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Business Name: Hughes Network Systems, LLC.
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Corporate Address: 11717 EXPLORATION LN
Germantown, Maryland 20876 USA

Phone Number: 866-774-6580
Company Contact: Pradman Kaul - CEO
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Worse Internet Provider Ever

I signed a contract with DirectTv on 09-2013 for a complete package of Cable TV and internet services. They endorsed me with a third party company for internet services without previous notice. DirecTV told me that after sign in up.  That third party is Hughesnet, and is the meaning of this complaint.

I had problems since the first minute. The installation guy arrived to my house on saturday August 31, 2013 without the proper tools and parts so he left right away saying that he’ll give us a call when ready to do the installation to make another appointment. He showed up at my house on Sunday 1, 2013 at 7.30 am without previous notice. We allowed him to do the job and when he finished I asked him to try the service but he insisted that he already tried it and we should sign up the paper work.  He tried to sell us a cheap router during this process and I refused.

I asked him him to please wait for 5 minutes so that way I could try the connection. He agreed partially and I noticed that the speed was too slow. We told them that is not what we asked for. We asked to the sales person a service very very close to Verizon Fios, our last provider, and the seller said “this is very fast like the Fios”.  For all response the technician said : ” it will get faster with the daily use” said that, I asked him twice the same question. Same answer. So I asked gently to leave the house right away.

I am not a rookie in regards to computer and internet systems and we all know that sentence is a lie.

They left a mess behind. I started cleaning up all that mess and arranging the wires and I noticed that the modem suddenly went off.  I checked all the connections and wires and voila the modem was broken on the back port. I tried to re arrange the power cable to avoid any move but the connector was completely lose on the back of the modem making disconnected by itself and turning off and on again and again.

I called to HughesNet, customer support, explained the problem and they want me to wait for the next technician available may be could take 48 hours, After 30 minutes over the phone asking them to contact the same technician that installed it to came back and replace it they refused. They wanted to send me a new power cord when the problem was the connector on the back of the modem.

Another 30 minutes over the phone and finally they promised to send another modem.
I had to wait for many days to get the new modem and send back the old one to them, connected and installed by myself.

Now the problems starts.

We noticed that the connection speed was really really slow so I called them back after a week or so.  They tried to make an upgrade on my bill to get better service but we refused,
We are not allowed to do the basic tasks due to the speed. No streaming music, no Skype which is the only one way I have to stay in touch with my family, no Netflix which I am religiously paying every single month and I am not able to use due to the connection speed.  But the most important thing, I am not able to submit my job reports on time nor the right way due to the same reason. I am in trouble with my job now. So, I am forced to go to a Starbucks every single day with my laptop to perform my job the right way.

I kept calling the customer support but they keep offering me free stuff and trying to make an upgrade on my bill.  As a consequence of my several calls I got different case numbers as follows:

39042859 10-2013

39668839 12-29-2013

39658053 12-31-2013

39757386 01-03-2014

HMJF3439HM 01-04-2014 this the technician report number/sign off

I know I’m missing some more numbers.  I asked them also to send me a technician and they want me to pay for it. Of course I refused and then they agree to send this person at no charge. They said that will call me to make an appointment with the technician but they never called me back. So after so many days I had to call again and finally this noon a technician showed up at my house.

He connected his computer to run a speed test but in front of my eyes he connected the computer directly to the modem and not to the router. So I know that way they will get a higher value, which is not the real one. I told the technician this, and he smile at me and said: ” I agree with you but is the way they asked me to do it”

Anyways, after running the test we got 4.44 MBPS. This is very bad speed connection. A second test trowed away 3.7 MBPS which is obviously worse and unacceptable.  The technician submit his report thru his phone to HughesNet and he agreed.with me that values are bad. Even when they tested the speed thru the modem and not thru the router.
Just to mention Verizon Fios is running up to 20 MBPS for upload and up to 50 MBPS for download.

I ran my own real tests online and the values are:

0.14 MBPS for download and 0.45 for upload. What a difference when the seller said is the same speed as Fios!

I ran HTML 5 internet speed test and bandwith test which are the most accurate online test.

Hughes Net – Inland Eempire, California 92571

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11 thoughts on “HughesNet

  1. Suspected I was not the only consumer disgusted by the lies and misrepresentation of Hughes Internet company. After the treatment I received from Hughes I would never deal with them again. Much slower speeds than promised, even the installing tech was amused by what I was told. My installer was excellent, but the phone reps were terrible, repeatedly trying to blame my computers for the problem. Also, "tech reps" for Hughes insisted I go to their website for "compatible" speed estimation on down and uploads. Their system kept reporting 5 megabytes with almost no variation as my available speed. Other "unapproved" sites reported much lower speeds which were a lot closer to the truth. I complained about the service and was told I would not have to pay for one month and I was given more time to evaluate the service. In the end, and after the installer/tech rep stated "the speed you are being given by Hughes, is all you will get from them, I quit my service over the phone and told Hughes to cancel my account. The rep on the phone immediately warne me of an early termination fee of $280.00 . Now they are calling me to settle my account. I advised them that as soon as the sent me "AN ITEMIZED BILL" I WOULD PAY FOR THE SERVICE BUT NOT ANY TERMINATION FEES. This company operates like the magazine and book sellers of old. Hughes is in my opinion one of the very worst internet providers in operation . After my problems with them, I found many other people who suffered the same mistreatment and disgust with Hughes. Hope something can be done about them. Thinking of reporting them to Baltimore based BBB aas suggested with one of the posts. Phil

    Hughes Net
    To whom it may concern,
    We started your service on July 29,2013. We were told we would get 10 gig plan with 5 meg per second and the person on the phone said it would be more then enough for us. We not only started service but paid $345.77 to pay for the equipment. In August we called back and let them know that the speed was not fast enough. 1. They told us our equipment was bad, but they never replaced it. 2. They told us if we went to 20 gig plan we would get faster service, which they never mentioned to us the first time. 3. They offered us the 20 gig at the same price as the 10 gig. Later they raised the price and when we called to find out why they said the lower price was only for 3 months. We were never told that.
    We have called several times since and talked to several people. I am on the phone right now. We started our call at 10:03am and it is now 11:22am. My husband started talking to someone who passed him on to a manager who said his name was Randy Johnson. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he passed me on to Aurther Garcia. Aurther said he was Randy's supervisor but his title was the same. I asked to speak with Aurther's supervisor and he said he does not know who that is. Why is that?? At this point I am very upset!!!
    1. I want our money back that we paid for the equipment of $345.77
    2. I want the equipment removed from our house.
    3. I want out of this contract with out being charged a fee.

    The equipment has never worked for us. I keep getting the runaround by several members of your staff. We were told we could cancel in 30 days and when we tried, you said you would give us faster speed and more gigs. Your company has been fraudulent, and unethical and I need you to make this right for me. The service is poor and does not work for us.

    I will be expecting an email or phone call, by upper management next week.

    Thank you,
    Leah D

  3. This is the worse internet provider I ever tried. The speed is ridiculously slow like the old dial up service.
    The customer service is even worse than the service.
    They only want to take you money. Only looking to charge you for the early termination fees that is a fortune.
    Please do yourself a huge favor, do not use them !!!!!

  4. wow, you guys hAte hughes-net. i dont getit, what you are forgetting is WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU WANT INTERNET AND THE ONLY OTHER OPTION IS DILEUP?? i wish hughsnet didn't take advantge of people living in the country, but i have to say it is better than dial up. we get calera hughesnet address is , it is OK

    • Maureen you must not really look at what you got. Its better then dial up but not much. In January 2012 I was given what I thought was a deal they charged me 299 for service then gave me back 99 of it. They told me they would buy my equipment back for 199. They told me that was not true. When I told them I still have the paperwork they hung up on me. I called them back and they did it again.

  5. Hughesnet is a mess. But, I emailed the Better Business Bureau and Hughes responded immediately after the BBB contacted them. I got all my money back the next day. So I am thinking the best recourse is to notify the BBB. I also got Hughes to email me a letter saying that I had returned the equipment, had a $0 balance and we no longer had any kind of financial relationship. Oh yeah, the other option is to change your credit card account number, then they can't bill you. Also, our credit card company blocked any further charges from Hughesnet. Good luck. I hope this helps someone.

  6. I have no problem with HughesNet internet service. I am happy with it. But their website is the absolute worst!! Takes forever, and you can't do what you want to do. Takes half an hour to pay your bill and you may not even be successful

  7. The only way to deal with Hughes Net is to contact the Better Business Bureau where there home office is in Maryland, I promise you will get results and it want take you long to get an answer, I went round and round with them never could speak to anyone who could speak very good English. I filed a claim with BBB against them and within 2 weeks a very nice young man from Hughes Net Corp Head Quarters called me and I had a $500.00 refund and an apology for poor customer service.

  8. I am a previous Hughes Net customer. They are the worst company I have ever done business with. The download speed tests on the company''s website were skewed. When we checked the speed of our Internet on other sites, we found that we were getting a tenth of the speed we were promised. I was dumb enough to believe that if I upgraded, my speeds would be better. Wrong! I paid ten dollars a month more with no improvement in download speeds. When I tried to call them to complain, I would be put on hold for 30-45 minutes. Their so-called technicians were obviously reading from a script and had no idea how to fix any problem. One technician wasn't even familiar with the term ping. When I tried to get out of my contract, which only had two months left, I was told I would have to pay a huge cancellation fee. When I said I wanted to complain, and that the way I figured it, the company owed me money for not providing speeds I was promised, I was told that I could send a snail mail letter to the corporate office. As a customer, I could not send an email or even call the corporate office of a Internet Service Provider. Am I the only one who sees what is wrong with this picture? I received a call from a customer service rep after I cancelled my account and told him that he was working for a company that cared more about profit than providing reliable Internet to people in rural areas who have no other choice. The company has its customers by the short hairs and does everything it can to screw their customers. Enough said! Now we have reliable, high speed Internet from a local business that is more concerned about people than profit.

    They will overbill . You cannot get anyone on the phone for over 40 minutes
    then it is someone who does not speak english
    they will make you PROVE to them what their online installation fee was
    they will charge you and once you question they will send you an email- THEN THEY DON'T
    they say they will reverse charges-THEN THEY DON'T
    they will send you a new email saying login with password to see what you are chargeed THEN THEY DON'T RECOGNIZE YOU WITH THE PASSWORD THEY PROVIDED
    they will ask you to signup to Hughesnet email and once you do THEY DON'T RECOGNIZE YOU AS A CUSTOMER
    the only time they recognize you is when they charge your credit card!!!
    they make you sign a 24 month contract and are SLOWER THAN DIAL UP
    no games can be played on this pitiful service
    if the wind blows, it will CRASH
    it will take weeks for a technician to re-direct the transmitter
    THEN THEY WILL OVERCHARGE. i am so angry with them
    they will tell you they will rebate you and they DONT