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Last Updated On: January 9, 2017

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Business Name: Mr Lid Containers
Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 210827
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221 USA

Mr Lid Customer Service

Mr Lid Phone Number: 262-787-2035
Company Contact: Keith Everson - President CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.38 out of 5
Based On: 65 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 132

Mr Lid Reports

Reported Losses: $2,974.63
Average Reported Losses: $45.76

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Mr Lid is fraudulent

Bought Mr. Lid. I had a call after that. They told me I had a free gas card coming. Then they told me they wanted me to look over this budget book. We never got anything. They charged out bank account 30 dollars. I have tried to contact them, I get nothing. I want my 30 dollars back. I didn’t sign up for the budget book.

We, also, didn’t receive our free 100 dollar gas card. I hope to god you fix this with them. they are a bait and switch company. I talked to the man on the phone he asked for my bank card number, and of course I gave it to him.

I never have heard from them again, but for them charging, my bank account 30 bucks. They need to stop. You guys need to shut them down. They probably have ripped off so many other people, just horrible people.

Jan Reither

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More About Mr Lid

Mr. Lid is an As Seen On Tv storage container brand. It is unique from other plastic storage containers, in that it comes with the lid attached for convenience. Mr Lid containers are advertised as being: "BPA Free | Commercial Kitchen Quality | Dishwasher and Microwave safe".

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  • Veronica Gochnour

    I did not buy my Mr. Lid containers online, I got them last Black Friday at CVS in the “As seen on TV” section. The sale was buy one set for $10 get one free so I got a total of 4 sets for $20 (obviously no shipping charge since I bought at the store). Each set equaled out to cost $5 and each set had 10 containers so I got 40 containers totals for $20 (actually I had my 30% off coupon so it was really 40 containers for only $14 bucks!!) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE these containers! It used to be that my containers were like socks in a washing machine, no matter how I tried, somehow either the top or bottom would disappear and of course you can’t just go buy individual top or bottom replacements so I went through tons! These fixed my problem completely! Not only that but it’s been almost a year of wear and I have put them in the dishwasher, microwaved with them, from things in them and NOT ONE has broken or had the lid fall off (I was worried about that when I got them) In fact my ONLY problem with them is that my boyfriend, friends, and family ALWAYS choose them to take home leftovers, and never return them! I still have plenty despite the fact that they get “borrowed” so much (probably because I never lose any of the lids!).
    After reading these reviews I am really irritated at whatever scam company is selling them online because it is giving the. A horrible reputation! My advice to anyone reading this is to either buy them from Amazon (if you live somewhere far from a store that sells them) or better yet buy them at your local CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc… Usually you can find them on sale if you look, and even NOT on sale they are the same retail price at the store as online because you don’t pay shipping and handling! They cost $10 a set (when not on sale) so for $20 you can buy 2 sets, online you “get one free” but the total shipping is about $10 so you pay the same amount, have to wait, and apparently get scammed!
    Don’t give up on these containers just because of some scam website, especially if you are like me and lose normal Tupperware pieces all the time! Just go to the store (or Amazon) to buy them and that way you will not get taken advantage of. I hope this helps anyone who has given up on these containers, they are certainly the best containers I have ever owned!

  • I first checked Amazon to see if there was a better offer prior to ordering. I could get one set for $15.00 with Amazon Prime so no shipping charge. The TV ad said 2 sets for $10.00 so I started the order on It showed a total of $19.90 including shipping for 2 sets. I continued to check out with pay pal and after confirming my pay pal account it took me back to and that screen gave me an option to upgrade each set to a deluxe for $10 per set. Had I clicked on continue, it would have added $20 to my order plus tax. The site said the deluxe containers had a wipe off label feature among others. I decided to search online chats regarding the difference of a regular container set and deluxe container set and ran into this site. Seems to me the containers may all be the same and it’s there way to add $20 to the order??? Either way, after reading these comments I am no longer interested! Thanks for the comments, saved me $$ and the hassle.

  • Debra K Edwards

    saw the infomercial and thought, cool, they stay closed. But when I got my order I realized they were difficult to close and could barely open them when I tried. One fell on the floor and cracked the corner. Not worth the money or patience lost on this item.

    • Brian Passmore

      I had some ice inside the smallest container in the freezer. It fell out hit the floor cracking the lid making it useless. Stacks easy, is fairly cheap in price. I have yet to contact the company for any if whatever compensation they give back!

  • Derrick Currey

    Thank you all for warning me here. I was going to use the website to order and found they were going to charge me $25.91 for doudle the process & handling. I give them a call and they said the same thing. Also, they took off the PayPal payment process from there website. I guess many people complain there as well. I will to Wallgreens and Bed Bath & Beyond, where they have it for $9.99 for a 10 set. You can buy 2 for $19.98. Thank you again people.

  • Derrick

    Thanks to you all here. I will not order using there 800 number and not use there website. I seen there was changing a double process & handling charge. I will go to Wallgreens where they have it for $9.99 for a 10 set.

    • Eric Charnofsky

      their^ their^

  • William Patrick Gipson

    I am William Patrick Gipson, of Oxford, Mississippi. I have made my order, First time, online, somehow, there were technical troubles. Second attempt, I call someone live. When I made my order, she then told me of other deals, but once I have found out that the charge would be 59.99 dollars, I said no, just let me buy the 19.99 dollars. That charge got through with no trouble and with my consent. In about 2 weeks, got the 19.99 set. What I did not knows, the first attempt did goes through, and I was using my companion debit card. Of course, I and my companion did not receive any item at all. Then when she found out from the bank , we had that charge reverse.
    Now, here is the most disgusting , most disturbing part of these people. That second order for 59.99 dollars, that I have cancel at the time of the phone call, was then charge to my phone number, and my phone service from ATT got cut off on the 28 of August, 2014 without any notices. Thought I have already paid my bills for the month of August, 2014. Then on the 4 of Sept, 2014. after the store manager of ATT had to spend up to 90 minutes to figure out what the 59.99 and the 30 dollars “return check” . I am by this time, way disgusted.
    I have not have use any paper check in over 3 years. So, In order to get my phone service back on with ATT, I would have to hand my money over to Mr. Lids, for that frauds for 89.99 through ATT. As of this time, I am not going to pay those people at Mr. Lids for this cancelled order. After reading all those complaints I will make one attempts, but I am not expecting any satisfaction. I will make my complaint about ATT with the Mississippi Public Services Commissioner.

    • Mrs Wife

      William, I am so glad that you posted this information. I read this review and others. Will not bother to order. Thank you for helping me to avoid this headache.

  • Just ordered they charged me 55.00 for one set 10 + 8 shipping PISSED!!!!!!!!!

  • jim bean

    im tired of all the m****r f****ng spam emails from these jerkoffs everytime you block one sender they have another one..gonna f*****g e-bomb their inboxes

  • beverly burkhart

    SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!!!!!!!

  • Edna

    So glad I read these comments. Was ready to go on line and order. No thank you. I’ll wait until they show up at my Rite Aid or Walgreen and just pay the $10.00 for the one set. Thanks to all of you and I’m really sorry for the mess you all fell into.

  • Linda

    Mr Lid rip off: All of this for $10.00 but wait! Order now and get 2nd set for free! Pay separate shipping and prosessing fee. Well I ordered this online and YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THESE FEES ARE UNTIL YOU PRINT OUT ORDER CONFIRMATION. I WAS TOTALLY PO WHEN I SAW HOW MUCH THESE FEES WERE. I called right away and they told me my order was already processed and they could not cancel. Called my bank and sure enough the money was withdrawn. All within minutes. Will NEVER fall for this scam again.

    • Destitute D**k

      Exact same complaint. They did offer me a 10% discount, in the future??? I SPENT $27 MORE THAN I WANTED TO SPEND. I told them that I know I’m not the first person to get scammed like this. And never offered a chance to review, or edit my order before it was finalized. Not sure about the product yet, but this company sucks!

  • shirley

    I ordered 1 set on line and was told I would get second set free.I got the first order and then two weeks later received another set.tried calling to no avail.I sent or should say I refused the second order and set it back.waiting to see what happens next.I was charged $50.00 on my credit card and called the credit card company and they are going to battle with them.

    • Linda Weinmunson

      I had the same thing happen to me. It’s very confusing. However, I called the company and got them to send the correct amount. and it only cost me $25.90.

  • Lori

    I ordered 2 sets and it came to $20.00 but the P & H was $31.80, what a crock of ****. That is where they are making their money on shipping.

  • Linda Morton

    Saw the add on t.v and was super excited to order. Made the order online and was expecting to get the product offer where I would get buy one get one free 20 pieces for $10.00 plus 7.95 . I was okay with paying the 7.95 twice for the second "free" set of lids for a total of 26.00 but it does not give you a conformation page before you see the total. THE TOTAL PAGE ENDED UP CHARGING ME $51.95!!!!!!!! I instantly called the customer service number to cancel my order and a women picked up the phone. She said that she couldn’t see my order in the system yet and it takes ’48 hours to see the order’ so she couldn’t cancel it and that I had to call back before they sent out the order or i would have to wait to get the order then send it back and there was nothing she could do for me at this point. Instead of waiting for this SCAM company to charge money to my card, I called my bank immediately and told them about the situation and about the fraudulent charge and they decided just to cancel my current card and send me another one in the mail. The situation is completely ridiculous and I will not give my money to Mr.lids even if it is through Wal-Mart. Please do not fall for this scam!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William P.

    Mr Lid Customer service was excellent in my case! I talked to a male on the phone and he was very very nice. I had a problem with my order, and they offered me a discount for the problems I had on their website. The discount they gave me corrected half of my shipping cost and now I am very happy now since we cant buy this product in the stores yet.

    • nunur

      willy p works for mrlids, he’s bullsh….ting

  • mdc

    I so wish i would have read these reviews before i ordered. I am very unhappy and have requested the order be canceled. They are not on the up and up. BEWARE – do not purchase via on line! If they honor my request i will update my review as such. I hope they do. I am leary.

  • william beadle

    it seems to me the BBB should do something about Mr.lid. What good are they if they keep letting Mr. Lid rip everyone off.

  • Bill

    Like everyone else on this page I was a victim of this company. Never got my containers with attached Lid but did receive 2 plastic sunscreens for my car that were not ordered. Tried numerous times to get through on the customer service line that is not toll free. Waited on hold and finally gave up. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!.

  • thomas

    they ripped me off i didnt get all my order my lids are cracked they charged me 74 dollars and i cant call the number because its know ones number i cant get my bowles or money they are bogus dont order from them

  • Lou

    ordered the buy one get one free, but website does not give you the abililty to confirm order, suddenly my order on their email message was double what is should have been – after a long period of time talked to customer service & had it corrected (customer service is a 262 area code number, rather than a toll free.)
    when package arrived it was a totally didderent product than I had ordered. have spent 2 days trying to reach customer service with no success. tried their 800 customer number & actually talked to someone, but she could only take orders, could not let me talk to manager & told me I had to call the 262-787-2035 customer number which no one has answered for the past 2 days

    • kimberly

      Do not I repeat do not order from mr lid as in too was scammed and overcharged for my order!!! My credit cad was charged immediately even though it says it would not be charged until shipped. I am contacting BBB and attorney generals office. I immediately contacted Mr Lid after placing order and was told it was cancelled and I would not be billed well lies all lies I was billed they got the money then would not answer hone when I called to complain. So they got my money and Igot nothing but bripped off

    • Laura

      I’m going through the same issue right now-I have been calling the 262 number ALL morning- and nobody answers… I am billed for 2 additional sets and for $31.00 shipping fees!!! not $7.95 like the advertise- grrrrr!!

  • Dolly

    Add me to the list. They have a phone number that you can never get anyone to answer, not even a machine. I deleted my order two minutes after I placed it and don’t ask me how they still got my information, but the city and everything else is wrong. My next step is the Better Business Bureau and also, I do have a grandson who is an Attorney. They are total rip offs!!! If you send them an email, you get one back saying that their email is not monitored, therefore you won’t get a reply!!! If it’s not monitored, how do THEY reply. I am so pissed!!!

  • ULA

    SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sherrie

    Same scenario as others here….they do not give you a total until after you have submitted your credit card info…total scam…
    the shipping is more than double and they will not answer the phone…I immediately called American Express to start a claim
    to dispute the charges… Hopefully I can avoid the bogus charges that way and IF if get the merchandise…I plan to return to sender…Very dishonest company….if it is in fact a company. Hope the state of WI will do something about these guys ripping consumers off…totally a scam and they should be held accountable.

  • Vee

    I’ve been scammed too. I ordered mines in December 2013. It is now February 2014 and still no product. I check the status online and it says refund. I never received a refund or the product. I’ve been caling the customer service number for weeks and no answer. This is ridiculous. they need to remove this commercial. I wish I would have known it can be brought from a retail store.

  • JLD

    I won’t buy Mr. Lid online but my daughter bought them for me at Bed Bath. I LOVE them……you will too… more looking for the lids!!! Just buy them at the store and you will be completely satisfied!

  • Katherine Child

    I still have not my recive my stuff I would like it back if u are not goimg to send me my money back

  • Regina

    SEND COMPLAINTS TO BUREAU OF CONSUMER PROTECTION, 2811 AGRICULTURE DRIVE, PO BOX, 8911, Madison, WI 53708-8911 or EMAIL Website, 800 422 7128 fax 608 224-4939 Consumer law states "Verbal and over the telephone return and refund policy statements should always be supported by receiving the policy in writing PRIOR to placing an order.
    Once you place the order check on line and you will see that your order has nothing by your name, no shipping information, no amount, sales tax. THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD AND NEEDS TO BE REPORTED BY EVERYONE..



  • Regina

    There needs to be a class action lawsuit against them

    • Katherine Child

      I ored mr lid they call me two days ago they told that I should watch for them but he never showed up I have paid for it

  • Bonnie

    Mr lid is a real rip off. I ordered 1 set of Mr lid and they sent me two sets plus the two free sets. I had to pay $20.00 for both sets and $31.96 in shipping. That is total unreasonable. Yes like a fool I paid it thinking I could the other for a gift. I wouldn’t give anyone such a gift. Two came broken and don’t drop them on the floor because that will break them also. They may stay closed but they break into pieces. When I received Mr lid they came in this huge box and nothing to hold them safe from banging into each other. Also don’t try to get a hold of anyone to talk to about your complaints as they just pass you from one person to another.

    • Lori

      Same thing happen to me…$$50
      bucks for this and no one will answer the phone! I just want to send it back and get a refund, It placed the order, made it double and I did not even submit the order.

    • Laura

      I’m going through the same thing Bonnie and Lori- I placed the order last night online- there is no option to check your order before "placing it"- they are now billing me for 2 extra sets and $31.00 in shipping fees!! instead of the $7.95 like they advertise.-grrr!!

  • Brooklynn

    Hmmm. Wished I would have read these comments before I placed an order. Can’t believe that it would ask for credit card information as number one, then not let you look at the final costs before you approve the order. I was shocked. I ordered 1 for $10.00 to get one free, with 7.95 shipping on each order. My bill in the end was $96.85. Duh????? Of course it was a weekend, and no one to call to cancel or correct this order, so i called my credit card company and cancelled my credit card number.

  • Complaints

    This is a scam they will charge you over 100 hundred dollars. Then they give you a voicemail in the billings department or they will continue to tell u that u must wait until u receive the order, even if you have not agreed to the purchase abount 131.55. I have notified the BBB, and the Attorney General for them. Contact info Mr. Lid
    PO BOX 210827 Milwaukee, Wisc 262-787-2035 or 866-379-2035- RIP OFF

  • Sue

    I called my credit card company. They got ahold of Mr. Lid and while they were still on the line I spoke with the customer service rep. Apparently I had some way put on a 5 year warranty on my order plus doubled up on my already double order. I told her their website was very misleading. She was very pleasant and offered me several options. I could send it all back, go ahead and pay for the shipping but put that receipt in the box as well, and I’d get a total refund, shipping included. Or I could get a $40 refund and pay only $51.80. I decided to do this because I have more Mr. Lids at this cost than if I’d go to Walmart and pay $20.00 for 11. I have no issues with how they handled my complaint but that might have been in part to the fact that the credit card representative was on the line listening to the conversation.

    • Tracy

      do u have a phone number to reach them?

  • Cathy

    Don’t go through the sites on the internet, you can buy Mr. lid at Wal-Mart for $19.98

  • Susan Allen

    What I thought was going to cost me $7.95 plus some bogus charges for something else, probably totaling me about $17.99. (I expected to get ripped off a bit). When my order was finalized, my total was $51.80. The second order was NOT free and there WAS a shipping fee for $31.80. The cost of the "Free Shipping Rebate" was $12.95! I WANT MY ORDER CANCELLED AND MY CREDIT CARD REIMBURSED FOR $51.81. Keep your plastic!

  • Phyllis Halentic

    Never did receive the 32 oz containers that were suppose to come with my order. What is up with that?

  • Macspt

    I placed an order on Saturday. When you order there is only one button you can click on to proceed through the web site. (Order NOW) Once you click that button, you have committed to ordering without seeing the FULL charges that will be billed. Once I got to the end of the order process, I saw that they were charging $20 for the product and $31.82 for shipping. I want to cancel my order but no one is home. They DO NOT have a customer service e-mail address or site. The phone number you call does not answer. I tried calling it twice so far, let it ring straight for 30min, and a second time for 20min. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT, it is a SCAM. I am going to call my bank and dispute the charges.

    • Macspt

      Update: 1.8.2014
      I made a claim with my bank "Chase", and they credited back the over charged difference. I suspect they are going to pursue this issue with Mr. Lid to get the money back on their end. If you are having problems, you should call your bank immediately.

      "Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

      We completed our research on your claim #63409646XXXXXXX. Your claim is approved and $31.80 has been added to your account. If we receive additional information at a later date that your transaction(s) processed correctly, we may reverse the credit. We’ll contact you if this happens.

      Thank you for being our customer. We look forward to serving all of your financial needs.

      Please call us at 866-564-2262 if you have any questions.

      Customer Claim Department

      JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A."

  • Paula

    Total rip off company. Just a few hours ago, I placed an order on-line for one set of Mr. Lids at 10.00 plus 7.95 for shipping and a second set which was supposed to be free but just pay the 7.95 for shipping. No way to check the total before ordering and the total they want to charge me is 91.80. I waited to phone them at 8:00am to cancel my order, because you can’t leave a message on their answering machine and you can’t respond to their No Reply order confirmation email, their phone line has been busy for two hours. So just phoned my credit card company to explain what happened and all the complaints listed on this website and they said as soon as the charge hits my credit card to phone them and file a dispute. I was assured by my credit card company that they will not allow this fraudulent company to get away with this charge. There is no way I am paying this fraudulent company anything and I will not buy their products from any other distributor either!!!

    • Paula Slater

      I refused the shipment! And then contacted my credit card company again. Mr. Lid refunded my credit card because of my refusing shipment. If you put it on a credit card and can refuse the shipment that works great! I got the full 91.80 credit, I didn’t need to get an authorization number and I didn’t have the hassel of shipping back myself.

    • Ula

      It is true. I have exactly the same situation. But I contacted with customer service at before 10 AM on monday ( they did not pick up the phone from 9AM till 10 AM ) and they said that they cannot cancel my transation because product is packed already . I would like to mentioned that I placed an order on saturday and they are open from mon – frid. They said that I have to wait for product and then returned to them thay will refund the money. So I have to wait for my money how long a month or longer !?!?. What is wrong with this company !!!!!

  • Eva Lawson

    i just called to check on my order , because my order in up costing me 100.00 when only oroer one set , the rep. said she will fix problem but after these coment I am canceiing my order. I canceled MY ORDER.

    • mary

      You can’t cancel the order I just tried!

    • Paula

      I tried canceling my order over the phone also and was told there was no way to cancel it, that it had already shipped (this was one day after I placed the order on-line) and that the charge had already been paid by my credit card company. I told the Mr. Lid rep. that this was not true, that my credit card showed it "pending" and that their tracking showed my order still in their warehouse. She still said it was too late to cancel. They won’t let you cancel the order, period.

  • Norman

    Okay, I hope this information helps at least ONE person. First thing, I called my bank, and explained the problem, and there isn’t a lot they can do, UNTIL I get the product and then return it. So, I called Mr Lid, and got through rather quickly (kinda scary), and I asked for the service rep’s name, "Jody". I had my printed order in hand, and this complaint site up. I told her (Jody) that I had been charged double, according to my order. I mentioned to her about the complaint site I was looking at, and it seemed that her company just liked to rip people off. I also told her that I had spoken to my bank, and they were preparing fraud complaint documents as we were speaking, and they would be filed if we couldn’t get this double charge rectified. WOW, how her demeanor changed. All bright and bubbly, and very helpful. All shipping charges were removed from items I did not order, and suddenly, my charge was cut by 50%, from $51.80 to $25.90, which is what it is supposed to be. Folks, when you talk to these people, have your paperwork in hand, have your bank’s backing (or at least let them THINK that your bank is helping you right at this moment), and be firm with them. I actually quoted one of the complaints I had seen, and she apologized for my difficult, but she did fix it. My bank is also aware of it. Good luck, and if you want to contact me, reply to this message and I’ll help you as much as I can. Happy 2014 to all!

    • Jewel Swarthout

      Thank you Norman for the information, I was going to order a set, now, I’ll shop at a store , to get the same thing..
      I appreciate it …

    • Sue

      I have been sitting on this without doing anything until today. I too was double charged as well as a hefty $31.80 in shipping. My bill was $91.80.

      I tried calling but so far no luck getting through to anyone. I don’t know if my credit card company will do anything or not. Thanks for your info. If you have any ideas I welcome them.

  • Norman

    The first sign that I missed was them asking for payment info BEFORE I had ordered. After I placed my ordered, I was never given a chance to review and approve my order, so when I saw a $51 charge on my bank, I immediately called my bank, and now I’m on to Mr Lid, starting at 8am. But, from reading these comments, I am gonna have a fight on my hands. That’s fine….I’m bored right now, and I do not like getting ripped off; I take that very personal! I am a disabled veteran, and I do not have an unlimited supply of funds… Just ask the VA

  • charlotte hostetter

    well I just saw the commercial and came online to order but after reading not one positiveremarl I will shop elesewhere

    • Melissa Herrera

      I want to thank everybody for sharing this info with me, I was just about to place a order!!!!!!!! I will go buy them at Walmart!!!!!! Thanks again

  • Dissatisfied

    I just bought a set if Mr. Lid containers. They shipped to some other address not my shipping address. When I called trying to get this corrected. No body answered the customer service number. It rang for 10 minutes with no answer. I have been ripped off majorly by this company.

  • guest

    UNLESS you want or need EIGHT (8) Mr. Lid containers in ONE-HALF cup sizes, then buy your containers from any other vendor except the Mr Lids website! I previously purchased Mr. Lids at a Walmart for around $20 and was happy with the "real-world" sizes of that set. Even though I only needed one more set (not two), I believed the 2 for 1 price was the best deal after looking at all my options. I foolishly thought all sets were of the same size, so it didn’t occur to me to examine the container sizes being offered online. It’s my own fault for not noticing they were different, so now I’m stuck with 8 tiny containers SMALLER than my fist (and I’m a tiny adult woman)! I just don’t bother to save a mere half-cup of leftover food so I’ll have to find some other way to utilize the otherwise USELESS 1/2 cup Mr Lid containers!! Don’t make the same dumb mistake as I did!

  • Ron

    Let me add my voice to this massive wall of complaints. This company and their site suck. Very deceptive liars. Wish I’d seen all these complaints BEFORE I made the mistake of ordering. Live and learn.

  • avonforyou2012

    I looked at the website I was going to place an order I put my card in but never processed the order I now have a debit card transaction pending RIDICULOUS I will be happy to join the class action lawsuit ___

  • Allen

    I am going to start a Class A lawsuit on these guys….stay tuned!

  • Kendalyn Stone

    I’d like to know if the cost of Mr. Lid is $10.00 plus $7.95 s+h which adds up to $17.95 that you charged me $27.95?

    • Norman

      Try this one: I ordered exacyly what you did, and not only was I charged $20 under the "but one $10 set", I was charged for another one, AND the shipping was $31. I was never given a chance to review and approve my order. That’s what happens when they ask for paymeny information BEFORE you see your order. They add whatever they want!

  • John

    http://WWW.MRLID.COM RIPPED ME OFF just now, and apparently I’m not the only one. It is now 10:15 pm so I’ll have to wait until after 8:00 am tomorrow to call customer service. The "Buy 1 set, get 1 set free! + Additional P&H" limited time offer (Which comes out to $25.90) was a very attractive offer, and I trusted the website knowing it was from an official, licensed company. Who would think, a company that advertises on TV and sells in major stores would do that to their customers? Now I know not to trust ANYONE online, and I advise you, unless you are reviewing this after the fact, and learned the hard way like me, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE ONLINE, especially "As Seen On TV" product websites. I didn’t leap into this cesspool of fraudulence completely blind though. While shopping around, I was linked to, and after further browsing, I found They looked exactly the same, but after researching their domains, I was sure was a copycat site, possibly created by a con-artist. Afterward, I found one review confirming my suspicions at… and it had nothing but good news about Mr. Lid, and warnings about fraudulent websites. I don’t know who this person is, who loves Mr. Lid so much, but the person is likely to be associated with After reading this review, I had full confidence in, and I placed an order just to find they were as much con-artists as the their copycat websites. Except, THEY ARE A REAL LICENSED COMPANY AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TREATING THEIR CUSTOMERS WITH RESPECT! This means they should not set up a website intentionally designed with irredeemable special offer and process orders by throwing you in a list of greedy ads and upgrades leading to (without warning or confirmation) a surprise purrchase you never agreed to. I SUGGEST YOU DON’T GIVE YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION OUT TO A WEBSITE THAT DOES NOT FIRST LIST OR MAKE CLEAR WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR. Websites that want your payment information first are conclusively malicious. They didn’t give me the "buy 1, get 1 free" offer as advertised, and I payed the full price of $51.80, overcharging me $25.90. From reading other peoples complaints, It looks like I’m in for some fun with their customer service department tomorrow! Wish me luck! THIS MALIGNANT PARASITE OF A COMPANY NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT DOWN!

    • Charles

      Thanks, for your information. You kept me from doing exactly what you did. I was just fortunate enough to be skeptic about it since the webpages of different sites seemed to be identical. You brought out another good point that had me uneasy was the fact of payment information without knowing what you are paying for.up front. Thank – you for letting me know that I had an uneasy feeling about this for good reason. I hope your dealings with their customer service department was to your satisfaction. Your comments saved me some grief from probably experienceing the same if not worse than you. Again, I say thank-you

      • Norman

        I should have read this FIRST. My complaint is exactly the same. I should have been suspicious, when they asked for my payment info BEFORE I had a chance to review my order. Now, as I await the 8 am witching hour, I have already filed a complaint with my bank (last night), and I will NOT pay for anything from this company, period!

  • Anna

    DO NOT ORDER ONLINE!!!!!If you make a mistake, you CANNOT change it and it will charge your card! I only wanted to order 1set, accidently ordered 2 and when I called for a refund for the extra, I was told I had to wait for both to come to my home and then I would have to return it….which could take 3-6 WEEKS! I am sooo pissed, Im just going to return both of them and will never buy a product from them again!

    • Lisa hackbarth

      I went to the Facebook page to ask if their website was fixed. It will not let you post a comment. It erases it. Are other FB pages like that too?

  • Guest

    I was getting ready to place an order for Mr. Lid, but after reading your comments, no way.
    Thank you all for keeping me from getting ripped off.
    Better safe than sorry! Goodby Mr. Scam.

  • Alfredo

    I have used Mr. Lid and it does not work as said in the Mr. Lid reviews post in the net throughout.

  • Gary schreiner

    I got my product offer said I would get 19pieces for $19.95 plus 7.95 . They charged me 15.95 shipping & handling Please give me an explanation to my order

  • Alan Booth-Buck

    The **** site won’t let you go back and correct the mistakes they built in to mess us up so we end up with extra.
    It cost me an extra $80. And it over drew my account. So I now have 4 $32. Over draft fees. Its now costing me way the heck more now. Be Careful Ordering anything on line.

  • jerry

    well those reviews have scared me off-especially with no rebutal from Mr Lid

    • D.E.May

      You know, When I find a company like this, I look for a phone number to order from! there’s less confusion,they get the order right the first time,everything is understood by both the company and the buyer! I don’t want to miss out on a good product, These companies have a poor web writing staff,or use poor companies to write thier web pages! Tht’s all just order on the phone and you will be fine!!!

  • Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and aid others like you aided me.

  • Mary Ann Walker

    when I reviewed the confirmation details on my order it appears that I did not get the one free set referred to in the advertisement and was charged $70.27 for shipping and handling when my order indicated I had qualified for free shipping. Also, for your information,I was not given an order no to refer to.

  • Yvonne Salerno

    I was in the process of ordering this product but after reading the comments of other people I have decided against it. I do not need this headache. I will just go to the store and buy what I need. I am sure another product will serve my purpose.

  • Luke

    mr. lid ripped me off of about 90 dollars . you know it’s too bad products this good have to commit fraud . looks like with the product being so good they would be more ahead if they kept a good reputation . it’s sad and bad . the other person is right . buy them from QVC .

  • Pinche Calderon

    I ordered $30,000 worth of Mr. Lid. That was in November. They must be honest though because I receive a monthly billing statement telling me that they have automatically been paid. I will be receiving my Mr. Lids pretty soon now I am sure. Their easy credit plan I arranged was most impressive at only 35% interest. They were also kind enough to put me on other mailing list so I am getting offers all the time for other valuable products I never would have known about. The way to business with companies like Mr. Lid is to talk to one of their professional staff and make arrangements like I did. They promptly sent me an iron clad contract and I just simply have changed my automatic deposit at work to the account number they gave me. It is a great way to do business and I am never late paying my monthly charges since my payroll check goes immediately into the Mr. Lid account.



  • beth

    Only buy w your credit card, you can call the credit card company to reverse the charge if they bill
    you incorrectly. The credit card co will reverse the charge on them immediately.

  • J C

    Yes! Don’t trust the ads where you order on the phone with an AUTOMATED ordering system. It happened to me once on an order for cat scratchers. . The shipment went to the wrong address & I was sent 2 items after declining the second. Stay AWAY till the item gets to the store! I really want this Mr. Lid too, which is a shame, because I’ll never order like this again !

  • marianne

    Wow should have read all this befor ordering on the phone **** ill be the first one to call a lawyer to get all and everything back pluse free gifts lol

  • I to have been charged $83.70 when my order should have been $35.85. They did not give free shipping and added a value set-7 containers @ $19.95. I’ve called 3 times Without a answer. They say you can leave a message but when you try to it hangs up on me.We should all get together and get a lawyer and sue the **** out of them. Also when ordering you can’t change order or cancel the order online.

    • Michelle

      Looks like the same thing happened to that "Anais". Well, the exact same charges occurred with me- should have been 35.85 but was charged 83.70. I haven’t tried to call yet, but I am going to tomorrow. If enough of us have the same issues, I would be willing to get a lawyer for a class action suit.

  • Debbie

    Wow,I just watched their tv ad. Decided to look at reviews before buying. Sure glad i did. Thank you all!

  • R Lattime

    Jews going to buy but after reading the complaints. No way.

  • Megan

    so.. i tried to order just one set.. but some how it added another set and another container, making the grand total of $123, and it didn’t ask for me to confirm.. major rip off. i tried to call them, but of course they aren’t open. very disappointed

  • I’m not sure exactly why but this website is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see if

    the problem still exists.

  • LoverNotFighter

    I also bought From Mr.lid and they over charged me.
    When i called to cancel my order they told me that i’ have to wait for the product get to my house and only then i should call to get my autorization code for cancelling my order.

  • nancy

    Has anyone ever returned product and got money back

    • J C

      Call your credit card company & dispute. That will work!! They will go after them if you don’t get your refund!

  • Jodi

    Buy them on QVC. Total protection

    • vera

      You are right! I got my order from QVC with no problems

  • Hugh

    Le report to FBI or BBA and let’s request to them cancel their license

  • m. kelley

    well dummy me i ordered today and when the total came up it was for 2 sets at $71 instead of 35 like it should have been- didnt scroll down to see all these complanints- what an idiot- i can probably kiss that money goodby-

  • Cookiey

    OMG I really wanted them, but I hate companys who ripe people off, I will do without.
    It will not be long before a good name company will put something out there that will be better
    and cheaper, it always happens.
    Thank you all for sharing your stories and saving all of us the heartake..:)

  • Sergio martinez

    Whatever dudes

  • JOHN W


    • Trish

      John, you gave the more useful advice of anyone. T H A N K Y O U. (that’s me yelling at you).lol

    • guest

      pre-paid cards dont work with ordering from them.

      • Alex

        Get a walmart moneycard. It actually has an account number that goes to a bank. You are not supposed to back up your paypal with a "prepaid" card either, but a moneycard works for that…

  • Mirlene

    Glad I got mine at CVS!!! We do NOT need to mail order!!!

  • whenandwhere

    After hearing what this company has done to people, I wouldn’t buy them at Walmart or anywhere else for that matter! I would have no use for merchadise from people who have done such unscrupulous things to well-meaning and innocent people!

  • whenandwhere

    Don’t buy them period! Don’t order them and don’t buy them at Walmart or Bed and Bath! Why would you want to support a company that treats customers in this fashion! Unite and drive them out of business!!! that’s the only way to deal with these kind of companies!

    • Trece

      seemed so great when I saw the ad. My hubby and I had just talked about the frustration of trying to keep containers matched with
      I’sd. Thank **** I went to this site first. I agree with you…it’s not enough to just not buy from the site. I won’t ever buy the product…period. I feel terrible for those that have not only lost money, but been treated terribly! Dispicable! I do hope they are put out of business, but unfortunately by the time that happens they will have made millions

  • Jon

    Try they sell the same thing plus you get site to store with no shipping cost!

  • Lynn

    I was going to order these but after reading what they did to the 79 year old women, I changed my mind. It makes me so sad that they did this to her. I hope she got her money back.

  • Chris

    Thank you all for the info on this company. If I purchase at all now it would only be in a store. I am so glad that I didn’t end up ordering on line last night. I was trying to get more information before ordering and deceided to wait. THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Jhare

      QVC is selling them now

  • Fairlyn

    I live in Louisiana . I ordered one set for $39.95 and the extra set supposed to be free. When I received the shipment , the total bill was $118.57. Shipping was $38.67. Big ripoff! Somebody ought to take them to court!

  • Joan Day

    I ordered four sets for Christmas presents. Just paid extra shipping on four.(free) Arrived just fine. Where your problem is, you are ordering two sets thinking you do that to get free set included. it comes in a bundle.. The free set comes with the one order if you send shipping extra. Problem is you are ordering two sets so you are getting four plus extra postage. I have ordered these sets two different times.

  • Meandy1

    I was going to order these but thanks to everyone who posted I changed my mind! Thank you so much.

  • Meandy

    Thank you to all who shared their comments. I was getting ready to order a set of these but I won’t bother now.

  • Kaathy

    Just saw the ad on TV and thought it sounded interesting. Thank you everyone for posting. I will save my money.

  • Yvonne

    Just placed a $19.95 order and was charged over $71…. Called number and keep getting through to Cruise line. Will call bank and cancel charge. RIP OFF… Cannot speak to anyone

  • G.O.

    Attempted to make order and got a voice prompt, needless to say it started out alright and 15 minutes into the order it became more and more confusing, offering me all types of promotional items for additional fees. I got sick and tired of declining these promotional so I hung up. I immediately cancelled my order and recognized that this is set up to be confusing and get additional monies, almost scam like. I will just go to Wal-Mart or Bath & Beyonds and get the product.

  • Sue

    I was ready to place an order UNTIL I read these posts. Based on their advertisement, at $19.95 plus a free set plus $7.95 for each set that comes to $35.85. If they’re available at Walmart or Bed, Bath, and Beyond for approximately $14.99 you can still get two sets but for only $29.98 instead of risking being charged some of these atrocious prices people say they were charged. Plus if you don’t like them for some reason they can easily be returned to Walmart. I read another site that said not to buy them anywhere else except at or the warranty may not be honored however, if they’re not answering the phone what good does it matter to bother calling anyway? They do, however, sound like a good product that I’m interested in purchasing but NOT through Mr. Lid and I’m glad I saw this. I wanted to know more about other sizes available but could find nothing on the Mr. Lid site and would have had to call to get that information and don’t feel like holding on a "dead" line for an hour. Based on these complaints, I would recommend that you buy your Mr. Lids elsewhere.

  • John S.

    my mother order the set for $19.95 and when it came the bill said $216.00 and they took it from her account. i at the present trying to get her ,her money back. She is 79 years old ,so if this copmany would do that to her they shouldn’t be able to do business in the U.S.A. If you can help me in any way please email me at or call me at (717)679-7380

  • Claudia Metzger

    Last night I saw this Mr. Lid Advertisement buy one get one free and no shipping and handling. I was going to get it and then changed my mind. I tried to exit out of the order and it disconnected me and would not let me do it. This morning I checked the status and they not only put the order through but they charged me $15.50 for shipping. I called their customer service number and put it on speaker, and the phone rang for 1 hour straight and no one ever answered.

  • Alison

    i just saw this ad and funny timing as I had just sat down after organizing my Tupperware cupboard. My husband is furious because His kids have reduced our once supple supply of plastic ware. I got on line went all the way through the billing and then noticed in small print that the only confirmation you would get would be via text and that I was authorizing payment to a cell phone. Big red flag. Luckily I did not complete the order as I stopped and found these complaints. Bed bath & Beyond carries all "as seen on TV" products. So I’ll just go there. I’m also concerned about the quality.

  • Rich

    Same ripoff as above comments. Thought the total would be $19.99 plus 2x S/H of $7.95 for the one set, plus one free set. Was charged $71 total Was charged for both sets, plus $39 S/H (stated as standard shipping). Did not see billing until after it went through. No way to

  • Donna Taylor

    I just ordered 2 sets thinking thats what I was paying for. Shipping was $23 plus they charged me for extra sets, I never ordered. My total was $102 and some change. I would never pay that for bowls. Its a scam. Beware. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  • taggart

    same as all the other comments. when someone did call and didnt hang up when i answered. i tryed to ask where the free set was and the guy said i see u must b busy and hung up on me. now they wont return my call. they are nothing but a rip off. i will continue to pursue them, and i will turn them in.

  • hollyhund

    My situation is the same as P. Thorpe! I did see the charge page $71.and changr!!!!! Since I had not gotten a comfirmation #, I exited the order and called them to make sure they did not ship! Well, they said they had shipped so I asked for the tracking #. They couldn’t give me one! I will refuse order and have them refund my money. I do remember the P/H totalled 30+ dollars! 7.95 postage,$7.95 handling (???) x2! Scam!!!!!!

  • P Thorpe

    I just ordered one set for 19.95 plus 7.95 s&h from Mr Lid official website. I followed order instructions exactly.

    I expected to be billed $19.95 for first set plus $7.95 s&h plus $7.95 for second FREE set.

    There was no page to review my order before it was placed so I could not see what I was going to be charged, it just went straight through.

    When I saw bill they charged me $39.95 for the set, they charged a further $39.95 for the set that was supposed to be FREE plus $31.80 for shipping, a total of $111.70

    There was link on the order confirmation email to review order or change it, just a phone number. Pointless phoning looking at Vbbare’s comment so I have written a letter. Let’s wait and see !!


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