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Last Updated On: October 18, 2014

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Business Name: InterContinental Hotels Group IHG
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3 Ravinia Dr #100
Atlanta, Georgia 30346 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 770-604-2000
Company Contact: Richard Solomons - CEO
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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.13 out of 5
Based On: 10 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 4

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Reported Losses: $7,511.00
Average Reported Losses: $751.10

Latest Holiday Inn Complaint

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Insult to Injury

Labor Day Weekend I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Suites Richmond Ave, Alexandria VA. I am disabled by MS and traveled with my 2 teenage son’s and my younger brother. I asked when I made the reservation if I could pay in cash and was told yes. After I arrived and tried to pay cash I was told that I could only pay cash at the end of my stay, the bill had to be put on a credit card. I asked for the manager and was told the same thing.

I am disabled in a lobby, with my kids, showing them the cash!

Had to have my corporate exec high school classmate that I was visiting in Alexandria, come to the hotel to put it on his card because they wouldn’t except it over the phone. He was shocked because he travels internationally and had never heard of such a thing!

After having these reservations for 3 months, driving for 4 hours, we arrived at approximately 3pm and were not given a room until 6pm!

The refrigerator didn’t work, I called the front desk, nothing was done until day 3! The remote didn’t work either. They finally brought us the batteries after giving us the wrong one’s initially for us to put in ourselves. I left tips and notes everyday and my room wasn’t cleaned on the 3rd day! We came back to garbage and towels on the floor. Told the young lady later because we didn’t leave until 1ish. When I called for service when we got back, I was told housekeeping was gone and I had to come get towels and bathroom tissue for myself! Thank God I always travel with bathroom tissue.

The good thing was the complimentary breakfast. When I checked out, the desk clerk, Ms. Brennen, took my cash and held it up to the light and said, “I can never tell if these are real.” I said, “That is really rude.” She said, “We don’t usually take cash, and you are taking this the wrong way.” I said, “There’s only one way to take what you just did and you didn’t say anything about bill size during check-in.”

There was just too many humiliating instances at this stay. Staff was rude, inconsiderate, and poorly trained. As we were leaving, a woman came to the desk and said there was noise over her head at 3am and there was a bug on her supposedly fresh towels.

Holiday Inn Express Suites – 6055 Richmond Highway Alexandria, Virginia 22303 | 571-257-9555

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Consumer Comments For Holiday Inn

  • HIE is still making a whole new fortune by NOT REFUNDING payments if their guests plans change for any reason. They DO allow you to cancel, but keep your money and then re-book YOUR room out to someone else. There are many stories about this (Google search). Hopefully, people will wake up and catch onto this SCAM.

    • Just happened to me. But they don’t know who they messed with. Because there is this thing called Twitter and now they want to make it right. I contacted the BBB and the Attorney General. These people steal your money.

  • We recently stayed at the Holiday Inn in Niagara Falls NY. When i booked the hotel online i realized I hadn’t used my AAA card so I called the Hotel. The lady told me she could not make the changes right then, but to just bring my AAA card with us and when we check out the changes could be made. She also quoted me the price that the room would be that we got with the AAA discount. When we checked out we were not given that price and when I mentioned it to the lady they would not stand by the price I was given. They tried to say that they didn’t have rates that low. Well we stayed Mon – Thurs which are usually the cheaper days and had a double queen bed room. When I was trying to work out the issue with my bill there was a guy checking in on a thurs same double queen bed room for almost $20 dollars cheaper than the AAA rate I was given. They never did stand by their quote they gave me. So much for lowest price guarenteed when they won’t even stand by the price their own employee gives a customer.

    Holiday Inn Niagara Falls NY

    114 Buffalo Ave

    Niagara Falls NY 14303

  • I reserved 3 rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Holland Michigan back in february for 2 nights and two days before going had one of our party have to cancel . I called Holiday Inn to cancel the room at which I was told we still had to pay for it $200.00 ! Now when the reservation was made it said it was non refundable which I understand but when we got there july 8th. they were very busy and the room did not sit empty. I know the hotel has to make money but when talking to the manager I asked if they would at least refund half the money $100.00 and he was very nice and said he could not do anything that corporate would not allow this. I would think that as hard as times are right now and as long as it takes to save money for a two day vacation that the Hotel would at least try to work with you especially when they are not loosing money ! Our stay was very nice no complaints about that, just hope that the Hotel reads some of the complaints and realizes that it’s people like us that make them there money.


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