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Last Updated On: March 13, 2017

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Rip Off

Jerry Scotto, a service technician for Bruno, performed pre-paid air conditioning maintenance service for us on February 27, 2017. He was courteous and appeared to be competent and efficient. I’m a retired engineer and I stayed close with Jerry as he performed the service so that I might learn more about my system and air conditioning systems in general.

The service went well with everything in good condition; but, based on a resistance check, we found a capacitor that was a couple percent out of specification and he asked me if I wanted to replace it. I immediately said “yes” because:

• We are snow-birds and I didn’t want the system to fail during our absence.

• Capacitors are inexpensive low tech items.

• Jerry had the system opened up with the part in his hand so replacing it now would avoid an expensive service call due to a future failure.

For all of these reasons, I didn’t ask the replacement price and Jerry didn’t offer the information.

After Jerry completed the pre-paid maintenance service, he presented the bill and asked for my credit card. It turns out that the charge for replacing that inexpensive capacitor was $287.50. As Jerry and I had spoken earlier about my Caterpillar employment, I said, “Wow, that’s Caterpillar pricing. However, at that point, the capacitor was installed and the service was complete so I signed the bill that included, in addition to the capacitor charge, a future maintenance charge of $89.

After Jerry left, I logged onto the computer and found that I could purchase that capacitor for $35 with a $6.25 delivery charge. So Bruno charged 7 times my cost for that part and, as a business, based on their part cost, it is very likely 15 to 20 times their cost.

Remember, the system was opened up and the replacement took about 5 minutes so the part cost is really all we are talking about.

Subsequently, I called a Trane distributor to better determine Bruno’s cost on that capacitor. They wouldn’t share that information since they only sell to businesses; but, they referred me to a local supplier (Nixon Air Conditioning) where I might be able to purchase that capacitor. I found out that they would not sell me the part; but, they offered to make a service call, replace the part, and charge a total of $135. Now compare all that to essentially the Bruno part only charge of $287.50. The $287.50 Bruno charge was only for the part since we had paid for the service call a year ahead, as is their practice.

Based on Better Business information, Bruno has a C- rating based on a pattern of complaints. Bruno claims that complaints are growing because their business is growing; but, to increase customer satisfaction, they hired a customer experience manager.

We spoke with that manager; but, he refused to offer a reasonable capacitor charge. In addition, he also refused to eliminate the “future” maintenance charge. My guess is that he wants to keep us in the loop for future gouging.

Life’s Lessons:

• Ask the price before saying “Yes”!

• Stay away from Bruno Air Conditioning!

We have filed a Better Business complaint and also disputed the bill with our charge card service.

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