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Business Name: Dyson Inc.
Category: Home Appliances
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Corporate Address: 600 W. Chicago Ave # 275
Chicago, Illinois 60654 USA

Phone Number: 866-693-9766
Email: questions@dyson.com
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Dont Buy Dyson

Trying to get my Dyson DC24 Animal fixed since May 2012, now its Jan 22 2013 and still no vacuum back.. Plus it damaged my carpet…

Worst customer service ever, they lie and are rude… And I still have no vacuum back…, or my carpet fixed..

Dont waste your time or money with DYSON !!!

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One thought on “Dyson

  1. I need your help please. I bought a Dyson animal less then 6 months ago. I have a 5 year warranty. It already broke. The wand broke first and now I can't even vacuum. Sucking from too and not bottom. I need to get in touch with someone to help. The number I have of course doesn't work. Please write me back. I live in lindenhurst, ny 11757. Maybe send me to a repair shop where it is coveted