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Last Updated On: November 1, 2015

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Business Name: IWealth Investments, LLC | Pin Point Marketing
Corporate Address:
7227 N 16th St #265
Phoenix, Arizona 85020 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 602-452-5559
Corp Email: sales@iwealthinvestments.com
- Manager
Corp Website: iwealthinvestments.com

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 3 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 7

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $14,950.00
Average Reported Losses: $4,983.33

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Is IWealth Investments a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Phoenix Arizona Scam company

iWealth Investments Phoenix Arizona Scam company

I joined the company and was told that a web site would be generated and would bring in high commissions in the neighborhood of $7,000 per month. I decided to purchase the Web site and one day later I wanted to cancel and join later in the month due to lack of funds would cause me to bounce checks that have not cleared. I was promised that I would be seeing revenue coming in very soon in next few days and this would be deposited into my account and the existing checks would be covered. It has been over 21 days and there has been zero earnings.

I have called everyday and continually get a run around. Now I strongly feel I am being pushed back so time goes by and I will find myself passed a time to late to do anything. I paid $ 5,000 for services.

I complained to the BBB and then received a call again a few months later from a person called Sean T telling me that he need to do some marketing changes and start generating money for the back to school and holiday season. i described my problems and he suggested i tell iWealth that i am going to call the Attorney General and just saying that would spur some activity. i looked up iwealth and discovered that there is a similar Attorney general complaint out of Maryland.

Later that afternoon, an individual representing iWealth named James Stewart told me that if i place a complaint with the attorney general, i would not get any money back since the company has filed for bankruptcy and there is not funds left for me if the attorney general gets involved.

IWealth Investments, LLC – 2432 West Peoria Avenue Suite 1326 Phoenix Arizona


Consumer Comments For IWealth Investments

  • John

    The company is out of business. Websites are shut down. Apparently their programs for generating traffic didn’t work as well as what they thought. I invested in a couple websites with them, and they showed them to me. But it didn’t generate any money. I also never advertised the site myself, and didn’t put too much work into my own site they built me. I did research and I guess for the 2,500.00 I spent I would get about the same quality of site without traffic, I guess I didn’t know how much websites really cost to build, but I feel like I learned something from believing you can just have someone else set up and run a business for you, doesn’t work like that. Please anyone who wants to start a business online, just learn how to do it by yourself and teach yourself. I’m not worried about getting my money back, I just count it as a lesson learned.

  • elwood

    I think that the people that has lost money to I Wealth Investments and Pin Point Marketing should file a class action suite aganist them.
    Is there any way that we can get a list of the people that has lost money
    If you have lost money and would like to email me send it to gweyerscave@aol.com and I will make a list and get it to the Arizona Attonrey Generals Office and see if that will do any good.

  • Blanca


    • Elwood

      Yes I want to file a report about the IWealthInvestments LLC and Pin Point Marketing of Arizona
      I Wealth Investments and Pin Point Marketing was suppose to build me a web site for 2249.00 dollars this was November 4 2012 they took my money and showed me a web site virginiadiscountshop.com and I waited six months no sales showed in my back office but it showed over two hundred thousand hits.
      They have told me that the affillates only posted sales every quarter and after 12 months still nothing.
      I tried to get my money back and Mark Williams said that they were out of business.
      I filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General on November 14 2013 and as of this date I have not heard anything back from them


      • elwood

        Thank you I hope that some way that we can get our money back

      • ELWOOD

        I do not know why the Attonery Generals Of Arizone has not taken action againest the I Wealth Investments and Pin Point Marketing.
        I made a complaint Noveber 14 2013 and have called the Attornery Generala Office and the answer was that they would let me know when I Wealth Investments Pin Point Marketing got back with them
        it looks like I Wealth Investments and Pin Point Marketing has all the time that they want to reply .
        I should think that they would have to reply before Ninety days.
        I also reported this to the FBI and the lady told me that she would have it posted so other Law inforcements would know abouit it also.
        I think that has been reported people that I Wealth Investments and Pin Point Marketing Has taken their money and have not received what has been promised THE HOLE BUNCH SHOULD BE IN JAIL

  • Ruth Boylan

    October of 2012 I signed up with Iwealthinvestments.com . The website cost 249.00 and then they talked me into a another 200.00 to boost the advertising. If you let them run your campaigns for 50.00 a month then I did not have to do anything. Nothing happened for the first few months and then wow, I had a sale of commission of 2.49 for godaddy. I felt they seeded the account because I never got anything else. After 8 months I wrote them, they did not return calls, and asked them not to deduct the 50.00 from my account. I was told that people could not access the website, so how could I get any sales. Now I noticed they took it down. I thought for my 500.00 investment the site was mine. It sure sounded like a good deal. Put up a website, get them to monitor it for me, because they said I did not know how to do it. Experts had to do it so I would get better results. You see what good results I got. Just another fraud. Do not invest with them.


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