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Last Updated On: November 17, 2016

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Business Name: Hearth & Home Technologies / PelPro
Corporate Address:
7571 215th St W
Lakeville, Minnesota 55044 USA

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PelPro Wood Pellet Stoves Phone Number: 877-427-3316
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.50 out of 5
Based On: 3 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 13

PelPro Wood Pellet Stoves Reports

Reported Losses: $2,500.00
Average Reported Losses: $833.33

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Total Loss

Stove never worked properly: PelPro 120-HHPP2BD.

The fuse goes all the time.

The Igniter does not work.

When I us a wire in place of the fuse and use woodwax to start the stove it works about 2-3 hours. I would need the wire diagram and the Voltige of each fan and all the compoment

If someone has this Could you e-mail to me

PelPro Wood Pro – 7571 215th St W Lakeville Minnesota 55044 | 877-427-3316

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  • sk82

    We bought our pelpro 60 in July 2015. We didn’t install it until Oct 2015 and by Nov we had issues. It took 3 weeks of calling customer service to fix a .30 cent piece. That cost us around $200 extra on our heating bill. This season we started it and the ignition piece (that lights the pellets) died after a few weeks. Then the hopper switch went out. Now, we are waiting for an exhaust probe. All of this on our dime. Thus wasting another $300 to 400 on our electric bill, not to mention the pellets we bought for it.

    I got nowhere with customer service or the tech support. So, I guess Hearth and Home Tech likes to sell lemons and not stand behind their products. I’m writing a letter to the president of the company buy doubt anything will come of it.

    Thanks for nothing!

  • Peter

    Had my PP-130 for 6 weeks and convection blower seizes up. Next pel-pro will send one to Aubuchon where I bought it but will take 3-4 days. After 4 days no blower and when pel-pro was called, they say back ordered for 2 more weeks. I asked if there is ANYTHING they can do and of course the answer is NO. Lousy company!!!!! LOUSY LOUSY LOUSY. Spend a few more bucks and get a real pellet stove!!

  • Bonnie

    I ablsolutely hate this stove. We bought the stove so we would not be carrying pellets in every day. It has been nothing but trouble since the day we bought it. I want my old stove back. My husband has had this thing out 3 times working on it and we have only had it 5 months. Why oh why did I not read the reviews before we bought it. NEVER AGAIN will I purchase a PelPro Stove.

  • P. J. Wagner

    I have a dog rescue and bought this pellet stove for the sole purpose of heating the dog rescue. I have an ALL ELECTRIC home and this stove has cost me out of pocket close to $1,500 just to have someone come and work on this stove, Attempted to cut my heat bill under $800.00 a month and I am unable to keep up with my current bills because I have to keep paying for a stove expert to work on this pellet stove. Has anyone out there got a solution because now I am waiting on a snap disc, manual reset part as well as a convection blowet part and they told me 3-5 business days initially twice and now I won’t get these parts until next week sometime. I already had a Control Board and various wire clips re-installed and mind you this is a brand new stove less than 4 months old. The stove starts and then turns off after 1-1/2 hours and service man who works on pellet stoves all the time cannot wait for 1-1/2 hours since I live in the woods. I bought this stove so we could have lower electric bills and heat and we are not getting either. What can we do, we need help?????? Class action suit for all us all or what??????

    • sk82

      I would join you on a lawsuit!

  • Freedom

    We purchased a PelPro Bay Window Free Standing Pellet Stove (model #FPPBW2GD) and had it delivered the Saturday after Thanksgiving, 2014.. The stove retailed for $1699—, but because this was a floor model, we paid $1599—. ($100 discount).

    Stove wouldn’t work. The control panel was bad. Another one had to be ordered. After waiting 3 1/2 weeks for another control panel to come in, we called the store and said we wanted to return this pellet stove because we were cold and tired of waiting. They found a control panel in the store which would work and they had someone come over the next day to install it. The stove began to work. But now we are finding new problems: .

    This stove is advertised to heat up to 2,000 sq. ft. but we don’t see that happening. Our home is 1,064 sq, ft but our inside temperature during the day stays at or below 66 degrees now that January has set in with zero and near zero outside temps. The temp inside at 6am is usually between 52 and 58 degrees with the stove running on med/high all night. (can’t run it on high overnight because pellets back up and stove shuts down). Med/low and med/high are the only 2 settings which give us no trouble.
    A lot of heat seems to be going out the exhaust and up the chimney. We have noticed that we get hit with a blast of heat whenever we open the glass door to clean the ash box, but none of that extra heat seems to come into our room when our stove is running. (The air being blown into our room is warm to very warm, but not hot). Our home’s windows are all new, insulated windows so we know they are not contributing to this problem.
    At night we can’t set the stove higher than Med/High in order to ensure that the fire will not go out while we sleep.. We also can’t run it on low very long because the fire goes out, usually within an hour or so. It runs ok on med/low and med/high only. Adjusting the airflow to the fire is a nightmare because it is touchy. A quarter inch one way or another seems to make or break our stove’s ability to keep a fire going.

    We got rid of our wood stove because it was 30 years old and needed some costly repairs. But if we had known then what we know now, we would have made those repairs and kept that stove. This pellet stove has been a dismal failure for us.

  • Bill Mc

    Nearing the end of the eighth season with my Pelpro pellet stove, burning six to eight tons of pellets per year. It takes a few seasons to really learn your stove, and discover which pellets work best in it. I’ve replaced only the auger bushings, in the sixth year. I bought a replacement auger motor once, thinking that it was bad, but it turned out to only need lubrication. I’ve heard that some users must replace igniters often, but I’ve never had the problem. I only wish it had an ash drawer instead of having to vacuum out all the ash.

  • bill beverage

    This my third winter for my Pelpro stove, and We’ve replaced the burning grate the second winter and it needs to be replaced again. I’m sorry, but the grate should last longer than a year with reasonable care.

  • Dennis Prigge

    I have had more problems than success with our Pel Pro 120 bought as a refurbished unit. After installing it, the unit would not work. The auger was jambed and full of deep scratches from someone trying to turn it with a pliers. After dismantling it and polishing the flighting , I got the unit to work. Then the combustion fan motor failed. The sealed bearings froze. I installed a motor from the shelf and replaced the bearings so that I have a backup. Later the auger moter failed. That I dismanteled, cleaned and lubricated to get that working. Now into the second season the Circuit Board has failed so that I can only start or stop the stove .No programing can be accomplished. I bought this unit as I am tired of buying China’s junk. We are paying developing countries to accept their trash here. I have been in service work all my life . First we had to train Japan and Germany, then Mexico and Korea and all the rest that our companies cater to because they are cheaper. What price we are paying to produce trash that barely can get off the shelf before it fails.

  • Joanne

    I purchased a PelPro back in November. I used it three weeks and the auger motor burnt out. I have been dealing with their customer service department ever since. First they sent me the wrong motor, then the correct one was out of stock. That was finally shipped – to the wrong address and I never got it. I am now waiting again for the motor – that is again out of stock. I would NEVER purchase anything from this company again.


    I have a Pellet stove Purchase at Menards and either place wants to warranty the stove. What a waste of 1800.00 $ I HAVE ONLY HAD THIS FOR 1 MONTH

  • Jim Thomas

    Purchased the Pel Pro stove….used it five months…and the circuit board went bad. Customer service was happy to sell me another for three hundred dollars. They said it was guaranteed for one year…..i have had the stove for a year but didn’t use it during the summer…..i used it five months. Looking on the web,i get the feeling this particular part is a common fault and serious money maker for the distributors. I am not at all pleased with this product. The repair pieces are very expensive and prone to go out within a year or two. the money i save by not buying oil is spent on keeping this thing working properly. If you get a chance to pass this brand up….take it.

  • Vern Eliason

    I am having a problem with the pellet grate burning through the bottoms. I have replaced a grate and the same thing is happening to it. I took the grate to a metallurgical company to find out what kind of metal was in the grate, and they determined that a very low degree of stainless is in these grates. First theing they did is put a magnet on it and it stuck fast. Do you have a replacement grate made of a "Good quality stainless" ? Please advise! (Pelpro)


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