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Total Chaos at The Willough of Naples FL

I was a patient at the Willoughs of Naples in July 2011. I had been in a bad car accident and was prescribed oxycontin and oxycodone. I hated the med, and never ever took more that what was ordered or abused it. But, I became physically dependent on it, and wanted off. I hated the med from the first time I took it, but was in so much pain that I took it anyway.I finally decided that I could not stand the way the medication effected me and searched for a detox to get me off it. I found the Willough, and was told I would be there about 10 days. After I got there I was informed my stay would be 28 days. I detoxed successfully off the oxycontin with suboxone in 12 days.

This facility is so badly run. There are people that have been there 7-8 times. They are homeless and go there to get off the street. I saw one man who refused to leave, he did not want to go back to the street. I saw a woman there who lied about her opiate addiction and was given suboxone, she was so high off it, she was leaning and almost falling off her chair for about a week.

The noise level in this facility is maddening. People are walking around selling their meds, clothes, and other things for cigarettes. I personally saw a woman laying on a man to try to get him to buy her a soda. When he told her no, she stated she would find someone ellse. The staff did nothing about this behavior.

My blood pressure, which is generally normal, was very high. One night it was so high the nurse wanted it taken again. A pych tech yelled at me and refused to do it. When the nurse told her she had to take it, she yelled at the nurse. The nurse finally took it again, and it was still high.

One Saturday morning my pulse and blood pressure was so high, the doctor ordered an EKG. Their machine was out of paper, they couldn’t find any, so the doctor told them to send me to a hospital emergency room.
At the emergency room, my pulse and blood pressure were normal. The doctor said it was stress. He suggested I leave the Willough. He went so far as to call the Willough to make sure I could sign myself out.

I left Monday morning, on the first bus running.

My nightmare did not end there. From the stress of what I had gone through, i began to have panic attacks, and went to emergency room several times. My panic attacks, which I had not had for years, look like heart attacks, but they are not. I had to go back on benzodiapepines for them which I do not want to take. I have no alternative, my panic attacks affect my arteries, sending them into spasms, as told to me by a cardiologist.
This facility is a nightmare. It is misrun. The staff is abusive to the patients. The patients are abusive to each other. Some female patients prostitute themselves, in front of staff, and no one says anything about it. I could go on, but I think I have made my point.
I would like to add that I was given the wrong meds one morning, and brought it to a nurse and her supervisors attention. They finally made an incident report about it.

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  • I barely got home alive from there a few days ago . I was traumatized , hurt tortured and don’t know what or if I should anything . Someone please help me .

  • Can anyone just sign themselfs out? I have a family member there.

  • i was a patient there, went for detox was told thats all i had to do, from a physical dependicy on opiates in which i didnt abuse, was told i have t0 stay 28 days which was only originally told id have to stay 7, while my stay, there were many incidents in which i am disgusted, place is filthy miskept just plain ole’ dirty and gross, the kitchen staff are rude and always yelling at patients, the staff seemed friendly at first untill you got to know and understand them a bit better, they messed up medications constintly and ignored many violations, there were several woman who had open sexual relationships who were infected with hepititus C with multiple partners for drugs and just to do it, the president of the AA group at the PHP {partial hospital program} was caught today for smoking weed, having sexual intercourse {female} swapping perscription medication. the staff knew of the incidents but did nothing untill the day she was to be discharged, several others were also caught up in the situation they were also kicked out on their last day, i believe due to the funds that the willough wants , they get you off one drug and get you hooked on another, about 95% of the visions program were hooked on suboxone and subutex {and the councilors call them sober} and the doses of the drugs are extreme, the only way i got off of the medication was due to 2 things, i refused to take more then what i deemed reasonable, which was 2mg, he wanted me to take 24mg,and i chose to leave after my initall agreement of a 7 day detox was up, but he wouldnt sign me out, he charged me as AMA{ against medical advice} he cut me off of all the medications i was taking including antidepressants, and the staff turned RUDE, IT WAS ALMOST AS IF THEY WANT ME TO HAVE TO GO BACK FOR MY $$$$$$ one therapist had told me that, mentally ill patients walk freely all over, open air sexual relationships, prostitution and drug sales are also, dont waste your time going there, go to a facility in which truely cares about your sobriety at all costs ,not just money and shoving drugs down your throat.


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