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Last Updated On: May 7, 2014

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Business Name: @Link Services LLC
Corporate Address:
13431 North Broadway Ext; #120
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 405-753-7151
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Company Contact: Samual Curtis - CEO
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Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $250.00
Average Reported Losses: $125.00

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 6

Latest AtLink WiFi Complaint

Slowwwww And Always Down

Its not a line of sight issue, nor router, nor anything except AtlinkWifi internet service crappy Mustang and Tuttle towers which they refuse to fix. 5 years with them and last three are horrible. Mary Fallon, OK gov, keeps giving them grants for new areas, but they never fix the first areas that helped to grow them.

5 years ago, we went door to door telling our neighbors about atlink, most people joined. Atlink told us the more on it, the better the service will be. They promised to upgrade their towers, but never did. If everyone submitted a speed test on and then complained to them, Every time it goes down or runs like crap, we might be able to file a class action lawsuit if we all do speed tests and complain.

Personally, I think these folks rub each others backs, so its probably pointless, but worth a try.


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  • I’ve been with At Link for several years now and fortunately have received fairly decent, though occasionally inconsistent connection speeds and support. Now however I have been unable to send email to most of my contacts for over 2 months. Numerous calls have yielded various reasons, but no solutions. Most often I receive "non-delivery" notices from other ISPs, but not always. Many of them just go off into oblivion, or the NSA storage facility. While satellite is an option, it’s not much of one. I was told that I’m not the only one having this issue, but there is only ONE person working it. Another tech probably had the most honest answer, he simply said, "I don’t know". Honest maybe, but helpful he wasn’t. I have noticed that their monthly billing is not having any problems though. This same issue happened about a year or so ago too. There are other options for internet service, and I have resolved that will have to chose one of them. Pity, but it seems to be the nature of the beast with ISPs, satellite and cable TV, and most other service providers. Every few years you have to move on to someone else.

  • I am here to echo the same frustrations as stated above. I have been with @link for 3 years now. Do not thing I have ever reached speeds I am paying for. In the beginning they were very quick to respond and had a tech here within usually same day. They took a very good tech and stuck him inside. I called more than 7 days ago and held for tech support and finally left name and number asking to return my call, just like they say they will do. Nothing yet. Hey on the bright side they did have a tech personally deliver a gift to my house from the "CEO" thanking me for business and for completing the survey. Very nice coffee cup. Thought was a nice touch, but I would really rather have what I am paying for. And to further echo that they are not bashful in calling you to tell you you have not made a payment yet when it is not even past due yet. Now I am getting two billing statements on the 1st of month, when they used to come around the 15th. Oh giddy giddy, hope I ewven have service to add this comment! I would add my speed test results, but I am ashamed to share…

  • I have been dealing with the same problem for 3 years now. This company is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. I’m getting upload speeds of .06 and they cant tell me why its so slow. They have changed out my equipment 3 times and it still don’t work. They want us to pay for a product they cant deliver, isn’t that stealing? Its nice to know that these incompetent people got a grant to start this sorry company. I waited 2 months for a return phone call from a manager and it never came but they called me looking for their money when I stopped the automatic payments from my account.

  • I have been calling and calling. sometimes it helps but mostly not. We have been with them for 8 years.
    The first 5 were great then they added to many customers to the same tower and service went way,way
    down. To get a call back well seldom, I requested a month rebate for all of the disrupted service and
    SLOOOOOWWW speeds, well I haven’t herd back YET.

  • I’m General Manager of AtLink Services, LLC. We’re not always able to satisfy our customers, that’s true, and sometimes the reasons that our support folks give out sound weasly. Delivering broadband over the air works really well sometimes–good line of sight between the tower and a house, a low level of radiation in the area from other sources, no trees or barns or hills. In the past, we outgrew our equipment. In some cities that we serve, we had to stop taking orders, because there was no room left on the radio waves. We’ve just spent $500,000 on new equipment for our most-crowded areas, and starting last week, our tower crews were out every day (well, not Friday, because of the sleet) installing it. Customers served by the new equipment are able to get even more bandwidth than they’e paying for. AtLink is a serious company, and it is the first or second-largest wireless ISP in the USA, serving much of Oklahoma. The ARRA loan-grants (20% of the proceeds are in the form of loans) permit us to build towers in unserved parts of the state. For the two frustrated customers writing on this page, I invite you to contact me directly to let me see if something can be done. I accept and apologize for your frustration–but we’re not casual about this type of situation. Please send a message to

  • They suck! Their customer service sucks! Their tech support sucks! Download speed of .32 mbps and upload of .45 mbps called in a trouble ticket over a week ago and am still waiting.


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