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Last Updated On: October 16, 2014

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Business Name: Bigelow Management Inc | Budget Suites of America
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4640 S Eastern Ave
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Corp Phone Number: 702-456-1606 4640 S. Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89119 Robert Bigelow (President
Company Contact: Robert Bigelow - President
Corp Website: budgetsuites.com

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $435.51
Average Reported Losses: $435.51

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Budget Suites - Kicked Out For Requesting A Healthy And Sanitary Apartment

My boyfriend and I paid over $435.51 to rent a 1 bedroom apartment for 2 weeks. The day we entered the apartment, it was filthy starting with the air conditioner. The filters were covered in filth 1 1/2 inches thick. Large clumps of dirt came out as we turned on the a/c and the vent itself had mold all over it.

The mattress in our bedroom was horrid. It was so dirty, old and stained it was an gray-brownish color with huge stains that covered the entire mattress.

Roaches, babies and medium size ones we had found in the kitchen sink and the bathroom and crawling on the top of the couch as I was sitting on it.  The bathroom shower curtain was folded up all nice as if it had been cleaned but as I went to take a shower and opened it up there was mold and mildew all across the bottom of it….ewww! The bathroom ceiling was covered in brownish-red color. All the cupboards and shelves were dirty and had sticky stains that I had to clean and wipe out with bleach.

My boyfriend and I immediately started getting migraine headaches and our sinuses were inflamed. That same day I went down to the office to request a different apartment and was told by Eleisha just rinse the filters of the a/c out in the bathtub and I would have to speak to the manager about anything else and that she couldn’t give me another apartment. We rinsed out the filters like she said and that night my boyfriend was violently throwing up.

Long story short, we spent 4 days in unhealthy unsanitary conditions and requested to be moved to a different apartment (which there were two right next door to ours) and they refused telling us that there were no problems with that particular apartment before therefore they weren’t going to give us a different one.

On the 4th day I asked one last time and we were kicked out and off the property. They didn’t even tell us themselves they had security come knock on our door and tell us we had one hour to pack up our things and leave the property and to come back on Monday (2 1/2 days later) if I wanted to speak to the General Manager, Dana Alexander.

Today is Monday and my boyfriend has called to speak to Dana Alexander and have been given the run around for the last 5 hours and I have tried to call as well and also was told Dana is not available and that she cant make Dana answer the phones or call us back.


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