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Last Updated On: September 14, 2014

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Business Name: Humana Inc.
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500 West Main St
Louisville, Kentucky 40202 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 800-486-2620
Company Contact: Bruce D Broussard - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $1,246.44
Average Reported Losses: $155.81

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Left My Husband In Pain.

My husband had a bleeding ulcer that caused the doctors to do an upper GI. This showed a pre-cancerous tumor in his stomach. The doctor said he would try and leave as much of the stomach that he could. Surgery was done and they had to remove 80 percent of his stomach. He was in the hospital for 5 days with an eight inch incision in his stomach. We were sent home with LORTABĀ® ELIXIR (hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen) as the pain med prescribed. This is a liquid pain medicine after this type of surgery.

We dropped the prescription off at our Walgreens near our home. I took my husband home and came back an hour and half later to pick up the prescription. The pharmacist was the one helping me and she said that HUMANA did not cover the prescription and it would be $160. I was shocked and new something was wrong. Cause, I pay the highest premium, so my husband’s prescriptions will be minimal, when we have to get them for my husband. When I 1st called HUMANA, the lady trying to transfer me hung up on me, so I had to call in again and had to go through the ” spill again and punch this number for this and this number for this”. It took several tries to get thru to a real person. I was tired from 5 days sleeping on a chair in my husbands room. Cause you see we live a long way from the hospital that does this surgery.

So after several attempts, I did get to a nice gentleman who tried to help me, but the company refused to pay for my husbands drugs for pain after the surgery. I am very disappointed with HUMANA, as a matter of fact we have HUMANA ENHANCED (PDP) and we pay a premium for this coverage. And when we really needed HUMANA, they failed to come thru with the payment for my husbands pain medicine after surgery.

Don’t get on HUMANA’s plan cause HUMANA will cheat you out of your entitled pain medicine. When the time comes this fall for changing plans, you can bet I will be calling other companies. HUMANA is not the company you want to stay with.

Humana Lexington, KY 40512

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Consumer Comments For Humana

  • Humana Medicare RX Program needs to be investigated. Humana continued to collect premiums from my Medicare benefits for a Drug Plan that they do not cover my medication any longer. Humana did not give us any notice and have left me at risk without medication. Humana also was dishonest about the copay

  • I have original medicare & a humana policy for drug coverage. Humana never informed me of a price increase of 40% during the
    2013 open enrollment period. I found out of this increase when it was billed to my credit cared in jan. 2014.MEDICARE has informed me that since i didn t cancel during 2013 open enrollment i cannot now cancel. In my opinion this is fraud.
    Imagine if your landlord, cc co. bank or auto ins. co were allowed to due this. Do not join humana. Drugs, humana charged me $149.00 & $104.00 i instead paid $22.00 & $42.00 for same on a canadian website! Same exact drugs!. I also have a AARP unitedhealtcare supplemental plan & they DID NOTIFY ME of a 2014 price increase prior to open enrollment. The premiums are
    high but at least i am dealing with an upfront company.

  • Humana customer service is incompetent. I am a senior who contacted Humana in mid-November to switch to a less costly drug plan. After being switched to various departments and put on lengthy holds, I enrolled in the new plan on a secure line and provided a phone signature. I was told that the process was complete. When I hadn’t received a new card, etc. by late December, I contacted Humana who said they had no record of my new enrollment. I demanded they review the call logs they are supposed to record, and was told there were none. I wonder if they would have a record of my enrollment if I were switching to a plan with a higher cost. Who would suppose that someone who was already an enrollee would have to double-check before December 7 deadline to make sure Humana did their job. Terrible customer service. At least I am not a person enrolling for a drug plan with Humana for the first time only to determine I had NO coverage for 2014.

  • I have Medicare with Humana Drug coverage and here in Oregon I’ve had the same thing happen with one of my medications. It started out as a $7 copay and now is $90. I thought they only had 4 tiers, but today a Humana representative said this same medication they just reclassified as a tier 5 and I didn’t even think there was a tier 5.

    • I have had the same experience. All my prescriptions started out with a low copay on the first fill, after that some of them jumped 5 to 6 fold….. one went from 12.00 to 674.50 another 120.00 to 416.92 for a 90 day supply. I was told at enrollment by a rep. that my out of pocket expense for a year would not exceed 2200.00. I am well beyond that ….. with more refills to go. VERY DISAPPOINTED with HUMANA… going to change RX to another Ins co. ASAP !!!!!!!


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