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Business Name: Country-Wide Insurance Co.
Category: Insurance
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Corporate Address: 40 Wall St
New York, New York 10005 USA

Phone Number: 212-943-4510
Company Contact: Michael D. Jaffe - Chairman and President
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Hope you never have to deal with their claims department.

I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with Country Wide Insurance when it comes to a car accident. Their staff are a bunch of attitude driven people with zero competence.

I had a car accident in 8/15/2012 and reported the accident the same day to the Country-Wide. It took them two weeks to give me a place to have the car inspected. After dispatching me to get my car inspected at their own place at New Queens Auto & Truck Service Inc, I called them back to get an update. It took them over a month to call me back only to ask me to verify if my car had been inspected. I gave them all the information and still didn’t get any calls for the update. Then I got a call two weeks later, again, to verify the place which the car was inspected.

Ms Gomes (x5715) said that she would update me on the same Friday. Of course that day came and passed. Today, I had to call them up and was transferred more times than I can remember. Finally, I got another dispatcher only to tell me that she just faxed the assignment to the same place. She was extremely rude and did not even give me a chance to talk. It’s been over a month and a half and still nothing. BTW, don’t ever bother calling the extension of the person handling your claim. They will NEVER call you back until you’ve left at least 100 messages. That’s not an exaggeration.

so, I REALLY feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with this company for claims. Clearly , they do not want to pay up.

Country-Wide Insurance Company
40 Wall St New York, NY 10005-2301

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  • Diana

    Im going through the same thing! I dealt with Shastra Singh x5427 who was handling my case and yes, never called back nor answered and when she did she had an attitude. She also hung up the phone on me. I spoke with her manager, Sills Grennel x5040, who was also unbelievably rude with no compassion. She hung up on me 2 days ago as well! I asked for a supervisor. Above her and have been leaving message after message to Levina Longani x5061 who hasn't ever returned a call. Absolutely disgusting company with terrible inconsiderate, lazy and disrespectful employees. It's a shame that they are still in business!
    Its been over a month and they still owe me close to $900 for a rental.