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Last Updated On: March 26, 2015

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Business Name: SilverScript Insurance Company
Corporate Address:
PO Box 52067
Phoenix, Arizona 85072 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 866-235-5660
Company Contact: Todd Ryan Rooker - President
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Average Rating: 1.33 out of 5
Based On: 54 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 93

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Reported Losses: $22,365.50
Average Reported Losses: $414.18

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Use Anyone But Them

I signed up for SilverScript during the open enrollment period in November 2014. Ten days later, I had an important question.

I called them. After being on hold for four hours, my cell phone lost power and the call was disconnected. I was so unhappy with their service, I wrote them a letter to cancel my service with them immediately.

Then a month later, I received a bill for $67.50 for just ten days of service.

Don’t use them. You can’t reach them and they will just take your money. I would recommend anyone but Silverscripts.

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  • What dio I do? I need my meds.. SilverScript just increaded my co-pay for generic pills from 30.00 to 80.00. I can not afford and I can not cancel plan till open enrollment in October. Please help.

  • Silverscript sucks. They take medications off of their formulary for no explainable reason other than profit. Once again they have removed medications from their formulary and are refusing to cover the cost, even after a written appeal from the Physicians Office. We followed their procedure to continue the medication and they have denied it. They are taking sleep medications off of their formulary without informing people. It’s the beginning of the manic season when the days are getting longer and people who need sleep meds are at risk. I think they sit in their leather chairs in their skyscraper executive offices and laugh at the problems and strife they cause their Medicare Part D customers. CVS Caremark causes people so much hardship. They are greedy and evil.

  • I have been on the phone with these morons for two entire days!!!! When I requested to speak to a supervisor,,,,,,One rep, named “Precious” , asked me at least ten or more questions to “identify” me……!!! She knew I was frustrated after trying to resolve an issue for two days and was just being an a*****e. When I got intense, she put me on hold for a supervisor for twenty minutes to “punish” me……I finally hung up!!!!! Hate this company.they have screwed up EVERY prescription I have ordered!!!!!

  • Our insurance associate warned us not to enroll in a SilverScript plan because of their low “star” rating and several problems she had with her clients who had SS policies. I called the company and they assured me those were problems in the past and had all been resolved. Because I liked the looks of the plan, and against the advise of my insurance associate, we enrolled anyway. The “issues” have not been resolved! My wife and I enrolled at the same time with the same information. Hers went through fine, they screwed up mine. I had to pay a premium “penalty” for 6 months and file an appeal with Maximus in order to get it straightened out. It was a huge hassle. Virtually every phone communication I had with the company, and there were many, was like talking to a box of rocks. The people they hire are either very poorly trained, or just not up to the task. I spent a lot of wasted time on the phone with this outfit for the 6 months we had the plan. I’m now changing at my first opportunity. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

  • If you were thinking about whether reviews on companies work, it does!! I’m with Wellcare they are the same way Silverscript is low premium but they changed their generics and put them in higher tiers that use to be -0-. It seems all companies are liars. Well I will check out David Jarrard Wellstar and see if it will work for us.

  • wow some people at this company are very rude to the people that pay their paycheck,went down on price of plan but started charging for what use to be preferred generics ,last little girl Marcena or something like that grunted every time I added another prescription and told me I was talking to low and that he head set was new ,had someone in the background telling her what to say,because of their incompetence I will go with Wellstar and still save money so good bye Silverscripts hopefully you guys will lbecome extinct after this year Senior citizens deserve better than nasty attitudes from your employees

  • isnt this just like a govt run piece of crap…. i have to wonder how the hell silverscript can get by with the way they treat customers and you never get any help…. i am stuck with this piece of crap till the next enrollment date.. they need to fix this so you can change companies anytime… we can do it with auto ins so why the hell not with part d thieving companies like silverscript

    • Medicatre regulates them. Complain to Medicare at 800-633-4227

    • With CVS Silver Script I’am paying MORE $ Co-pay ! and less prescription! meaning: less in the Prescription bottle ! I was Shocked and disappointed into having to go back and ask why? More inconvenience! Dishonesty with these politicians !? Seems this administration is corrupt ? Why did ALL! the Democratic members of Congress vote for the Obama care ? Exempted them selves from its Catastrophic of deceit and high costs and low accountability ! The Democrats seem to be like diapers, and need to be changed ! Frequently ? We’ll remember in November! ……and vote for Change, preserve and protect OUR America ! as it was!

      • I have had ss since I was approved for ssd in 08 my co pay was always 1.20 for generic and 3.20 for brand name. This year my husband went to get my meds I’m on 13 different meds. The total to pick up three bottles of generic medicine totaled 168.00 he almost fainted. He asked the pharmacist if that was correct and it was. I was never notified by mail that I was not receiving extra help this year. I cannot afford to pay 58.00 per prescription. I am on a fixed income and each of my meds is extremely needed for all of my conditions. I did call Silverscript and they said “there rates changed”. I told them, “I didn’t receive any information on this”. Still waiting to get the new rates of all of my medicine. Now that I’ve read all of these complaints I hope I have enough time to change my plan to a different company

    • Just a note to you..
      This is not a government plan. It’s run by a private insurance company called SilverScript CVS. If it was government, like Medicare, it would be run much better.

    • actually, its private enterprise piece of crap. if we get the middle men out and have single payer, like most of the rest of the world…well, you know the rest.

  • i think we are complaining to the wrong people cvs dont give a crap for us on silverscript.. we need to send all complaints to our congressman and senators since they are the cause of all this chit

  • as usual this insurance company didnt say anything about making changes to my prescriptions… in dec i paid nothing for glucose test strips… then come jan and now its costing me 20 something bucks for the same thing… and the sad part is they waited till its to late to switch from this rip off company..

    • the same thing happened to me.. why the hell does the govt not stop this …. if i had known this i would have checked other companies… i am still going to check and if there is one that covers my test strips i am going to somehow switch …. the govt set a deadline they should make the companies abide for the year for meds.

  • 2013 with SilverScript was fine then when Jan. came 2014 I was shocked to find most of my prescriptions went to
    Tier 2 costing 24.00 each. I did not rec. any NOTICE that my tiers were changing. I called twice then had the doctor
    call and they refused him and they refused a tier change. called medicare and they told me once I get my letter which
    I haven’t yet to file another appeal. BEWARE, SilverScript does not notify. Now I am stuck for the whole year with
    medication bills I did not expect. Hopefully, more people call medicare and complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caremark SilverScript has idiots working for them. When we had to switch from Caremark to SilverScript they lost my partners records and it took weeks to get them setup again.
    Next my partner could not log in online. They could not say why it happened and all they could say it was a glitch that happened to others. Again it was a long time before we could log in.
    Our prescriptions were always filled in San Antonio, TX. The October 2012 refill for depression medication was filled In Illinois, they changed it to a generic that was not any good, and they did it without the doctor being notified and they changed the strength from 10 mg to 2.50 mg. Needless to say the depression really got bad. The doctor said the generic they used has not worked for ANY of his patience and should not have been used.
    This past spring the agreed to send the refills to our summer home on the UP of Michigan and they placed the date of Sept., 1, 2013, in their records to stop using that address and start using our home address again in Texas. That did not happen and one of their village idiots sent the medication in October to the U.P. of Michigan instead of Texas. Since there was not anyone in that area in October the meds disappeared off the face of the earth. We denied the charges and the credit card company charged them back.
    Certainly, regardless of where any of you live, you surely have heard me yelling at them on the phone when I have to call them. They are nice people but they are TOTALLY incompetent. They are messing with people’s health and well being when they mess with the prescriptions.

  • I’ve been with Silverscript since the beginning of 2013. I had problems with them right from the start. From them losing correspondence, not providing correct information when you contact them and billing 3-4 months late. Problems of all sorts continued throughout the year with added errors due to shipping to the wrong address, making failed promises on timing of the shipping of drugs, providing incorrect info on drug costs for my plan. They also cancelled my prescriptions 2 or 3 times when they were just asked not to ship them. They also have a confusing Web site where it is very difficult to get total info on your prescriptions with their remaining refills available, etc, etc, etc. I have spent NUMEROUS hours on the phone with them trying to get things corrected. They provide the customer with nearly a full time job just getting things straight with them and correcting their errors.

  • I have also started receiving phone calls and statements with premium amounts. This has been happening for close to two years. I receive all of my care through the VA and as far as I know I never even enrolled into this program. For the past year I have been attempting to disenroll with any success. First, they told me that I never told them of my intent to disenroll when I know that I did. Then they told me that I could only disenroll during certain parts of the year. After that I was told that they never received any requests from me to be disenrolled. The latest letter that I received was last week which stated that I did not attempt to make a CHANGE during the enrollment period. In that letter it states the enrollment period and when I can make CHANGES (such as switching to a different service plan). On their website it clearly states how to disenroll, of course, it doesn’t state anything about only being able to disenroll during certain months of the year. Along with that, it states that they can involuntarily disenroll you for certain criteria, I have met two of those criteria (you only need to meet one) and they still will not disenroll me. It is high time that I file a formal complaint against this company along with contacting the media in hopes to spread awareness of how this company acts.

    • call me , i don,t use e-mail . class action you qualify. 815 326 0298

  • I just received a statement from SilverScript, wanting 300+ dollars for past premium payments. Who are these people? I have never enrolled.

  • Is it possible for the share holders to employee more representatives to deal with all these consumer complaints?

    We had set up initially to have the premiums taken from our checking account. Everything was going fine til we received a statement for $382.00. WOW. I went ahead and paid for July so the grand total was $477.50.
    This was quite a hardship.

    Where is the accountability?

    My concern also is why Medicare is approving of such customer complaints!
    I thought they were the watch dog for the medicare enroller.

  • BEWARE !!!! SILVERSCRIPT IS THE WORST. Try not to become one of their customers.
    SAVE YOURSELF before getting tangled up in this quagmire of a company!!
    • Inefficient, unprofessional, greedy pencil pushers. Businessmen and women second guessing the prescriptions provided by real doctors. Require pre-authorizations on top of the actual prescription thereby delaying the medicines being given to patients in need of their drugs, by not days but weeks.
    Could the system slow things down a little more. Maybe if the patients get sicker they can sell some more medications.
    • Endless wait times on call waiting. Try not to let them transfer the call –– you will have to start the endless useless task all over again.
    • Don’t call on the weekend. The staff know nothing and give incorrect information only to have to be corrected on a proper business day delaying any efficiency and prolonging any health issues.

    I could go on and on, but this is making me feel a little sick and then need medication which will surely not be covered by Silverscript.

    • I did not choose this co. they bought my old co. but am having problems like yours.I am changing co. on Wed……good luck to you!

  • I enrolled in November of 2012 and although they sent me two cards and two welcome kits and paid my claims for 5 months, they never notified medicare. Therefore, my old plan continued billing me for premiums and silver script was paying claims. I tried for 5 months and hours and hours on the phone and after the last call in early June, they notified me that my application was never approved and they dropped me. Medicare then told me Silverscript is no longer an approved Medicare Part D plan. Also, in 5 months time, they never sent me a bill for premiums, but continued to tell me it was on its way. Thank goodness I was not dropped from my AARP plan and I suggest all who read this go with a plan other than Silverscript unless you have 5 hours a day to be on hold on the phone.

  • This morning my wife and I called concerning her mother’s SS billing. We s/w (spoke with) a rep by the name of Robert, who was very helpfull. We tried to find out information concerning SS but Robert was somewhat at a loss for explaintiions. He s/d (said) that he would have to s/w his supervisor. I then asked to s/w the super. Wonda came on the line and tried explain the situation. She would not talk to us since my wife’s mother was unaware that we were calling. We tried to explain the Mom is 97 years old and has been declared incompident and is residing in a nursing home since 2002. Wonda s/d that they would need a certified copy of the POA (Power Of Attorney). We asked if we could fax a copy, only to our suprise that neither one could provide a fax number. It would have to be mailed. Since Mom is on Medicaid and Tricare for Life, when and where did SS come into play? Got notification a Florida state representative stating the SS was under review concerning billing problems. So I will not be sending any money to that company.

  • Silverscript how dare you! I don’t deserve to be treated disrespectfully. It’s not my position to check if you have ordered this a medication every month because I’am the only customer on this prescription. What about personal responsibility.

    • Preston- Did the same to me.
      I have a lot of experience in Law and want to sue.
      Email me;
      or call 715-497-9327

  • silver script sent me a letter stating I owed 2 months premium. The problem is I never enrolled in a Part D program since I have "credible drug coverage" with the VA. Now I have to spent my time dis-enrolling and who knows where it will lead. Silver Script is here in St. Louis but there is no address where I can go to – only a PO box. What is going on? Can you see the government running the health care (Obama Care) ?

  • I unfortunately have the pleasure of working for the company everyone is complaining about.=( I hate it just as much as the customers do. The training we were provided was a 3 day kick in the **** wing it as you go, non sense learning process. I feel so bad for the seniors in this program. My heart goes out to ALL THE CUSTOMERS. Its one thing to not have the bills go out on time, but now the members medications are being delayed too =( If i could say one thing to the members calling it would be please remember the actual customer representatives you get to speak to have nothing to do with the poor service you are getting from the company, we were hired to relay their crappy bullSh*t excuses and as much as we HATE doing it we need the paycheck. I for one go home so stressed from this predicament. If you know your monthly payment amount just send it in, us as representatives have no control over your bills being sent to you. Just mail your check. . . . . REMEMBER DONT KILLTHE MESSENGER

  • I have only got 1 statement from them, that was January 2013 when I got switched to SS. I have not received a statement since, I called a few times. I got different stories everytime as to why I have not got it yet. They were rude, all I’m trying to do is pay my monthly bill. Why are you being so mean to me ? They wouldn’t even give me the billing address to send my check to ! I did 1 payment on the phone, it says 1 time only ? So after 2 months of not getting a bill, I finally found a billing address and sent a check for 2 months billing. Here we go again, it’s the middle of May and still no bill ? I don’t want to call them anymore, it puts me in a bad mood. I wish I could find and switch to another carrier, plus cheaper wouldn’t hurt either. That’s the other thing, I’m paying almost $40.00 more then the last plan a month ! That hurts when your trying to live on $886.00 a month ! I’m not happy with this place at all !

  • Silverscript continues to provide the WORST customer service and their people do not have a clue as to how to intelligently respond to questions and complaints. Their customer staff and their supporting information systems are very poor, the worst I’ve seen of any major corporation and particularly so due to their control of prescriptions mailing them on time, changes of address etc. Shame on them.

  • No one cares

  • Didn’t have a major problem with Silverscript until last month when, WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION, they used my previous debit card info and withdrew my monthly premium from my account which, consequently, overdrew my bank account and cost me a $20 overdraft fee. With Social Security being my only income these days, I have to wait until I receive it monthly in order to pay any bills, Silverscript included. I immediately called them and they practically begged me to not contact Medicare over this and promised to send me the $20 OD fee, which, to date, I have yet to receive. Tomorrow I will contact Medicare to complain specifically AND I will contact Silverscript’s CEO and complain to him directly. Can’t we "seniors" get a break??? * sigh *


      they did the exact same thing to my wife for $100…. pressing charges

  • A agree with all the coments above, and feel like i’m being scramed, They are working are problem i Think.

  • Now this site, who are most unprofessional, have to review my earlier complaint. Bet, they don’t post it. Terrible customer service. Waited 2 hours for a Senior Associate who never came to the phone. Why? Because he was at lunch. They say we can’t dis-enroll. Why is that? Because they don’t want to… They want to make a 50% investment return on my money. Which is exactly what, what they are doing. Is this good and honest business? Who monitors these Prescription Programs?

  • This Medicare Part D program is a scam. Tier 2 and 3 drugs are more than if bought direct from the Pharmacies without this supplemental program. Walmart offers scripts for all my drugs for $4.00 a month. I have top pay these crooks $110.00 twice the amount of what these drugs cost, and they refuse to dis-enroll me from their program. Let’s see my SS benefits.. and they get $110.00 a month, and they won’t dis-enroll me so I can get dental coverage? 2 hrs on the phone, waiting for a senior assoc., who has yet to come to the phone.NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.. THEY JUST WANT THE $.. I will be reporting this to the SSA Commission, these guys have tons of complaints against this company. These guys are unprofessional and dishonest.. Just crooks….

    • class action , you qualify , my number 815-326 0298

  • Silver Script has been taking my money since January, right out of my bank. They never sent a card or letter or anything. I’ve called twice and they said they would send a card in 5-7 days but they never did.

  • 109 days since I was switched to Silver Script, 109 days since I have been able to log on to order or check on my scripts. Many calls to customer support are answered the same "they are aware of the problem and are working on it and will email me when it is fixed". This has been going on for four months now. Just how long would it take to reset a user id and/or password to let me log on and process my scripts. I have been using the phone system which takes forever wading through the many steps to get a script renewed.

  • I enrolled with Silver Script in Nov., and requested that my premiums be taken out of my Social Security check. The latter part of Dec. i rec’d a bill for Jan. from Silver Script. and it stated that they would send me a bill until the money was withheld from my S.S. check. When I rec’d my Feb, check, the premium still was not withheld, so I called Silver Script. After waiting for a long period of time, finally I got to speak to someone pertaining to the matter. She told me that it took 3 months for it to come out of my check, and for me not to worry, because there had been a "major glitch" in their system and it had caused a delay. She went on to say that I would get a bill for that month in a couple weeks. WRONG! To make a long story short, I still have not rec’d a bill since Dec. and I have made so many calls to Silver Script pertaining to this matter that I long since lost count of how many….spent so much time on the phone with them, or waiting that I should be paid for such inconvenience. They either gave me a run around or told me not to worry…such doings is unreal. Talking to their representatives is like talking to a fence post. I have searched their site and there isn’t any e-mail addresses to write to them pertaining to their lack of concern for their customers. I found an address where the premiums can be sent, so i sent a check for the months Feb., March and April…and it has cleared the bank. I could not afford to take a chance on them canceling my drug plan, and knew nothing else to do. What will happen as of next month, I have no idea. I can’t wait until I can change to another company, because this is the poorest run company and should not be allowed to continue in business.

    • Same thing has been happening to me, since day one they switched us. I have had nothing but problems and stories. They told me that the bills are sent out the 15th of the month, and to wait at least a week to get it. Never got it, I call again. I get attitude as she tells me, we have over 245,789 customers ! It takes time to get all of them mailed out ! She pretty much yelled at me, it happened again the second time I called , another women with attitude screams at me, we have over 765,899 customers ! It takes time etc etc etc ! They didn’t want to give me the address for sending my check ! I still have not got a bill since January , I’m tired of calling them. So I guess I will send a check again, they told me the same as you as far as, don’t worry your meds coverage won’t get cut off. I can’t take that chance, there not the ones who end up in an ER if I don’t have my meds ! They don’t care ! I hope we can find a way out of this crappy program ! So your not alone ! I can relate.

  • I was switched from Caremark to Silver Scripts when I went on Medicare and not by choice. I have had nothing but problems with them. They cannot get my copay straight. I have spent several hours on the phone with them trying to resolve the issues. They tell me I am in gap coverage but my former employer tells me that my plan covers the gap with no change in copay amounts. Silver Script calls me and tells me that they have resolved the issue of over payment and will credit my credit card. I order a refill and low and behold I am back on the high copay amount gap again. Somebody please get these people straightened out.

  • My husband and I both enrolled in Silverscript and got our cards, etc. promptly. However, we have not had a bill (we pay by check) since December. I have called Silverscript several times and their customer service is inept, unprofessional, and untrained. I was told the last time that I could pay over the telephone (that is, my bill not my husband’s) and if I didn’t I would violate the "grace period" of my contract. I told the rep that there is NO GRACE PERIOD, it doesn’t exist! I am not paying over the phone to someone who is not even authorized to do it! And what about my husband’s non existent bill? We were told that Silverscript’s computer system is being changed and that EVERYONE GOT THEIR BILL APRIL 1. Well, we didn’t. When we go to CVS our meds are doled out without a problem. I have no idea what our bill will be when (and if) we ever get it. No one at Silverscript seems to know anything. When I read the other comments I realized I am not alone in facing poor or non-existent customer service.

    • We have also not recieved a bill since March afer I called Silverscript. Have had no problems getting my husband Rx’S though. When I called yesterday thre was a recording which stated they are aware of this and not to worry no one will be removed for lack of payment and they are working to get envoices sent. Still really not good businss practice most people believe if you don’t pay your bill the company will no longer do business with you. I will be calling back to see whats up. Part of the problem is over 4 million people signed up for Silverscript choice and it crashed thier system which led to sanctions against them from medicare. They have mess on thier hands.

    • We got a bill in December. Haven’t had one since. I wrote them when February payment was due and got what appears to be a statement. It showed last payment made and month it was due for, and when net one was due. Nothing since. I do have the address to mail to, and the member ID number so I just send it that way. This is my husbands coverage. Second year he had it, the premium went down a couple dollars. Since then, each year has gone up a couple. This past one went up almost five dollars. The deductible went up too So, now he pays more and longer. Don’t feel it is actually helping him or saving him any money. In the beginning he paid a little more for the meds and after six months, he paid nothing. So, we will be looking for a different coverage next year.

  • I have been caring for my mother for several years because she has dementia and is unable to care for herself. When I called Silver Script , they told me I could not speak on her behalf until they had a copy of her POA, which I sent. Six weeks later, I received a form letter from the "Research Team" (no phone number included) telling me that they needed additional documentation. Since I had questions, I had to call the general Silver Script number ,which was a complete waste of my time. As I suspected, they could not answer my questions, did not put me in touch with a supervisor, and they said they did not have a number for the "Research Team". So, how do I take care of this, and how do I take care of my mother’s affairs until this is straightened out??????????????

    • I am having similar problems. You are not alone. Horrendous. Absolutely despicable. When caring for an elderly parent, this type of treatment from a company that should be HELPING us is absolutely disgusting to me.

    • I have just had an identical experience regarding my mother… I have been her POA for years now and was not even aware she was in this program. Does not make sense, and they could not answer ANY questions for me.

  • Silverscript is the most bizarre operation I have ever had the misfortune to be involved with. My doctor changed my medication from one per day to two. At the same time I was preparing to leave for Europe for a two month stay. After several trips back and forth to CVS Silverscript told me that they would not honor my script for 90 pills or provide a vacation overide. Why, **** only knows because they sure couldn’t tell me. They refused to cover even 30 pills since I had a script for 30 pills less than a week ago. Do they expect me to fly back from Europe every month for medication. One day America will discover that insurance companie only skim off medical dollars and drive patients and health care providers crazy. How do these meatheads have the authority to veto your doctors orders?

    • Very similar. Will be away for 59 days. They offered 30 days. The "Senior Team". Wish I still worked so I could clean house there.
      If I postpone trip for 3 days the 90 days can be sent to me.

      Contact Medicare. Grievence. McDonald

  • I had run out of my medication and asked the customer service rep if he would overnight my mail order drug prescription. He outright LIED to me and said that he would send it overnight for a fee. What they user is UPS express mail, which is not overnight service, and its taking 4 days to receive the order. Oh, and they charged me $23 for the so-called overnight shipment. How can I trust these people to do business with in the future when they are this dishonest?

    • Silverscript vetoed my prescription but the CVS guy said they would fill the script for $85.00. I told them they were crazy and took it to Costco where they filled it in 10 minutes for $21.00. Silverscript/CVS must be some kind of division of La Cosa Nostra.

      • They didnt fill my fiance’s prescription at their mail order after giving excuse after excuse. They sent the prescription BACK to us once, and said they lost the 23$ money order. Then they said, Send the prescription back, they would fill it this time. (they had found our money order too!)…..Sent it back to them, only more of the same. They said they were waiting to talk to his Dr. I went to the Dr. office and SAT AND LISTENED WHILE SHE TALKED TO THEM!!!!!!! The next morning, they said the SAME thing…..They needed to talk to the Dr. When I told her I had sat and listened to the call the prior afternoon, the woman said, "OH, um……hold on"….then got BACK on the phone and said they would never fill the prescription because they DID NOT LIKE HIS DOCTOR. And then lost our money order again. I finally found the reciept for the money order and called in the reciept number so they could reimburse us. 3 months later and STILL WAITING. And this is just ONE part of a horrible nightmare this company has put my fiance through. Leaving him without pain meds on Christmas eve, they suddenly would not pay for a prescription he has taken for years. I had to pay 60$ for SIX days worth of meds. EVERY penny I had on CHRISTMAS FREAKIN EVE. WE didnt even have toilet paper on Christmas, or anything to eat, or drink. It was just horrible. Then after the 6th day he ran out again, and they STILL refused to fill his prescription and gave me EVERY excuse in the book. Then sent me on a wild goose chase at MIDNIGHT on NEW YEARS EVE, they told me they had found a 24 hour CVS that would fill a temp prescription for him….gave me the pharmacists name, the address of the store, and how many tablets. The man had NO IDEA WHO I WAS, AND WHY I WAS THERE. He refused to fill the prescription because CVS does not like his Doctor…….WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!! How can they do this to disabled sick people? Make people suffer withdrawels and be in so much pain they want to die? And if you are in pain management, the hospital will NOT TREAT YOU FOR PAIN!!!! Besides…’s not their fault. It’s this companies fault. This is the worst company EVER!!!!

  • My web site has been down since January 1 this year. I was switched from Caremark to Silverscrip at that time. I keep talking and or emailing their web support. I am assured that their IT dept is trying to correct this problem. It is now almost March with no progress on this issue. What is so complicated that this can not be fixed. When you try to talk on the phone it usually takes over an hour and then you do not know the progress of your order. I take many drugs and need to web site to help manage this. This has become a complete mess and of corporate incompetence.

  • Just got off the phone with Silver Script because my premium had not been taken out of my account. The lady on the phone said that is because this is a new year and I needed to fill out a new form. I told her that I had called last month for the same reason and then mailed in the premium and that the lady I spoke to in January never mentioned anything about filling out a new form. They need to train their staff and they need to get a better phone tree service. I retired from the state of Iowa and kept my insurance coverage.

  • Amazing. I too did not know that this company was this awful. I have been on hold for 45 mins. plus on two occasions. There representatives are not knowledgeable at all. I am helping my elderly mother. I can’t imagine what it would be if she had to call in. Sad.

  • I worked for CVS/silverscript for the AEP period. Our training was horrible. The first time any of us had heard the word Silver Script was the day we got on the phones after 3 weeks of training. Our trainers didnt even know how to help us navigate the website. Then we had to sign people up and had never been taught how

    • So, if you call in and the rep doesnt know what they are talking about its because of the lack of training and the lack of anything else. I was at the Sandy location and none of supervisors knew anything. They promoted 2 supervisors right out of training BEFORE they had ever got on a phone. How are they supposed to supervise, and help, us if they never have taken a call themselves? We had one of our head supervisors tell us that our Silver Scripts plus plan doesnt offer coverage in the gap.. it does.. and this is someone in charge telling me this… its amazing they are still open for business. Im was in the Sandy, Utah location.

      • I need the telephone number for the St. Louis a billing location. .I signed up for the choice plan I ended up getting 2 cards and two plans in the mail .They already re-enrolled me In the basic plan because I was on that plan for the year before. I called them as soon as I’ve received both cards.They told me what card to use for the choice plan and I thought everything was solved. I was able to get my medications okay with my choice plan card at the beginning of the year.And have been using it ever sense without any problem however, I have tried to call them several times because I have not received a statement . They did have it in their records that the statement was Supposed to be mailed to me So I could send them the premiums but still after several calls had me listed with both plans.. Last Thursday I talk to someone he told me he took the basic plan off I thought it was fixed . Tonight I finally get my first statement Its for the basic plan Not the choice plan that I had signed up for. I really need that telephone number for the St. Louis billing office Does anybody have it?

  • It has been a very busy time of year and I know that we have been working hard to address many of these issues. The long hold times have been cutting down. I know it’s not as much as anyone may like. Also a word regarding formulary issues. No company has every medication on the formulary. Some medications are actually not covered by any company due to Medicare Part D requirements. Formularies change not only year to year but sometimes month to month. We have been around since the beginning of Part D in 2006. We changed our name from the mode lengthy CVS Care mark to SilverScript due to input from focus groups.

    I endeavor to do the best job that I can as a customer care employee. I know it’s been a very frustrating time. I want to help!

    • Ha Ha. "Anonymous" wants to help. Duh, that’ a CVS Silverscript emploree all right. Probably a manager or higher.

    • YOU GUYS ARE PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE. — My wife recovering from a total hip replacement, was given a prescription for 15mg of morphine to be taken up to every 3 hours. That would be 8 pills a day. This was summarily rejected because you unlicensed physicians determined that only 6 pills are allowed. I talked to a *supervisor after waiting 128 minutes and was told that if she needed the medication I should call an ambulance and take her to an emergency room for a pain pill. If I could sue you for malpractice I would. The rejections note indicated the DR could prescribe a stronger med (20mg). Lets see now 8 x 15 = 120mg/day. Allowed 6 x 20 = 120mg/day. Thank you for your medication rejections based on your medical opinion. I further checked and found that the physician should have gottin’ a pre-authorization which would be "turned around within 48 hours"*. This was on a Friday after 3 PM. So should I wait until Wednesday (Monday Dr Office request overide + process 2 days ) and get pain med’s by Wednesday. Oh but I should have followed supervisor *Jennifer #44137 and take my hip replaced wife to an emergency room instead for a pain pill. ROT IN HELL

    • actually what i have seen is the dishonesty of this company.. nobody notified us that you were going to quit paying for my blood glucose strips …. and you did it AFTER ITS TO LATE FOR US TO CHANGE..


  • took my heart meds away the fda should shut them down

    • Have you tried getting a prior authorization for this med? And FDA has nothing to do with this. What is the name of your heart med?

  • My experience is entirely different from experiences related here. I have had no trouble getting a live person in a short amount of time. This may be the nature of my inquiry, which was trying to expedite delivery of a prescription. I am covered under the AT&T plan, which replaced Caremark on January 1.

    • Your AT&T plan is part of an employer group thats why you havent had any problems, YET

  • I’ve been having a horrible experience with Silverscript. I am now paying more for drugs. They are contantly sending me letters that some of the perscriptions I had been on are not covered under Silverscript. Also, they do not accept Discount cards issued by my doctor from the drug companies. Under Carmax discount cards were acceptable, and I was able to save using those cards. I am a retiree and my employer took me off Caremax and put me on Silverscript. In reality they took me off my insurance and placed me on a Medicare program. What a crock of BS!

  • worst customer service ever. Its been more than 40 minutes on hold as i am typing this and still no respond. This company shouldn’t even exist from beginning.

  • I agree with all these complaints I enrolled back in October 2012 called them in december to find out where my card was so i could get prescriptions filled or to at least get a number. They could even find me in the system. It was like i had never applied. SO they ran a new app in december and here we are in jan 2013 no card so i call again and it always takes several hours to get a live person still no card and they cant find me in system no where. There phone system sucks. Employes are not doing there jobs. I have got hung up on several times and have to start phone all over. All this should be reported to MEDICARE they shouldn’t even be aloud to sell insurance.they suck and every one that works for them sucks START DOING YOUR JOB SILVERSCRIPT EMPLOYEES

    • "Aloud" is spelled "allowed" DUMBASS! Lol!

      • be nice don’t u ever mispell words…

    • I had the same problem…enrolled the first of December and still did not have a card in mid January. The first time I called I was on hold for 65 minutes and then did not get a satisfactory answer. The extension agent that enrolled me in Silver Script couldn’t get through either. She said she finally put the phone on speaker phone and let it sit all day and finally about 5:00 p.m, got someone to answer to no avail. I called a second time and was on hold 45 minutes and was told I would receive my card…didn’t happen. I was told every time that it had been sent and I would receive it in 5 – 10 business days….well I didn’t. Finally got it on Jan. 24 and then I got two. Premium was to be taken out of Social Security, but that was screwed up as well and I had to send a check. Now I am trying to track a prescription but that doesn’t work as the directions says it will. I really have had it with them, but can’t change now!!!!!!!!!

    • Idiot

  • I am a retiree of AT&T with over 32 1/2 years service. My wife, who is totally disabled and I have been receiving our Prescriptions via CVS Caremark. We have Medicare because we are both disabled. We also have United Health Care because we pay for the secondary coverage via our Retiree Benefits Options. Today is January 11, 2013. I have been on the phone for 11 days trying to find out why we don’t have any Prescription coverage. It appears this merger by CVS Caremark with SilverScript was a complete failure. I have contacted the CEO of AT&T and his Employee Advocate has contacted me to help. I have also been on the phone several times with HEWITT Resources, the Company AT&T hired to handle their Retiree’s Benefits. I am still being told they are working on it. After the usual 30 to 60 monute wait, a SilverScript Representative told me on Monday, January 7th that every other call is someone who has had their Prescription Plan screwed up. I just called SilverScript again and was placed on hold. After 30 minutes on hold, the system transferred me to the main CVS Caremerk number. I have now been on hold for 10 minutes and continue to wait. Medicare needs to hear from all of those in the same situation as we are to revolke SilverScripts License to participate as a Medicare Part "D" Company!!!! Call Medicare and raise ****!!

    • There was a 1 hour training given to me over six months ago, never took an AT&T customer call until yesterday, and I was completely lost, come to find out, they have a special group to handle the call. The training & day to day operations for the call centers is horrible

  • Completely agree with these complaints!!! Have tried for two days to get thru on phone, with no luck. Finally had my call answered by a person with a heavy foreign accent. He did finally answer my simple question, but had more trouble understanding the question, than I had understanding his poor english. I certainly would not advise anyone to use this company. I guess I am stuck for a year, but that will surely change, come next enrollment time!!

  • I have had the same experience- they never answer at any time of the day or night. Since enrolling in December 2012 the only thing I have from them is a bill. I wish I had stayed with Humana.


  • all fixed complained enough everything working good but not phone

  • Unfortunately I have had the same experience as the previous posters. Had I known how awful their phone service is I would NEVER have signed up with them. They are by far the worst I have ever experienced in customer service. I have been on hold for hours several times with absolutely no one answering my call. I have written to them and sent copies to their CEO and CFO. I suggest everyone with this problem write to these executives. They are Lloyd McDonald CEO and Anthony G. Strong CFO at SilverScript Insurance Co, 445 Great Circle Road, Nashville, TN 37228. As others have said there is no way to contact these people for any personal help other than their phone system which is useless.

  • I too am newly enrolled. I had CCRX in 2012 and they were bought out by CVS. I thought they could be trusted, but I’ve tried for 2 days to contact them by phone only to be put on hold with no one ever answering. At 1 AM, I held for over an hour with no response. I’m going to complain to Medicare.

  • Wish I had known how terrible this provider for Medicare D was before I enrolled my parents. I thought since it was part of CVS/Caremark, it could be trusted. I have spent a total of 4 hours on hold over 2 separate days. I am now on hold again at 9:30 PM. I’m seriously thinking of setting my alarm and getting up to call them at 2 AM just to see if I can get through to someone. They have no other option other than calling them. I am going to call Medicare tomorrow to see if there is anything I can do. They can’t seem to get my Dad’s information correct. I will not be using their mail in because I’m afraid I can’t trust them. We will only deal with the local CVS, though not sure they will have any better luck with their own company!!! I am going to sign on to every site I can find and advise everyone to avoid this provider. Horrible, horrible customer service!!!

  • i also had a bad experience with rx. spent many hours on the phone. went to cvs twice they were very nice couldn’t get rx filled because my date of birth was l994 that doesn’t make me 65. finally they said would change but it would take 72 hours. called medicare believe it or not they called me i hope it is all fixed. can’t wait to go back of blue cross for rx. i said i would fax and a copy of my passport to verify age. i wrote an e-mail that said is this any way to run a company. never go with this company. kathy

  • Avoid . On hold one and a half hours., then on phone until 4 PM. Everything quoted was wrong. On hold today for 80 minutes and when it was answered asked to repeat name, told on speaker, call back at a number she rattled and said sorry and hung up. Got another company through medicare without the hassles.Annie

    • how did you get another medicare rx the last time to enroll was dec 7

  • I have spent 2 days on hold trying to get a hold of Silver Script for one simple question.

  • I have been on hold for Silverscripts for 2-1/2 hours just to ask a question. Why kind of service is this when you need them. They expect the elderly to have the patience and
    know how to follow thru. Shame on them. All I get is a recording that my call will be answered as it was rec’d. Is there that many people calling 7:00 int he morning or do they have just one custome rep. Shameful.

  • Avoid this provider al all costs. There is no one home and no one to talk with who has any responsibility. Even if it were free it is not worth the price.

    • My posts keep getting deleted. Not sure why. is the drup part of CVS. I’m going to write them since they own Silverscript. Suggest everyone do the same.

  • I spent over 10 hours of total time on the phone with their mail order group and customer support of prescriptions that were incorrectly filled. Simply the worst experience i have ever had with any provider of services. The issue was NEVER resloved. Avoid ths provider


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