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Business Name: Telebrands Inc
Category: Home Appliances
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Corporate Address: One Telebrands Plaza 79 Two Bridges Rd
Fairfield, New Jersey 07004 USA

Phone Number: 973-227-8777
Company Contact: Ajit Khubani - President
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Never ending return - Green Organic-"non-stick" Pan

I bought the Green Organic-”non-stick” Pan, and in 1 month it had become a mess, not only was it not “non-stick” but as the infomercial said, you could clean it with a cloth, that never worked too.

When I called them up, as they claimed a warranty, they said to send it back and they would replace it and reimburse my mailing charge, so, now I am down the cost of the pan and UPS.

3 months later, I am still waiting, no pan and when I call, the returns phone number 1-800 280 5424, I have waited for 20 minutes with no response, multiple times.

Worst experience ever, would have appreciated some honesty to begin with, don’t promise a return if you have no intention of keeping it.

Moulton Telebrands

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8 thoughts on “Telebrands

  1. Telebrands sells a lot of misrepresented products that do not perform as advertised. AJ Khubani is the CEO of Telebrands and a large part of this deception. He's not an idiot, but he is in the business of deceiving consumers so he can make more money. NEVER purchase ANYTHING from Telebrands. Telebrands sucks as does AJ Khubani.

  2. I purchased a Hurricane Spin Mop and the first time I used it, with instructions in my hand, I tried to separate the mop head to wash in the washing machine. The handle broke off next to the mop head. Up until then I liked the product. Now they say I must send them the broken pieces at MY expense and then I will receive a new mop in 4 to 6 weeks.. Well just forget it. I will go to Wal-Mart and buy a sturdier mop for about what my shipping cost would be. No more ordering on line for anything. Especially this company. I have found better deals at local stores.

  3. I just ordered the Hurricane Mop with the deal of getting the second one for a sale price of 19.99. I paid the order in full instead of installments. I was to receive order in 6 wks. Instead order came within 2wks and THREE mops came and I was charged for an additional $39.98. Tried to ask them if it could be returned, they said yes and refund would be given but not for my shipping costs. I asked to hear my recording of ordering 3 and they couldn't provide that either. Then they tried to discount it for $10 and said give it as a gift. There is no reason I should have to pay for shipping back due to I only ordered (2). Charge company cannot do anything till I ship back and if they don't issue credit, then they can do something about that. WHAT A SCAM!

  4. I ordered two hurricane spin mops on Feb 19, 2014 at 1:10PM order number number TELB5766322-15434492, the order total $52.97. I received the order on Feb. 28, 2014, the packing slip stated the order total was $72.96 instead of $52.97 and that I owed an additional balance of $19.99. Just what kind of a scam are you trying to do? Please advised me immediately, before I pursue litigation.
    This the second time I've tried to post a comment, but it was undeliverable.

  5. 1. A year ago I bought a green organtic forever non-stick frying pan, followed instructions and it preformed as promised – 3 months. Called company, he gave me instructions to "make it work again", did and still not work. Piece of trash.

    2. I bought my young son a Kansas City pocket watch for Christmas with 5 yr extd warranty- I knew it would be cheaply made- it quit after a month. I called the returns center, couldn't understand the representive, had to have her spell everything out to me, but did finally get the address.

    With all this said, remember what the old timers said, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

  6. I tried to order the cookbook "Dump cakes" and was put to an automated telephone system which was very frustrating and
    un acceptable, I would strongly recommend that no one should use this company for any ordering from the television
    commercials. They should be removed from TV ads so no one else is subjected to this aggravation,.

  7. I ordered 2 olde brooklynn lanterns-2nd was supposed free. the bill was for 12.99 for the first,second at 9.99 plus shipping6.99. I will never buy anything offered on tv again.

  8. I purchased a '5 in1' sofa bed from Tele brands and it was delivered to me as punctured…..i contacted the hepline no. Of them but still not got any solution… they told us to deliver it to them on our own expenses which is worth rs. 1500 for for both sides . If 1500 is spent on such things, then what does Warranty mean to them???