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Business Name: Elite Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.
Category: Heating / Cooling
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Corporate Address: 555 Mt Tabor Rd
New Albany, Indiana 47150 USA

Phone Number: 812-944-2665
Email: Aaron@eliteheatingandair.com
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Warranty Service for Carrier Generator

I purchased a 17 KW Carrier whole hole house generator from Elite Heating & A/C Refrigeration, Inc in New Albany Indiana. During the yearly maintenance I was told that I needed to replace the control panel and IT WAS UNDER WARRANTY. The Elite serviceman then told me that they did not do warranty work even though they are a authorized Carrier Dealer.

I contacted the office and was given the name of someone who could possibly provide the warranty service. this company also refused to do the work and I contacted Elite several times with no results, I was told they were waiting for a E mail from someone. I called many, many times and the individual that I purchased the Generator stopped taking my calls and even hung up on me.

I finally went on line and contacted the manufacturer and got the name of an electric co. that did warranty work. they solved the problem quickly and efficiently, however during the warranty work the electrician noted that the original installation was not correct and he made these repairs.

In summary in my view the Elite Heating Co. did not stand behind their work and abandoned me when I had a problem that they should have solved OR at least told me where to go to get the issue resolved.

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