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Business Name: Peace River Regional Medical Center
Category: Hospitals
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Corporate Address: 2500 Harbor Blvd
Port Charlotte, Florida 33952 USA

Phone Number: 866-481-2553
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Mischarged by Peae River Hospital ER

On October 4, 2012 on or around 6pm I sustained an mild stroke. I drove myself to the Peace River regional Medical Center and checked in to the Emergency Room.

I was sequestered on a gurney in a room directly across from the Nurses Station with four chattering nurses available. I had leads/sensors attached to my upper body draped with a sheetappx 7:15 pm in ancol ( appx 50 degree room and deserted from any caregivers..

After appx. 2 hours of no care I got up, got dressed and announce that i wasn’t putting up with anymore of this lack of care and drove myself home about 15 miles away
from the hospital..

I did not hear anything until receiving my first bill for what they claimed was their service rendered.

Patients Name Scott T Kurtz
Account Number 3218634
Date of Service October 4, 2012
Service Type Emergency Room Service
Insurance Name Medicare Outpatient
Name of Insured Scott T. Kurtz
Amount Due From You 246.21

Amount due from youis 246.21 as of 11/26//2012 for The charges listed below do not reflect the discount that
Emergency Room Services performed on October 04 you and your insurance company received
2012. Radiology 1,129.77
. Cat Scan 3,853.79.
Total Charges 246.21 LAB 1,608.81
Cardiovascular Services 499.70
Supplies 15.73
Discounts /Adjustmens Given 9,503.77 Emergeny Room 3,059.10
IInsurance Payments Received 416.92 TOTAL CHARGES 246.21
Amount You Paid 0.00


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