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Last Updated On: December 15, 2015

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Twelve Step Coercion and ineffective faith healing (with drugs!)

I checked into the Willough in Naples, FL on August 28, 2012, my birthday. I finished reading the big book and attended all scheduled meetings. A typical day at the Willough consisted of sitting in a classroom in a modified 7-11 store and filling out pamphlets. We were seldom given time with medical staff and counselors. We were told to conduct AA meetings in the evenings.

These meetings were self proctored. There was a tech who would occasionally come in and make sure we were reading the literature. I found this therapy completely ineffective.

On one evening at the Willough, I decided to take a nap during the meeting hour. I was told to attend the evening AA meeting or I would be written up because: “If you do not attend, we cannot bill your insurance” There was active prescription trading among the patients and several were sent away or arrested after failing drug tests and trading suboxone. I recall two patients who were caught having sex in the laundry room of the renovated 1950’s hotel we called home during our incarceration.

I felt like an animal. We all felt like caged animals. During lunch hour, a truck delivered a rather unimpressive array of lunch meat sandwiches. For recreation therapy we bounced a beach ball back and forth.

I graduated and received my Willough AA medallion. I was told to immediately start a 90 in 90 as the prior meetings I had attended did not count.

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  • Ragan Haselden

    The bad reviews at the of the willough is because these people didn’t get a bunch of dope prescribed like they were after or one of the ones who nobody liked . Anyway I’ve been there a few times and if you follow the rules and attend all groups there is a lot of recovery to be had. There is bull s**t that does happen but that goes on everywhere when you choose not to behave plus the staff are only so many and can’t patrol each person 24/7. Rehab is what you make it. If you want you will get. If you are there just for a vacation or because you are out of dope then you ain’t going to get it and you will be a revolving door patient at least until your insurance says no more. So……

  • troy

    I was going to check into the willough, but when all the contracts were signed they brought me into a room for strip search, I told them I do not consent to strip searches !! I searched myself right in front of them wearing a very thin dress shirt that buttons up and a very thin pair of surfing shorts, I plainly showed them I had no needles or razors or weapons, they still insisted on the strip down search, I thougt it was totally sick and demented, this is not a f****n jail ? or is it? I was then denied the use of my cell phone and laptop computer, they kept making up their own rules as they thought of them, with no actual documentation, they first said they allow no recording devices, and I said they do not record OR take pics, then they said it was for my own safety, which was another lie, how can a laptop or cell phone hurt me ? and how was I supposed to pay my bills when I needed to?
    and surely they do now want anybody to witness whats going on with a camera device, BECAUSE THIS IS A f****n NUTHOUSE !!! THATS WHY

    • Tracie

      We actually do not allow clients to have their cell phones either. Both male and female clients must undress infront of another staff member in order to reduce/prevent drugs from coming into the facility.

  • Justin Thomas

    I barely got home alive from there a few days ago . I was traumatized , hurt tortured and don’t know what or if I should anything . Someone please help me .

  • Deb McGraw

    Can anyone just sign themselfs out? I have a family member there.

  • john O

    i was a patient there, went for detox was told thats all i had to do, from a physical dependicy on opiates in which i didnt abuse, was told i have t0 stay 28 days which was only originally told id have to stay 7, while my stay, there were many incidents in which i am disgusted, place is filthy miskept just plain ole’ dirty and gross, the kitchen staff are rude and always yelling at patients, the staff seemed friendly at first untill you got to know and understand them a bit better, they messed up medications constintly and ignored many violations, there were several woman who had open sexual relationships who were infected with hepititus C with multiple partners for drugs and just to do it, the president of the AA group at the PHP {partial hospital program} was caught today for smoking weed, having sexual intercourse {female} swapping perscription medication. the staff knew of the incidents but did nothing untill the day she was to be discharged, several others were also caught up in the situation they were also kicked out on their last day, i believe due to the funds that the willough wants , they get you off one drug and get you hooked on another, about 95% of the visions program were hooked on suboxone and subutex {and the councilors call them sober} and the doses of the drugs are extreme, the only way i got off of the medication was due to 2 things, i refused to take more then what i deemed reasonable, which was 2mg, he wanted me to take 24mg,and i chose to leave after my initall agreement of a 7 day detox was up, but he wouldnt sign me out, he charged me as AMA{ against medical advice} he cut me off of all the medications i was taking including antidepressants, and the staff turned RUDE, IT WAS ALMOST AS IF THEY WANT ME TO HAVE TO GO BACK FOR MY $$$$$$ one therapist had told me that, mentally ill patients walk freely all over, open air sexual relationships, prostitution and drug sales are also, dont waste your time going there, go to a facility in which truely cares about your sobriety at all costs ,not just money and shoving drugs down your throat.

    • leslie

      I have been to the Willoughs on a couple seperate occasions once through the visions program. Any co-ed facility will have problems with sexual contact. When your body detox’s you suddenly start feeling again and not everyone can control themselves hence being addicts. Soboxine is used within moderation as Dr. Baldzi wont prescribe more then 2 8mg a day. Most individuals that go to the Willough are repeat visitors but this is because addiction is an extremely difficult disease that takes daily work to stay on top off. Not everyone is lucky enough to only become ‘physically dependent”
      You also have court ordered individual’s who dont wanr to be there. As far as any rehab you go to I promise you unless it is total 100% self pay you will have these same issues.
      If you notice out of the tens of thousands of individuals that if been apart of the Willoughs less then 10 have complained.


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