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Last Updated On: May 20, 2015

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Business Name: Bigelow Management Inc | Budget Suites of America
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Corp Phone Number: 702-456-1606 4640 S. Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89119 Robert Bigelow (President
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Worst living conditions I've ever encountered!

Worst experience I ever had in any place, and my wife and I lived here for 18 months.

First we were in the building furthest from the office. The hallways reeked of weed and we were woken up in the middle of the night when the cops came to arrest the pimp next door who was beating on the prostitute who lived with him and worked for him. When we moved closer to the office in a two-bedroom, the security guard recognized me as the roommate of someone who was evicted over three years ago, so he tried to get us evicted when we did nothing and had lived there seven months with no incidents. However, the same security guard passed a group of young men smoking a blunt outside in the open and waved at them smiling. I guess he’s only interested in evicting white couples who don’t use drugs openly.

Debbie Stewart, the manager, is the rudest, most ill-mannered, impolite and uncaring woman I’ve ever encountered. She’s a two-faced b***h who will act like she likes you and then try to get you thrown out if you complain about anything. We’ve had prostitutes living in our building since we got here. We’ve seen drug busts, fights, drunks passed out in the hall, we’ve reported vomit on the elevator only to see seven hours go by before it was cleaned up. Teens smoke weed in the stairwells, attempt break-ins, vandalize the buildings, and if management tries to intervene, their drunk parents pick fights until the cops show up. Cars have been broken into, rooms have been broken into, we got threatened by some low-life neighbors because they accuse us of stealing, we even had to call the cops on them.

The pool was out of order for three weeks last July when our kids were visiting and management did nothing to fix it until their managers were called. The pool has been defecated in frequently. The ground is littered with dog p**p, empty baggies, used needles, empty beer cans and bottles, used condoms and garbage. The buildings are old, run down and not maintained. Nor are the elevators, which break down on nearly a weekly basis. $1325 a month for a dirty, smelly, cramped 2-bedroom apartment because they claim “all amenities paid for” yet our internet works half the time, our cable boxes were incorrectly installed and the problem was never fixed, and some people have no cable at all and are still charged full price.

They hide behind the fact that they’re an “extended stay hotel” and not an apartment complex, so they get away with slum-like conditions and being rude and uncaring as hell. If you like drug dealers, drunks, dried vomit in common areas, stepping over needles and used condoms, internet that barely works, cable boxes that overheat and shut off eight times a day, prostitutes with johns that come day and night, and management that could give a crap less and who will treat you disrespectfully if you complain, then this is the place to be!

My wife and I are so happy to finally be out of this hell-hole! We found a 2-bedroom in Cincinnati that’s twice as big, clean, and in a nice neighborhood for a fraction of what they charge here! Even with paying our own utilities, we still come out about $200 less than what we’ve paid here, and the management are professional and courteous. I don’t know what Debbie has on her managers, because I can’t imagine why she hasn’t been fired since she has been rude to every guest and does not do her job, rather threatens eviction to anyone who complains. Just an awful, awful place to stay!

Budget Suite of America – 15130 Marsh Ln Addison TX 75001 | 972-280-0606


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