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Last Updated On: May 3, 2016

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Business Name: Just Energy | National Energy Corporation
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25 Sheppard Ave W #1700
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Water Heater Buy Out

Two years ago I purchased a house that had a rental agreement with National Home Services.

I wanted to exchange the existing heater for a new smaller on demand water heater.
The installation date was set and that date came and went.

I called the company to find out what happened and was told that their contractors had not been trained on the installation procedures yet.

I was upset as I would have had to wait another month.

I asked what the buy out was to terminate the contract and was told the amount.

A cheque was forwarded in total.

The water heater was picked up.

Two years after that date I am still getting invoiced for a water heater that I no longer have and have paid a buyout for.

Repeated phone calls have been to no avail in resolving this problem, and the purported amount owed is increasing every quarter.

Is there anyone out there that can help resolve this problem?

Consumer Comments For National Home Services

  • wow… just bewildering…
    I was naive and gave national the time of day – being open minded and hearing their side of the "appliance rental wars" story. Long story short, I did find their case somewhat compelling, allowing for switch-over. I was told, upon inspection, that my heater was made in 2001 (I later learned that it was made in 2011). I was told that reliance SHOULD be giving annual inspections and is neglectful in doing so (hot water heaters DO NOT require that much attention – 3 to 4 years suffices) I was not warned that switching would require paying the remainder $1200 for my existing reliance unit. I quickly called and cancelled the installation. Reliance has always been very easy to deal with over the phone and very responsive when having a service person come to my home for any issue. No reason to switch, especially in light of their aggressive and deceptive door-to-door tactics. I understand that it’s difficult to reach your target audience, but lack of integrity isn’t going to win you good business.


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