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Last Updated On: January 7, 2016

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Business Name: Foremost Insurance Company
Corporate Address:
5600 Beech Tree Ln
Caledonia, Michigan 49316 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 800-527-3905
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Worst insurance company ever!

This company is the worst insurance company that we’ve ever used.

We had reported a claim to them relate to the leaking water damage and what they do it just denied the case and try not to pay even though it is very obvious that it should be.

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  • Donald L Bradley

    I have had 2 claims with foremost and they have covered my claim both times very fast, I am very happy with them..and plain to keep them as my Insurance company..I give them the highest rating there is….

  • Becky Wall

    The man I date was recently in a motorcycle accident in which he suffered a fractured neckbone/vertebrae. He thought he had medical coverage through Foremost and then learned that the language in the policy is ambiguous and that he, the rider, was not covered — only someone else who might be involved, up to $16,000. That wouldn’t even cover his helicopter ride from one hospital to the trauma center. As it turned out, he has no coverage. Go with a local agent. Do not trust this company.

  • pinky

    I have been threw **** for five years from formost cant even say any more its to upsetting

  • rondey brown

    did you know that foremost and farmers insurance are one in the same companies, and they conduct business in very same manner that is ripping off hard working people and theyhave small insurance agencies like crum insurance agency in stuttgart, arkansas in their group by collecting the money and not taking care of the insured like not filing or giving the required paper work to maintain insurance on their property but, when you think u have insurance you dont all they can say you didnt fill out the required paperwork but how you when noone in the agency informs you you’re not a broker they are but that’s how they justify the wrong that was done to my family. be careful , check and double check if you have insurance with any of these companies.


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