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Business Name: Assurant, Inc
Category: Insurance
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Phone Number: 800-800-1212
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Assurant Health took my premiums for nearly 4 years, but had my policy listed as "canceled"

I picked up my prescription, and the drug store asked why my wife had prescription coverage and I didn’t. When I called Assurant Health they me that my policy had been cancelled in 2005. My birth date did not match what they had in their system, so my policy was cancelled. (Sept 26 versus Sept 21. Their system mistake, not my mistake.)

They continued to collect my premiums for nearly 4 years, while not paying a single claim. I was not even getting the insurance adjusted discount. They offered to reimburse me if I sent them all the receipts for that time. I could not possible find them all since I travel and have used pharmacies in 30 states.

I demanded a refund of that percentage of my premium. They refused for nearly 2 years, but finely offered me 5%. Industry average for prescription part of premiums is 18-25%. Their offer – $371. My amount – $1800. Their offer – take it or leave it.

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