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Business Name: Williams Investment Ltd.
Category: Investments & Investor Services
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Phone Number: 647-823-6894
Email: Cwilliams@williamsinvestmentinc.com
Company Contact: Craig Williams - Owner
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True Love Is Bull

I meet a girl on line; We talk for about three months. I really liked Her. She told me that she worked as a nurse for WHO.

She told me she could not cash her check in the city she was in. Being the nice guy She got her book keeper to send the check to me in my name. So I put the check in my bank and they held it for a week. The check was TD bank check.

So after a week the check cleared. So I sent the money to her. Two days later the check came back as a counterfeit check. So now it lost all my money; Plus I owe the bank $1,5000.

I have all the emails That he sent. So I need some help to stop this company and try to get the money back. The girl that the check was for still calls me. She said that she didn’t know that the check was not real I don’t know if I should believe her. I have here phone number and name.

Cwilliams@williamsinvestmentinc.com | 226-224-5283

What should I do? I need help please.

Thank you, patrick

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