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Last Updated On: January 4, 2016

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Business Name: Tower Hill Insurance Group, LLC.
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7201 Northwest 11th Place
Gainesville, Florida 32605 USA

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Tower Hill Phone Number: 352-332-8800
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Average Rating: 2.00 out of 5
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Number Of Comments: 13

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Reported Losses: $1,500.00
Average Reported Losses: $500.00

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I am a new homeowner, purchased my home in 2013. In the spring of 2014 we discovered a slow leak at the manifold. Towerhill sent out an independent claims consultant. The claim consultant estimated our damages at $8,000.

He did not suggest repiping at the time. Following a thirsty plumbers persistent calls to suggest we re-pipe our entire dwelling, during the fall Towerhill stated we must repipe the entire dwelling for renewal.

This is like suggesting someone get a heart transplant and replace all their veins and arteries due to one varicrose vein.

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  • GoRav114

    Tower Hill is one of the top five Insurance Carrier’s in Florida. The complaints you here are from the side of a specific homeowner with no chance to hear the other side of the story. The one guy says he switched to Peoples Trust and saved over $2,400.00. First off, that’s nearly impossible (Insurance cost are regulated), and second Peoples Choice is a right to repair company so when you have a claim they send out their own contractor’s. Please don’t let 10-12 negative comments lead you to believe your getting a bad insurance company when in actuality it is one of the best in the state.

  • glenn

    They have raised my premium over 33% in 2013 and again in 2014 and never ever filed a claim. I just cancelled Tower hill and went to Peoples Trust Insurance . Saved over $2,400 for the exact same coverage!!!. Had Policies withTower Hill for 11 years . Stay away from Tower Hill!!!! Their A.M. BEST RATING a D for financial stability.

  • Bardot

    Got a policy with Tower Hill administrated by USAA. Paid the annual premium right away. Today a call from USAA telling us Tower Hill is canceling the policy effective immediately since the house is unoccupied. The tenant who was renting the house changed his mind at the very last moment. Tower Hill send an inspector who took pictures of the house, peaked into windows, tried to open front door – this was observed by our neighbors. The possible tenant changing his mind is not my fault.
    I was also told that there is no refund for the policy which was cancelled after being in place for 26 days but I will take that up with the insurance commission and the attorney general!

  • Eric

    Stay Away of Tower Hill Insurance. They are the worst in this business…imaging that. This sharks just want their money and nothing else. I recently got a HO insurance with them. A few days later I received a call from the broker saying that inspectors from Tower Hill came by my house and requested that I cut two small branches of young oak that were over the roof. I mean you should see the branches they were as tick as my middle finger, and were not even making any contact with rook. Anyway I cut the branches and told the broker. She asked me to send pics and I said that is not my job, send the inspectors to take the pictures. Two days later I received a later claiming that they were terminating my policy for Unacceptable Risk or Exposure and Condition of premises and/or structures. I call them the next day and cancel it my self. I rather give my money to Bernie Madoff than this sharks. And supposedly this industry is regulated by the State of Florida. Yeah right, politicians serving the interests of companies that buy them out with their scumbags, money hungers, lobbyists.

  • Michael Spivey

    Tower Hill Insurance lied to me! I bought a homeowners policy with them and then the very next day they sent out a inspector. I received a letter from them, which they didn’t send to my agent, and told me they were cancelling me unless I fixed some minor problems. I had three weeks to fix, send them the paperwork and they would reinstate me. I did all of that, BUT then told my agent they were NOT going to reinstate me! So, as I said above, they LIED to me. Is this the way to operate a business? Also, they have not called me personally to explain their change of heart and why they told me a lie to begin with. I will tell everyone I know, and everyone I don’t know what kind of business they run. I am also thinking of a lawsuit, as I do have the letter still, as I did actually what they told me to do and then they went back on their word. Can anyone help with this matter?

    • Boris Kharlamov

      It is about my case too. I bought house in a very good condition from the owner. I bought homeowner policy from Tower Hill. Everything looked OK. Then, to my surprise, they requested home inspector report. OK, it was sent to them. They were not satisfied, and requested additional photos. Due to some reasons (ti was not my fault) photos were delayed, and the insurance was canceled without any warning and any explanation. They also didn’t explain, what for they wanted home inspector report and additional photos. There is nothing suspicious in the house, it has a new roof, well maintained, etc. There are hundreds of thousands of houses in Jacksonville, many of them in worse conditions, not many in better, and, I believe, all of them have insurances (not form Tower Hill, I suspect). How these guys can run business with such attitude to clients? I initially thought, my case is unique, but I see here that they do it all time. Never deal with them, at least I’ll be miles away from Tower Hill from now

  • Diane

    Tower Hill also decided to cancel my policy with little or no notice! We originally chose Tower Hill because the price was right. Well I guess you get what you pay for. We bought a foreclosure to rent out as income property. They knew that when we purchased the insurance. Now (3 months later), we are cancelled with only 23 days notice because the house was vacant 30 days prior to purchase!!! Hello??? what part of foreclosure do you not get??? Oh yeah, and now we have a tenant.

  • KLM

    Tower Hill threatened to cancel my homeowners policy because I have a "For Sale" sign in the front yard. I had to remove the sign to keep them from canceling. Why does the State of Florida allow this practice? Yes, the state reviews their underwriting guidelines and evidently "accepts" this a being legal – in this huge depressed housing market, Florida allows insurance companies to dictate/predict/cause and contributes to families losing their homes to foreclosure!

  • J Yon

    I am looking for new insurance now that Liberty Mutual is pulling out of the state. Why should I consider Tower Hill? What make sit better?

    • elle

      Me too. Was given a quote for Tower Hill but not sure I want to go with them because of several negative reviews.

  • Allen

    I was cancelled by Tower Hill after a lightning strike and a dog bite (without fully investigating the claim).

  • Norman Levesque

    I just had a very similar problem with them.
    I’ve been a good, cash paying homeowner insurance customer for about 3 years. I
    recently chose to enroll in Tower Hill on-line automatic payment plan providing my
    checking account number. I mistakenly transposed a couple numbers in the
    account when I filled out the online enrollment form. When the bill went to the bank, it got kicked back for an unknown account number. Tower Hill cancelled my policy without a phone call or email even though they had this information on file. I found out 45 days later when they had the
    nerve to send me a "balance due" bill after cancellation. They refused to reinstate my policy even with full payment and full current year payment. Very poor / impersonal business practices. Thank god I didn’t have to fight for a claim with these jerks. They changed their name from Royal Palm Insurance to Tower Hill. By any name they are a bad business.

  • Tower Hill Insurance

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    We would be happy to discuss your complaint further and will contact you shortly to confirm and review the details of the issue.


    Tower Hill Insurance Group


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