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Last Updated On: August 25, 2016

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Business Name: Hughes Network Systems, LLC.
Corporate Address:
11717 Exploration Ln
Germantown, Maryland 20876 USA

HughesNet Customer Service

HughesNet Phone Number: 866-774-6580
Company Contact: Pradman Kaul - CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.19 out of 5
Based On: 34 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 20

HughesNet Reports

Reported Losses: $6,940.20
Average Reported Losses: $204.12

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Worst service and customer service ever

Worst internet service ever. Never had an internet provider that limited data usage, which normally was used up within first week of the month. And the increased speed/additional internet data usage between hours of 2am – 6am if totally worthless. Who is awake at 2am to use the internet when its the only data to use?

Not to mention, after canceling service, still getting bills 2-3 months after regarding service and equipment. I was never told to hold onto the dish to return the radio transmitter to return. Yes, its on your diagrams in the box and on the policy agreement, but when I asked to return all equipment nothing was said to myself about any equipment outside the house, only inside equipment.

So I do not know how I will locate the missing dish/radio transmitter 2-3 months after cancellation to return to hn. Even if they do say its on the box, once I was told I no longer needed the dish, it was no longer required for me to keep it.

Absolute joke of a company and suggest to find internet provider quickly.

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  • Robert Wilson

    As long as Hughes net has your credit card, you are their SLAVE. LOOSE IT STUPID, APPLY FOR A NEW NUMBERED CARD,H/N can not draw monies from your new card unless you give them your new card number.

  • Dawn Snyder

    Hughsnet has NEVER lived up to anything they have told us. They took money out of our account when we cancelled a month ago. We never had any service when we needed the Internet and that was after we first got it. We lost many sales because of the phone service every time we were on the phone we got disconnected and lost thousand of dollars in sales.
    NEVER in a million years would I recommend them

    • Robert Wilson

      You have my deepest sympathy, it seems that service providers now a days due to supply and demand excuses, do not CARE if the service is inferior..Also, the CEO may have some medical issues.

  • Donna Comer

    I would never recommend Hughes net to anyone. I had cancelled by service in Feb and in April they took out of my account 213.50 for not sending the transmitter back. I had to get a tech out here and remove it off the roof. They were going to charge me another 100 for there tech to come out and remove something that is there equipment awful. Don’t ever use Hughes net. Another thing I never heard of a internet service with allowance time. You are paying for service and giving you allowance time

  • Rich

    After about ten days all of your allotted time is used up with just normal web browsing or listening to a few songs every other day and then they deliberately slow down your internet speed to get you to buy ‘tokens’ to speed it back up. Hughesnet in my opinion is a total scam. You are better off with any internet provider that uses phone lines. Dsl over your phone lines is alot faster and they dont turn your speed down. Very unhappy with hughesnet. There are a lot of other providers that you would be better off with. Also…..hughesnet does NOT support online gaming such as gta5 or halo etc… when I subscribed I asked if my son would be able to play online with his friends and I specifically asked about gta5 and halo…she assured me that he would be able to. This was an outright lie. They also gave me a free three month subscription to some movie channels and a week before the three months was up I called to cancel. I was assured that they were cancelled but sure enough my credit card was charged for two months. The person I spoke to even gave me a cancellation number that I later found out was a total fabrication. I was told they dont issue any such thing. So, they lied to me once again when I cancelled the movie channels. When I called about the charges for the cancelled movie channels they literally made it seem like I was lying about it by telling me my story was ‘sketchy’. It was only after they did more digging that they found my phone number in their call log on my account proving that I did call when I said. They credited my account, not my credit card but only after insulting me and only after being on the phone with them for over an hour. When my two year subscription is up, I am so cancelling hughesnet.

  • Thompson

    We had HN for several years (it was the most reasonable even though the speed was terrible). Well when phone companies started advertising the family plans with more data to share, we were curious. When our HN contract was up, we called to cancel, and ended up getting talked into a year agreement. Was supposed to be a better plan at a lower price and it seemed to beat the price we would have paid thru the mobile phone company that we were considering using for our internet. Well in a couple months, the phone company lowered rates on more data so my family discussed cancelling HN since we only had a few months left anyway. Called to cancel the contract and was quoted a termination fee as if I had been on a two year contract from the beginning. I finally set them straight on what had happened and they found the notes in their records that it was only supposed to be a 1 year agreement. Since I was only checking the price of the termination I didn’t cancel that day because I still had to talk to the primary account holder (my dad) and see if they thought it was worth it to terminate the service. Well when he gave me the ok to terminate the service, I called back, and once again, they tried to tell me it would cost more (as if I had a two year agreement and not one). I was pretty frustrated at this point, but again was able to set them straight and they found it in their notes that it would be less because it was in fact only a one year agreement.
    Finally the service is cancelled and I will no longer have to deal with HN…WRONG!! Checking my credit card statement I found that instead of charging the the fee for cancellation of the one year agreement, they charged me the cancellation fee for a two year agreement. I WAS FURIOUS!! Again I had to call HN and AGAIN I had to set them straight on the amount that I should have been charged.. AGAIN they found it in their notes and they were able to issue me a refund.
    They send the box to return the equipment in, we pack up and sent off the equipment. Low and behold, a month later, I have a $219 charge on my credit card. I contact a HN rep thru chat and they explain to me that all of the equipment was not returned. Finally they HN rep was able to tell me what to send back, but they would not send another box for us to ship it in. Dad got involved on this one and we ended up getting the second box for free, I guess he was able to get them to understand that we don’t deal with the internet equipment for a living, so how the heck are we supposed to know what to send back. (We are both pretty ticked off and just fed up with HN at this point)
    Two weeks after shipping the equipment off, I still have been issued a credit to my card, so again, on chat (so I can send the transcript to my email) I talk to a rep and they told me there was a credit on the account, just hadn’t made it to the card yet.. they will have to have a rep contact me to start the refund. But get this.. I will not be getting the full refund, only the refund for the charge for the equipment, but not for the sales tax.. I COULD be wrong on this.. but shouldn’t I get my full refund back.. and what sale was made to initiate a sales tax on this penalty that was charged for the equipment that they ultimately own??



  • Never

    Sadly been a HN consumer for about 6 years now, as it is our only option
    here. If some other option ever comes our way we are running into their
    arms and never looking back.
    Always getting randomly throttled (as
    we speak & actually the past couple days. Worse than dialup speed),
    rolling 24 hour download allowance, FAP, price, no
    video’s/music/streaming/games, got to even watch how many pictures you look at, etc.

    Plan allowance is only 250mb – per rolling 24 hour period.

    Always have to keep our rolling 24 hour “download allowance status” meter open just to keep an eye on it.
    Any clouds, rain, storms, etc. it goes out.
    Ever need help? Call customer service, wait FOREVER, get the run around & can’t understand the majority of what they say but somehow it’s always something wrong on your end they’ll have you checking this & that & finally when you’ve been through it all miraculously it’s fixed (after you’ve done everything they’ve asked and none of it worked but all of a sudden it’s “fixed” you know they’ve pushed/typed something in that they could’ve just done in the beginning in the first place without the runaround testing to begin with). Then for it to be just satisfactory for a short period of time.

    $80 a month for this?! Ripoff!!!
    Hate, hate, hate, hate and oh did I mention HATE it!
    I DO NOT recommend Hughes Net to anyone! If you have any other option, take it.


    Suspected I was not the only consumer disgusted by the lies and misrepresentation of Hughes Internet company. After the treatment I received from Hughes I would never deal with them again. Much slower speeds than promised, even the installing tech was amused by what I was told. My installer was excellent, but the phone reps were terrible, repeatedly trying to blame my computers for the problem. Also, "tech reps" for Hughes insisted I go to their website for "compatible" speed estimation on down and uploads. Their system kept reporting 5 megabytes with almost no variation as my available speed. Other "unapproved" sites reported much lower speeds which were a lot closer to the truth. I complained about the service and was told I would not have to pay for one month and I was given more time to evaluate the service. In the end, and after the installer/tech rep stated "the speed you are being given by Hughes, is all you will get from them, I quit my service over the phone and told Hughes to cancel my account. The rep on the phone immediately warne me of an early termination fee of $280.00 . Now they are calling me to settle my account. I advised them that as soon as the sent me "AN ITEMIZED BILL" I WOULD PAY FOR THE SERVICE BUT NOT ANY TERMINATION FEES. This company operates like the magazine and book sellers of old. Hughes is in my opinion one of the very worst internet providers in operation . After my problems with them, I found many other people who suffered the same mistreatment and disgust with Hughes. Hope something can be done about them. Thinking of reporting them to Baltimore based BBB aas suggested with one of the posts. Phil

  • LeahD

    Hughes Net
    To whom it may concern,
    We started your service on July 29,2013. We were told we would get 10 gig plan with 5 meg per second and the person on the phone said it would be more then enough for us. We not only started service but paid $345.77 to pay for the equipment. In August we called back and let them know that the speed was not fast enough. 1. They told us our equipment was bad, but they never replaced it. 2. They told us if we went to 20 gig plan we would get faster service, which they never mentioned to us the first time. 3. They offered us the 20 gig at the same price as the 10 gig. Later they raised the price and when we called to find out why they said the lower price was only for 3 months. We were never told that.
    We have called several times since and talked to several people. I am on the phone right now. We started our call at 10:03am and it is now 11:22am. My husband started talking to someone who passed him on to a manager who said his name was Randy Johnson. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he passed me on to Aurther Garcia. Aurther said he was Randy’s supervisor but his title was the same. I asked to speak with Aurther’s supervisor and he said he does not know who that is. Why is that?? At this point I am very upset!!!
    1. I want our money back that we paid for the equipment of $345.77
    2. I want the equipment removed from our house.
    3. I want out of this contract with out being charged a fee.

    The equipment has never worked for us. I keep getting the runaround by several members of your staff. We were told we could cancel in 30 days and when we tried, you said you would give us faster speed and more gigs. Your company has been fraudulent, and unethical and I need you to make this right for me. The service is poor and does not work for us.

    I will be expecting an email or phone call, by upper management next week.

    Thank you,
    Leah D

    • Al Neal

      I have had very similar problems with these reprobates. They are con-artists. and (at the very least), should be shut down.

  • fernando

    This is the worse internet provider I ever tried. The speed is ridiculously slow like the old dial up service.
    The customer service is even worse than the service.
    They only want to take you money. Only looking to charge you for the early termination fees that is a fortune.
    Please do yourself a huge favor, do not use them !!!!!

  • Maureen

    wow, you guys hAte hughes-net. i dont getit, what you are forgetting is WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU WANT INTERNET AND THE ONLY OTHER OPTION IS DILEUP?? i wish hughsnet didn’t take advantge of people living in the country, but i have to say it is better than dial up. we get calera hughesnet address is , it is OK

    • Paul

      Maureen you must not really look at what you got. Its better then dial up but not much. In January 2012 I was given what I thought was a deal they charged me 299 for service then gave me back 99 of it. They told me they would buy my equipment back for 199. They told me that was not true. When I told them I still have the paperwork they hung up on me. I called them back and they did it again.

  • TSC

    Hughesnet is a mess. But, I emailed the Better Business Bureau and Hughes responded immediately after the BBB contacted them. I got all my money back the next day. So I am thinking the best recourse is to notify the BBB. I also got Hughes to email me a letter saying that I had returned the equipment, had a $0 balance and we no longer had any kind of financial relationship. Oh yeah, the other option is to change your credit card account number, then they can’t bill you. Also, our credit card company blocked any further charges from Hughesnet. Good luck. I hope this helps someone.

  • Maureen Tierney

    I have no problem with HughesNet internet service. I am happy with it. But their website is the absolute worst!! Takes forever, and you can’t do what you want to do. Takes half an hour to pay your bill and you may not even be successful

  • Linda

    The only way to deal with Hughes Net is to contact the Better Business Bureau where there home office is in Maryland, I promise you will get results and it want take you long to get an answer, I went round and round with them never could speak to anyone who could speak very good English. I filed a claim with BBB against them and within 2 weeks a very nice young man from Hughes Net Corp Head Quarters called me and I had a $500.00 refund and an apology for poor customer service.

  • Leah H

    I am a previous Hughes Net customer. They are the worst company I have ever done business with. The download speed tests on the company”s website were skewed. When we checked the speed of our Internet on other sites, we found that we were getting a tenth of the speed we were promised. I was dumb enough to believe that if I upgraded, my speeds would be better. Wrong! I paid ten dollars a month more with no improvement in download speeds. When I tried to call them to complain, I would be put on hold for 30-45 minutes. Their so-called technicians were obviously reading from a script and had no idea how to fix any problem. One technician wasn’t even familiar with the term ping. When I tried to get out of my contract, which only had two months left, I was told I would have to pay a huge cancellation fee. When I said I wanted to complain, and that the way I figured it, the company owed me money for not providing speeds I was promised, I was told that I could send a snail mail letter to the corporate office. As a customer, I could not send an email or even call the corporate office of a Internet Service Provider. Am I the only one who sees what is wrong with this picture? I received a call from a customer service rep after I cancelled my account and told him that he was working for a company that cared more about profit than providing reliable Internet to people in rural areas who have no other choice. The company has its customers by the short hairs and does everything it can to screw their customers. Enough said! Now we have reliable, high speed Internet from a local business that is more concerned about people than profit.


    They will overbill . You cannot get anyone on the phone for over 40 minutes
    then it is someone who does not speak english
    they will make you PROVE to them what their online installation fee was
    they will charge you and once you question they will send you an email- THEN THEY DON’T
    they say they will reverse charges-THEN THEY DON’T
    they will send you a new email saying login with password to see what you are chargeed THEN THEY DON’T RECOGNIZE YOU WITH THE PASSWORD THEY PROVIDED
    they will ask you to signup to Hughesnet email and once you do THEY DON’T RECOGNIZE YOU AS A CUSTOMER
    the only time they recognize you is when they charge your credit card!!!
    they make you sign a 24 month contract and are SLOWER THAN DIAL UP
    no games can be played on this pitiful service
    if the wind blows, it will CRASH
    it will take weeks for a technician to re-direct the transmitter
    THEN THEY WILL OVERCHARGE. i am so angry with them
    they will tell you they will rebate you and they DONT


  • Judy Purcell



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