come across this complaint site. Thank goodness. There is no way I would ever buy any NuWave product after reading how they are scamming the public. Thank you all.

    • Explain to all of us just HOW Nuwave is scamming the public?
      Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Well, we have excessive non-returnable shipping and handling fees, not telling you the full price until after they have your credit card info, high pressure sales tactics over the phone, refusing to cancel your order, and the product doesn’t seem to be durable, packaged properly to arrive undamaged, tell you when it’s up to temperature, and does get quite hot, despite what the ad says. They also appear to sell your credit card info to other companies. Some of this is actually illegal, while the rest is just unethical.

  • After looking at the commercial I checked on the web to see if I could get the same deal and I could but I would have to submit all the billing information before decided on the second PIC, what a scam. So I went and check on the complaints and saw this. No way I buying this.

    • You missed a helluva deal Ben.
      I have two of them and love them.

  • After reading the compliants about Nuwave PIC cooktop I would not order anything from this company. I read some good advive about checking out to order a PIC cooktop that was at half the price that Nuwave was selling their cooking appliances. Also go to Walwart, Kmart, or Target to buy induction cooktoop.cmpatable cookware. By checking that the bottom of the cookware is attracted to a magnet then you are good to go with cookuig on a Precision Induction Cooktop. Buy from a reputable store or a online retailer.Thank you guys for steering me clear of Nuwave products. Good Luck.

    • Also, make sure the the bottom of pan is perfectly flat and not concave. Use a srtaight edge and make sure it touches completely!

  • Came real close to falling for this scam until I saw what they were charging for shipping. I called sales to confirm what I was seeing and the agent went into this spiel about how each item is packed separately and the guy in the warehouse that has to pack the stuff and gow big the boxes are, blah, blah, blah. I basically told him I could have a refrigerator shipped for what they charge to ship their product. You start out thinking you’re going to get all this for three easy payments of $33+ but there is no way that can happen once you factor in the shipping charges. Very deceptive advertising. It should be against the law to hide a product cost inside of bogus shipping charges. I think they are evading corporate taxes in this manner and I feel a complaint to the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission is in order.

  • I can’t beleive people still complain about the S&H of an As Seen On TV item that they ordered. How is it possible that anyone old enough to have a credit card is still THAT clueless as to how these things work? Obviously the S&H charges are outrageous. Anyone with a brain waits until they are sold in stores, or on Amazon or some other place that offers reasonable shipping. Posting reviews based on the outrageous shipping charges is meaningless to 99% of intelligent people who KNOW that already. Review the product itself.

    • I can’t believe that YOU think "…99% of intelligent people…" are buying so many infomercial products that hey should just KNOW they’re going to get ripped off on S&H! OR, that you are so pompous & arrogant that you feel compelled to insult & lecture anyone trying to alert others so they won’t make the same mistake! "Review the product itself?!" Where is YOUR review? Instead of putting other people down to make yourself feel "…like you have a brain…" why don’t you write something helpful for all of us "clueless" people out here like you demanded of everyone else? I came here to get some feedback from real people who weren’t being paid to give good reviews, but the first one I see is yours, offering nothing but an ignorant rant about other reviewers! At least a comment about the S&H is relevant & helpful to people who don’t do the majority of their shopping from infomercials. Based on all the other reviews, I’ve decided not to purchase one…no thanks to you, of course.

      • Well, Ariel,
        Maybe people SHOULD read before they purchase instead of buying then complaining about the shipping.
        I have TWO cooktops and love them, BTW…and I orederd the ovens too.
        Maybe you can find them at Target.
        PErsonally, I get tired of seeing the complaints about shipping.
        Simple solution, if one does not like the price, don;t buy the product.

        • If ALL the information and pricing (including shipping) were provided prior to entering your billing information then I could agree with you. I have been researching this product for the past hour for this reason alone and am more than grateful for all the shipping issue comments. It helps me make an informed decision prior to giving some one my credit information.

          So good to know that you love your cook tops but don’t bash people about reading the small details when they are not presented prior to ordering.

          • Agreed. Them refusing to list the total price including the allegedly "free" items BEFORE they ask for credit card info is a HUGE RED FLAG !

  • I was going to buy a set and use one at home and one on the houseboat. But there is no way on this side of heaven I would after reading this company’s reviews!! I would rather cook on a campfire than be coupled. That much for s&h my eye..

    • Cooking on a campfire would be more enjoyable then dealing with this product.

  • I ordered the TV special, called and was also shocked with the shipping but ordered any way as wanted to fry fish with one. Everything arrived as described and the fry pans are great, wipe clean with damp paper towel. As everyone says you can find them at stores for @ $80 ea or 2 for @ $175 with tax. So for @ $45 more got the pots and fondue set and shipping, so it is what it is.
    I tried the fish fry once and not sure if it is better than the propane burner. I need to get a thermometer to check if the temperature setting was really acheived.

  • My wife and I decided to order the Nu Wave Induction cook top plus all the free things. The only portion of this letter deemed as a complaint was the packing of our items. The box was a complete write-off, nevertheless everything was in good order with no dents.

    Now for the other part of this letter — Nu Wave Induction cook top stuff is great — so great that we ordered an additional frying pan. The large frying pan cost $49.95 but once you add shipping and handling the total charge is $85.95. What NuWave needs to get across as their message is that you can’t find a better frying pan for that price of 85 bucks.

    We have two frying pans that cost us over 100.00 each and they aren’t as good as NuWave.

    You need to get your message across in a better manner. Don’t change the quality of your utensils.

    Remember this that we Canadians have to pay another $30.00 charge for duty etc and as far as we are concerned we are still getting a good deal.

    • I went through online to order the TV special.What i did not like was having to give all your credit info..up front,prior to filling out the order.Should not have done that!!
      I ordered;1 NuWave Pic with 1 for free=99.99+29.95+free+29.95
      the Free Cookware
      2Carrying cases=14.85 S&P5.90
      insurance(3yr)on purchase=8.33
      On final summary-things looked a bit different:
      1st Pic=$129.94 +2nd free+$39.95
      Free cookware=$139.90
      Carrying Cases=$35.60
      Percision Cooktop Surcharge=$60
      TOTAL= $455.37

      I started off trying to keep prices down since I am a senior on a very fixed budget But,somehow,that shipping got away from me.I was totally shocked when I reached that page.Therefore,i tried backtracking
      to delete all of my order.When I got to Credit Card info…i only managed to delete that 2nd copy of it then,was kicked off the page before I could delete all my CC info By the site wanting to speak with me about another offer!We were on a chat..I kept asking to be returned to my credit card page..she kept saying that she had no knowledge of that.That I would have to call company on monday.Then, went on trying to talk me into buying again"how many sets would you like?"
      Never got back there!Do not know if my order was cancel or not.Never saw a delete button anywhere.
      My point here is that you do not get anything for free.So Beware.
      On the other hand,if only got 1 & skipped all the free expensive stuff &cases =$183.73(still too much)

  • always use a pre paid visa card when ordering anything online and only use it the one time then trash it never put any more money on that card after you order online items!

    • Great idea ! Of course, they can still empty that card and refuse to ship you anything, because you didn’t "fully pay" whatever additional fees they decided to charge you.

  • i buy my infarred nuwave oven last yr.,then now the lead was broke,how could i use that if just like that i thought that its durable lead,but is not…cannot take a long time to use that kind of product,its sucks…and it expensive,kind of wasting money…

  • First time I have made this order on the TV for the NUWAVE Precision Induction Cooktop is when my nightmare began.Made this order on a Sunday 12/02/12 called back within half an hour .Was told that they were not able to cancel and I would have call customer service to cancel on Monday 12/03/12. The following day 12/03/12 called customer service ,I was told that there was no information on the system and that they will leave a note to stop shipment and to be on the safe side call back the next day.Unfortunately for me I was admitted into the hospital and called from the Hospital, 12/4/12 and was told the same thing .No information on their system and that I should call back the next day.Did as I was told ,called from the Hosptial ,on 12/05/12 guess what they told me the item was already sent out .When asked when was it sent out.I was told it was sent out on 12/04/12. On 12/07/12 the box arrived at my house by FEDEX . I refused the the box and the FEDEX guy said they always do that.. Now to this date I am still getting a bill from them for a $184.80 for the shipping of 1 box which I am still having AMEX to settle this matter and I think for the price that they are charging me $184.80 and for something I never wanted in the first place is a rip off and do not intent to pay and if need be I will fight this matter in court.

    • In the past, when faced with similar situations of "customer service being unavailable" or "no information in the system" or any other excuse, I have immediately called my credit card company and told them "I am cancelling this order, this charge is Not Authorized. Do not accept any charges from this company." It has worked quite effectively.

  • The "Free" is a total rip off because the S&H is outrageous. I don’t feel I actually got ripped off because I ended up with two skillets, a large cooker/fondue set, and two of the induction burners for a total of less than $200. I was aware of needing iron for the units to work properly, and I have a large collection of cast iron, so I really came out okay.

  • A bit of advice for ANYONE ordering from an ‘infomercial phone number’.

    A few years back, I ordered one of those Tryke 3-wheeled stand-up scooter things. Since I was up super early to get ready for work (like 4:30am), I thought it was a good time to call when I saw the infomercial and an amazing price. The first time I called, there was NO answer. Same thing a few minutes later. Finally, someone answered. (since these people often times work from home, maybe he was sleeping?). I placed my order, which required me to give him my 3 digit security code from my card. My Tryke arrived a week or so later and I was extremely pleased with my purchase, especially getting 3 payments on it!

    About 2 weeks later (around Thanksgiving) I went to purchase food for Thanksgiving dinner and found my bank account empty! Upon investigating, ‘someone’ who had my credit card info had drained my account dry, buying things on-line from And it turns out, it was the ‘employee’ of the company hired to sell this product! Thankfully, the Tryke company was very helpful in resolving this problem, as was the marketing company who hires these idiots.(they said they fired him, but NO criminal charges could be filed) I ended up with my Tryke for FREE, but it took hours of phone calls, trips to my bank, suspension of my card for about 2 weeks, etc etc etc. Just a word to the wise when ordering from an ‘infomercial’. It was the ONLY time I have EVER ordered off an infomercial and I will NEVER order from an 800 number again – I would go to the website……which is where I found all these negative comments on the Nuwave PIC.

    Just wanted to throw this in the mix for those of you who are frequent telephone info-purchasers.

  • Has any, dissatisfied customer tried to cancel their credit card purchase after receiving the product(s)? To me, that would be the way to go. Dispute your bill based on (fill in the blank). You could pretty much add whatever information you want to the credit card company to fuel your complaint to the highest level. Then, you have a free piece of S**T that may or may not work. That would be a good payback to this company for ‘misleading advertising".

    • I don’t think it’s as simple as that. You have to send the product back for your credit card company to send you a refund, and you have to pay to ship it yourself, and you can’t be refunded the absurd S&H because it says it’s nonrefundable. So, you will end up without the product and out a lot of money.

  • We ordered the nuwave induction cooktop off the TV they said buy one get one free they showed it with the pans when my husband placed the order he asked how much the postage was they toled him it would be 29.95 per set he questioned them about that because that seemed way out of line when we received the package it all came in one box but the postage was 99.89 so we more than paid for the free one also they don’t tell u that the pans you have at home won’t work. Feel like we were ripped off

    • They do tell you in the infromercial that you have to have induction read pans

    • JoAnn, NuWave clearly states on the web site that the pans you use must be magnetic. They explain to touch any pan or pot with a magnet to test if pan is a magnetic metal. Maybe learn to read???
      The shipping is a TOTAL rip off!!!!!

      • Anything you buy online is gonna rip you off on shipping, esp. ebay.
        Simple solution, if you don’t like the price, don’t buy it.

    • I am having the exact same experience.not happy with them at all.warn people not to make the same mistake. Do not order another product from Nu Wave precision induction cooktop. It is a rip off.

  • Thank yu sooooooooo much for posting complaints made by poor victims of this Nu Wave Co. apparrentlly the product’s quality is not in question it’s the false advertisement this company is posting, what a scammer they are, those NuWave sales reps. are really bad maybe they were just coached by their managers how to lie to the customers, lets take in considerations managers can fire " too honest " employees but then again its a choice to stoop so low to lie my dog do not even do that. Again thanks to all complainants for yur complaints they save me and sister from headaches because we were about to order each one of us this product and buy on line or phone order but after learning how deceptive the ad is, we changed our minds and no way we will be scammed, there are other good products on the market. However if I’ll see NuWave in the stores and there are no hassles to buy it, for sure 100% I’ll buy it.

    • I also did not want to purchase on NuWave’s web site. I found that K-Mart carried the NuWave IPC cooktop and it came with the 9" fry pan. I LOVE IT! Saved me all the stress and the extra high shipping fees and less stress on me! I think Sears may carry it and any cookware store at those outlet stores. Good Luck!

    • What a scammer they are!!!!!! S&H charges $60!!!!!

  • Thanks for the information everyone!
    Considered buying but don’t need to be ripped off in so many ways!

  • I really enjoy cooking on my NuWave Oven and the newly bought Cooktop. The food was cooked to perfection and I did not have any problems with the results. I look forward to experimenting more with the recipes that is in the Cookbook and will be expanding to ordering the grill that I should have gotten. Only good cooks can appreciate this kind of cooking.

  • I just entered praise for the NuWave oven, I love mine and have used one for 3 or more years. This is a COMPLAINT about the order process. I tried to order another one online but messed up and wanted to check my order before submitting it. I could not. So I called to order instead. this is what happened: when I placed my order over the phone the sales rep talked me into a $4.95 shopping discount. Try it for 2 weeks then cancel if I want. I said no but he talked me into it,–OK I did agree to that. My credit card was charged $4.95 for the shopping discount like he said. BUT!!! MY credit card was also charged for a Travel Discount that I DID NOT AGREE TO. So I called right away and discontinued both of these. THEN!!!! I just got 3 MAGAZINES in the mail that I DID NOT ORDER!!!! Someone from the magazine company called and we talked and he said they would be cancelled–he had my credit card number and expiry date. Then just today, someone else called and I told her I did not order the magazines and she hung up on me!!! LESSON: IF you order over the phone DO NOT GET TALKED INTO ANY SHOPPING DISCOUNT, TRAVEL DISCOUNT, OR UNKNOWN MAGAZINE PURCHASE (If you don’t cancel it they charge $19.95/month and they give your credit card info to the magazine people!!! I don’t even like the mags they selected for me that I didn’t order!!). I still love my oven. But this is really lousy sales practice that gives your product a bad image. Yes the shipping is expensive.

  • I love my NuWave oven!! I’ve been using one for about 4 years. There seems to be a problem where the electronics go out at some point. The first time it was under warranty and it was promptly replaced no questions asked. I don’t remember if I had to pay shipping… that one worked for around 3 years then electronics went out again, so I ordered one and get one free but pay shipping. I was in NuWave withdrawal for about a week til I got it. I use my oven at least 3 or 4 times a week and bought my father one. I have nothing but the best review to give the NU WAVE OVEN. BUT!!!!! when I placed my order over the phone the sales rep talked me into a $4.95 shopping discount. Try it for 2 weeks then cancel if I want. OK I did that. My credit card was charged $4.95 for the discount like he said. BUT!!! MY credit card was also charged for a Travel Discount that I DID NOT AGREE TO. So I called right away and discontinued both of these. THEN!!!! I get 3 MAGAZINES in the mail that I DID NOT ORDER!!!! A nice person called and we talked and he said they would be cancelled. Then just today, someone else called and I told her I did not order the magazines and she hung up on me!!! IF you order over the phone DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO ANY SHOPPING DISCOUNT. I still love my oven. But this is really lousy sales practice that gives your product a bad image. The reason I didn’t order on line is there is no way to check your order before you confirm the payment and I messed up. Yes the shipping is expensive.

  • What kind of nut are you. You actually believe that if you eat something that was microwaved that you will get radiation from it. I am sure you are not alone and there are a few werdo’s in this world like you that would go through the trouble to write just because you saw the infomercial. Get a life Elizabeth

  • This is NOT Microwave technology.

  • I ordered this online and thought I ordered the 2 pics plus the cookware but wasn’t sent the cookware and then was told I didn’t pay for the shipping on the pots and pans. then while trying to get to the bottom of this order I was told I couldn’t get the same deal it was now 69.95 to get the same pans as they would have sold me for 29.95 at first. watch out if you order these Items because they will get you . I have a NuWave Oven and love it I have bought others for my family and rave to everyone who asks about it but I bought it 7 years ago I guess this is not the same company that I dealt with before. I WILL NOT BUY anything from them again.

  • So far I have used my NuWave Oven three times. The first use I cooked (semi-)frozen pork chops. They were a bit dry, but I figured it was because they were semi-frozen, and I used the frozen cooking time. The second use I cooked 4 chicken thighs – not frozen. The outside was nice and crispy, the way I like it, but the inside was ****!! I cooked them for a few minutes longer, but they were still **** inside. Finally, I decided to boil eggs. I cooked 7 jumbo eggs the specified amount of time (11 minutes), and they came out soft boiled!!!! I double checked to ensure the power setting was on its default setting of High. It was. I don’t consider this a loss. I will continue to use the oven, but now I’m wondering how long to cook any and everything else.

    • I use mine quite frequently and have found times do vary alot depending on the portion sizes, etc. I find if I start items on, especially meats, on half power for 1/2 -1 hour, again depending on size and if frozen, then cook on regular power, things come out very good.

  • I ordered this product. I got two cooktops and the griddle. the total cost was 199.00. this included the shipping. I can’t say enough good about these. Water boils within 2 minutes and cooking has been a blast. I thing some people just don’t have anything better to do that complain.

  • Are you kidding. Microwave cooking is not harmful if used properly. The interior is lined so the radiation does not get outside the unit. The microwaves simply heat moisture. It does not radiate food and make it poisoned. Hell…. if Microwave ovens caused cancer there would not be very many of us left would there?

  • Learn something about electronics before opening your mouth. Thanks.

  • After reading the reviews I am just confused. The product and cookware, cookbook, etc look awesome and the price was a complete surprise. I am surprised that it would be so inexpensive (which made me suspect the quality) and this is where the company is taking the wrong road and making people suspect. There is no need to hide anything. It is a great product with many, many useful attributes. Be upfront, price the items what they should be. Quality demands a return and people understand that. Why face all this unwanted publicity? No one likes to feel duped.

    • I just order two cooktop units. I hate the bullshit shipping prices but in the end its still a good deal on two units with the pots and pans. I bought a Nuwave oven five yrs ago. During warrenty period I had the dome replace because if you use it daily like I do the plastic cracks after a few yrs. I also had to have the top part with the cooking elements and control panel as that went bad. With one call each time they sent me new parts. Now those are bad so I just got a new one. For the price, considering I got five years use I think it is a great deal and a great way to cook. Food is excellent. Here is what you may not realize. Over the five years I saved far more on energy costs the the cost of the oven. The scam with the high shipping costs I feel is deceptive as it adds a lot more to what you fist see at about $100. But in the end energy savings, healthier diet, faster easier more tasty tender cooking…. it is the best oven this chef has ever used.

      • Note that you might save relative to an electric oven or stove-top, but probably not if you have natural gas. This is because gas is about 1/3 the cost for the same amount of energy as in the form of electricity, in most places. Also, if it’s winter, that "wasted excess heat" is heating your home, so it’s not wasted after all. In summer it’s the reverse, though, as you may need to crank up the A/C.

  • They are out of their f n mind concealing a 100.00 shipping fee.No one likes being deceived n this is what they’ve done by not disclosing up front. NO THANK YOU AND I ALMOST BOUGHT IT!!!

    • I almost bought it also, until I got to the final page and saw the total. I would also never do business with this company.

  • I got mine in 5 days in perfect order. I knew the shipping and handling costs were high before I agreed to buy I did my research and know the average price of an induction burner is 100.00. I got two and two skillets and the griddle and the carrying case and the steamer fondue thing for a total of 233.00. Maybe not the deal of the century but certainly not a rip off! Glad I have it!!!

  • I started to order it.. then when I reviewed my order it was so disappointed with the Shipping & handling of more than $100.00.

  • I bought mine specially to cook outside when it get hot in the house. I already used it many times and love it. Also love the frying pans that came with it. They alone would have made it a good buy

  • REALLY? MICROWAVE? that’s a very ignorant statement. this thing heats through MAGNETIC INDUCTION on a molecular level.
    I love my PIC. first time i have ever been able to cook fried chicken properly (terrible electric eyes either overheat or under heat, the PIC very nicely kept the oil at the perfect temp throughout the cooking time). I even did the ice cube test by setting one on the pic next to a pan of boiling water and it just sat there melting no faster than if it was on the floor.
    what people don’t understand is that there is no such thing as infallible production. no matter what it is there will always be a few items out of usually thousands that are bad. it’s simply gonna happen. granted that when doing shopping via the mail it is much more of a pain in the **** when returning stuff but either deal with it or shop in person at a store.

  • Generally if a magnet sticks to your pots they will work.

  • I was so amazed looking at the product on tv last night, so glad I decided to read the reviews.
    Thank you everyone. I will not be buying any of their product, customer service counts. They don’t seem to have it after they are paid. Thank you for all your reviews.

  • All I know is I got mine for a Christmas gift along with cookware and I love it! I use it every single dayl

  • My husband ordered the PIC to surprise me even though he is the real cook in the family. I would love to know how they justify a shipping cost of $99.85 and a product cost of $99.99? The customer service rep said it was "to pay for the warehouse workers etc" she offered nothing else other than I could return it if I was unhappy because as she put it "it was outside her pay grade to do so"…..WHAT? If you add up the shipping on line for the same products it comes only to $89.85 which makes NO sense to me…are they just making up numbers or was the extra $10 to cover the cost of speaking to a human on the phone when ordering!!?? I do think it is a good product but their marketing is VERY misleading. They would be better off rolling the s&p into the product cost and then say FREE shipping! You are pretty much paying for the "free" stuff through shipping and they obviously do not care when you say you are dissatisfied because they’ve already got your money and I am sure that you have to PAY to ship it back if you want to return it! I sold a brand new car once because I was so outraged with the dealership – I haven’t decided if I will keep this thing just on principal! This whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Thank you all for your valuable reviews. I had the phone number on my cell but decided to go to Internet instead and thank ****. You stopped me from throwing money away!!

  • I ordered the cooktop. Also wanted the free cookware for 29.95 shipping. received cooktop, not cookware. Called Customer Service & they said the can send it to me for 69.95. Ask why & they said they cannot give internet price, speaking to Customer Service cost more. If you have a problem with your order who are you surpose to talk to the computer screen, you need to speak to a person. Also remember when it seems to good to be true IT IS!!!!!! Sorry I ordered product, did not rec everything

  • No one at answers the email I have sent 2 & have not gotten any response

  • you got carrying bags with yours. I purchased two sets and didn’t get carrying bags.

  • You’re an idiot Jeff. Any informed consumer researches a product before spending their hard earned money. After reviewing product information the decision is made by JUDGING the value of the purchase. You’re the only one on the high horse.

  • Go to BBB (Better Business Bureau) and search for NuWave cooking Utensils of Libertyville, Illinois and judge for yourself their credibility, I have to say I have not quite seen such a bad record. Then if you buy from them, you have no one to blame but yourself if you are dissatisfied.

  • Induction cooking is not to be feared. Neither should microwave cooking. Microwave cooking uses radio energy tuned to the resonant frequency of water molecules to vibrate and thus heat the water inside your food. This type of radiation is defined as non-ionizing radiation which cannot mutate cells.

    Induction cooking uses magnetic induction to vibrate the metal in the pan, thus heating the pan. This is not radiation but rather induction. btw… your existing stovetop radiates much more energy than an induction cooktop. You can tell because you can feel the heat emitting from it.

    People fear "radiation" but they should instead fear ionizing radiation, like X-Rays as too much exposure of this can mutate cells aka causing cancer.

    You shouldn’t believe some guy like me spewing opinions on the internet, do your own research. It’s really easy, just look up ionizing radiation on wikipedia or a library, you’ll get the same answer. You’ll discover that the Sun and Lightning create the dangerous ionizing radiation, while microwave ovens and cell phones and your cars radiator emit the not dangerous non-ionizing, safe radiation.

  • Almost bought this but I have learned to read reviews first. Glad people took the time to post. If a company charges more for shipping and handling than the do for the product this is a scam.

  • Jeff I agree the lady who burned her pots lining probably turned it up to high and if you read instructions tell u not to do that. I love my nuwave pics they work great and I would recommend them to my friends.

  • How do you return your order if you don’t want to keep it?

  • Jeff boy do I agree with you. I love mine and bought a 2nd frm with free shipping and grill pan for $99.00 and I "don’t" work for nuwave. Just a consumer who loves to cook!

  • I liked my pic so much I wanted anothe.r I went to and got for free shipping a pic plus a grill pan. Amazon stands behind everything. Take a magnet to the store with you. I love mine. Sorry to see all the complaints. But I do believe the shipping is outrageous. Fortunately my first one was gift from daughter.

  • Can someone please tell me if you have to have special pots & pans to cook on this burner? Or can I use my regular pans?

    • Yes take a magnet to the store. I love my pic.

      • We have an induction cooktop and I always have a magnet in my purse to test the pans in the store. We already had a lot of cast iron, which works very well with this type of stove.

    • only stainless steel and the heavy iron frying pans work on the stove top. so if your cooking pans are made of aluminin. They wouldn’t work.

    • You need magnetized pots / Take a magnet with you when you buy them if the magnet sticks to the bottom you can use them

    • Your pans have to magnetic. Cast iron, stainless steel. Paula Dean pans with copper bottom does not work or aluminum cookware. No glass.

    • Read the above post, it is stated you need iron pans for this to work.

    • Yes, you have to have pots that a magnet will attach to bottom of pan to see if they will work. Also, you can use all cast iron on the NuWave.

    • Bottom line, stainless that is magnetic or cast iron. I bought a nice 11 piece set of stainles pots and pans at Amazon.

    • NO! Need special cookware. I searched cookware at COSCO and not one of their pots or pans was compatible with the cooktop. Don’t but unless you don’t mind getting ripped off.

      • Please explain how you got ripped off? Aluminum cookware is useless.

    • Good luck!!!!!!

  • My husband ordered this for me as a surprise. I just called customer service and actually talked to a women in like 2 minutes. I asked her about the whole bogo deal. And the 3 payments of 33.33 is a crock she said for that whole deal it is $230.00 $30 to ship the first one above and beyond the 99.99 …. $30 to ship the 2nd one and the FREE pots and Pans they charge $69.99 so those things are NOT FREE.. So I said ok I will Just Refuse the order when it arrives and you will Not Charge our Card Anything… She said No. We will not refund your S/P charges I said excuse me… Even if I refuse this 1 box and they return it to you unopened you are still going to charge us $130.00 she said yes… I blew a gasket.. She said everything will be shipped in 1 box but they charge these outrageous charges. I love my husband for trying to surprise me… But these scam artists should be closed down..

  • Read u comment supervisor Shannon customer service supervisor 800-229-2123 good luck!

  • Ordered and did not get my whole order it took 7 months and just when I was thinking ok they wanted to charge me dollars for shipping I paid dollars the first time and did not get what I ordered Shame on this SCAM I was told you did not call within warrantee/guarantee time what a joke they never answer the calls then the next thing is worse we will give you but you must pay shipping be careful it’s a scam more money when you paid first time big joke you end paying again when I paid the first time and never received my total ordered items big laugh at my expense the joke is on me! I was telling them I already paid they said no that was shipping can you imagine three hundred plus dollars and not getting what you order the items do not cost that much? Big Scam!

  • Hopefully people will read all these posts and NOT buy from an outfit that has misleading advertising and has the worst customer service. Fool me once, shame on YOU, fool me twice – NOT GONNA HAPPEN

  • Our nuwave oven dome cracked in three different places due to the heat. In calling they said that the dome has been a problem for other customers also and we could pay for a SUPERIOR dome it would cost us $25.00 and $13.00 s&h. this is on top of the original cost of $198.92 incl. s&h. That is the last product we will ever purchase from nuwave. I will also let others know of their poor customer care. My advice is to not purchase from them with them

  • I agree Jeff…its plain and simply…You know up front before you buy what the total will be..We love our cooktop

    • Just wait, you must have bought yours recently. cracks will be there eventually. if you notice more than 20% of customers complain.

  • I trust the words of the consumer because I have been burnt before was just about to make the purchase and decided to check the reviews. In my opinion the majority of the consumers can’t be wrong. So many sound like prior experiences. Soon or later one should learn from mistakes. I’ll wait until they get it closer to right. Also amazed to learn that it’s microwave energy. I don’t do microwave, thought it would be healthier for you. To each his own!.

  • I was just about to place an order, but decided to read the reviews. Needless to say I will not be placing an order for this product based on the customer servive, or lack of good service.

  • these guys better change practice of charging S&P , that’s the reason stopping me from ordering . what **** is processing fee just pack al the s$%^^t in one box and ship the d#$$% thing, totally ripped off .

    • Hearthware is the company thats sells nuwave and a ton of other things. They have other companies that pack and do there shipping for them. Thats why shipping costs are the way they are. Nuwave cooktop and oven are excellant products.


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