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Last Updated On: March 18, 2015

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Business Name: ViaSat, Inc. Exede, WildBlue
Corporate Address:
349 Inverness Dr S
Englewood , California 80112 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 866-945-3258
Company Contact: Mark D Dankberg - CEO
Corp Website:

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.04 out of 5
Based On: 28 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 33

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $10,031.68
Average Reported Losses: $358.27

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Is ViaSat a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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Stay Far Far Away From These Smooth-talking Criminals!

It’s been a complete nightmare, and I thought it was over 5 days ago…but I see it’s only just begun… Lets go back to May of 2014, when I regrettably made the horrid decision to get satellite internet. I live in the country, it was between them or Hughes Net, boy….would I go back now and choose Hughes Net.. I have no understanding of how these obvious criminals are still allowed to do business, because if anything all they offer is criminal activity, lies, manipulation, and extortion. I ordered service and was told these Disneyland dream story of how amazing their product is, and how its so much better then their competitors.

This is lie number one. They sell you on this delusion of what kind of service you will receive and the stipulations to their service. NONE IS REAL. this is a smoke-screen to sign you into months of despair. The internet was installed and all was fine for the first two days.

After the first two days, I was emailed and told I was approaching my data limit…which is crazy! In 2 days I can use up almost 20 GB? nah, most functioning people know that to be complete BS. I called to disconnect my service cause I already smelled something fishy. I was then told for the first time that I had signed a two-year contract in which I never signed, but was told I have to pay a payment equivalent to buy your own small private island to turn it off. I then told them that the product in which I was paying for was not correctly described and I was not in the business of being lied to just to be backed into a pretend two-year contract, and then click… I was hung up on….

Many many many others things between then and now – so many as to falsely charge my card for services I was told would be comped and paid for, being lied to, being talked rude and disrespectful, being treated like I was stupid, cutting my service off when I was paid up – because the crazy way they do their bills to deceive you so they can take as much as they can when you are not looking- cut the service off in the middle of the night and can’t call anyone to get it turned on cause its says you owe them money when you don’t… It’s literally the most juvenile, thievery, in-your-face obvious mess…..I’ve literally had to write down every phone transaction (with who, their ID #, and name) we have had because they are all over the place and incompetent of giving a service that stands alone on MERIT. I just recently had to start recording our phone conversations because of the most recent fiasco.

Fast forward til now March 2015 when I am moving and so happy to be done with them forever since I was in contact with EXCEDE/VIASAT more then my own family! I called Friday to disconnect service and was told I would only have to pay $90 to disconnect. I shouldn’t have to pay anything since I was never told about a 2 year contract but 90$ never to have to hear from them again seemed a sweet deal to me..We disconnected service, I then told him I wanted to pay the 90$ now (since you never know what the next charge or inconsistency will be) he told me to give me my card for a one time payment of 90$ cause I explained how I didn’t want my card on file because of their bogus charges. I gave him my card number and then was told that I would have to wait til the 16th for my bill to come out to pay the 90$. I told him ok, and what about my card… he said he put it on file and I told him I didn’t tell you to do that and he told me it would be taken off immediately. I told him to notate that and was he sure several times. He said yes.

I call on the 16th to pay the 90$ but I am informed that they have already unlawfully charged my card that I did not give them permission to charge and get this… they charged me 319.15$ from 90$ what?! I was livid. I told them I was told 90$ in which I was replied back to well its 266$ termination fee and $50 because of the 5 free gbs we gave you from the free gig giveaway in which I responded Yea but those are free.. in which she so seriously told me that when you disconnect, any credits they have in your account disappear so I’d be charged $50 for something that was supposed to be free. I asked how can you guys just steal like this? in which she replied rudely that I was being sarcastic. I said I want to pay the 90$ I was told I would have to pay and I want to be done with you at which she replied that it was already done and there was nothing that she could do. I told her I would be dispute this with my bank which in returned she told me that they would just automatically deny it…

THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE and NOTHING BUT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. The service you pay good money for is less than mediocre and it’s dropped service so many times that I couldn’t continue my online classes cause it would drop in the middle of tests.. ITs unreliable and the customer service is a joke… Its like they are doing you a free favor and whatever you get you better just like or pay tons of money to get out of..


I am pressing charges tomorrow. I will be going to the police station to file a police report because they have stolen from me and unlawfully charged a card I did not ever give them permission to charge. I will also be contacting the BBB and see if we can get an expedited investigation going on. I don’t lay down to bullies and I definitely don’t let people steal from me right under my nose.

YOU’LL SEE ME IN COURT EXCEDE ;) BEST WISHES – the customer your going to wish you never screwed over!


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Consumer Comments For ViaSat

  • I would say I got about 6 months of mediocre service over two years. Most of it was spent dealing with problems (with speeds, disconnects, data usage inaccuracies, billing inaccuracies) and headaches (don’t even try to get assistance from phone customer or “tech” “support”) and frustration complemented by anger (at the entire company). BBB complaint responses were EXEDE-ingly rude and they lied about rebates). I was assigned an engineer who worked with me for over 2 months to get their technical issues cleared up. For that I received 3 months free service (after a year of unreliable service). And now I can’t get straight answers out of them about ending contract when it is up (e.g. not having early termination fees or additional fees for late returns of equipment). From all the nightmare anecdotes I read I thought it was prudent to start in early to get the answers needed: How many days before the end of contract should I call (and wait on hold and be transferred ad nauseum and be cut off) to tell them I am not renewing my contract? How long does it take to receive the packaging to return the equipment? The only answer I’ve gotten is that one has 20 days (not 30 days as it is written) to return equipment without incurring more fees. Had I known what I know now, I would have opted for dial up as a better option. For rural folks facing the digital divide, this company is not a solution.

  • Speed is mediocre, customer service is horrible, and with a two year long contract they managed to make an excuse to increase my bill in the middle of it. When I called to cancel I am being told I am going to have an early termination few around $250.

  • We got Dish Excede internet in June 2012 with 10 GBytes anytime usage. In June of 2014, according to Dish, we used up the 10 GBytes two days before the end of the billing cycle. At that time we “upgraded” to the 15 GBytes anytime usage plan. The following cycle we ran out of data 8 days before the end of the billing cycle. (We have not changed our internet habits.) This past cycle we ran out of data 20 days before the end of the cycle. This time we will run out 23-24 days before end of cycle.

    We noticed that when we are not on the internet, we unplug the computer from
    the modem, (we do not use routers) and lose from 200 Mbytes to 5.5 GBytes,
    usually overnight.

    We have contacted Dish numerous times over this issue, and they consistently
    blame us, the customer, for our usage habits. All the operators are using the
    same script or have been trained on what to say to the customer regarding this
    issue. The operators are aware of the meter “problem”; if you ask them if there
    are other complaints on this issue they will admit there are, and there will be
    no reimbursement to the customer.

    The first 24 months, from June 2012 to June 2014, we never exceeded the 10
    GByte anytime usage, according to Dish. Suddenly, we SLOWLY began to exceed it in June/July of this year. It is possible that during the first 24
    months of service we may have been using more than the 10 GBytes but not
    metered correctly, and Dish has now started metering. But, that still does not explain.200 MBytes to 5.5 GBytes loss when nothing is plugged into the modem.

    Also, noticed that these complaints started increasing exponentially beginning in 2013. This timing would coincide with some important events about to take place.

  • What ever happened to accountability and accepting responsibility for ones actions? The majority of the comments on here are from ignorant people. Gee I didn’t know I had a data plan. What do you mean I can’t download netflix blah blah blah. Did you consider that you are dealing with third party installers for the company and that they may tell you what ever you want to hear in order to sell it to you? Every complaint I have read on here is addressed right on the excede website disclaimer.

    It is also on the FAQ page

    2nd sentence clearly states 24 month commitment. So how is it that none of you knew about this? Oh cause you didn’t read the disclaimer or the FAQ page? How is your stupidity the companies fault?

    As for all of the people going over their data limit, did you look at your usage meter? That is located in your "my account" section. Try looking there and determining where your usage is going before complaining about the company. Are all of your devices turned on wifi and updating all of those apps? Are you downloading netflix or trying to use it for gaming?

    I say all of this because I have had their service for over two years and I do not have any problems with speed or going over my allowance. I average 23 mbps download speed and I use 9 gb per month. That is 4 people using the internet for email, social media, videos and occasional movie down loads. I DO NOT use netflix or gaming. If I have huge files to download for work then I set that up to happen after midnight then it doesn’t affect my usage at all.

    My point is how about looking at yourself 1) for not reading the fine print and 2) see if it is not in fact something you are doing before complaining on a site like this.

    • Snarky replies are unhelpful. These are smart people with legitimate complaints. Yours is a typical Exede problem solving technique.

  • Absolutely horrible company. I’ve only had it for 2 days, hated it the first day, and tried to cancel on the 2nd day. They say I have to pay the termination fee of $360.00. I have filed a dispute payment on my credit card, and will do everything I can to get out of this miserable mess. Shame on you exede, you are taking advantage of what looks like many, many innocent customers. It’s slow, data charges are enormous, and I feel like a fool for ever signing up!

  • We have stayed with W/B-excede only because it is hard to find service when you live out of town. Our "high speed" is so slow, I can drive to the library, view yahoo email, make copies and be back home faster than I can get it done here! Is that sad? Worse, we have been unable to get into the wildblue email they say we MUST have and no-one has fixed it for over a year! They send notices to it and we have no way of reading it. Finally, I asked via chat, how to stop service AND their payment….they questioned why I would change providers and I told them, the response was basically "oh well…" WOW !!! How can a company stay in business when their clients are treated so poorly!??

  • Customer service is the worst, they give you an answer that they think you want to hear, when signing up we were informed that the 10 gig would work for us and we were also told we would be able to stream up 15 movies a month from Netflix, wrong after going rounds with them they gave us 25 gig package for a month and we only streamed 3 movies and we reached our limit before our billing date, I would never recommend this at all you spend more time on hold and waiting for a customer service person than any other company , it has been a nightmare for us!!!!!

  • My experience with Exede has been what I was told it would be and therefore expected. Yes, there is a data limit and some latency but it streams 1080 HD vids perfectly smooth from Youtube and other sources. No, I can’t do Netflix because of the data limit or some games because of the latency, but I can do most everything else and do so at super fast speeds compared to dial-up. There is no other option for me so this is a blessing compared to dial-up even though I can’t do Netflix or real-time gaming. I can go to sites with lots of graphics or content and load the page in 7 seconds as opposed to, literally, 7 minutes and pay bills or shop Amazon, or check the weather or my e-mail, etc.

    As far as customer service goes I have had no dealings with them because the service has worked fine for me. With regard to the contract, I was aware because I saw it on their site while reviewing it to make my decision to subscribe. Same goes for the data limit.

    Quit doing Netfix, ditch the wireless router and hard wire your modem directly to your computer and you will not have a data usage issue anymore and your speeds will increase tremendously. Exede is not a substitute for cable or DSL. It is an alternative to dial-up that allows you to enjoy the benefits of high speed internet for everyday online activities.

    If you are using 10 Gb of internet a month, you are a socially dysfunctional loser. Get a life and/or a hobby. With all the time you spend online you should have known the Exede policy about data usage and the contract because you should have read it before deciding to subscribe. To quote "Bear" Bryant, "Be nice to people." And maybe the Exede customer service people will be nice to you. ROLL TIDE !!!!!!!

  • stay away … cannot believe anything they say …service never performed as promised. Hughesnet is no better and they can’t speak English, so only choice is country is 3G or 4G Lte. Not much better either but at least you can use it anywhere. Local companies usually offer the best service. At least local companies have a store you can walk into and speak to someone face to face.

  • I have spent over 28 hours on the phone with this company trying to resovle a multitude of issues that started on the install date. 2 months later I am still having the smale issues, data diddappearing, reps not knowing how to fix anything. on hold for 45 mins only to get hung up on, with no call back. My time is not getting repaid…. and the problems still exist. HORRIBLE COMPANY

  • I am so upset. I had this service hooked up for not even a month for work. Was never told we had a contract. I signed up with Time Warner a month after. Just the other day, those shady suckers took $287.00 out of my account. I have filled out a complaint to the BBB. These people must be stopped.

    • I recently had this service installed in my home (Feb 2014). The day they installed my service was installed, I was not home. But, magically, I received an email with their "Customer Agreement" the same day which showed I had esigned it. My father in law was the one present during the install and he was never even shown a contract or asked to sign anything. I wrote to the BBB and was referred to the Attorney General of Colorado. If i were you, I would also check your contract to see if they signed on your behalf and then I would contact the Attorney General of Colorado to inform them of the company’s forgery and fraudulent business practices.

  • This company sucks to the max. We returned our equipment as we were asked but because THEY DID NOT do their job and receive the equipment into their system, we were charged $324.15 for not returning our equipment. Then we had a hard time getting them to refund OUR money, that they NEVER should have taken out.
    This all started 11/08/2013 and now it’s 12/31/2013 and we are still fighting with this incompetent company. If this continues I will be contacting:
    Company: ViaSat, Inc. Exede, WildBlue
    Corporate Address: 349 Inverness Dr S
    Englewood , California 80112
    Phone: 866-945-3258
    Contact: Mark D Dankberg – CEO
    So keep this information handy if any of you wish to contact them as well.
    Rosemarie Simon
    Mesa AZ

  • Exceed internet service is easily the worst internet provider I have ever dealt with. First of all they have a data-plan (which I was unaware of prior to setting up the contract) I didn’t even know that existed for anything other than my phone. The internet itself was worthless. We were unable to stream videos via netflix, in fact, we couldn’t even connect to netflix because the connection was so slow. Even after we added more data to our plan there were numerous devices throughout the house that couldn’t even connect to the internet. I couldn’t even send an email. I immediately recognized that this service was not going to be adequate. Less than a month after starting the service they would not let me out of my contract, even though I was 100% unsatisfied. After numerous hours on hold and talking to three different customer service representatives, two of which are supervisors, they still want to charge me for 2 years of upcoming service. DO NOT USE EXCEED INTERNET!!! Their internet is crap, their service is crap. Unacceptable.

  • Worst internet company I have ever had the displeasure to register with. So I contact directv to sign up for cable and internet at my new home. Directv transfers me to exceed which conveniently does not inform me their internet works through a data plan! I have never had to use an internet data plan other than my cellphone plan years ago! So we almost immediately exceed (great name) our data and are unable to stream netflix, movies or even connect to the internet. Even prior to exceeding our data package the internet was slow and took several hours just to check email and pay bills. When I called two weeks after having exceed and told them I wanted to cancel our service the customer service was terrible, all 4 people spoken to were complete a*s holes and went on to charge me $15 a month for 24 months a total of $345 dollars on top of their already insanely high prices it cost to have their service for a month. 100% displeased with this company, do not use them if you actually want internet that works!!!! I should have checked reviews first, because I would have never gone with them if I had known about the data plan. Directv needs to stop sending their customers to Exceed because I will never recommend either company again after this experience.

  • I called them to find out why I don’t receive a bill. I was told they are a green company and don’t use paper. Really? Then how did I sign a two year agreement? I was not told about this. I also wasn’t told they would be deducting my payments out of my account every month. I bundled with direct tv. Viasat said my total bill would be $79.99 for both. It is $110.00. I was told all this info is on their website under the email address I gave them I never gave them one! I would have never signed with a company that requires a 2 year contract unless I have had their service before. The rep said she would help set up my account access. Why? So she could click the "I agree to these terms" button? After numerous calls they will still not send me a bill. Green Company my ****. You can bet the CEO doesn’t ride a bicycle to work. Stay as far away from this company as possible. Cheesy, lying thieves!

  • One of the most dishonest companies I have done business with. They promised the service call fees would be waived but still charged me for them. If you do not get it in writing, do not believe the promises they make. I am very unhappy with this company. I would not recommend doing business with Viasat/Exede.

  • have to say this is the worst internet ive come by.we are suppose to have a 15 gig limit here. mostly every one here only checks email and couple youtube videos which isnt often seeings how the internet speeds are usually around 6-12 kbs every single day. i think maybe 3 days out of the month it has ok speeds maybe 50kbs-1 mbps.i would not recommend this service to anyone.latency is almost always between 1200-2000 ms.
    facebook and other sites take more time to load then on my free dial up internet service i use because viasat doesnt load fast enough.cannot use netflix, youtube, downlod any updates for my playstation or anything.

  • as a viasat exede disnet installer.this internet is just for people that don’t have any other options.if u live on an area that u can have acces to dsl or cable…..satellite internet is not for u…use satellite internet as ur last option..

  • Just cancelled my service with Viasat after less than two months. A laundry list of reasons.
    Sales did not offer the DATA package info 10GB’s
    No trial period
    Slow speed.
    Could not access most websites on the fourth attempt
    Customer service is terribble. On hold for ever.
    Had to sign two year deal and could not break agreement after less than two months of service.

    I would use two cups and a string before using VIASAT.

    I just signed with Amplex. No data package issues with them.

  • We just had ViaSat put in last week Saturday, April 20th. We too were never told initially about only 10 GB’s of data per month and that we’d have to pay for more. We had gone through our "limit" within 3 days. The installer did say something to us about free downloads between midnight and 5:00 am, but I realize that meant everything that streams, like on demand and roku. Direct TV has not been our issue because that has been excellent so far…it’s this ViaSat that’s the rip off!

  • They ripped me off around 400 dollars. bunch of stealers. still trying to steal money from my account. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST INTERNET PROVIDER EVER!!!!!! RUN AWAY!! I


  • I live in a rural area and could not get DSL access so I suffered with dial-up for several years finally I opted for wildblue. When it was advertised from Wild blue that I could get satellite coverage for a base rate of $39/mo, since I was already paying about $27/mo for a 2kb dial-up, I jumped at the chance. It took over 3 months to get an install scheduled and when the date for the install came and went and no one showed, I tried to get the local Radio Shack, which advertised Wild blue, to install but since the $39/mo rate under the program was advertised with free installation no installers in the area had any incentive to do the job. To make a long story short, I eventually escalated my discontent enough to get to a representative from ViaSat to take some positive action. He did a great job. Three days later my dish was installed by a team from DishTV. My DishTV bill and new Wildblue bill were combined. Everything was great! My setup ran like a dream for the rest of 2012. Great response time, go up time, I was in heaven. In December of 2012, I received a letter from DishTV saying that they were going to start charging me an additional $5/mo. but that they were going to give me a credit of 5$/mo for the next 18 months (go figure). In addition they stated that there would now be limits imposed on usage if I exceeded a certain amount of usage per month. Shortly after that my response time went south. I have been monitoring my bandwidth usage and now regardless of when it is measured it is less that 1%. Coverage drops all the time. This is barely more than the speed I had experienced under dial-up. Worst part is, now I am hooked under a contract that I can’t back out of without penalty.

  • Slower connection behind Cable modem and DSL modem, bad weather and connection is lost, slow customer service response times, rude customer service techicians, extra charges once you exceed Internet usage rate, THEY CHARGE YOU TO COME OUT AND REMOVE THEIR SATELLITE DISH.

  • HEY GUYS!! Exede (Wildblue) doing business via Viasat is actually doing business under the name WayPath! After MUCH digging, I found that information on this website:

    PLEASE go file your complaints with the BBB!!!! The company you need is:
    Waypath Ventures, LLC
    632 Matthews Mint Hill Rd Ste E
    Matthews NC 28105-1769

    You can verify that in the company description listed. PLEASE file!! They are rated an A- company with no complaints (other than mine) because they do all this name shuffling!! They are crooks, help others avoid them!

    • thats just a re-seller, not the parent company

  • I am thinking about switching my TV, Internet & phone service from Comcast to DirectTV. I called DirectTV and went through the package I would be interested in and the rep said I could only get ViaSat. I had never heard of the inrpternet company so I told him I will hold off on everything until I did some research on my own, on this company. I just want to say, thank you all for your reviews of ViaSat. The rep at DirectTv didn’t mention a word about running out of data and having to pay extra, etc. I am now convinced that neither DirectTv nor ViaSat is for me. Thanks again folks for the heads up!

    • I just did the same thing! I already have direct tv have had them for 4 years but have had comcast for internet which is pretty exspensive. I am so glad I told them I’d look into viasat before I gave them an answer!! Life saver. People you have to stop trusting anyone and everyone and start doing research!

  • Darn right you’ll be sorry. I bought it and the salesperson didn’t even bother to tell me that there are data limits. Only 10 days into the month and we’ve exceeded our data limit so we got an email saying they were slowing our speeds down and the email practically scolded us for our Internet usage saying that we should "monitor our usage" and that they "reserve the right to further restrict [our] service if [our] usage becomes excessive."

    "Excessive"?! So I called and spoke to one rude person who got me to a reasonable person who explained to me that in order to meet our usage (which I’d have to think is about average in the U.S.A.) that we’d be paying $200 per month JUST FOR INTERNET SERVICES and that even at that, we would still go over and be on restriction.

    Shocked, I told her that the local cable folks would give us unlimited Internet for far, far less. "Of course" was her response.

    So we’re going with cable. What is this, 1990 and we’re paying for AOL minutes? ViaSat needs to get with the time. Plus the Internet service drops constantly, Netflix rebuffers. And that was BEFORE they sent us the email chastising us for our usage and saying they were going to slow our speed down. Slow it down? It’s already just barely over dial up. Anyway, I just didn’t want someone else to get to the frustration level that I’m at so I thought I’d share my experience. ViaSat stinks. They seriously need to get with the times.

  • I have tried Excede for 3 days.

    1.Your computers were down and you refused to call me back!
    2.Last night I held for over 20 minutes and was forced to listen to the recording over and over – This just ads to aggravation and frustrations
    3.This morning same thing again.

    The wind blows here and the connection stops. I cannot live with that or your customer service.

    Fix this at once. I have a business to run and you are interfering with it.

  • I’m having this problem with my Ann Taylor account. The website will not come up. I try to go through Comenity Bank and that worked last time but now, Comenity’s website is not coming up. WTH????


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